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  2. Diehard: tapering

    Diehard have you read the link about tapering at 10% per month? What do you think about that idea? well done on doing the drug sig.
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  4. Worried

    Am super worry now. Did i mess up my brain by quitting my ssri zoloft to quick? I only took em for 2 months and I feel worry that wasent a good move to do idk. Will my brain heal from this? Only problem having now is dp dr. Feel most of the time that my mind is somewhere else and get real freak out. Feels like am in a dream can't connect with people and the world. Thoughs welcome anyone
  5. Rico: Zyprexa tapering

    Bhasski, Miko and Rico. You all sound like you're enduring this battle for wellness quite well. Keep fighting and trying to find ways to overcome your struggles!
  6. Sundered star. I think you'll recover. You were on such a low dose for a very short amount of time.
  7. Staz, You're lucky to be functioning well after coming off Seroquel. I hope you keep seeing improvements.
  8. parrotlover: Introducing Myself

    Greetings Parrotlover That is certainly the biggest doctor r merry go round I have ever read off. And my word what a dug merry go round as well. I am so sorry you have struggled at every turn to escape the clutches of irresponsible doctors. Reading this and all the drug pushing that has gone on all I keep thinking of is 'prescribing kickbacks' . Oh yeah before I forget any update? nz11
  9. Blue winter, you're lucky that you're recovering. I'm severely damaged and was on various antipsychotics over 9 months. Have been totally off them for 6 months, but I had to go onto an antidepressant 2 months ago. I'm really not well, but I'm glad to read that you're recovering and so shortly after reducing. You have a resilient body and brain. Hope you are still doing well.
  10. rplante1: intro about myself

    rplante any update?
  11. Looking4Help: Gabapentin 300mg tapering

    L4H Did you read the links from Petu? Any questions? We haven't heard from you since April last year.
  12. Conan how is your dad doing? He is very lucky to have you helping him.
  13. genlady: Celexa taper questions

    Hi genlady, im so sorry you are suffering from these crazy symptoms too. Burning allover is one of my worst symptoms too now I'm 4 months off the poison lexapro. Is your burning on head too or just body? Does it cause pain when it's bad? Mine is worst on my head and it's very painful. What help do you expect you can get from the doctor visit? are you considering going back to meds? i hope you have a better day tomorrow. Lex
  14. Atium how's the taper going are you winning?
  15. TB1973: Prozac and sleep

    So what you are saying is you are doing a CT across the board? This is the kind of thing that puts people in a hospital. Please reconsider this decision. As AliG says things can get worse. When do you see Mr Fox? Tomorrow ...next week?...next month. Even the drug companies say don't stop abruptly. The FDA in 2004 said abrupt changes can cause suicidal reactions. TB you don't need to do this to yourself. nz11
  16. Hi Roseta, just read your thread and want to say hi and let you know you wrote beautifully!! try not to beat yourself too hard trying to figure out all the miseries and possible mistakes/ causes as now you are free from all these poisons so try to only focus on healing. What These drugs cause to a human brain is too complex and way beyond humans capability to comprehense. I tapered for 5 years and suffered all the time during the super slow taper now off the drug for 4 months still in unbelievable torture. No one knows which way is better to handle tolerance WD. reinforcing faith by reading success stories is my way of continuing fighting and surviving each day and hour. fcusing on the current moment helps with unnecessary anxiety too. I know it's easy to say, I did the same beating myself day in and day out for 5 whole years and just started learning, acceptance and mindfulness, patience and time like everyone says. For whatever the reason we were put through this criminal ordeal, be kind to ourselves and try our best to help our body to heal, and we will all heal eventually! lex
  17. Confused and lost

    How long on zoloft? So 10 weeks having all these symptoms normal? Right now i feel detach from my world like it feels am in a dream hard to explain you know. Maybe is dp, dr idk. Never felt this way. And thank you I believe we recover on our own time.
  18. Heidi any update. Its just so unbelievable that pdocs are not supportive to get people off this stuff. Anyone would think they were getting prescribing kickbacks or something with that kind of mindset.
  19. Jay how are going with the taper?
  20. Lyreh any update?
  21. Surferbob: TMS and SSRI

    SB how is he TMS going?
  22. AtlanticCat: my introduction

    AC how are you doing.
  23. Luke how are you doing these days , any update?
  24. genlady: Celexa taper questions

    Tuesday, January 23, 2018 Today, I have had severe anxiety all day making it difficult to breath. The burning sensations on my skin have been severe as well.... ALL OVER MY BODY! My mood has been better the past two days. I did phone my doctor for a referral to a physchiatrist, but I haven't heard for an appointment yet. I would like to discuss with him my symptoms and what they might mean. I may not be put on an antidepressant. I think the symptom that is worst is the anxiety/ burning skin sensations. I am still mourning the loss of my mom and the past few days we learned my son is in the hospital with a growth on his spleen which is filled with fluid. The doctors don't know what it is and will be doing a biopsy later on this week. Massaging the top of my head seems to settle down the burning sensations somewhat, plus it is relaxing. Too bad I can't massage my head all day. I am still taking the Trazodone to help with my sleeping. I have been needing 100mg. I tried rinsing my nose yesterday and boy did it burn! I'm thinking they are starting to open up and they are very sensitive up there, or there is an infection which the antibiotics couldn't reach before. I'm using essential oils with a diffuser which even that has started causing my sinusis to burn. I'm using portion control and low fat diet to control my weight now. I don't count calories and i don't count fat grams etc. Now that I'm off the Prednisone I think my weight will come down again.
  25. Elivra any update. Have the symptoms receded?
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