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  2. 2years ago went off antidepressants in a week or tw0 in August. Was okay till dec. started with anxiety got into huge depression. Went to a hemooathic dr who who mixed up vitamins and supplements. I think she really messed me up. Went back to psychiatrist who who gave me Zoloft which is taken 20 years previously. The psychiatrist is incompetent . I finally got her to give me effexor and held steady for about 2 years. (75 mg) I think it might have been the placebo effect. I was irritable after the election. I got anxiety but it went away. Since j went back to her she tried to give me abilify which I refused. She gave me l methyl folate ( 15 mg hyper) lithium I took it for 10 days, lactimil. Now she decided to try prozac and take me off effexor. I just took 1 mg if lmethylfolate that I bought. It’s making me hyper. Since ive gotten the okay for tms I’m about hysterical. The prozac had worked a little before. Im about ready to give up. I’m so tired of feeling this way.
  3. Yes, it's a pretty big thing to get approved for TMS through insurance and you'll want to get full benefit from it and not get derailed from a potential Effexor withdrawal. Can you please fill out your withdrawal history signature so that we have a good idea of how you came off of Effexor previously and how the psychiatrist is taking you off this time? they all do it a bit differently and we'll need that info to provide our best educated advice on your situation.
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  5. ☼ Hello. mammaP checking in!

    Thank you for stopping by Virgo. Still no better, and hoping it starts to improve soon. I got the gadget that Andy shpwed me and it looks promising, there is an immediate drop in BP and it says that the drop will last after 3 weeks of regular use so it's really good. Because it isnt a drug it shpouldn't drop too low which is a worry with the drugs. It isn't consistently high and is like a roller coaster! It is the spikes that have caused the stroke. Maybe it is the stress living here, time to look at moving on.
  6. Thanks . I already emailed the evil psychiatrist and told her maybe I should go back on the Effexor before the tms. I can’t feel unstable before I start it. I think she thinks it’s like giving up aspirin. Actually, I don’t feel that bad, but if course I’m anxious and depressed. I’m only taking 10 mg of Prozac right now. I was on 75 mg of Effexor 2 weeks ago. I was doing okay before the tms came up. It’s not like taking a walk in the park either. I hate psychiatrists, pills and The mental health system. 6 months ago I was relatively happy with my life. I’ve taken a big slide. Definitely discuss my situation. I appreciate it. This foolish psychiatrist suggested I give up everything. Prozac too. I’ve only taken 10 mg of that for 8 days. I’m hoping I don’t have a withdrawal from that too.
  7. direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    Lol lucky!!!
  8. Hopefulstill: 20+years on Paxil

    Is it possible to edit my first post to make the med list look more clear. Just wondering. Not important I guess.
  9. Hopefulstill: 20+years on Paxil

    Other meds I take besides Paxil: Levothyroxin - 137 mg, for thyroid Profanone - 150 mgHeart rythmn Metoprolol - 25 mg Heart rythmn/blood pressure Valsartin - 80 mg Blood Pressure Altostatin - 10 mg Cholestrol
  10. Hopefulstill: 20+years on Paxil

    Hi I am Hopefulstill and new. I started at 20 mg. Paxil...... Now years later on 50 mg. but seems to have pooped out. I am going to try tapering off. Started with 46 mg. yesterday Here goes! Glad I found this site
  11. This awful feeling like I have head rushes .....like air flowing through by head 24 / 7 ......I had this a little before the Prozac was given to me .....now its horrible. I keep wondering is this too much glutamate in my brain ? Would re-instating help this glutamate issue ....my gosh if I just knew what was wrong with me ....I don't know if this is WD...I feel so damaged . How can I EVER heal with this much anxiety / stress and despair.....this can not be normal.
  12. What happened to the Responses that were here ??? I'm SO confused
  13. Hi Downbutnotout, I am going to discuss your situation with the other moderators and get back to you will a collective opinion on what your best course of action might be. Please don't panic or second guess yourself, the Prozac bridge does work for some people and I don't want you make any changes unnecessarily until you know for sure that the bridge hasn't been successful. You have a benchmark for when your symptoms reappeared the last time you discontinued Effexor so you are one step ahead. One of us with get back to you shortly.
  14. its the third time i actually got off medication.i taper from 1st january 2017 to 31st january 2017 and totally off psyche medication since febuary 2017...and during the month i was off meds it was towards the end that i felt moody and couldnt get to sleep. now i am on 10mg olanzapine,i feel like i am sick and dont want to see anybody.i have always wanted a GF and some friends but with medication i keep thinking i am sick and are not like usual young adult.Now i sleep normally but am apathetic at work,barely getting through.Don't have any other withdrawal symptoms,i also have sexual issue with 10mg olanzapine,how do i get into dating scene this way?
  15. direstraits: Paxil withdrawal

    one good thing about getting older...don't have to deal w/ periods anymore. take care,ds
  16. Quest

    Hi, Quest. I answered this over on your benzo thread. I wanted to add onto Ali's wise advice and encourage you to try an epsom salt bath. They are wonderful for relaxation. This is a recipe for making one: Epsom salts baths -- another way to relax with magnesium I wouldn't start out with 5 cups of epsom salts, though. Perhaps start at only 1/2 cup or 1 cup. And if you don't have problems, you can increase later. Adding in lavender oil or other calming oils can really help. Perhaps put on some relaxing music, too. Giver your nervous system every chance to relax.
  17. I just wish I hadn’t changed my medication recently, so I have to straighten it out before I start it. I didn’t think my appeal would’ve gone through or I wouldn’t have made a change. The only thing I can do is go back on the Effexor, but now I have the Prozac which I’ve taken for 2 weeks to deal with.
  18. Has anyone else had an adverse reaction while being on a medication for a long time? I may now be suffering from withdrawal but I wasn't before -- I developed akathisia/agitation after being on Prozac for 1.5 years (and hadn't changed the dose within 6 months of the reactions). Just wondering if anyone else has experienced something similar, not necessarily the same symptoms.
  19. Yes, i shall remember that, thankyou I think i'm having my feelings back.. i can actually talk pretty much without having that huge brainfog. Yesterday i had my libido back for a moment so i think thats improvement.
  20. Quest

    Hi Quest. How has your experience of Magnesium been so far? If it has been ok - then there is no reason why you can't sip it throughout the day and then have either a bath or another small dose at night. It is usually an individual thing as to how much to take. You will usually know what you can or can't tolerate. Take it easy, but you can gradually work up in dose. Have you tried the oil ? Have you also tried power walking? I usually did that when akathisia - feelings struck. My husband never knew where I was - I was always walking ! LOL. It's such good therapy. I had akathisia and anxiety every afternoon and I was on nothing ... It's all just withdrawal. It's the body's way of coping with change ... This too shall pass ...
  21. Quest

    I'm scared if I limit my night dose I will lose that little bit of calm in the evening.
  22. Hey Hello. Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants ( SA ) . I hope you don't mind me asking why you want to taper off all meds? It's always helpful to have a specific reason/ goal for tapering. Did you have certain side effects that didn't suit you? What was your original reason for medication? How did you taper the Luvox? Was it doctor - directed? How long did it take? Was it alternate dosing? How long had you been you taking it for ? How were the symptoms? How often do you take Xanax? How many times per day? What time of the day? Thanks for doing a signature however if you could add the extra information - that would be great. This is your thread to journal , ask questions and interact with the community. I'm glad you found us as we're here to support you. As we get to know you and your history we can work together to gradually move you forward towards your goal of eventually tapering off all psych medications. Thanks in advance, Ali
  23. I thought I'd post up a symptom diary. It's been the same for the past four days: 5am wake up restless, bathroom visit, water, able to sleep a little more with nature sounds. 7am wake up more restless. Bathroom visit. Cigarette. Feed dog. Eat something like a chicken sandwich as starving. Restless, agitated, anxious 7/10. Water. Pray. Cigarette. several bathroom visits. Urinating frequently and diarrhoea several times. Water. 8.15 take 5mg lexapro. More bathroom visits for both peeing and diarrhoea. Lie in bed a little drowsy. Pray. 9am take 2mg diazepam. Put on spiritual music, doze until 10/10.30 10.30am feel depressed, anxious and agitated. Get up. Bathroom. Cigarette. Water. Muesli. Cigarette. 10.30-12.30 highly agitated, anxiety 8/10, head at full speed, fear, feel manic inside, muscle twitching and jolts, shaky, brain zapping up back of head (burning), try breathing, tv on in background, sit with blanket over me on sofa, message with friend who's been here and can comfort me. Pray. Cigarette. Water. 12.30 things start to lighten up. 1pm 2mg diazepam. Feel calmer now. Symptoms minimal. 1.30pm almost feel 'normal' in context of things. Daunted by household tasks and basic stuff like making lunch for me and my son. But agitation/aka/ other symptoms minimal. 2pm eat chicken sandwich or soup and chicken roll. Water. Cigarette. Try to do one thing I have to do like pay a bill online, put rubbish out. read bible/ something soothing. Pray. Have tv on and can sometimes laugh at something (I keep tv light and normally Big Bang Theory and other comedies). Message with recovery friend. Cigarette. 5pm 2mg Diazepam minimal motivation to prepare dinner. Feeling drowsy and fatigued. Cigarette. 6pm make and eat dinner. Salmon, potatoes, brocolli or similar. Still hungry after. Cigarette. Evening watch tv, restless legs and arms, can feel agitation creeping up a bit. Don't enjoy anything much but able to sit with blanket and engage a little with son, tv and messaging. Read too many scary things online that pertain to my situation. Fear. Depression. Try not to 'spiral'. Getting metallic taste in mouth like when I was on Zopiclone, plus prickling tongue with some little blistering bits just like when I was on Zopiclone! Cigarette. Eat muesli or toast. 10.30pm get son to bed, get to bed , pray, feeling agitated, put on spiritual music. 11.30pm take 15mg Mirtazipine. Put on nature sounds. Feel drowsy by around 12.15, don't remember falling asleep. I realise I've been through so many changes since June but do hope I will stabilise at some point. It feels a long way off. I hope when I do, I can do a little more and feel a little more than the 'dark' side of things. i can't recall when I last felt good. I think it was the start of 2016 when just on 20mg escitalopram. Then it pooped out probably by the summer and all the adding in and changing about started. Though I had periods of doing ok when on the escitalopram and pregabalin. So I'm just wondering what my chances are of stabilising seeing as it's been so long. And now I've got diazepam in the mix too as a regular dose. Will I ever get off that in particular, if I take everything real slow as advised.
  24. Hi WR Thank you so much for writing and sharing how you identify with my experiences. It it feels like being in basic survival mode and it's been this way for months since I became destabilised over and over with lots of med changes. Im sorry you're going through so much of the same stuff. It's the hardest thing feeling so distant from how you know you can be and feel. How long have you been destabalised? are you on ssri and benzo? ive had a tough day so far with what's felt like withdrawal symptom right up again - agitation, racing head stuck in a fear loop, feeling sort of manic inside, brain zaps/ burning up back of head, extreme anxiety. It's all I can do to sit with a blanket over me and try to breathe in a regular way. We will stabalise and not feel so overcome by the things we've shared. I'm thinking of you and sending healing prayers, I pray a lot! Keep in touch and thank you for reaching out. Nikki x
  25. What does this mean? Can you be more exacting? I went back to see psychiatrist because I couldn’t sleep,and he prescirbed me the highest dose of Olanzapine which is 20mg.Now for the past 4 days I been taking only 10mg and not 20mg and can still sleep okish How are you feeling now? How much sleep are you getting? What other W/D symptoms ?
  26. Starboy17

    Decided to try some little exercise I ran on the spot for 15 seconds, waited a minute then tried 20 seconds, well that tipped me right over the edge my body just felt like it gave out on me, I felt as though I had run a 10 kilometre marathon, my body just ached so bad that and I was out of breath that I had a panic attack. Mind you I've had been feeling dizzy for over week, I ended up in emergency and after a few tests I was discharged. I'm still experiencing dizziness no matter what i'm doing, in addition to the mental fog, body aches, and when I walk I feel my legs with give out on me. This damn tapering process is discouraging and I'm going fairly slow, How do I maintain any sanity when i'm now experiencing the worst withdrawals I've ever experienced. Despite being on 2.6 for now just over a month, i'm almost considering going back up to 2.7mg this is just utter torture. Does anyone have any advice what I can or should do? Kind regards,
  27. Martina23: Lyrica

    I think we will go today to museum. We havent been there for a long time. The children made such disorder, always crumbs of cake on the ground, I am already again afraid that the flour bug comes and we have to spray it again. I tried to explain it to children but they never understand it and continue to make disorder.
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