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  2. powerback: tapering no 2

    i know where you are PB your making that tee-shirt aren’t you 😂 Hope your feeling a tiny bit better...
  3. kesh: Parasomnia ruining my life

    Sorry about your sleep kesh,Another insomnia person here too.I can get over but wake up with adrenaline surges at 2am then that’s me up till the night time No,you get a box any box,decorate it how you would want too... When things get really tough,you go to your sunshine box... Fill it with things that make you feel good. Ie putty for anxiety,a cuddle toy,something to touch,your favourite scent,your fave pictures...it’s just to try & ground you really.Those are just ideas,you could fill it with anything pink
  4. Laurakj: Introduction

    And thank you nz11 for writing me and sending me the information. I did go back on approx one mg of celexa last night and will probably stay on that for awhile if I feel better. I really appreciate the information.
  5. Laurakj: Introduction

    Well I wish you the best of luck. Sounds pretty good for you so far. Last night I took about 1 Mg of celexa. I think i am going to take that amount each day to see if I can feel some better. And yes, this site is the best thing I have found so far. Thanks again.
  6. Laurakj: Introduction

    Hi Laura I have been on an SSRI (Lexapro) for 10 years. I am still weaning off and am currently at 2mg. My brain is doing a pretty good job of remodelling itself after having been drugged for so long. There are days that are harder than others but on the whole things are going o.k. One step at a time! Someone will come along shortly and advise you of what the best thing to do would be. A taper of six months is pretty quick, especially if you were on it for 20 years. But don't stress unduly. This site is full of people who have walked a similar path to yourself. Most doctors are clueless when it comes to reducing these meds. You are in the best place here!
  7. Today
  8. Vanora, I called today to Austrian parliament to get to know how the system with petitions function here. They said first possibility is to turn to "Bereichsprecher" - to a parliament member for that field who is chosen to speak with the public. I can write there. For this I dont need signatures. The petition to Austrian parliament in general is a problem - as they said there must be 500 signatures but only from Austrian citizens, not international. So I would have to go to the streets. I am also not a native Austrian so I would have to give it to some friend to fill out & submit the petition. There is then the petition to European Commission which is for the people in EU - if someone is willing I would participate for Austria (or maybe for Czech or Slovakia). By these international petitions I dont know if they are really taken into account because there is no responsible government for all of these people. I thought I might write to all attorney generals in US about the issue. Is there any other possibility about the petition? I was surprised that by Scottish parliament the signatures of international people were accepted. Here the woman says for Austrian parliament these must be Austrians.
  9. gardenlady

    Hi, GL. I moved your last post from the Tapering section to here in your intro thread since it's a question specific to your individual taper. Here are a couple of threads that may help: Stabilizing - what does that mean? Brassmonkey's description of Withdrawal Normal I know you've mentioned side effects of Cymbalta being a problem, so you'll need to weigh the side effects versus the withdrawal effects. This can be a bit difficult, especially since withdrawing from ADs and benzos can be very, very similar, so your residual benzo waves may make it hard to tell where you're at with the AD. Ten days after coming off your benzo is likely far too soon to start the AD taper. I would give yourself a few more weeks and see if some of the mental symptoms you mention subside.
  10. Is she now or has she recently taken any antibiotics for the bladder infections? The fluoroquinolone antibiotics can be extremely harmful to people on benzos. I'm placing some links below for more information on this. Even if she hasn't been exposed to them, this is good information to give to her and her doctor in case this comes up in the future. The antibiotics that people in benzo withdrawal should avoid if possible are the fluoroquinolone antibiotics, as they affect the same receptors cites as benzos and can displace benzodiazepines from their binding sites on GABA-receptors. These can precipitate acute withdrawal in people taking or tapering from benzodiazepines. Many people have severe setbacks. Here is more information: Safer Pills.org - Fluoroquinolones And for people with current or even prior benzo use, they are particularly dangerous - Benzodiazepine tolerance, dependency, and withdrawal syndromes and interactions with fluoroquinolone antimicrobials Here's a list of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics which should be avoided if possible during withdrawal and well after: Fluoroquinolone antibiotics Here is the thread on SA about antibiotics that may be helpful: Cipro, Levaquin, Azithromycin (Z-Pack), and other antibiotics
  11. TB1973: Prozac and sleep

    I just posted a response as you were posting this. Please see my response.
  12. TB1973: Prozac and sleep

    Please answer this, as best as you can remember. If you replace the temazepam with Belsomra (which is not a benzo and has no action on GABA like a benzo), you will go into cold turkey withdrawal from the temazepam. If you are dependent on Temazepam, the below symptoms may occur: Ashton Manual - benzo withdrawal symptoms Belsomra is a newer sleep aid that only claims to help for "at least four weeks" and can also cause dependence (Source - Wiki - Belsomra / Suvorexant). Because it's a newer drug there haven't been many members on it, but the warnings on this drug are the exact same warnings as for benzos and for z-drugs such as Ambien and Lunesta. As mentioned earlier when you posted about using Seroquel for sleep, there is no "fix" to withdrawal. Adding in other drugs to solve the withdrawal problems of another drug can easily create another dependency. It also can destabilize your nervous system. The best remedy for withdrawal is to hold and let yourself stabilize and then do a very slow taper. It's possible that you are experiencing a paradoxical reaction after doubling your benzo for one night (up to 40 mg) and using a high dose of melatonin. The more you suppress your nervous system, the more it "fights back". This is what causes a paradoxical reaction. My advice would be to reduce the melatonin (see the link for details). If it's only been a month since you stopped taking the mirtazapine, you may be able to reinstate it, but I wouldn't reinstate at the 15 mg dose. It's possible your nervous system is hypersensitive now and it my overreact. I'll ask the other mods for their feedback. You are still adjusting to the Prozac changes. Please note it can take 4 days for your nervous system to adjust to these changes and several weeks to stabilize after a change. If you have a few days you can take off from work, that might help, as you seem to be in full panic mode right now. Some other resources for coping: Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms Here are some breathing techniques that are very helpful. Learning how to breathe may be one of the most powerful non-drug coping techniques there is: The 4-7-8 breathing technique Synch your breathing to the circle "Change the channel" - dealing with cognitive symptoms Powerback mentioned the "panic spiral", which is seen a lot while coming off these drugs. This is a great thread with tips on calming down: Dealing with Emotional Spirals
  13. TB1973: Prozac and sleep

    Hi moderators. I have taken 15mg of mirtazapan and 20mg of temazapam for sleep tonight.I don't know what to do about my medication. Should I try and reinstate the effexor?
  14. Hi everyone! Did anyone use this type of medications that works oppositely to SSRI? This is SSRE - serotonin reuptake enhancer, prescribed for depression and anxiety, invented in 1960s in France. It is used in Europe and in Asia mainly. Any experiences? Thank you
  15. apace41: Tapering Sertraline

    Forgot to mention, this is one of my go-to cold remedies. China Oel - peppermint oil Just a couple of drops of this very concentrated peppermint oil and it clears out my sinuses better than anything I've tried so far.
  16. apace41: Tapering Sertraline

    I saw your post and am not interested in your company in withdrawal insomnia! Thanks for your thoughts. It’s a brutal cold. Hard to breathe and that means no CPAP to which I’ve become accustomed. Hopefully, it will clear soon. Thanks for your thoughts. Best, Andy
  17. That's good Boomer sounds like the 10% is going to be too much going forward. Good on you for making a decision. Great going.
  18. apace41: Tapering Sertraline

    I'm back in the insomnia soup tonight, too, Andy, so I can sympathize with what you're going through. I hope your cold gets better soon and you're back to the Withdrawal Normal type of sleep.
  19. Restokley any update on the switch?
  20. Thanks NZ11 for bumping me. I didn't hear back so made the decision to reduce ,625mg Olanzapine and not the 1.25mg and I am pleased I did as he he was so unsettled today!
  21. TimetoQuit: Looking for tips

    TTT hows the tapering going?
  22. Soup any update?
  23. apace41: Tapering Sertraline

    Well, 2 good nights and then I woke this AM with a horrible head cold — hopefully not the onset of the flu — and spent the whole day sneezing, stuffy, etc. Trying to sleep in another room but not much success so far. Definitely feel my system very ramped up but can’t say if it’s a return of the insomnia or the inability to breathe and being in a strange bed. Trying not to be too down about it but it’s not easy. I remember the the good old days when sleep was not something I thought twice about. I miss that a lot. Best, Andy
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