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  2. Didn't sleep, so I'm feeling hopeless. I normally take my citalopram at 9am. I'm going to divide the dose in two. Take one half at 9am, one at 10am. Then slowly push the 10am to 11am, then 12 noon, etc. Until it becomes 9am and 9pm.
  3. Thank you nz! A year is what I'm so looking forward to! wishing you continuous healing and speedy full recovery!
  4. Relentless27: 4.5 Months off Prozac

    I had a lot of stomach problems many years ago when was forced to go cold turkey from venlfaxine, I got a stomach ulcer and had acid reflux for long time, at first was on omperazole, but what found most effective for acid reflux was apple cider vinegar, mix couple of teaspoons in water and drink morning, afternoon and before bed, stay strong
  5. Hang in there Lex Wishing you healing vibes. Congratulations on 4 months drug free it will be a year before you know it.
  6. Here are SA's topics: Sleep Hypnosis, Guided Meditations, Calming Videos Sleep problems - that awful withdrawal insomnia
  7. Love to all my peer survivors! once again I want to say how grateful I'm to this forum providing the best knowledge, information, support and most of all, a platform to share experience! I honestly don't think I can make it to this far and continue the rest journey without all this forum provided! The success stories and individual experience and encouragement from all of you made this long, horrodous journey not as lonely and scary. Yes grandmaD, I do have a different mindset now off the poison. I'm thinking more about the final healing than calculating doses and tapering. Yes, even with so much suffering, 4 months were passed like that! I know, I'm still early in the post zero stage, I would be very happy If I turn a corner round 6 months. scottly, how wonderful to hear you turned a corner stablizing!!! My god, it was really long you were hit by the emotional spiral the past months! Those are truly terrifying! I always complain about the terror of physical pains until I experienced the emotion craziness. thank you for sharing all the great tips and giving me hope! Yes, time and patience! We will win this last battle sooner or later! hugs back to you Tom! I hope you are recovering nicely from the back pain! Alig, sorry for the late reply! Thank you for stopping by and your kind and encouraging words and being an aspiration! I'm so happy you recovered so well and left the WD horror behind forever! FSL, God bless your heart! I hope you are doing great continuously! You are all my heroes! Much Love, lex
  8. You are all so very wise here and I am grateful for your knowledge! I did read Altos suggestions and they ahem been very helpful. The liquid would have to be something I make up myself ...correct? THATS scary in and of itself!! :0 I started the Viibryd last Jan tapered to 10 in May or June with not too much difficulty but was blown away at what happened in December!!! It was awful and I feel I can tolerate quite a bit. And then so very few avenues to take with it. My Dr today suggested switching to Prozac for tapering but not sure about that either....tried so many before ended up on the CLonazepam. These medications just don't agree with me. DO you think the change in symptoms is due to now being on it 7 months longer? Also, is there a list of doctors anywhere? I am in the MKE are now and sure would like some one knowledgable...but from what I read that is a needle in a haystack! Thank you again for your insights and help!!!
  9. Withdrawal off these drugs has the ability to induce suffering that is unimaginable. Your drug sig goes back quite a few years. Many people cant cope with the wdl experience and end up back at the doctors to get relief only to be given more drugs or ri at double the dose. Being on and off these drugs for many years can create a very sensitized nervous system and its not as robust as one with a much shorter drug exposure. You would be best to proceed very cautiously. Even the last line of your drug sig suggests 10% is too much for you. imo if you try to taper fast you may well end up in hospital. You can get off these drugs if you taper slowly. I'm sorry I have never taken viibryd. Did you read altos comment on the viibryd link about it not being time released so you can split the tablet. There is info there about liquid if that's an option.
  10. Toxic sleep is where you wake up feeling even worse than when you went to sleep. Common symptoms include an intensification of anxiety, fatigue, jitteryness, weakness, disorientation, vertigo, etc, upon waking up For me, naps are impossible and toxic sleep still happens very often. It seems to have something to do with the waking and falling asleep mechanism being disrupted. Some posters on other forums have theorised it has something to do with cortisol, but I haven't seen evidence for any theory yet... but more important than theory is improving it Has anyone found a way to improve this or stop it happening? During withdrawal I developed a dread of sleeping due to waking up feeling worse - not good - so would really like to see more improvement here. Jay
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  12. Hi Rabe, I read it in a FDA report. I'll try and locate it! I'll get back to you. K
  13. (((((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))))))) Brass
  14. and could you please tell me why you recommend those lower tapers? I just am ready to deal with the side effects and get off it!! This potassium thing is scary...
  15. I don't know how to do that without help from a compounding pharmacy and they can't help...said can't be cut or crushed tho was told here it could. Have you heard of it causing electrolyte issues? Have you used it? Thank you for your help! I don't know what to do. I feel so crummy yet can't taper it.
  16. Such an excellent description of a spiral Dave. It truly is amazing what little things can set off such a huge reaction. I'm so glad that the thread was helpful. Picking up on the triggers and cluing in on the start of the progression takes some observation and practice as does changing the channel but it is so worth the effort in the long run.
  17. Hi Lex. You sound VERY MUCH the same as me - the first few months off are the WORST!!! Both you and I had a pretty rough ride just tapering... and then the newest of hell once fully off the drug. It's awful. BUT I can say that I'm about 9 months fully off Lexapro now, and it DOES get better. I'm a LONG way from healing or success... but I'm MUCH mroe stable. The FEAR and MOOD swings, and nervous breakdown feeling (I HAD ALL THAT) Is mostly much more subdued. I'm really in a very stabilized flat, blah, anhedonia, malaise / depressed stage... And from what I read on the success stories, it seems this is the last phase, and takes AGES to go away. During it, my mind keeps MAKING it real, linking the dots with how I feel, and trying to pinpoint PSYCHOLOGICAL reasons for my mood - but in reality it's just my BRAINS chemicals sorting themselves out, and learning to re-adjust the symphony. JUST HOLD ON!!!!!!!!!!!!! There is not much you can do but JUST get through each minute, or hour, or day, or evening.. Just keep going. it takes an AGNONIZINGLY long time, but I'm proving that it DOES improve. Just do WHATEVER it is that makes you feel just a SLIGHTLY bit better for a few mins. Music if you can tolerate it. an uplifting movie. a book a walk anything. just BURN TIME - like a lot of the success stories - it's just time - the brain is healing. I feel different to a year ago ,and to 2 months ago and 4 months ago. I remember the SHEER panic and deperation I felt. I think of all the brains systems that get suppressed with Lexapro - the Amygdala re-awakens the first - as it's such a primary system, so much of our instinct to survive is there. It creates that sheet panic, and organic fear - as it's trying to protect us from a threat that doesn't exist - it's just a rebound effect. The pendulum was held at an unnatural state for so long, it HAS to swing all the way through the crap emotions to return to it's normal equilibrium. It's my theory anyway. Sending you good wishes and thoughts!!! You need them - we all do. Scottly9999.
  18. Tips for tapering off Viibryd (vilazodone) If I were you I would taper a lot slower than the 10% maybe start at 2.5% or no higher than 5% to start with.
  19. kesh: akathisia, parasomnia, anxiety

    Can you elaborate on this. Perhaps I missed it above somewhere? Significant change in symptoms? And is there any pattern showing up on the accupuncture days? Better or worse? Here we have what is called a "warm line". Limited hours though of operation. With a 15 minute time frame. I used them a fair amount early on, and learned how to get the most from them........as far as support. I also learned the different employees as well, the people who answered.............got real familiar with a few.........a couple that were so very helpful.........others not so much. I hope you are sleeping. Love, peace, healing/inrecovery, and growth, mmt
  20. also, anyone know of a good doctor in MKE, WI area to help with the Clonazepam, but particularly the Viibryd if it is indeed causing the potassium issues...cause that is affecting so many other things!!
  21. wondering where the information r/t the potassium side effects of Viibryd are? My doctor sure doesn't seem to know about them!
  22. Im sorry...I messaged cause I couldn't figure out how to do this...and then it appeared! Well, if is side effect then I need to get off it but don't know how. My muscles and joints are a mess and it seems to flare up the more I walk and use my muscles if the makes sense. I started viibryd last January and this started just a little in June and had some other not as severe episodes and then it really kicked in after Sept taper of Viibryd and also I seem to get more agitated and heart races after taking the Viibryd which wasn't as prominent when Clonazepam dose was higher.
  23. Spirituality, Philosophy etc

    Love, loved the link above cpu. Thank you. Much needed at this time in my journey.........in all my interactions. Love, peace, healing/inrecovery, and growth, mmt
  24. ☼ AliG: Surviving

    Yup......will do. Watch in it's entirety. Thanks AliG. I'm really hoping to possibly drop some of my supplements eventually........hopefully with dietary adjustments. ((((AliG))))) mmt
  25. Hi Deise, Awesome on the pdoc appointment. Thanks for letting us know. And I hope things improve with the pressure from your Mom.........that sounds tough indeed. Love, peace, healing/inrecovery, and growth, mmt
  26. Thanks for the update, always good to hear how others are doing. One good thing going for you is that you are OFF IT! Now for the nervous system to heal itself.. Wow, 4 months! I hope that time has gone quickly for you, it seems to have gone quickyly for me! i t realy is incredible that you can still be getting new and different symptoms. Many of them similar to mine. Just based on my own tapers after a long hold, it was about the 6 month mark symptoms got worse, so hold tight and hope that after 6 mlonths you begin to see the top of the jmountaink! You are a great warrior, go for it in this last battle fellow turtle!
  27. The problem is it is difficult to find a doctor who acknowledges wdl symptoms. Very few if any are able to help and will simply call wdl symptoms a relapse and tell you you have to take drugs ...here try this one. SA is the best place to check out how to taper.
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