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  2. bheb: Akathisia without dose change

    If I were you I'd be cutting out the wine. Alcohol and caffeine are 2 things which many members have to stop when in withdrawal.
  3. I've had a stint with a prolonged UTI/kidney infection and some antibiotics with my first glimpse at waves and windows. I'm not sure why the akathisia is less just as I start to get sick. And my waves aren't related to the movement disorder...they are more a scary deep unsettled feeling that something is wrong. A terror. Maybe I was feeling it before but the akathisia was masking it or maybe illness/macrobid antibiotic triggered it
  4. ironmanDD: Situational or meds?

    Hi, Ironman. I'm sorry things still aren't settling down for you. From your signature: "fearful thoughts regarding future, and a sense of detachment? (I just don't feel like myself)" - this symptom sounds like depersonalization. This is very common with AD withdrawal and especially with benzo withdrawal. Sometimes reading about a symptom can make it a bit easier to handle: Derealization / depersonalization 2 months off Ativan and 4 months off Citalopram is still early on, so it doesn't surprise me that you're still having some symptoms. Of course, all compounded with a very difficult relationship issue that would understandably be difficult for anyone, withdrawal or not.
  5. davidcpp: Escitalopram withdrawal

    If you are making larger than 10% cuts then it would be better to hold for longer than 4 weeks.
  6. I have just read this posted by another member: Here is this member's drug history from their signature. She had attempted to reinstate at 5mg. She then reinstated at 0.4mg 16 years on SSRI's (Celexa, then Lexapro) Tapered down over several years. Last dose November 2016 (2.5 mg) Withdrawal symptoms began March 2017 Attempt to reinstate at 5mg in June 2017 led to worsening symptoms Reinstated at .4 mg in July 2017 with beneficial results.
  7. Hi , I know I'm posting in the AD board , and I'm on benzos .... But I'm wondering about this stability question too . Ive been all over the place with benzos , unwittingly .....bad advice fro the most part from Doctors . I was doing ok on Valium , I started my taper too fast last year , for me , after a switch from K , but I didn't knwo til it was too late. I held for a good 8 months , though during that time i tapered some gabapentin , and 1/4 mg Valium . I now know I should have held both. My doctor then encouraged me to try tapering Valium again in June . I was very cautious and just tapered 1/16 th mg Valium . Well , July and august things got worse and worse, and I started having severe side effects from the Valium with each dose , extreme sedation and cog fog and weakness, and pain and burning in my liver ..... I just seemed to be getting worse and having more side effects . So when I next spoke to my doctor, having difficulty breathing while on the phone , he said , we have to switch your meds . So now, , back to klonopin and in a horrible mess still, a change over of meds In one day per his instruction .... Awful Valium wds , so now with the help of Shep, I am subbing back in 1 mg Valium . But my nervous system is a total wreck . I would,hold Indefinitely if it wasn't for the side effects . But , I'm wondering , even with the side effects , can my nervous system settle down enough that I will be able to taper eventually ? even with the side effects ,? I would have stuck with the Valium if it hadn't been so sedating and making my liver hurt . It just seems to turn on me as it never used to effect me that way . I never felt well on it , but not like this was. now adding in 1 mg V is another change , ( it's been 2-1/2 weeks since I made the switch from V to K) but I feel it's helpful even with side effects . Klonopin has not given me much releif , and comes with its own intense side effects at this point for me . It doesn't hurt my liver though and isn't as sedating . ( my liver enzymes are on the low side when tested ) . anwyay , I guess I feel I've made a mess . Though not all my fault I know. I just feel so awful and after things going south with the Valium I feel rather hopeless . Shep has has been great and very supportive , thank you Shep! Just a general question im putting out there relative to side effects versus nervous system instability . I thought long holds were it until I had such a bad reaction to the last tiny Valium cut and began experiencing such extreme symptoms after dosing it . Hope this thread is still active* , and thank you all for your great service , Maresat 🌺 *Post moved from Stabilising after a reduction - what does that mean?
  8. It is very difficult, if not impossible, for the mods to assist with 3rd parties. As you know from experience even assisting a member with their very close relative is hard. It is possible to stay completely anonymous on this site providing you use a pseudonym and don't post anything which can identify yourself. For the location just put USA or even Plant Earth. I would encourage this person to join, or at the very least visit the site as a guest, so they can get some information which might convince them that joining is in their best interest.
  9. Hi tryingtoholdon, It was hard for me to socialize with even my own family. I was feeling really worst for the first year, crying , depressed, crippling anxiety, severe insomnia, crying spells, repetetive thoughts about why I end up taking this drug. I remember my husband was getting a lot of joy from normal things and playing with my daughter but for me, I was always searching the SA website for some success stories to see if this nightmare will ever end. Now I feel normal but has food issues problems and a sleeping problem that I think I will recover from by next year or so. All I will say is that your first 1 year to 18 months can be really tough and then after that time you will see a lot of recovery coming. I am feeling really unwell in the last three days because of the flu that I got from my daughter but other than that I would say I am 70 percent recovered. I have had total of 50 symptoms and now come down to 4 to 5. Then you also have a hope. Just take good care of yourself and dont lose hope.
  10. Oh - I should also add - I started taking prenatal vitamins again - not for trying to conceive, but because they have omega 3 and lots of iron and other good stuff in them at a higher dose then a regular multi-vitamin. They also seemed to cause an improvement in symptoms when coupled with the .4mg of Lexapro.
  11. Today
  12. I imagine that your doctor's suggestion may very well be trying a new drug. OR if he suggests going back on Zoloft he would probably suggest a much higher dose than we suggest (see next paragraph for dose suggestion), because the pharmaceutical companies tell them about "therapeutic" doses. If you go to the doctor complaining about something his most likely response will be to write a prescription. There are SA members who have been in a similar situation to you and have ended up being polydrugged, and as a consequence ended up worse than what they were before going to the doctor, when a very small reinstatement of the drug which there brain had adapted to might have worked. Please read the links in the above post. You can learn from other members' experiences. I agree with baroquep that reinstating a very small amount (my suggestion would be to try 0.5mg or 1mg) of sertraline/Zoloft would be the best option. The idea of reinstating isn't to get rid of withdrawal symptoms completely but to bring them to a level which is tolerable. If after 1 week there was absolutely no improvement you could increase by another 0.5mg or 1mg. Please Keep Notes on Paper. This will help you to see improvement that you may not feel. My own situation is different from yours, however I would like to tell you of my experience because it might help you to understand what these drugs do to the brain. I reduced my Pristiq 100mg to 50mg and had very bad cog fog for 3 weeks. At the end of the 3 weeks I was unable to type. Because I am a professional typist of 40+ years I knew something was very wrong. Fortunately I had joined SA a few days before this happened and they had suggested that I increase my dose. I did this and after about 4 hours I was able to type again. I have since been tapering with only mild withdrawal symptoms and am now down to 19mg.
  13. I just wanted to let folks know that I started taking Lexapro in liquid form in July and as soon as I hit .4 mg it was like magic. I had started at just one drop and slowly moved up. I'm still not 100%, but the lions share of symptoms were greatly reduced. I reintroduced 8 months after stopping Lexapro and so much suffering. So just to let people know, there is hope! ive managed to find 3 peer-reviewed articles that mention the idea of acute post-withdrawal from ssri's - from a journal called Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics. It's frustrating to be in medical "grey area". There just are no studies done on long-term ssri use and then following the patient for several months. Everythings like "we gave them 6 weeks of Paxil and watched for withdrawal symptoms for a week after"
  14. Quest

    ChessieCat I have had such severe depression again today. It is the worst it has ever been. Do I try to give this one more week, is it possible that the effexor is causing these terrible thoughts? How can I help change them, I've breathed, walked, tried distraction. It seems to hit an hour after taking the capsule. I don't know if I'm taking too much, not enough, or should not be taking it at all. Is it possible for this depression to alleviate ever? Feeling so very sick in my head right now.
  15. Does insomnia ALWAYS improve in time?

    Sleep problems - that awful withdrawal insomnia
  16. Hi, there. I am posting for a client of mine whom I have worked with for many years. She would not post on this site, for a variety of reasons, including her occupation and the need to stay anonymous. I am wondering if one or more mods could PLEASE give me a quick answer to this woman's dilemma. She is in her mid-60s and has been on Zoloft/sertraline 200 mg. for 7-plus years. Recently, she mentioned to her (female) psychiatrist that she was "feeling fatigued." The psychiatrist, whom she has seen just a few times (she lost her previous psychiatrists for various reasons), immediately suggest switching to Welbutrin (buproprion). The psychiatrist advised my client to stop the sertraline IMMEDIATELY---with NO tapering--and to start on the bupriprion- for the first week, at 100 mgs., and the second week, up to 200 mgs. I know--horrifying. Predictably, after three weeks being off the sertraline after a CT and now being on a high dose of buproprion, my client is reporting feeling the onset of WD symptoms (or maybe side effects from the new AD?), including increased hand tremor, irritability, increased anxiety, slightly paranoid thinking, etc. I would have thought that the best bet for her would be to D/C the buproprion and to go back to a low dose of Zoloft and taper properly. However, I also discovered that sertraline and buproprion have a MAJOR interaction, and I'm not sure if, given that she has been on the buproprion for about three weeks now, if D/C the buproprion and going back on the Zoloft at a small dose might not still be problematic, as the drugs might mix together in her system and cause serotonin syndrome or another problem. I would so much appreciate a piece of advice. I would refer her to her psychiatrist for help, but of course, the psychiatrist is the source of the problem. Please advise!
  17. Here's another link which may offer additional information:
  18. davidcpp: Escitalopram withdrawal

    Hi, I'm going back to this forum. In generall, last months weren't bad, but few months before I thought that it will be better. Especially I mean physical fitness, muscle condition. Often muscle stiffness prevent or limits me take a sport activity. Most days are quite well in terms of my mind, my brain and my emotions. I'm able to work (programming) quite freely, but sometimes (few times a month) I have brain fog which last from several dozen minutes to few hours and problems with concentrace on my task. However, often after about 7 hours I have some nervous tension and fatigue. Sometimes this fatigue cause that I become angry and I throw some things and punch my fist in different things. I take my current dosage from almost 4 weeks and I don't know if I should cut it now. The fact is that today I was very sleepy and I can get up from my bed ( I was in my bed dor 11 hours) which may suggest that I take my dosage enough time to cut it. Problem is that I have to go down with dosage by 25% (from 4mg to 3mg of powder, digital scale has 1mg precision). I haven't other way to do withdrawal, this drug isn't good soluble in water and that's why I can't measure dose by syringe. I feel that I get trapped. Last changes also were bigger than 10% (last 20%). and I haven't any critical periods that prevented me work but I'm afraid that effects of my changes will come with delay. It seems to me that my symptoms suggest me that they result not from instabilty but from side effects of drug. After all I can't recognize in what part symptoms result from withdrawal effect and in what part from side effects. I ask for advice, how to deal with my situation? Sorry for chaotic post. Thank you in advance.
  19. Hi TryingToHoldOn, I used to get that same thing. I would wake with a start, not slowly but extremely quickly and it was brutal, with anxiety, shaking, and heart pounding. It's hard to describe how awful it feels, but it is indeed awful. I would get it every morning and if I napped during the day, I would l wake up the same way. It did eventually go away. Here's a link where it is discussed: I'm so sorry you are going through this. It is really terrible, but it does go away. RS
  20. Junglechicken

    Gut has been better today, but is still sensitive. Possible causes: Lactose intolerance FODMAP issues Running Stress / emotional issues Something "serious" Looks like I'll follow that FODMAP diet after all.
  21. powerback: tapering no 2

    You're right Powerback, Ireland has always been rife with nepotism and cronyism. It was always who you knew not what you knew. That said, by any measurement of Human development indices, it is one of the best places in the world to live. 12.20 on the video below proves that point.
  22. wanttosurvive: Tianeptine

    Hi wanttosurvive! Glad you found this place. I recently found it myself and the moderators are so knowledgable and helpful! You are not alone <3 -D
  23. Hi everyone. Today I am making myself write. I am feeling better, but I am struggling not to dip too far into hopelessness. I took JanCarol's suggestion of SEE THE SUN and I went for a walk this afternoon, just a little meandering walk. And it really helped. I feel lifted, which is big for me at this time of day. I thank you all for all you do here. I have hope today that one day I will be as close to drug free, if not drug free, as I can get. I can't always write as much as I wish I could, but I want you to know I am glad you are writing. <3 Many blessings, Darlene
  24. wanttosurvive: Tianeptine

    Hi wanttosurvive, you may want to be careful with the B Vitamins, many of our members, including myself, found them far to aggravating and made withdrawal much more difficult. After taking Vitamin B, once I started withdrawing from Effexor, I had to discontinue as it was causing me a lot of anxiety. We have found that Omega 3 and Magnesium seem to help settle withdrawal. I am really happy that your psychiatrist is aware and understood your symptoms, that is very rare in my experience. Most doctors believe that because some people are able to discontinue these drugs without issue, that all of us can, and that just isn't the case. Many people end up having to deal with withdrawal syndrome because they either CT'd like you or reduced the drug too quickly. The central nervous system make adjustments to the brain to compensate for the presence of the drug, and when it is removed abruptly the CNS cannot adjust quickly enough which results in withdrawal. It is my hope that more doctors will become aware of this phenomenon at some point in the future to prevent the unnecessary suffering some many people have to deal with. That this site exists is testament to just how many people suffer from withdrawal syndrome. I am going to attach a few links that might help you discuss what you have read on this site and the recommendations made by Surviving Antidepressants. Hopefully you will be able to find additional support from your psychiatrist to help you get back on track. As you weren't on the drugs for very long, it might take you a little longer for the withdrawal symptoms to alleviate and appreciate why your doctor wants to wait at this time. How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal?What should I expect from my doctor about withdrawal symptoms? What is Withdrawal Syndrome? Video: Healing From Antidepressants - Patterns of RecoveryWhat is Happening in Your Brain
  25. These links might be helpful to you when you go and see your doctor. In my experience, doctors don't seem to understand that antidepressants can cause withdrawal syndrome, even when there is so much information out there to the contrary. even the pharmaceutical companies advise never to stop taking an antidepressant abruptly, so I'm not sure where the disconnect is. As long as you are prepared for the visit, you will hopefully be able to find support from him to help you get back on track. How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal?What should I expect from my doctor about withdrawal symptoms?
  26. Eleven10: 30 months off Prozac

    I'm not brave at all just very very depressed and desperate for some kind of health only cold turkeys can understand the pain we have gone through so thank you
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