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  2. virgo43: severe symptoms

    There is electric tension and occasional mild akathisia restlessness. it is not related to weather change either. U can see my symptoms if u read the first few pages of thw blog. Still at 25mg zoloft holding on for a while but want to lower it to 20mg. My main problem is the calcification in the brain and loop the feedback mechanism is disrupted. Symptoms really escalate and then after few days of rest fade away. The other concern is the lack of empathy and understanding from friends family and medical professionals in my country. How can I put myself into this condition? Which ever side u believe evolution or creation it simply is not possible for our bodies to end up like this with a month or two of depression. The modern western science and the horrible meds that were given out carelessly caused all this. It is like early days of penicillin. Some patients passed away while most others healed quickly. The scientists wondered why then realised that a few can be allergic. Same with ssris antipsychotic meds.
  3. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    Hi bubble thank you so much, again and again. I hate to bother you when you are fighting your own battles after that awful dental anaesthetic and I am in awe of the way you manage to lift us when struggling yourself. Thank you for the voice of reason but as more symptoms seem to appear on top of the already existing ones it just undermines my fighting spirit. I get so scared that this won’t balance and cannot reason myself out if it while feeling so ill. I will read the links and take courage from you, you have been there done it and got the t shirt so will trust what you say and better times will come back. I am very impressed with the windows. I’m just eyeing up the gathering dust and wondering if a little energy expended on flicking a duster might take my mind off the horrible noises my stomach and ears are making. Thank you bubble again
  4. joy2730: withdrawing from citalopram

    So true frogie just how low care you in dosage now - I can't see signatures at present. You are the exception to the rule. How is Brownie today. Tooth whitening is going well - and I feel well in myself. Are you feeling better re your throat and mood and stress Always great to hear from you low dosage members
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  6. Roxyrich: adverse reaction to prozac

    PROZAC does seems to torment for a long time.. This is a 2 YEAR story.. https://rxisk.org/complex-withdrawal-model/#Protracted_withdrawal_syndrome Case D — anxiety, anger, fog, tinnitus I’m now two years off Prozac and I can’t believe how much Prozac’s affecting me still. I’m so used to having numb emotions and poor cognitive abilities now that I sometimes forget that this isn’t the real me. Now and then I have days when underneath my “drugged state” I can feel strong anxiety and anger “bubbling” inside of me because I know that my emotions and my view on life isn’t my own. I have a constant annoying fog in my head, I have constant tinnitus and I have head pressure and headaches still that come and go. I meet no friends any longer, I have no interest in boys and little interest in sex. All this is very unlike me. Even if I had bad days as well before Prozac happened, I then snapped out of my low mood pretty quickly if I met a friend or took a shower or something. I can function normally in conversations, but I know that I’m not “in” the discussion. My mom asks me often how I can seem so content with the very uninteresting life that I have. I tell her that I know that in reality I’m not content with my life but that my emotions aren’t “real”. I also tell her I’m sort of “stuck in the moment” and unable to think of the future. I’m starting to worry that I’ll have to live with this foggy, empty head for the rest of my life. This total lack of motivation and interest in anything (but food really, I still crave carbs in a insane way, and I’m still forty pounds heavier than pre-Prozac), is making life feel really pointless. It also feels strange being 26 and having very little desire and motivation for getting a career and a partner. (Amongst other things). Before Prozac I sometimes felt low sometimes felt happy, but I always got energy boosts now and then during the day when I did what I needed to get done. Nowadays I never feel really happy and never really sad but just content, and I’m always tired and I can’t think or feel clearly if my life depended on it. WHEN will I start to care about things again? Is there a way to force forward motivation? Will I be completely recovered and free from my cognitive issues again?
  7. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    I'm sorry to hear you have been struck by another brutal wave. But that's what it is: a wave on the recovery path of windows and waves. Unfortunately, recovery is not linear but we constantly get shifted between periods of doing better and then getting as bad as ever and feeling back to square one. I noticed that you had quite a few days of feeling better so it means your windows are getting bigger as expected. Stability is maybe a wrong word to describe the windows and waves pattern of recovery from central nervous system destabilization brought about the injury to the brain caused by stripping the drugs from the brain chemistry like yanking a trellis from a plant. The process is anything but stable but it's the best our brains can do and luckily they do get there eventually. It's just that it is so painful and slow and frustrating. You know how you tell me: minute by minute, hour by hour and you will be out before you know it. You've been hit by waves so many times now and after each time things got better again and it seems your baseline has improved overall. Maybe the stress of the sick baby, straining yourself while helping contributed but these waves happen regardless so no point about feeling bad about maybe doing something to cause them. Self-care, telling yourself it will pass (as it always does!) and you will get there. When I was stabilizing I would always focus on those periods when I felt better and do my best to disregard the rest. I was just grateful that my brain was still able to function well after everything it has been through. Maybe it would help you to just stay in bed and not force yourself to do things if you can't. Just treat yourself very gently and lovingly as you treat the little Jude and don't be angry with yourself for malfunctioning again. I'm still struggling badly 3 weeks after the dental work and the local anesthetic with adrenaline. But recovery has no alternative and it happening. We just need patience, so much patience and endurance like we never thought we would be capable of. You have probably read this post on brain remodeling but in case you missed it I'm posting it again. I think this post gave me all the patience and endurance and saved me from despairing by explaining what is actually happening. I can't recommend it enough. The other great post is the one on acceptance. This process is one giant exercise in acceptance. People who adopt the attitude of acceptance suffer much less. I can't watch my dirty windows any more so will summon all my strength to go and address it slowly now. It seems like I can't but will try, bit by bit. You on the other hand, just rest. You've done more than enough previous days.
  8. ☼ Hello. mammaP checking in!

    I didn't have a tantrum. I practiced my breathing instead. I am not very good at being patient while my eye heals, I took my sight for granted as I;m sure most of us do. My left eye is just outside vision and not good for anything really, just light and shapes so having my right eye affected is really difficult. Why did it have to be this one. But it is what iot is, and it will either get better or it won't. There isnt anything I can do either. No self care just wait for it to heal. It is good that I found SA an =d learned oatience waiting for my nervous system to heal, I am sure I woyuld been more distressed right now if I hadn;t been here. I need to rethink my taper, if I cant get nay more tramadol I have to space out what I hvae, I think I have a couple of packs in. The trouble is that high blood pressure can be caused by withdrawal and its hogh blood pressure spikes thar caused the eye to hemorrhage. As my taper would take another 15 years at the rate I have been tapering it is a bit worrying having to taper faster. Please excuse my typos I cant see the keybpard!
  9. Hi gloworm. Sorry to hear about your suffering. I'm in a similar place of confusion about which drug is causing which symptoms. Bad akathisia, terror and burning too. i have not heard of that program, and looking it up I don't know what to make of it. If it is some kind of mindfulness practice or meditation, it may be worth it. But I'd ask around a bit before trying.
  10. Roxyrich: adverse reaction to prozac

    Walnuts are just a regular food and not a supplement so they shouldn't give an "interaction reaction" like a regular supplement. So unless you have a nut allergy I don't think it could hurt.
  11. I wake up at 3:00 I'm o fire ....burn from inside out ....I dot want to do this ....How can re-instatement stop this adrenal damage ??? HOW ? I'm fried up .......my eye sockets ache from fear and stress
  12. Dear Friends Finally at the last station of my tapering travel. I am currently at 0.05Mg of Mirtazapine per day which means i am currently taking one 15Mg pill in 10 months... :-) Things are good on some days and not very good on some others but i am continuing the fight till the end. I will not be long on this stopover in the forum but now i have joy in my life. I can listen a touchy song and cry, i can listen a rhythmic song and i can dance together with my daughter... The things are returning to their normal place. I have cut myself totally off from alcohol and i have no plan to resume it any time soon. I can sleep quite good with just 2-3 wake ups during the night which have been the norm for most of my life. The fatigue has almost gone away and i can do things. Things continue to be very boring with my work but i have no choice at the moment. At least now i am not that scared as the business i started in November is doing good so most probably even if the things go bad at work i can simply go off and still be able to live a normal life. That is from me for the moment friends. Try to persevere... last year at this time i never thought there was hope... and now i realize there was hope all the time. The meds just do not let us see the hope. Good Luck Santino
  13. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    Hi bubble not sure if you are well enough to be on site or if I slipped through the net by not addressing you at beginning of this message today woken up to another horrible day. Did drag myself out of bed at 7.30 and slept until 6. Anxiety and all symptoms horrible plus have twitching eyelid now. Very attractive.
  14. Derealization or Depersonalization

    I posted a bit upthread but in case you missed it, I had it years ago and yes it did go away. Also I got it in part from Celexa which is apparently chemically similar to Lexapro.
  15. Roxyrich: adverse reaction to prozac

    Has anyone tried walnuts , and did they help. Internet says there good for the brain, omega 3 and other benefits, too scared to try them without some advice.
  16. Terry4949: Withdrawal help

    Terry just wished to say I was thinking of you, and wondering if you have tried omega threes? I was not able to handle fish oil, but upped the amount of omega threes I got through diet and I believe it helped a little with some symptoms, and probably helped recover faster. They are said to be helpful for depression, and should theoretically be helpful for us, though some can't tolerate supplements. Not sure if you are one of the people who can't. But upping them through food surely would be worth a try, as long as you are not allergic to the foods then it should be safe enough.
  17. Hi Nikki, I answered your PM just now but wished to bump your thread up so hopefully you can get an answer about which pill to taper first. I hope you are doing well right now, will check in tomorrow (off to bed here soon!) Warm wishes, US
  18. staystrong: My story

    Staystrong, please take some time and complete your drug signature as previously requested. This will show up below every post you make and will give other members the context of your situation.
  19. Hi JMSS and welcome to SA, I'm really pleased that you have found this site. What you are experiencing are withdrawal symptoms from having got off the drug too quickly. SA recommends tapering by no more than 10% of the previous dose with a hold of about 4 weeks to allow the brain to adapt to not getting as much of the drug. The first thing we would like you to do is to complete your drug signature which will appear below every post you make. Please follow these instruction: A request: Would you summarize your history in a signature - ALL drugs, doses, dates, and discontinuations & reinstatements, in the last 12-24 months particularly? Please leave out symptoms and diagnoses. A list is easier to understand than one or multiple paragraphs. Any drugs prior to 24 months ago can just be listed with start and stop years. Please use actual dates or approximate dates (mid-June, Late October) rather than relative time frames (last week, 3 months ago) Spell out months, e.g. "October" or "Oct."; 9/1/2016 can be interpreted as Jan. 9, 2016 or Sept. 1, 2016. Link to Account Settings – Create or Edit a signature. Unfortunately withdrawal symptoms can last for months and sometimes years. The only known way to reduce the withdrawal symptoms is to reinstate the drug which you have stopped. I'll give you a link to read and if you decide you want to reinstate we can suggest the smallest dose for you to try. Please do not go back on the last dose you were taking because your brain will have already made some adaptations and the previous dose will probably be too much. It is better to start with a small amount and then take a tiny bit more if needed than to take a larger dose which might be too much for your brain. You may be feeling reluctant to go back on the drug, and it is common for members to feel this way, and totally understable. I will tell you my own experience which may help you to understand that we become physiologically dependent on the drug (not physically). I reduced my Pristiq from 100mg to 50mg and suffered very bad cog fog for 3 weeks. Everything I did required my absolute full attention. At the end of the 3 weeks I was unable to type. Because I am a professional typist of 40+ years I knew that something was very wrong. Fortunately I had joined SA a few days before and they has suggested that I increase my dose. When I couldn't type I went and took extra Pristiq and about 4 hours later I was able to type again and my foggy head was clearing. Since then I have been following SA's recommended slow taper and have only experienced minimal withdrawal symptoms and I am now down to 18mg. Here are some links for you to check out: Why taper by 10% of my dosage? Dr Joseph Glenmullen's WD Symptoms Checklist About reinstating and stabilizing to reduce withdrawal symptoms Tips for tapering off Prozac (fluoxetine) How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal? What should I expect from my doctor about withdrawal symptoms? These really helped me to understand SA's recommendations: Brain Remodelling Video: Healing From Antidepressants - Patterns of Recovery This is your own Introduction topic where you can ask questions and journal your progress.
  20. Dear Aeroman ,have you ever experienced dreams?while attempting to sleep(hypnagogic hallosinations)or before waking up(hypnopompic hallosinations).How are you coping up with the heavy headed ness while occurring these dreams.Any remedy you found?
  21. One month since zero lexapro time to get back to the lexapro page as the magnesium horror is all subsided mostly. im seeing more windows each day with the following details. The good: needling -- changed to needling sensation not too painful stiff and stone head, neck, -- lessened paralysis--only occasionally Tight teeth-- gone strange brain sensation (tingling, bug crawling and others ) --gone blue/ darkened face color -- gone most days lifeless eyes--- more like old self passion for life and fun-- from 0 to 30%, can enjoy little things, thinking local travels and some outdoor activities emotion-- surfacing up with slight feeling of love sometimes, can laugh and cry watching movies social--more involving in talks, laughters cognitive-- from 5% to 20% left side numb/ pressure --- a bit less both in intensity and duration sleep-- 7 hrs, used to be 9 hrs now can see morning for the first time in years, can take 10-15 min walk outside. Somehow couldn't before even work out in gym is ok. bedridden--most times everyday changed to occationally only heart -- no more heart pounding (from each dose ) or any other heart issue more confident to make plans for short and light activities The same or bad, burning-- long lasting and intense when it happens, can be quite painful. usually every other day. DR always comes along together.which makes the brain off in a big way, and vision very blurry. The most disabling sxs for the current time, pain head constant and intense. ear pain-- some night in sleep Random sick/ unwell feeling/ brain off still occur here and there On average, functionality increased from 5% to 30% although it still fluctuates by days and hours. feeling progressing toward the pre drug-reaction time when I had only physical sxs pain and pressure. Mental, cognitive, DR, heart issues and other strange sensations and numed emotion all started since the drug reaction. would be really happy if the DR can disappear then I should be able to handle the rest for as long as it takes. still very grateful to the amazing healing capability of the brain! hope everyone is coping well! Like everyone says, just hang on, there will be an end of the suffer as long as we hang on. love to all, lex
  22. ☼ manymoretodays: off Adderall

    Still feeling rather stuck. I do think some of it is situational so that's good, although I am not in good practice with how to deal. It also seems that I have pretty much pulled out of just about everything I WAS feeling passionate about........which unfortunately has left me without much passion for anything. Doing a lot of isolating still.........so will try hard to get on out there and connect with others as well as get some more physical motion in. Residual depression due to not knowing where else to go mentally I think. A lot of fears going forward in any way.......yet not a whole lot of physical stuff going on with the fears. So lost in my head. Fatigue. Feel like a different person somehow........I just don't even see myself the same. This too will pass I assume. Tough times though. Prayers and positive intentions please and will send them on outward as well for all of you. Not at all ready for winter as I had hoped to be. Best, mmt
  23. Thank you all so much my dear friends! cipra, I have to say stopping the poison lexapro is a good decision if not the best! I feel I should have stopped it earlier as majority my sxs are either lessening or diminishing only in a month since zero dose, even with a two week roller coaster magnesium attack. I hope you are doing great with 100% in every area!! ikam, it's been long time since we travelled side by side back in 2014! I have been following you for major update and I'm so glad you are doing fine with the slow taper! ladybug, thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge! I truely believe you. Actually that's also my suspicion. I tried magnesium pill last year the only side effect is muscle twitch. This time I bought the glycinate in particular per recommendation from this forum for better results. I hope this info helps with others with caution about this special form of magnesium. It worked on me like reinstating 10 mg lexapro!
  24. Romi, can you describe the "agony of withdrawal"? What were your symptoms? Edit: I got confused, nevermind ha. Will read the full thread now.
  25. Derealization or Depersonalization

    Just an observation here... I have noticed it over and over and over (and over) on here with Lexapro folks... PAWS seems to set in right around 3 months after the last dose. And it usually starts with anxiety. For me it was anxiety which led to DP + DR, which led to depression. With fatigue, cognition, and memory issues throughout. I had a solid 6 months (at least) of that hell until my first true window. It's just interesting to me that it seems to kick in for everyone at 3 months. The overall durations do seem to vary though. But if I had to guess, JenJen, I'd say that yes, you're experiencing withdrawal which will pass eventually. Same for you, Blondie. Something that helped me was imagining myself IN THE STRESSFUL SITUATION (e.g. in public, or in the middle of a work meeting) and doing the following in a very deliberate manner: stopping, closing my eyes, and taking several slow, deep breaths... WITH EVERYONE WATCHING ME... and telling myself that I DON'T CARE that everyone is watching me. Sometimes I would actually do it too, although maybe not quite as dramatically Because... I know that if the roles were reversed and I saw someone calming themselves down in such a way, you know what? I WOULDN'T CARE. I might feel for that person and want to help, but mostly I would leave them be and my opinion of them wouldn't really change. Imagining being that brave (and occasionally actually doing it) helped me because: 1. You realize that people are not as observant as we think, so probably no one even knows that you are panicking when you think that they do. 2. People are kinder than we think, and will understand if you are briefly "not yourself" -- or even not-so-briefly (months), as evidenced by the fact that I still have my job, lol. Anyway, I feel for you guys b/c I've been there. You can fight through this. And when I say "fight" I mean the exact opposite of that! Let time pass and be gentle to yourself. Challenge yourself occasionally to make incremental progress, but... more important than that, just be nice to yourself and, again, let time pass. ---- Note that I say the above with an intent to help. I also have only walked in my own shoes and realize I'm super lucky to be recovering. I sincerely apologize if my thoughts or advice are cliche or cause eye-rolls!
  26. Hi everyone gus from Australia again. I'm probably posting this in the wrong section but I really don't know where else to post it. I have a friend who's considering starting a Citalopram or Zoloft. After knowing what it's like to go off these kinds of meds and what you have to go through and what I'm still going through I can only suggest to him to look for natural remedies as it's too painful to stop these kinds of meds. The only way you can do it is if you have a very very big reason to nut out that kind of Madness. I suggested magnesium to him but I'm unsure if it will help with depression or if it can only help with withdrawal. So I'm asking on this site if anyone can suggest some natural remedies like supplements etc to help my friend as I don't want to see him go down the same path of dependence as I did. If he ever decides to get off the meds he will be in for a major shock and if that could be avoided I would like to be able to help him. I believe there are people that really need these kinds of meds but others could probably find a natural way,i think most of the time these meds are the devil's juice. So if anyone has any good ideas can you please tell me. Thanks again, Gus.
  27. I'm tempted to skip my fluoxetine 10 mg. tonight to see if my tinnitus is improved tomorrow, but I'm afraid of tampering with dosage. It has been suggested I remain on fluoxetine 10mg for at least a few months. I'm worried and vexed and anxious about this tinnitus. Should I see an ENT physician?
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