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  2. Updosed to 1.6mg. Let me know if you have advice about my questions above
  3. New York members, please check in here

    I’m in Westchester if anyone wants to pm, Skype or connect
  4. Acid Reflux

    or that but i am not sure that it is possible to sleep standing
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  6. Acid Reflux

    me too. i have a gastritis and GERD. Hoping i will find alternative to not being too long time on IPP. But for the moment i need them. Polysilane (a paste with dimeticone (silicone) seem to help when my burning throat is horrible and when i want to sleep a little. In that moment just breathing with mouth is difficult. Silicone is plastic but if it can help. While sitting i have gerd, so raising my bed does not seem to be many efficient. If i could sleep standing. Sometimes i think about a harness like that, to sleep standing or when gerd is too hard,
  7. since i take Proton-pump inhibitors (PPIs) (IPP) my stomack is ok, but i continue having burning throat. Dimeticone paste (polysilane) seem to help to sleep a little.
  8. If Healy is 'close to a cure' what do you think that cure will be? Let me guess ..a chemical that has to be swallowed. And if so for how long ...for life? And what of side effects? Forget it because I am not swallowing anything from a doctor ever again, period.
  9. Would You Be Open to Being My Phone Friend?

    Anyone can add me on Skype or send me a pm Would be more than happy to chat
  10. This tapering method is frightening ! and criminal. Its no surprise to me that 49 % refused to participate in it. Its unbelievable that this is what they come up with in 2017!! Its disgusting.
  11. Came across an interesting study: http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0028390813001676?via%3Dihub Taking benzodiazepines directly inhibits the positive response to SSRIs. This could be something that's very relevant to many people who try to reinstate but are on benzos. I'm wondering if this is why I'm having a delayed response to reinstatement. I resinstated 4 weeks ago but I've also been holding steady on diazepam 1mg for the last 6 weeks. Perhaps a low dose such as this is enough to inhibit a positive response. If it's anything like SSRIs, small doses can have powerful pharmacological effects as measured by receptor occupancy. If there's reason to believe that benzos can impair neurogenesis and neurological adaptations to SSRIs, then there's also some basis that using benzos can impair healing from SSRI discontinuation. This could apply to many people and determine the order it might be wisest to withdraw from multiple psychiatric drugs. Given all this, I'm thinking it might be a good idea to hold steady at my current dose of sertraline and taper off diazepam.
  12. Nikki, just chumming in to say I know how hard this is for you at the moment, especially with a child. im having a thought time too and have two beautiful boys . I’m sending you hugs 🤗
  13. jprez562: Escitalopram tough journey

    Hi JS11, thanks is for dropping a line. I am doing well on the liquid form I made myself. I ordered 1ml syringes from Amazon and I use that to take my dose. I learned here on SA on how to make it the liquid form. See the YouTube video on here. Once you start mixing it on way do it the same every time. I tried to change the ratio, big mistake. Had a panic attack within minutes. hopw this helps. jprez
  14. Thanks for this, good to hear from someone who this personally made a big difference. Did the caffeine withdrawal exacerbate your current withdrawal, did you get headaches? If so did it not last long?
  15. Great quote, and very encouraging...but I happened to look up Tezza and yikes, not a happy ending there. Do you know of anyone or can point me in a direction to find someone who held for months and they eventually stabilized? I am confident I can be patient, but I have to admit I don’t see any examples of a multiple month hold where a CNS settled. That has me slightly terrified haha.
  16. Hi Mermaid. Let's see. I first started responding to my children also as your husband appears to be able to do now. It was an awareness of what was around me, music I hadn't listened to for a long time started to bring tears as I would carefully listen to the lyrics and melodies. Appreciation of the outdoors, mists, fog, intricate beauty of flowers, etc. Music brought back pleasant memories of our lives previous to the drugs. A little memory here, one there, and I realized how much I missed my husband. I also looked through old photos of us and saw how handsome he was/is and saw his happy smiling face with me and our children. We very gradually began to communicate. We were able to spend some time alone while traveling along the west coastal United States and during that time my love, affections, romantic feelings, were fully restored. If your husband is still on the drug, carefully tapering is a key factor. No more cold turkey if possible. That distupts everything. If he can or is stable right now, a very careful taper of 10 % or less of the most recent dose per month has worked for many. Our moderator Brassmonkey is a good example of this. There are many, many all over the world who have recovered Mermaid. Yes, many of us were spellbound just like your husband and didn't connect the dots to the drugs. And of course there may be relationship issues that need to be addressed in time. In many cases, it's the one closest to us who we completely lose affection for. But take heart, once his love and affection toward you is restored, your marriage quite possibly will be even better thanyou can imagine.
  17. Do you think it most likely the Enlafax not metabolizing property and building up and causing symptoms? I notice in the Drug Interactions the combination of Olanzapine and Effexor brings up a Moderate interaction between these two as per the following: MONITOR: Central nervous system- and/or respiratory-depressant effects may be additively or synergistically increased in patients taking multiple drugs that cause these effects, especially in elderly or debilitated patients. I am wondering if this is causing him to become panicky, highly aggitated on constant high alert! We were thinking of lowering the Olanzapine in the future as it would be easier as far as cutting is concerned. By the way what would be the best way to reduce the Enlafax (Effexor XR) now that we no longer have access to the Effexor XR in bead form please? Thank you.
  18. Hi Dave, About 6 weeks ago, I cut out caffeine completely, and way, way back on sugar. No more coffee, sodas or sweetened iced tea. I feel so much better for having done so. I remember reading this advice on this board before and completely ignored it. And believe me, I love my sweetened coffee and tea, and sodas! Although I had been drinking lemon-lime soda or ginger ale only for several years. I haven't drank dark cola type soda or diet soda for a quite a few years now. Once the caffeine withdrawals went away and I stopped subjecting my body to sugar surges, I feel much calmer, anxiety has lessened, and my tinnitus went away. Your mileage may vary. I have learned to like water. I have never liked plain water before. Now I drink it all the time. You could try some water with a squeeze of citrus, or some muddled berries to liven it up a bit. There's also those La Croix drinks that are flavored carbonated water that have no sugar or sweetener and come in different flavors. Those are pretty good. You can find them in the aisle where they sell sodas, they have sort of brightly colored boxes. I did find that I still need that hot cuppa in the morning so I have a cup of hot decaf chai tea with stevia. During the day I might also have a hot cup of herbal tea. I bought some concentrated pure stevia on amazon. Most of the stevia you buy at the grocery store is mixed with something else like dextrose which closer to sugar, which is sucrose and I'm trying to stay away from that. I find that staying away from caffeine and sugar is worth it. Although tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I will definitely be eating pie!
  19. Hi Jihawaii, There is light at the end of the tunnel. Ignore people that don't believe you. Take each day as it comes and believe that healing is taking place every day. I understand what you mean, by feeling like you lost your self, because you literally do. Your self does come back, but it does take time for some people. Take care, Hopefull.
  20. apollo556: 8 days of prozac

    it's day 13 off prozac. i have an appointment with my doctor in 6 days to discuss my progress. i have the means to restart my own taper if necessary. i'm aiming to wait til my appointment to discuss my future treatment (drug or drug-free) so long as i remain comfortable enough until then. the last 13 days have been really crappy but so far it's nowhere close to the suffering i had with Klonopin withdrawal. my only concern is that symptoms have the potential to worsen. at this point i know i'm in the midst of withdrawal but have no idea if it gets better or worse from here. my withdrawal symptoms are many. they rotate and vary in intensity throughout the day: anxiety, body ache, tinnitus, rapid heart rate, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, weakness in legs, noise sensitivity, electric current like jolts travelling through my body, obnoxious songs playing like loud broken records in my head all day, and depression. today was the first day that depression showed up and it thankfully only lasted a few minutes. oh yeah, and there's some good 'ole insomnia. i'm waking up every hour. i'm so restless but tired at the same time. surprising to myself, i've been able to make it to work each day but it's been extremely difficult to manage. thankfully i'm able to freely vent about my condition to my buddies at work. symptoms are usually greater in the morning and let up in the evening but not always. yesterday was miraculously close to symptom-free but was followed by a 2am heart racing from hell. and get this...i was half-asleep! never knew my heart could beat that fast or strong. how could i have a near perfect day in the middle of this storm? today was back to awful. wish i knew where i am on the spectrum to recovery. some hours feel like i'm slipping and some feel like i'm on the right course. i surely had about 30 brain zaps and more noise flinches than i could count in the time it took me to write this.
  21. Tolerating physical touch/romantic feelings

    Thank you both. It means so much to have that affirmed, that it is entirely possible his ability to feel love for me will be restored. Can either of you offer any insight as to what it was like for you to regain that emotional connection? Did you have an awareness as it was returning? When those romantic bonds were severed did you have an awareness that it was the meds or did you just think it was normal, life? He is very much spellbound and refuses to make any connections with the medication and his loss of feelings. He readily admits the timing for such things adds up but insists it’s just what was gonna happen with us. He blames the problems that arose between us as a result Of our poor communication focusing on how much aggravation it caused rather than the fact that he was withdrawn to begin with. All of our issues are rooted in the fact he became unable to participate in our marriage due to the medication. He simply thinks it’s us, but he used to blame just me much more than he seems to be doing lately. Again thank you so much for responding to me. I am very isolated in this crisis and it helps so much to hear from other people who know exactly what I’m talking about. God bless you both.
  22. DMV64: Reinstate Saphris?

    Checking in. Had a great day yesterday and today is crappy. So there you go. Learn to surf. Headache. depression. Agitation. Yesterday happiness and all was well. I am going to Thanksgiving yoga tomorrow after I run.
  23. Thank you baroquep! Very interesting and scary at the same time. In other words, no guarantees the lower you get. Best wishes! Rob.
  24. Thanks LG: I felt bad but it is what it is . Could be worse, I could be in the hospital. I hope you make it. But I totally understand the house full. It's only going to be me, my Uncle , fiancé and Brownie, so quiet. Take care, Frogie xx
  25. Frogie: Lexapro - how to get below 10 mg

    Frogie sorry you’ve had to change your plans and won’t be able to make the trip. Seems pretty typical for many of us these days. I feel bad for your fiancés Mom too. I’m hoping I can make it to my moms just 7 miles. Not sure my cns will be able to handle a houseful. But mmt is so right. Let’s be thankful for what we have. i hope the meds give you some relief. And I hope your Thanksgiving ends up being very special. xx lg
  26. Hi Robb66, People tend to find that it becomes more difficult as you get lower on your dose ... the following will help to explain the reasons why: Why Taper Paper Demonstrates Importance of Gradual Change in Plasma Concentration Summary and excerpts from study in the Journals forum of survivingantidepressants As our member Rhi said:
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