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  2. I'm scared of tapering. I planned to reduce my dose on 4th of July. I'm not feeling that good neither that bad, but I'm scared that I might get cognitively worse than I currently am when I taper to the next dose, which, sadly, can't be bigger than 7.5mg. I don't know if I'm doing it right, but I don't have any other options left when it comes to the dose. Anyways, that's 1.25mg less, which is not THAT bad I guess. But I'm scared because previous time, when I tapered on the wrong way and went from 5mg to 2.5mg, I threw up, and I'm really scared of throwing up, that's the fear that didn't fade away from my childhood to now. This time it may not be the same since I'm doing it much slower, but still... Although, I didn't have any problems when I firstly reduced my dose. Maybe I can prepare myself by buying some probiotics just in case, starting eating a bit more healthier (which I'm already doing, but it could be better) and yes, I'm already exercising, and back then I wasn't. I'm trying to take care of myself as much as I can if I'm already not functional mentally. Just venting.
  3. Hello Survive. Thank you for sharing your story with us. I hope you will be saved of something called delayed onset if withdrawal symptoms. So this is a small word of caution. I'm writing from my phone so I can't see all the details of your taper but you did go faster than we recommend here. Last time I stopped taking Lexapro at 2.5 mg (before I found this site). For the firsty 30 days I actually felt quite ok. Only occasional crabbiness. Never had brain zaps. After 40 days off the whole hell broke lose. I really hope it doesn't happen to you. In any case we wait for a few months or more to write a success story. Good luck and keep us posted.
  4. Oh, and apologies for not naming my thread properly, I've been a little bit spaced out the last week. I read the topic about reinstatement, but I don't really understand how that works. When I successfully quit APs, I also got some anxiety and nausea afterwards, I'm fairly sure. What is the idea, exactly? That if you get any unpleasant symptoms after stopping it's over, you've failed? Before that it's fine though? That really hasn't been my experience.
  5. In my previous post there are 4 very helpful suggestion on how to relieve head pressure and other symptoms. Which of them did you try in your desperation to get a relief? Describing your symptoms here seems to be your most important coping technique. It seems to help you but I don't see how it benefits the community here. You had serious doubts about making it pass a few weeks and here you are 8 months later. Your coping skills might be different to what we are used to but they seem to be working for you. So I have no doubt you will make it.
  6. I imagine it is very helpful in managing the withdrawal, even though not offering permanent relief. Btw, I've read about GABA somewhere else...what is it about GABA I wonder that helps the brain? I'm not an expert so can't say for sure, but it's a neurotransmitter which helps to inhibit excitability of the central nervous system, or something. The thing I read mentioned that aged whisky does something a bit increases the intensity of GABA receptor response, or something...but don't know if this is helpful for us here or not.
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  8. Well the thing is I am desperate so much in fact I really don't know if I'm gonna survive this or how much longer I can hang on? I'm really scared I'm not gonna make it and this is just gonna continue to get worse. The head pressure and physical symptoms in my head are the worst they have ever been and are so bad now I really can't function at all and last night I didn't even sleep which has made today so much worse and I'm pretty sure from all the individuals I've talked too that head pressure burning numbness and physical symptoms in the head are very common with benzo WD and can get quite severe during the 6-9 month period and it's common to have a major horrific wave of symptoms during that time and their is indeed something known as the 6 month wave that can be very severe and very difficult to manage. Most I've talked to say months 4-8 were the worst and didn't experience any relief until into month 9 and most that have had severe or similar symptoms as me say that they got hit with a major wave between month 6-7 and some say it lasted a few weeks and several have said it hit around the same time as me at the end of month 6 going into month 7 and didn't get any relief till into month 9 but since this wave or uptick in symptoms hit about a month or so ago it has not let up has only gotten worse and I feel like I'm in major crisis mode hanging on for dear life not knowing if I'm gonna make it like I was in the hospital and the first few months of not worse and it doesn't seem to be going away any time soon. I'm into month 8 now and this is as severe as it's ever been. the physical symptoms are horrible but the emotional symptoms are what's scaring me even more. Severe confusion and disorientation, DP/DR I'm really losing all since of reality one day roles onto the next feeling like I'm losing my mind and honestly having a complete psychological breakdown with horrible evil intrusive thoughts and severe SU/HM ideation and that's the symptoms that lit me in the hospital to begin and they are just as bad now if not worse than back then. Im 8 months off xanex I'm holding on the Zoloft around the same dose as accurate as I can be using the 100ml line on my sorts bottle and I still don't know what the Zoloft is adding to this or what to do about the tapering off of it cause I'm sure the physical pressure and pain in my head or most of it is benzo WD but these emotional symptoms I wander if the Zoloft has really turned on me and just making me sicker? My my job is pressuring me to come back next week and I need to work but it's so bad and severe now I don't see how I can do it? I found a job a lot closer to home at a local dealership that is just 40 hours a week 8 hours a day and all I would be doing is detailing cars to get them ready to be sold so less hours and hopefully not as much stress not having to worry about Management responsibilities or the things I was before it's about $250 less a week but o really don't even know if I can do that or not it's so bad? I really need help help and I'm looking for any kind of hope and I've suffered for so long and to have it get this bad again is very discouraging and I'm don't feel tough I'm hanging on by a thread not knowing if I'll see tomorrow or not? This is crazy a month month ago yes I was suffering but I was coping and able to function now I feel like I'm in complete crisis and don't know how much longer I can hold on so I'm sorry to keep bothering everyone I just don't know what to do or how much more I can take?
  9. Thanks for stopping by my thread Lost, I enjoy reading your posts! Hang in there.... we are getting better and better everyday in everyday, we just can't always feel it.
  10. That's good to know! Yeah I've warned people I may have a flare up over the next few months and may be a lot more irritable than usual. I guess if it happens it's just a case of riding it out.
  11. I see, that makes a lot more sense! I was confusing the dose stated on the box (8mg) with the actual weight of the tablet. I've ordered a digital scale and the capsules. Spoke to my doctor and she's willing to allow me to taper over 4-5 months which was waaay better than I expected. I've tried to devise a tapering schedule, would really appreciate your thoughts on it: So I'm currently on 6mg, three times a day. I'm thinking, drop each dose by 25% hold for 2 days, do the next one and then the next until I have all three daily doses reduced. Then hold that for four days before doing the next reduction. My doses would go: 6mg 4.5mg 3.4mg 2.5mg 1.9mg 1.6mg 1.2mg Then for the next ones I would hold them for two weeks rather than four days. Next doses would be: 0.9mg 0.7mg 0.5mg 0.4mg 0.3mg The 0.3 would be my jumping off dose. If I've calculated correctly this will leave me with 3 pills left over for if I make mistakes. What do you think?
  12. Hi SJ, It's really distressing. Just hope it's some form of anxiety and goes away soon.
  13. Me too! I did calm down a bit and just feel nice and normal now. My prayer walk helped even me out! SJ
  14. I hear ya, I didn't set out to lose the wt either, but since I was obese before, it's a good thing that I did lose it. and now I am able to exercise, which I couldn't do before, I was too darn fat (plus i slept all the time :/) another good thing!! keep em coming
  15. what a WONDERFUL list of good things, MMT!! I can imagine that feeling of peace you describe, so delicious! and this: knowing, just knowing, that I have enough, am enough and am doing just fine. I love that! gonna steal it if it's ok with you.
  16. this has happened to me too, SJ. If you feel almost unusually good, it's probably a WD effect, at least that has been my experience. It's almost a euphoric feeling...? if so, enjoy it, soak it in, but do your best not to get too too excited, because it's probably not going to last. I hate to say that, but I think it's likely. You may very well level out... and be at a new level of healing that is better than before... OK I'm rambling, I realize. I am happy for you and a little concerned for you too. I think it's a neuro thingie, I do.... I don't think the glycine can cause a high, at least, I've not had that happen. I have only gotten relief from anxiety and therefore some help with sleeping from the glycine. But who knows?? we are such uncharted territory here. and yes, as to your later post, WD sure DOES make you question everything! my advice is to enjoy this feeling, but don't get too attached to it. and don't make any plans based on it (that was my mistake, I took on an extra responsibility during a period of a neuro high. I've been able to handle it, but I would have been better off without the added stress) hoping that this means you are turning a corner!!
  17. Our best advice is to take 400IU vitamin E per day to assist the fish oil. Information on supplements is confusing at best. Positions change all the time. Fish oil itself is controversial, but we have found people frequently feel better taking it.
  18. Sorry I was on 10mg escitalipram for 4 years.
  19. Welcome, Pitti. When do you take each of your drugs? What are their dosages? How long have you been taking Itravil? How often do you take it?
  20. I would like to point out that there is a very large difference between Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke. Heat Exhaustion, while very uncomfortable, is just that exhaustion. It's a stress reaction to the body being over heated and dehydrated. Shade, cooler temperatures, liquids and rest are called for. Heat Stroke is a very dangerous and deadly medical condition. It's the overheating of the brain to the point that the proteins start to harden causing the brain to stop functioning. Hence the term stroke. If you have it you might not know it until its too late. Wear a hat, be very careful while in the sun and if you feel the least bit of heat exhaustion get into the shade and cool down.
  21. Hello, Lizzy. Please do your best to stay calm. You are experiencing effects from the drugs. Remember your thoughts are simply thoughts, you can choose to follow them or change the channel. Since you added a little Effexor, have you gotten better. worse, or stayed the same? My guess is the amount of Prozac you're taking is too much for you. You will have to figure out how to take a smaller amount, such as 4mg. There are two ways: 1) With a prescription, have a pharmacist make up 4mg capsules. There may be additional cost in this. It may not be available at nearby pharmacies. 2) Make a liquid from the Prozac tablet yourself. Instructions are here Tips for tapering off Prozac (fluoxetine)
  22. That is a brilliant suggestion! Wow, I never would have thought of that. Yeah, the back pain is definitely made worse by the muscle tension that anxiety causes. I just purchased the new IcyHot with Lidocaine. Haven't given it a try yet (I've actually had a slight reduction in back pain the past couple of days - praise God!), but I will report back if and when I do use it. SJ
  23. Firstly the cost alone makes the use of saffron out of the question. The best price I could find was $6.50 a gram for limited supplies and the dosing requirements call for 2-5 grams several times a day for several months before any improvements might be seen. 6.5 X 5 X 60 = $1950.00 Next is that all the positive information on the web comes from people and companies that are selling it. Big Red Flag there. They are notorious for spinning the available information and just plain ignoring anything negative. Then there are the limited number of actual studies. Some of which indicate that saffron "may" be helpful in treating male ED and "statistically" it "may" help women with the physical aspects of penetration. All of which is misquoted and aggrandized by the people selling the product. We are all looking for the golden bullet to help with PSSD and SSRI induced sexual problems. but this isn't it.
  24. Hi SJ-- so sorry to read that you're having such a rough patch. Man, that back pain is a killer, I went through a lot of that during my taper. I lived on a heating pad on the recliner for days at a time. I can understand that you don't want to take pain pills, but I had good luck with plain aspirin. Also with a topical spray named Salon-pas, which comes in patches too. This type of pain and the lack of sleep, can cause a huge amount of muscle tension in the body. They can e extremely tight and we don't even know it. That tightness can translate into shaking and jitters. Then a panic spiral starts up which makes the tension worse. Constant gentle stretching and working the muscles can help. I'm pretty sure that you've already read it but the thread on "Dealing With Emotional Spirals" would be worth a second look. Dealing With Emotional Spirals Good idea on changing the wording to "recovery". Words and attitude are two of the biggest keys to getting through this hard times. The progression of your last several post is very positive, showing that improvements are being made. It's a horribly bad wave and will pass. You might try contacting the local cat rescue/adoption group to see if there is anyone who can help with the kitty situation. The people I know in those groups are very caring and concerned and frequently experienced will dealing with medical restrictions. they might have a person that could help. Relax as best as you can. Brass
  25. Thanks Madeline I tapered over about four months and have been totally off them since February. I have been very stressed this last week and my period is due in 5 or 6 days.I definately have bad patches when I feel very anxious and then it gets better. I have severe muscle tension and every time I think about it I get almost sensations. It seems like it's anxiety. If I don't think about it it seems to not be there or I don't notice it.
  26. Hi ANR - I had/have this symptom too. Mine manifested a little differently than yours. When I would find myself dozing during the day, I would get the sensation that I was physically being slowly shut down, like somebody was turning a dial to switch me off. Then, just before I would actually fall asleep, I would jolt awake in a panic. I would have to jump out of bed and go for a walk to calm myself down. Now I pretty much don't try to nap. If I am on the couch or in bed reading and I feel myself dozing, I just get up. SJ
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