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  2. Voxx Socks

    Has anyone tried Voxx Socks? They are supposed to help your brain. I wore some yesterday and had an amazing day. Since taking them off I am experiencing quite a bit of weird symptoms. If anyone has had any success please let me know
  3. What time of day do you take Paxil? What happens on Fridays and Saturdays that's different? You may wish to take magnesium, glycine, taurine, or a baby aspirin when you wake up at night. They tend to be calming.
  4. It was exciting to read about the cognitive improvements you are experiencing, Rosetta.....the creativity involved in coming up with the idea for the cake and doing all of that research - really wonderful! And also the news about falling asleep in public....I would think your CNS would have to be in quite a relaxed state to do that. Very happy for you with these recent developments!
  5. David182: Hello all

    Hi Carmie, Thank you you for letting me know. To know my suffering can help another means more than I can articulate at the moment. Having struggled with anxiety and depression for so much of my life and especially the suffering of SSRI medication problems, it feels like this book was written for me. It is a really good resource, worth every cent. Thanks again, take care, I’ll be praying for you.
  6. I am feeling tired of all of this.. A friend of mine who is in IT met me .. He talked about my past and why I am suffering ... to go see a doctor. I looked Ken Gillman site where he was advocating MAOIs. Is is worth trying nardil or parnate now? @Altostrata please guide me.
  7. Hey Rosetta. Thanks so much for stopping by. Yes I automatically assume holding is better, but my reinstatement was so late and didn't have a clear effect so I wonder if it's not doing anything. My problems started when I first began changing the dose from the original 20mg. There certainly was and is withdrawal but there's also some hypersensitive reactions to updosing in my history. Particularly the worst of it started a month after I increased 5mg after a previous decrease. Not sure exactly what that all means for my current reinstatement. I haven't gotten a window in a while, but I have had them. One in August (before reinstatement) and one in February (after reinstatement).
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  9. Which "me" is the real me?

    I can't really remember who I was or how I lived my life prior to my psych meds, but that was 20 years ago. As much as I don't like where I'm at now in just beginning my taper, I probably would've changed anyway over a 20 year period. I'm looking forward to being free and enjoying a new me post-withdrawal. I hope you're having a good day today, (((Sarasmiles)))
  10. Kristine: Not alone

    Oh my lovely friend, I am so sorry you are dealing with these awful symptoms on a daily basis. And despite all of what you are going through, you manage to write such encouraging, positive, and supportive messages to others. You are so strong and courageous, Kristine. With love - WR.
  11. Waiting12: Needing advice

    Hey Lindsay, I’m glad it’s helping you. Just be sure to listen to your body and adjust accordingly. Hi WC, I’m 26 now & still symptomatic at 16 months off. I’m still slowly improving over time. I’m sorry you had to quit your nursing job. I’m still too ill to resume working as well, which bothers me every single day. It’s so awful to be this young and sick for what seems like forever.
  12. Lojo016: 4 months off meds

    Hi Lojo, I’ve been tapering off Seroquel for many years. Please don’t go down from 200mg to 100mg. It’s way to quick. The best thing to do is go down by ten percent or so every time. Check out the posts on tapering. All the best
  13. Lojo016: 4 months off meds

    I am starting the decrease of the seroquel tonight, from 200mg to 100mg. Seroquel is the only thing I am taking now. I have been on it since December and on a solid 200mg for 4 weeks now.
  14. Kristine: Not alone

    Looks like you made great decisions Kristine, I’ll have to read through your thread again, just don’t have the brain power today. I’m glad we’re no longer under the “guidance”of psychiatrists too, like you said. I just go to the psychiatrist to get the seroquel and he lets me taper at my own pace. I used a 25mg tablet to go down to 7.5mg. That’s the lowest tablet though so I asked him to give me a script for a 7.5mg compounded capsule so when I eventually microtaper I’ll use that in 300ml of water. He will give me a script for whatever dose I want, so I’m glad he’s cooperative. I’ve read some stories where the psychiatrists insisted on tapering at their rate. All I can say to that is change your psychiatrist, find one that will give you the scripts you need. I’ve read too that you can get the scripts from a gp so that’s always an option too, you just have to find one that will work with you. So many people suffering from meds they shouldn’t have been put on, soooo sad. No use dwelling on what’s been done to us though as it doesn’t change anything. All we can do is take a day at a time and move forward. I’m all for using lots of distractions to get through the day. Wishing you all the best in your journey Kristine xxxx
  15. DMV64: Reinstate Saphris?

    Hey D - I was not suggesting that your therapist meant to bring up all the bad stuff - but it is kinda what they do. Most therapists are compassionate souls, and don't mean to harm you - but often take you into challenging, trauma-based places - because it is true that to be clear of these is healthier in the long run. It's just that, in withdrawal may not be the best time to go scraping through traumatic stuff. More a time - like the other suggestion she had of a toolkit of supportive words to help you through the hard times - for soothing and support. I'm not saying she's a bad therapist at all - in fact, the Peter Levine story I told wasn't a bad therapist, either - it was inadvertent that the woman's new awareness bit her in the arse. Ask for support, upliftment, and tools to "bump" you up (see Susan Heitler video) to help you get through these hard times. I would like to hear more adjectives and feeling words about "morning dread," and "panic" Rosetta is another member (there are a few, she just came to mind quickly) who is dealing with a child during this process. You might visit her, and find the other Mom's in there talking about how they deal with it. It is probably too much energy to "hide" it from her. In Katinka Blackford-Newman's "The Pill that Steal's Lives," she was very open with her children, and taught them about what she was going through. Not only were they supportive, but they would be open with her too, and tell her when she was embarrassing, or grossed them out, or whatever was bothering them. Here's a selection of "feeling words" for describing your "morning dread" and "panic:" It's going to be a long time, but you will be so much better on the other side. You can do this! I hope you see the sun today.
  16. Another couple of strange days. Yesterday, I helped my daughter organize her Legos for at least a couple of hours. My second day in a row of focus, organizing and planning! I was anxious in the morning. The dystonia and numbness went away after I quit reading and writing. We stayed home all day. We went to bed late. I slept reasonably well except for the early morning insomnia. During insomnia I was sad rather than anxious. I was feeling the "something terrible is happening" feeling, and missing people and pets who have died. I was able to go back to sleep with two trips to heat my shoulder wrap. I wasn't in much pain, but I woke up with some in my jaw. This morning, I woke up feeling less dread than usual and less anxiety than usual. I've been very low energy today, but I made plans for my daughter's birthday cake! I made plans!! I was able to think and plan! I looked up Lego Elves figurines to put on the cake. (Lego Elves are part of Lego's attempts to make girls want the products -- elves that ride dragons and have magical powers with regard to the classical elements, earth, wind, fire and water. Just in case you were on the edge of your seat with curiosity. Oh, and the building sets are ridiculously expensive, of course. So, she gets figurines for this round. She has tons of Legos for building, and she loses crucial parts too often. So, not this round.) I picked her up from school and went to gymnastics. Here comes the strange -- very strange -- part. I fell asleep in a hard chair while watching gymnastics! Dead asleep. My daughter tapped on the glass between us to wake me up, and I jumped. When I jumped, I didn't have a cortisol spike!! I believe this is all related to my cycle, and that I'm at a wonky place before the estrogen causes issues. Could it be that my SNS is starting to calm down? I can't hope for a cessation of my anxiety nor for cessation of the cortisol spikes. I would be crushed when they come back if I hoped for that, but maybe I'm getting closer to that day. @Dave So, apparently I am seeing an improvement since January. If only it were permanent . . . The fatigue is pretty extreme, however. I feel and walk like I'm 80, but I'm very grateful to have a day when I felt I could relax a bit Note: I was pretty obsessive about finding the figurines. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out which ones to buy. I was tempted to spend too much money just like when I was collecting too much stuff while on Zoloft, but I kept it in check with no problem. Obviously, my brain is changing. I simply wish it were a linear process, and I could feel secure right now. Very mild anxiety Very mild dystonia despite using iPad a lot today Greatly improved cog function High muscle stiffness, aches Low energy Fell asleep in public!!!
  17. Kristine: Not alone

    Yes, I jumped off at 0.1mg of the dexamphetamine. The reason I dropped the dexamphetamine so quickly is because there is a major drug interaction between dexamphetamine and fluoxetine. I was symptomatic. Showing signs of dexamphetamine toxicity. I also dropped Fluoxetine from 40mg down to 20mg on the 31st of January due to serotonin syndrome symptoms. I was having a host of horrible symtoms including seizures. So, I had no choice. There is much more detailed information in my thread about all of this. Those symptoms are gone but I'm of course left with w/d. I don't regret my decision's...I was stuck between a rock and a hard place. All the drugs I ceased prior to joining SA in December was under the "guidance" of my psychiatrist. (((Hugs))) to you Carmie. K xo
  18. David182: Hello all

    Hi David, You’ve inspired me to get Dr Weekes’ book. Acceptance is hard but like you said there really isn’t any other choice. A day at a time, an hour at a time, a minute at a time does it. Take care
  19. Thats so good that you’re having times where you feel completely normal Hazel. Really good that you’re sleeping too. One day at a time, in this battle to get our brains back. Take care xxx
  20. Kristine: Not alone

    That sounds lovely Rosetta. Thank you. I've been thinking of you and hoping you are able to rest. Blanket (((hugs))). K xo
  21. Kristine: Not alone

    Hi Kristine, I’m sorry you have so many symptoms. I see you’re totally off one of your meds this month. Did you jump straight off 0.1 as ten percent of that would be 0.001? I cant even taper by 10%, I’ve been tapering around 4% or 5%. Hope some of your symptoms ease a little soon Sending you big hugs xxx
  22. I keep notes in my paper journal. I typically wake up with morning anxiety anywhere between 1:30 and 4:00 am. The anxiety typically goes away around 10:00, but on bad days sticks around most of the day. I tend to feel better in the evening before bed, so fall asleep ok most nights. I have had some sleepless nights here and there. I have also had days and nights where I feel completely normal and would say that typically happens twice a week-usually Friday and Saturday. Hope that helps.
  23. teddyboink: Mirtazapine taper

    I keep telling myself to stop reading stories about other people’s experiences and you’ll probably want to do the same. You’ll probably find that Prozac helps keep w/d away but then you’ll need to come off that. It’s supposed to be one of the easier ssri’s to taper from cuz of the long half life. I’ll be interested to know if Prozac does help, especially with your sleep. I’m tired all day long from this stuff and then I still can’t sleep through the night... so frustrating. How’s your sleep been so far? Any other issues? Hang in there!
  24. 4/22/2018 - My fears of hypomania have subsided as it seems like my emotions feel more normal. My symptoms: PSSD, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, memory loss, no motivation, depression, nightmares, paranoia Summary and Schedule: Total sleep: somewhere between 7 and 10 hours Diet: bottled water, cereal, milk, chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, salad, key lime pie, cheese crackers, peanut butter crackers, strawberry snack bar, applesauce Exercise: none Quality of life: 4 out of 10 11:30 PM - 450 mg of Depakote Sprinkles (Day 6 of cutting to 450 mg), 3 mg Klonopin, 25 mg Anafranil 8:00 AM - attempt to sleep
  25. Kristine: Not alone

    Wishing I could wrap you in one of your signature blankets. Glad you had some extra sleep, honey. All my love, Rosetta
  26. Paxil is a very difficult drug to go off. It sounds like since you came off Zoloft, you have been continually changing drugs and dosages. Tthe nervous system needs stability, drug changes are destabilizing, and whatever you do, you need to do it very gradually. What is your daily symptom pattern? I see ChessieCat asked you to keep notes last year.
  27. Akathisia vs restlessness, anxiety, agitation

    The problem with propanolol is that it has its own withdrawal symptoms. I was given metoprolol for a heart condition, and yes, it soothed the problem, but as soon as it wore off (short half life 3-7 hours) my symptoms were back with a fury. Propanolol has a longer half life of 12 hours, but it would have similar issues. Why I am here today: I have been listening to talks by Peter Levine. Podcast: https://www.soundstrue.com/store/weeklywisdom/?page=single&category=IATE&episode=1820 Transcript: http://www.soundstrue.com/podcast/transcripts/peter-levine.php?camefromhome=camefromhome In this talk, he discusses how animals release trauma. They literally shake it off an move on. The premise of his treatment is that shaking is a natural release of trauma. He spoke of how, in hospital, when medics see someone shaking, they drug them to stop the shaking - when Levine postulates that they need that shaking in order to keep from taking the trauma into the body. He spoke of his own experience of being hit by a car, and how he found someone to hold his hand while he "shook it out." After the shaking, his vital signs returned to normal and he did not go into shock. What if akathisia is the body's way of unloading the trauma from the drugs? If this is the case, I wouldn't suggest trying to dampen it down, but instead to "work it out." Fresh would pace, Wiggleit & Luv2Knit would rock in a rocking chair. Here is a practice from Kim Eng (partner to Eckhart Tolle) which might help, too:
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