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  2. Virgo we know how badly you are suffering and we all feel for you. There are other members who are also suffering badly like you. I know how hard it is, I have been there. I had doctors tell me it is depression when it was their drugs making me sick. Family don't understand, how can they? They believe the doctors because they don't lbow anyone so badly affected. You HAVE to calm down Virgo. We all believe you and are trying to support you. You are suffering from the adverse effects of zoloft. This is NOT serotonin syndrome. You have disgnosed yourself with this because it is a label that makes sense to you and fits your symptoms. Do you take ANYTHING ELSE, even occasionally. Supplements, coffee, energy drinks, alcohol? Or is it just zoloft. Please be honest with us, we don't judge anyone here. Often some supplements or drinks can aggravate things. I am sorry if this has been asked before, there are too many pages for me to go though. DO NOT GIVE UP, this will not last forever.
  3. Hi Andy, Apologies for the late reply......and yes I "get" your conundrum. Out of interest, has your functional medicine practitioner encountered many cases like yours? Are they used to dealing with patients who have been highly sensitised by AD use? So with your healing journey, there seems to be a lot of fine tuning going on to minimise your reactions to certain supplements. I hadn't heard of :"poor methylator." for instance. Our goal is to feel "well" again, and it is very challenging when one's CNS has been so sensitised, as it effects all "systems" that help us function as humans. I'm still working with an ND, and am trying to get my gut back on track. Apparently I have to avoid FODMAPs now! And so it goes on............. Best, JC
  4. The brain dont care about the time spent it dont have any calendar. Some people stay fucked 10-15 years after stopping meds and it did some adjustement to stay alive just to conserv is basic need to survive. It dont mean you are improving because the brain did some adjustement.it just mean the brain had to do some change to conteract the exitotoxic effect of rapid withdrawal Dont trust all the bullsh*t spread in those forum. At the beginning those moderator tell to everyone it take 18-24 month off drug to feel better. While they took themself 9 years to heal or are still fucked up
  5. Hi Littlegrandma. I am sorry to see you are suffering this way. Benzos cause rebound anxiety, they help a problem and cause the problem so it becomes a vicious cycle. How long have you been dosing xanax every 4 hours? As you know it can become addictive quite quickly, I am hoping it hasn't been too long. How much xanax did you take before this? How often? Sometimes as needed can be once a month, others it is one to 3 times a day 'as needed' and missed a day or 2. I would hold the lexapro for now while we look at the benzo. Baroquep makes a good point, that the drugs added could have further destabilised you but sometimes they are necessary, that is a very high BP, has it helped? This will not last forever, you will stabilise but it will take time. In the meantime take good care of yourself as you would a member of family. Talking about family, they just do not understand withdrawal, doctors rarely understand it. They get irritated when we talk about it. Maybe if they looked at this site they might feel differently? You could show them this topic. http://survivingantidepressants.org/topic/1234-what-loved-ones-might-see/
  6. I cannot go straight back to where I jumped its been 3 and a half years there is no way my brain has not made some adjustments in those 3 years. I would like to work up to that tho
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  8. Hi Brenna, welcome from me too. I tapered effexor and it is a terrible drug. You think you are doing great than WHAM, full blown withdrawal. You have tapered very fast and I would suggest going back to 37.5 in divided doses, half a pill twice a day because it is immediate release, then holding that dose for a while before restarting the taper. I know this is the last thing you want to do but we see people here all the time in terrible withdrawal from tapering too fast. Effexor is evil, I tried several times to get off and ALWAYS felt fantastic, even just halving the dose made a huge difference.That is because withdrawal can cause hypomania, which is exhiliarating but does not last. In no time I was back on. Tapering needs to be slow to avoid withdrawal. Side effects tend to be dose related so you could find that the weight drops as the dose lowers, which is actually better than rapid weight loss. My weight dropped as the dose loweered and didn't have to diet. It is your decision whether to updose but I would strongly advise you to consider it, we would hate to see you suffering withdrawal when it can be avoided.
  9. Finished 8 sessions of EMDR. I think it is necessary in the beginning before the medication. Going to addiction clinic tomorrow again for the final time. I don't think they will understand.
  10. I've taken alprazolam 4 days ago and it was 1mg before sleep. That's all. I didn't take any more alprazolam in the last 8 days.
  11. How have you been taking alprazolam? Can you list the days that you have taken it and the doses? You could reduce slightly, not too much at once, maybe 1.8 . It could take a few days to notice a difference. I hope this is not spoiling your holiday too much.
  12. Another short update my friends... I did another considerable big drop from 0.8 to 0.6 one week ago. The first days were OK and i started to feel WD (mainly a bit of fatigue and lack of motivation, Headache and bone pain) two days ago. I am still in a warning area for this drop but i hope it will last some more days and it will clear up as usual. This show i can not do a drop of more than 20% even i am at the the very last stages now. So i will stick to 20% deductions as long as i feel ok and let's see. My WDs last maximum 10 days and then the symptoms abate and i somehow get myself back. Apart from these problems i think tapering is doable. I would not advice to go as fast as me... but i did it that way cause i used Remeron for only 2 months and while i was dropping Remeron i was still in WD after fast drops of benzos. Anyway life is beautiful on the other side again... trust me on this one. On the days when the light at the end of the tunnel is so strong i am ready to take on the life again. Good Luck my friends. I hope i will be able to write my success story some day. Santino
  13. I've added drug tags to your topic. If you click on them (top left of page) it will bring up other members who have the same tag. You could also check out the topics in this area of the forum: Success stories: Recovery from withdrawal And here is another discussion which you might find interesting: Are there some who can't taper off no matter how slow they go?
  14. Still going to reply while on holiday because there is a pattern showing in my days. Day 14: Actually quite the same as yesterday except the evening was more relaxed. So anxiety and restlessness in the morning after taking the pill, more relaxed around noon, mania in the afternoon and worn out and hyperreactive in the evening. Not as tense as yesterday in the evening though. Should I still stay on this dosage? The anxiety after taking the pill and the mania both seem to be of a dosage too high? Any thoughts? This was day 6 of the sugarcube dosage of 2mg escitalopram. Day 15: Woke up with a lot of anxiety again. Lets see what today holds. Kind regards
  15. Im really in need of help... why hasnt anyone gotten back to me??
  16. Shep and Madeleine-- I keep telling my self that I'm taking it easy and things just sound really active. The conference over the weekend was a lot of sitting around trying not to fall asleep while people talked at us. As for the road trip, Monica's doing a lot of the driving, while I get to watch the pretty scenery. I did some research and the crux of the stomach problems is one of the new meds for the broccoli (I love this spell checker) inflammation. I discontinued that med and things are slowly improving. Once we get to Portland I get to kick it for a few days and play with our hosts dogs. Alto-- I waved as we passed through Berkeley this morning. Spending the night in Clearlake CA. Shep, aren't you near here?
  17. Well said Dan (congratulations on being a moderator by the way ...I just noticed). I join with Dan in URGING all people on this forum to do this survey. If you only do one survey in your life then please make it this one! This is a chance to have your/our voice heard. This is a moment in time that is for us. As they say this is not the time to read history this is the time to make history and you/we have an opportunity to play a major part in this. I'm so pleased Alto has stuck this to the top of the page of the intros. I wonder if its possible to have this link sent to every sa member. If its simply a matter of one push of the button then maybe that could be considered? nz11
  18. You dont have to slow up its bullsh*t In france forum people who CT immediately back to their latest dosage and they stabilize in a few days back to normal. All that is common sens, if you still not feeling better you are under dosed, as simple as that . Yoir brain was functionning at 10mg, how is that logic it would work with 1mg while you didnt even tapered and jumped from 10mg ?
  19. I keep repeating myself asking the same questions. Please forgive me. Tapering or reinstatement nothing is working. Sorry
  20. Dear macadamia. Thanks a lot. Dear moderators my doctor said cns was disrupted during depression. Not because of medication. I also didn't receive comments regarding his method of tapering. Of course not acceptable. He told me not to talk to him if I am not going to follow his advice many doctors refuse to take care of me. Honestly it is very frustrating. I hate to complain but I am tired of being yelled at and pushed around. All the advice has been given thanks. However with constant symptoms I am not able to continue with my life. My ocd and anger is not fading. Please forgive me.
  21. Anatomy of an Epidemic: Magic Bullets, Psychiatric Drugs, and the Astonishing Rise of Mental Illness in America (Crown 2010), by the journalist Robert Whitaker, is one of the most disturbing, consequential works of investigative journalism I've read in a long time. Perhaps ever. Whitaker has persuaded me that American psychiatry, in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry, may be perpetrating the biggest case of iatrogenesis—harmful medical treatment--in history. Scientific America 2012
  22. Hi everyone Im here for my nightly update. I still hope I can get a mod to help me figure how and when to start the tapering Im still very confused about it. Today was pretty good, I felt pretty aroused tonight and that did cause me a lot of panic. Im so afraid to feel that way because Im afraid it will get "stuck" like that again, the wave passed pretty fast but it was very hard. Its hard for me not to obsess about what is going on down there. I hate feeling this way. I want to taper off these medications as soon as possible so I can start maybe healing. Thanks for all the support everyone. Its getting hard but Im hanging in there
  23. Okay, not sure how I did this but I made a mistake somewhere with my liquid. Thought I checked all my measurements carefully. Sunday night I made my batch of 70mL of water with 12,5mg pill, taking out 17.5mg for each dose to get 3.125mg. Tonight was my last dose from this batch. I somehow ended up not having enough? I'm kind of worried about how I'll feel tomorrow. Yikes! First I got my 10mg and then it just went past like 5mg. What do you do when this happens? I wasn't sure. I just took it like that. I know I didn't spill any liquid before tonight. I think tomorrow I'll change it up to doing 80mL liquid to 20mg each dose to get 3.125mg from now on. Would that be okay? I appreciate the help.
  24. Thanks again. I am still taking the metoprolol as my B/P is out of control. I am not taking the Ativan but am taking xanax, a script I had but rarely used. I feel I've gotten in too deep with it now and am suffering w/d every 4 hrs when I don't use it. Not sure if I should go to hospital for detox or just stop it. I was hospitalized years ago, 5 wks, for xanax withdrawal, a hell I thought I'd never get myself into again. Pretty scared right now
  25. Drug companies = murderous criminals.
  26. Hi again, I know that there is a lot of information to digest and it is even more difficult to comprehend through the brain fog. Without knowing a little more about your history with anti-depressants, I am hesitant to say anything but am a little concerned that 10mg may be too high a dose right now as you started to have difficulties when you went from 7 to 10 mg but that the ER added metoprolol and .5 Ativan is likely what destabilized you. Are you still taking metoprolol and Ativan? Just be forewarned that adding additional drugs when we are already destabilized tends to make matters worse. Rather than rely on any type of tranquilizer, I would encourage you to try and manage the symptoms you have now with non-drug coping methods and to not make any further changes for the time being. It can sometimes take many months to stabilize and patience is definitely a virtue and one that will help you long term. Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms Rest assured that you will eventually stabilize again once your CNS has settled, it's been through a lot in a very short period of time and is trying to find a balance through all the changes that were made over a short period of time. I destabilized earlier this year and after a good long hold (3 months) of keeping my dose steady, eliminating all supplements with the exception of fish oil and magnesium and reading up as much as I could about what I could do to help myself through this process, I am back on track and have been able to restart the tapering process. Hoping that you find your calming place soon.
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