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  2. Littlegrandma

    Haha. I didn't know that. I thought it was a magical place. Sorry you're in the pits
  3. Littlegrandma

  4. Littlegrandma

    I am crawling out of my skin. I am sick of this. I guess I need to take it easy, even on days I feel good, or better. I just can't sit still. The nausea is bad for me today too. My husband and son are cooking shish kebabs and the smell is bad. Sad, cuz I usually love them. I have a new symptom today. My face is a burning pain. Like I got bee stings everywhere. Including my lips. So hopeful yesterday. Now I doubt this will ever end. My fear grows. Really scared. I'm so sorry about your back. I just assumed you twisted a muscle picking up th baby. Watching football with the boys.
  5. Littlegrandma

    Sorry to hear, LG. I'm in the pits, too. 👎
  6. Littlegrandma

    It's not quite as 'enchanting' as it sounds. New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment.
  7. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    I'm sorry for all that you've been through. I hope the next few months are much kinder to you and you get the relief you're so desperately seeking. Don't worry about the things you haven't accomplished. You are so young and have a lifetime ahead of you! The most important thing to focus on right now is your health. It may take you a few months or a couple of years, but after you've recovered, you can focus on conquering the world.
  8. Littlegrandma

  9. powerback: tapering no 2

    I'm glad you found some enjoyment with your niece. That can be very healing for you. I agree, therapy can be dangerous during WD. You have to find the right therapist and one you trust. So many just want to label you (us) instead of providing productive ways of handling our feelings. I think the resourced provided by SA are sufficient during this WD phase. I am sorry that you're not doing well and hope you get a break soon.
  10. Littlegrandma

    PS Where is land of enchantment? i want to go!!
  11. Littlegrandma

    It's over Trying. I did so little but it was too much I guess. Symptoms are back with a vengeance. Hope you're having a good Sunday lg
  12. Littlegrandma

  13. Littlegrandma

    Glad you got a bit of a break! Enjoy those moments.
  14. Littlegrandma

    Hi lg What a pair we are. I'd laugh if it wasn't so tragic! You poor thing we seem to be in the same boat. The back has knocked me back into every symptom I have had. The nausea is awful and I am finding it impossible to try and eat. We seem to take one step forward and fifty back and the littlest thing will do it to us each time. Where's bubble when we need her for joint support. I hope she is enjoying herself somewhere probably by her stream with a good book in her hand. We will get there one day. 'My back is an old injury two torn discs that leak fluid into my nerve canal and haven't had it for about two years but gone with a vengeance now. When I used to see the man who did backs he advised me not to do hot or cold treatment on it for some reason or other. Can't have magnesium bath as it reacts on me. Can't take pain killers as not eating so vicious circle and I think the gods are throwing big rocks at me at the moment. at least we can commiserate with each other
  15. Quest

    To be honest, moment by moment. Some days it helps me to walk outside or do mindless chores (I.e. laundry, dishes, etc.). Forcing myself to get out of the house for an errand (even if it's picking up luandry from a drive thru service) breaks the cycle a little. Yesterday I took the kids to the McDonald's play area. It mostly provides a distraction and lets the time pass. On the really bad days, I give myself permission to cry and lay in bed until bedtime. I have hope the next day could be better. Even mental health professionals agree that depression is cyclical and eventually passes. Too bad they don't focus on this fact instead of handing out meds. You will get through this. At my worst, I had severe suicidal depression and voluntarily checked myself into the hospital. I thought I was going to die from the deep, dark pain...but here I am. And no, the hospital did not help. Had I found this site earlier, I would have rode it out at home. I still struggle a lot with depression and suicidal thoughts, but nowhere near that same intensity. It does get incrementally better over a very very long period of time. I hope this helps.
  16. Hi, Lex, Yes, I'm still on 1,59mg. Unfortunately, I could not afford to get strong WD symptoms, because of the nature of my job. And being bedridden unable to work is unthinkable. Now I'm kind of on sabbatical until the end of the year so I'll try to drop to approx 1,25mg so I have to do it very slowly because I'm very vulnerable to dose drops at this dosage. I've been checking on your thread, you are so close to zero. I just wish you can get rid of it completely. I'm guessing you are not working at this point. How your family have been supporting you during this burden? Thank you for checking on me. Is good to know that people have us in their thoughts. *** FSL
  17. Junglechicken

    Still got IBS/gut issues
  18. Today
  19. Fear, terror, panic, and anxiety

    Does anyone else have constant dysphoria/terror that doesn't let up? Not like a panic attack with start and beginning. Constant unease.
  20. Quest

    Has anyone used whey powder for protein in their smoothies? Was thinking to try some to put some weight on.
  21. Littlegrandma

    Have you tried icing your back. I swear by it. I'm also on the couch. I guess yesterday was too much. All the symptoms are back. I'm so frustrated and scared. I'm so tired of this!! Lg
  22. joy2730: withdrawing from citalopram

    Hi flowers I have just come back from the christening and it has helped a lot but the 8:hr painkillers I took this morning are wearing off. I saw loads of people today who I have known over the years. The aches andvp as insurance are definitely withdrawal and make me feel much older than my years. I am not giving on and going to a higher dose as I want to see when and if this resolves but I have more or less decided to stay on citalopram indefinitely. I find it so tiring - I am permanently exhausted soon. I am also sick of this being an unrecognised illness - I don't talk about it to anyone as I really feel they don't understand. Flowers you aren't tapering at present but you are clearly not completely stable - I suppose it is from all the changes you have undergone but still surely things should be settling for you now? I think these drugs are longer acting than anyone thinks. I am going to bed for a lived own nowc- all my energy has gone. Joy
  23. TheWayBack: Hoping to stabilize soon

    Day 34: Day started very good, around noon some bad anxiety, afternoon and evening OK. Day 35: Day started with light anxiety, manageable. Fixed the roof of my house, afternoon and early evening very good. Later on the evening not as good. Day 36: Day started with anxiety, a lot more anxiety later, around noon a little bit better. Afternoon OK, evening not as good. Feel fed up with it. Again thinking of dropping. Almost every day has a couple of hours with anxiety. Today was a day without any stressors and still so much anxiety The 6th week has had a wonderful start... Two days ago I posted that I had no more intense anxiety. I have to take it back. Just asking: if I would like to go down after 2 months updosing, how fast should I go? 10%/month is a very long time for 2 months, no? Is 10%/week OK?
  24. Littlegrandma

    Hi lg no my back is in constant spasm and very painful walking with difficulty. Same as you could not get out of bed anxiety, at 4, pain, nausea and feeling horrible. Have been on settee under duvet all day. Can't eat again. Verging on panic. Very scared again well you slept til 5.30, no anxiety rush, two major good things now if we can get your depression under control you will be flying high! hope your day got better and you are able to achieve some things no matter how little.
  25. Thank you! I am trying to do what people tell me and just holding
  26. ☼ freespirit: Mirtazapine withdrawal

    Hi Bayboy. Congratulations on your successful taper. As you may have read, there are some problems with Paleo diet for those suffering from histamine issues. There are a couple of sites I used more frequently, but I also did a Google search and read quite widely. It's possible that what you've identified as hay fever in the past might have been an issue of histamine intolerance too. Here are the 2 main sites I followed https://healinghistamine.com/ and http://alisonvickery.com.au/ You'll find conflicting info on which foods are high histamine; it's also individual. Over time, I added 3 supplements that were very helpful. Vitamin C, quercetin, and tart cherry. You may be too early in the process to do it, or may not want to. But each of them helped reduce the symptoms and allowed me to expand my diet a little more. I feel it's wise to limit antihistamine drugs. I learned they further deplete the enzyme that helps digest histamine in foods. I always got a big upsurge in symptoms the day after, so avoid them completely. I would take an extra vitamin c if I was having allergy symptoms. I think relaxation practices can make a big difference to helping with symptoms and settling the immune system. Yoga, meditation, tai chi or qi gong, gentle exercise, etc. I credit those practices as a major part of my recovery. Hope this is helpful. Wishing you well with your healing.
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