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  2. street129: hi

    i was doing research and havent been here in a while.. my symptoms seen like side affect, according to other people comments on a trazodone board and how they were affected by it, and i want to go to my next taper but im scare because of these side affects from the trazadone. any thought on how to procede.
  3. street129: hi

    was doing research and havent been here in a while.. my symptoms seen like side affect, and i want to go to my next taper but im scare becuse of these side affects from the trazadone.
  4. street129: hi

    havent been here in a while... im still not myself, and all my symptom seem like side affects, my nose is congested for no reason and cloggy, ..with my vision being burred, and had develope allergies.. i was on another board where people are giving their experience of beening on trazadone and complaining about the same symptoms i have.... i dont know if i should move to my next taper after reading the posts on that board.some people said once they got off their symptom went away. do you have any thought on this i hope i hear from the mods. and being scared to move to my next taper..
  5. divalee: 24 months off Zoloft

    I'm so sorry you are suffering 💕
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  7. Hi Clearmind, I too find that I sometimes deal with completely irrational emotions and know how difficult they can be to manage ... hoping you find something helpful in one of the links below. Neuro EmotionsIrritability, Anger, Rage Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms
  8. DrugSlave: Tapering Effexor

    Hi DrugSlave, Very appropriate username, that's certainly how I feel sometimes. I too experienced the weird head sensations when I first started tapering but that symptom has completely disappeared. Good to hear that you haven't had any major disruptions. You could definitely see if you are able to manage a 5% taper but be sure to keep track of your daily symptom pattern until you are able to map out a trend and what your central nervous system can managed without too many withdrawal symptoms. I found it took a fair bit of trial and error to track my monthly pattern and imagine it will likely be the same for you as well. I started out tapering 10% and reduced it to 5% once I reached 50% of my original dose and am now considering doing the Brass Monkey slide so that each taper is a little gentler. I'm going to attach a few links that will help you track your symptoms and a couple of links to help you to determine the number of years it will take to safely taper off of Effexor. Effexor has proven to be a very difficult drug to taper, as I'm sure you can appreciate, and it's best to be cautious as you go along. Rate Symptoms Daily to Check Patterns and Progress Tapering Calculator - OnlineTapering Calculator - Download Brass Monkey Slide
  9. Yesterday
  10. Hi Scorpio: I'm just waiting for my granddaughters boots to be delivered from Amazon then I'm done except for getting a gift card for my Uncle. He was with us today so I couldn't do that. Then I have to wrap everything, yuck... I'm glad you got yours done. I only send out a few Christmas cards so that won't take long. I hope the meds the dr gave me are healing my back. It's an anti inflammatory, muscle relaxer and a pain pill. I've only taken 2 1/2 pain pills. I only take 1/2 at a time. The anti inflammatory med works good, but kinda knocks me loopy. I wish it would just hurry up and heal. Glad you got out. Take care, Frogie xx
  11. These past two days I have experienced intense rage similar to what I have experienced before in withdrawal. The anger is irrational, I know that. But it's hard to shake off.....
  12. Thanks Chessie, I love your suggestion of HOLD ON!!!! Yes I will absolutely be able to continue to get Paxil. My doctor (not the same as the original one who put me on the roller coaster of one med after another) may not "get it" as far as whatever is going on with me, but he is a great guy who works with me and not against me.
  13. divalee: 24 months off Zoloft

    Hi divalee I am experiencing the same kind of thing I have been doing well in my mirtazipine taper until recently taking an antibiotic and it has threw me back in to severe withdrawal n I am scratching my head about what to do next, I feel for u n hope u manage to get past this. Regards Deano
  14. divalee: 24 months off Zoloft

    Hi divalee I am experiencing the same kind of thing,I was oing
  15. divalee: 24 months off Zoloft

    Hi Lee, I'm sad to hear that you are feeling so poorly. You don't deserve to suffer like this, nobody anywhere deserves to suffer like this. To answer your question about antibiotics, I have found that anything can flare up my WD symptoms. Stress, other medications that I've been told shouldn't have any affect, how I eat, or even what my mood is that day. Please keep us posted as to what the next week or two brings for you. Rachel
  16. Caspur: history

    Hello, Caspur, and welcome to survivingantidepressants.org. I'm glad you found your way here. I'm sorry you're having these symptoms but they are a common result of tapering too fast. SA recommends tapering by 10% of your current dose with a hold of at least 4 weeks before your next decrease. The following link gives further information about the 10% per month taper: Why taper by 10% of my dosage? May I ask you to fill out your signature so that we have access to a brief version of your drug history whenever you post. Please put the dates and dosages of all of your reductions, including the speed of both your tapers, especially your most recent taper and the dosage at which you stopped taking Venlafaxine. Here's how to do a signature: Please put your withdrawal history in your signature If your withdrawal symptoms are difficult to bear, you might want to consider a reinstatement. Reinstatement of a very small dose of the original drug is the only known way to help alleviate withdrawal syndrome. The only other alternative is to try and wait out the symptoms and manage as best you can until your central nervous system returns to homeostasis. Unfortunately, no one can give you an exact timeline as to when you will start feeling better and while some do recover relatively easily, for others it can take many months to many years. Reinstatement is best done immediately upon appearance of withdrawal symptoms. The more time passes, the less likely it is to work. The length of this window of opportunity varies according to the individual. You are only five weeks out which is to your advantage. If reinstatement is something you want to consider, after you have completed your signatures and we know more about your dosage, we can suggest a reinstatement dose. Please do not reinstate until we have suggested a dosage. About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms Please be aware that B vitamins can be activating (anxiety-causing). The only two supplements that SA recommends are Omega fish oil and magnesium. If you decide to try these, try one at a time at a low dosage so you can monitor your reaction. Some people crush magnesium and dissolve it in water and sip it throughout the day to help with anxiety. Here are some links other which may be helpful to you. What is withdrawal syndrome? The Windows and Waves Pattern of Stabilization Brain Remodelling Please feel free to write whenever you want. This is your thread to journal progress and ask questions.
  17. Great to hear Santino! You are a strong person and will make it. Congratulations on taking the next to last step. Hibari
  18. Hi haven't posted in a long time managed to get down to 4 mg of mirtazipine has been a bumpy road but somehow made it this far. Am looking for some advice now though as had to have an operation two weeks ago and was prescribed metronidazole an antibiotic for infection since taking the antibiotic have been suffering severe withdrawals again plus new symptoms am really scared as feel I have gone back to the beginnng, and can feel myself coming apart at the seems can some one give me some advice at what I need to do to rectify my situation please am desperate
  19. Elaine Riddick - Our guest tonight is survivor of the last eugenics campaign of the state of North Carolina eugenics program whose Fallopian tubes they cut when she was just a child Elaine Riddick. Elaine now founded and works for The Rebecca Project For Justice. Helping women across the world who are sterilized by the pharmaceutical drug Depo-Provera made by Pfizer under the guise of other health means. Elaine has appeared on ABC, CBS, Eugenics Survivors Justice Committees and Congress.
  20. Hi, Boomer. I know you're dealing with a lot, tracking a lot of details. When I ask specific questions such as the ones above, I am looking for specific answers. What exactly is your husband taking now, when is he taking it, and at what dosages? What is his daily symptom pattern? If you tell me "he has this symptom every other day," I need to know if that's exactly what you mean, or are you saying sometimes he has it and sometimes he doesn't? Please also be aware that we know your husband does poorly with multiple psychiatric drugs taken at once (polypharmacy), yet there have been several rounds of cocktails served up by that psychiatrist. Each time your husband has a new cocktail, he has bad reactions and you're here asking questions about them. Then you or the psychiatrist make changes and there are other symptoms..... I can't follow your very occasional posts in any effective way. I know you have difficulty managing the psychiatrist but you must put your foot down and minimize drugs and drug changes for your husband. I can't do this for you. Going on and off multiple drugs multiple times is not helping your husband to recover. His nervous system needs stability to heal. And I need to see those notes about daily symptom pattern, when he takes his drugs, and their dosages before I can answer any other questions.
  21. Colloidal silver for infections

    Alright. It's been 14 days now and I did about 10 days of the Colloidal Silver for a URI. Much better. Almost all clear.
  22. Beware of Kratom

    Kratom works wonders for me. I use it daily. You are supposed to take low doses from a reputation vendor. No more than 3 grams twice daily.
  23. I think the akathisia is from a destabilised nervous system in general after 18 months of changes and polydrugging. My body is weaker and weaker. I cannot stand for more than a minute. My arms weak. With years of CFS behind me I cannot exercise to build strength. My family and friends are pulling away. Unable to understand why I can’t engage. My best friend just emailed to say she can no longer collect prescriptions or help me out due to her own commitments. Other things too. Just praying for healing but I know it’s a long long road ahead.
  24. divalee: 24 months off Zoloft

    Divalee I just read your post of an hour ago DO NOT GIVE UP HOPE, Lee. You are not done! It can take more than 5 years, or even more, to break the zoloft chain. You know, from what I read in your posts, that these moments of hopelessness come and go. And when you're in it, it seems like you've always been in it, and always will be in it. It is not the case. You will come through. I know you are exhausted from the journey, but keep pushing on. Tell that hooded-claw to piss off. Fear not. Keep going. You have touched me, and I have a dear, dear friend going through this hell right now. I came across this website for the first time ever today for a reason, and now I know that reason is to tell you to not give up. You are NOT alone in this. My friend needs you, and I need you, and so many more who are like you, we all need you, to push on. Push on, Lee.
  25. hi frogie That’s good news its probably a bit of both rest and pain relief. Good to know you enjoyed your day even thought it wasn’t what you had planned. Never mind Christmas and hopefully seeing your granddaughter during the holiday will be something to look forward to. It’s not long now. Yes I finished my shopping today some online and some in the shops. Now im searching for a couple of small gift boxes and bows for the wrapping then it will be thinking about food luxuries. Oh and the writing of Christmas cards and wrapping presents. Hopefully will take my mind off the anxiety. Keep looking after that back to let it heal don’t overdo it.
  26. antidepressantsNoMore: Pristiq cold turkey 2.6 years later

    Update: I am off all anti-depressants over a year. I take kratom (a red vein strain) for anxiety and depression daily. This herb has helped me so much. I get blood work done once a year. No issues. The issue now is my anxiety. I have to try to interact with people more. I joined a gym, meet up groups, go to the therapy and run a small business. I am still looking for another job. I quit many due to anxiety. So before I pursue anything else besides my business ventures, I realize I have to learn how to deal with people better.
  27. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    Hi Scorpio I know - I am not going to plan any trips away until the last minute in future! I have spent nearly all day on Amazon ordering online! Should keep our postman busy the next couple of weeks! I am the same as you and don't seem to be able to tolerate meds anymore. I am really scared to take anything now and AB's always make me feel strange. I've got to be on these for 10 days until I see my Dr for a check up. As long as I can keep eating it isn't too bad. Luckily nausea is not around at the moment. April is a long time away yet - a holiday might just do you good by then. Mauritius is beautiful. I worry about any commitments I have at the moment - even if it is just meeting friends. Try not to worry about your trip though as it will make you worse. Just put it to the back of your mind for now. Hope you have a good night and wake up feeling less anxious tomorrow. Love Flowers xxx
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