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  2. SkyBlue: Paxil taper

    My bottle of liquid Paxil says discard after one year. This is on the label printed by the pharmacy, and they always say the same thing no matter what kind of medicine it is. But I feel like if the liquid were unstable after a few months, they would say so. Maybe I'll try calling the manufacturer, because I'm also planning on using the same bottle for a long time. SkyBlue, I just stopped by your thread because I remembered you'd posted about an online refill service, and I think I'm going to need it since my insurance has started charging me $100 copays for liquid Paxil. I may PM you for advice. Thank you so much for letting us all know about it! I hope the rest of your taper goes smoothly!
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  4. Dabhob33: Introduction

    3/16/18 2am -couldn’t sleep - doxy 630 - woke anxious 8 - breakfast / eye drops 3 / valium 5mg On couch - feel guilty - exhausted Noon - lunch 2 - picked up kids from school 3 - dropped Kids off at grandparents Very heavy head and eyes all day. Worried about not getting back to work, taking a trip with the family. I’m somewhat agoraphobic. Very depressed. No joy. 5 - dinner 730 - men’s group 8- 900mg Lithium 930 - eye drops 10 - 5.5mg valium - I know why I feel so badly, in part. I had only been taking 10.5mg. 3/17/18 Midnight - sleep - sliver doxy - burning 230am - woke - up burning - sliver doxy and 325mg Tylenol no sleep rest of night
  5. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Spruce, do you believe you will recover from PSSD?
  6. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    It's just too bad they destroyed our only life. Beside my health as a consequence I have lost my work and everything I had before.
  7. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    I actually almost hope this is true, as it has angered me more than I can even describe to have health “professionals” deny the very thing that has caused me such an immense amount of suffering and greatly reduced my quality of life. I hope they all know it exists but are too self centered to admit that.
  8. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    they know it is real, but lie about not knowing. there is tons of evidence and why not believe your patient in the first place? do the real doctors do that (non-pdocs)? No they don't. Pdocs are scared for their jobs in their lousy pseudo profession that should not exist and have to lie in defence,
  9. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    I find this sort of hilarious. The incredible irony. The very people who are expected to help our health harmed it more than we could ever imagine and have no abilities to fix the damage at all. “Anti” depressants caused many of us the most severe depression we’ve ever had in our lives. The sickening irony
  10. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Zeippi I agree. A lot of doctors have shares in the drug companies as well. Its a really grubby business, where everyone rubs each others back, and they all cover for each other, when patients get harmed.
  11. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    it is not a surprise. all these poisons can damage our nervous system more or less.
  12. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    I had similar experiences. Most were unbelieving. Although I found one GP who used to be an ex psychiatrist who believed me, as he had a few ex patients who developed PSSD. He told me he had a number of ex patients who developed PSSD, and that they also recovered, but he said it took them "years" to recover. I tried to ask him to be more specific RE how many patients, and how long they took to recover, but he hated talking about PSSD, and would change the subject at any opportunity he could get. You should send some stuff from the Rxisk website about PSSD to your ex doctors and psychiatrists. It makes it harder for them to dismiss it, and might change their mind RE PSSD not being real etc.
  13. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    all denying doctors are lying criminals. they know this, but the ratio is still so small, that they think they can get away. How can they be blind to the thousands of evidences we have found on the net. Criminal. And how often do these poisons even help the original problem other than placebo? I would say rarely, time heals depression and we have all been unlucky trusting these crooks.
  14. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    My PCP didn’t believe me (I could tell) and had that “honey that’s impossible” look on her face while she referred me to a gynecologist. I spoke to three or so psychiatrists about it, one of which acknowledged it and noted it but didn’t have any suggestions. The other just looked uncomfortable, and one yelled at me and blatantly challenged me “HOW would that be possible?!” “I have NEVER in my 20 years of practice heard of such a thing!” My psychologist, however, emphathises and hopes I heal. He told me that a patient of his told him that his (the patient’s) friend got off SSRIs but his sex drive never returned so my psychologist is glad I told him about PSSD. None of them had anything helpful to say at all however
  15. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    That is a worry yes, RE people 6 years out with no improvement. But we must also remember the success stories, and that a lot of people have recovered too. What did your doctor say when you told them you had developed PSSD potions?
  16. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Well that’s good news about the 2 to 3 long term sufferers you have spoken to. I personally am also discouraged by people 4, 5, and 6 years out who say they have had no improvements. I’ve read quite a lot of those too. They are all over pssdforum
  17. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Zante 808, I can see you are on Depakote, klonopin and anafranil. All of those medications can cause sexual problems. It could be very likely that the medications you are on are really holding back from healing from your sexual problems.
  18. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    yeah I have spoken to at least 2 maybe 3 people that far out, and one was taking a tricyclic antidepressant, and the other was taking an antipsychotic and viagra if I recall correctly. All of those drugs can cause sexual dysfunction, especially if taken long term. Mind you 20 people that far out. It makes you think at lest some of them might have been drug free the whole time. I hope they are the minority when it comes to PSSD.
  19. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Wow, I am honestly quite surprised that you have PSSD (or the same symptoms of PSSD) after bupropion. Did you take an ssri before or after that? I didn’t know bupropion could also cause genital anesthesia once the drug was discontinued. I don’t know how one could suddenly heal after years in a non-linear or gradual way. I think most do improve over the years but I cannot say how much. Maybe those long term sufferers have improved slightly but not to a notable amount and still have all symptoms of pssd. Apparently a man recovered after 12 years of pssd and his recovery happened fairly spontaneously. I am not entirely certain how it’s possible but I think it is. I just don’t know how likely it is.
  20. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    You’re welcome Spruce. I hope you are right. Have you personally messaged people who are that far out? And they told you they have taken drugs that have affected sexual functioning since stopping the ssri that gave them pssd?
  21. pinkfairy: Rapid taper of paxil

    @Rosetta @ChessieCat Have tried to up date my signurate,but it’s saying to many lines to update? xxx
  22. @Shep, thanks for the great feedback! I definitely think it's universally beneficial, and I've actually read that compassion reduces various markers i.e. blood pressure below a normal baseline, but in a good way! It's also such a great way to help make sense of the journey, and just how heartbreaking life really is (in a good way!). When I'm experiencing a particularly challenging symptom, I imagine that I'm working with it for everybody who is experiencing the same thing, the "lineage" of suffering - which gives me the strength to continue because it wasn't about me.
  23. pinkfairy: Rapid taper of paxil

    Thank you both so much ❤️
  24. So nice to hear about you.. And very well said that I can now only realize after 2.5 yrs of hell....
  25. PSSD Post-SSRI sexual dysfunction

    Thanks for the link potions. That's depressing news if so many people are that far out with little to no recovery. I must say though most people I have heard of who are that far out with no sign of recovery have been on other prescription drugs that affect sexual functioning.
  26. Hi.. I am sorry that you are suffering. Also know what you are talking.. and CTed too. After 2 yrs .. I couldn't find any solution except wait and distract - well both are difficult for us. I think I distract by going through supplements .. ayurveda.. homeopathy.. natural remedies.. these are all distractions enough to keep believe for 1- 2 months. Well, one thing for sure .. it has slightly gotten better .. But not enough to go looking for another job. For me.. they have taken from me 4 yrs of engineering.. 2.5 yrs of job.. + another 2.5 yrs.. And lots of money. They all will get back their karma.
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