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  2. I'm not, but I will be. Thanks for thinking of me. Take care, Frogie xx
  3. Alich I cant live like this

    Hai, i had never must reinstall escitalprom, i didnt new about the problems of reinstall end when i did it was 2late. I have made everything worse. I think i cant heal any more. My pdr do not believe me i have told m about this site. He thinks escitalprom is not working for me and my symptens are from stress. He gave me diazpam 10 mg 4 times a day and said 2 me 2 quite escitalprom.
  4. Hi SunnyLou-- It looks like you're off to a good start. Your calculations are correct, well done. With having two different sized pills to work with you will have to do separate calculations for each different size. Also it isn't a good idea to mix the two. Many people seem to be sensitive to different manufacturers so there is a good chance that the different pills will affect you in different ways at the same dose. If they keep sending you a mix of brands let us know so we can try and figure out a good way to handle it. Yes, that is the correct usage of mgai (milligrams active ingredient). One of your whole tablets will contain 1mgai, while your new dose with the cut up tablets will have .9mgai. The weight of the whole tablet is referred to as mgpw (milligrams pill weight) in this case the average pill weight is 205mgpw. This is also used to refer to the weight that you measure on the scales for each dose. So your first reduced dose will be 185mgpw. We always round up so 1845 becomes 185. Brassmonkey
  5. Hi, sunnylou. You're doing everything right. The formula is 0.205 x 0.9 = 0.1845 0.185mg pill weight is 90% of the weight of your tablet. That would be the amount you would take. As your tablet is 1mg active ingredient, you would be taking 0.90mg Risperdal, a decrease of 110% or 0.10mgai.
  6. Junglechicken

    Thanks Skeets, My Naturopath said the white coating is actually my small intestine "clearing" itself of bacteria / toxins. It tastes salty....really bizarre. This is because I have been on a Detox / Cleanse diet for a week now. This makes sense as I have a Candida overgrowth in my small intestine which has been causing reflux (all started after my father died in February). Do you still think I should get a GP appointment just in case?? Hugs, JC
  7. Junglechicken

    Hi jc well yes Britain is in bloom but where did the nice warm sunny days go. . Really cold wind out today and back to winter jumpers. Hope your hay fever gives you relief once you have taken the anti histamine.
  8. Are you still doing a little better Hazel, has the worst of the latest wave passed? So would you agree she is better continuing to try and stabilize on Paxil rather than switching to Zoloft?
  9. tryingtosurvive: fluoxetine tapering

    I was forced to take it as a teenager cause it was sadly like a default treatment in Sweden for anorexia ...
  10. tryingtosurvive: fluoxetine tapering

    Like I am freezing or shaking from under my skin and deep inside its very unpleasant its in my torso and goes out in my whole body,,. It has nothing to do with me being cold or stressed it also feels like bubbles sometimes... Why ? And I have been forced to eliminate histamine food for 1,5 years so not eating stuff like that anymore... but was never allegic before... :/
  11. Severe floaters

    After withdrawing cold turkey from 10 mg I noticed about 4 months into withdrawal I have a significant amount of 'eye floater's in my vision (probably 10-15) if I really pay attention. This does vary and is more noticeable outside but has anyone seen improvement in this symptom?
  12. gallanthero26: Prozac and trifluoperazine withdrawal

    An update: I have been getting worse with symptoms. There has been more fatigue, less motivation, sleeping in later, and more brain fog. My question is at this point would it be better to reinstate at 1mg now and hold? or just compeltely stay off? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Lloyd59 Zyprexa Withdrawals

    You need to follow Altostrata's advice ASAP.If you wait for more days, reinstatement will not work. As soon as you reinstate small dose you will feel much better. Trust me tapering from low dose is cake walk. I am writing this because 5mg of olanzapine is not a small dose and it can cause alteration in brain. Iam still suffering 1 mg coldturkey of risperidone after usage of just one month. It is 2 years and I am still suffering hypnopompic hallucinations. I am believing that my REM sleep messed up and permenantly changed. So please take care.
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  15. Junglechicken

    JC, So proud of you for coming off of the Lexapro! I still have not started, tapering, but have other worries for the moment. I am very sad that your husband feels unable to feel joy. Is he on an AD, maybe? It is very common with many AD's. I have had that issue since switching to Lexapro. None of the joy, yet still feel the pain. You are still the same person as always, and I love that. Pleased that you have a new home. I do hope you feel well enough to enjoy it soon. A white coating on the tongue can indicate thrush (a yeast infection of the mouth), so you my want to look it up beyond the link I have provided. Here is a totally random, but accurate (for what I learned about thrush years ago) link. .I cannot vouch for the home remedies, I have never had it personally: https://www.emedicinehealth.com/oral_thrush/article_em.htm#what_are_medications_and_treatments_for_oral_thrush Note the area that says who can diagnose and treat this. Thrush in adults is very rare, and is usually the result of a weakened immune system. Just want to be sure that nothing serious is going on. Home remedies are also offered, but please see a your PMD , first BEFORE TREATING (as stated in the article as well) to rule out any serious issues as the cause . As crappy as you are feeling, I want you to know exactly why you have this, not just make it go away. Thrush in itself is not dangerous, but does need to be treated (antibiotics do not need to be the first line of defense is what I am saying, but it does need to be properly diagnosed and the source investigated). If you wake up tomorrow with no coating, great!! I really hope you feel better soon! Skeets
  16. Downbutnotout: Started a bridge to get off effexor

    It was nice. It gave me a little hope.
  17. Downbutnotout: Started a bridge to get off effexor

    Thank you for your support.
  18. Downbutnotout: Started a bridge to get off effexor

    Thank you for your support.
  19. Downbutnotout: Started a bridge to get off effexor

    Thank you for your support. I hope you’re doing better.
  20. Hi Rabe, No need for apology — I just wanted to make sure I’m understanding correctly. So it sounds like you are going from 10 to a compounded 9.5, and are feeling apprehensive about doing so because you’ve gotten conflicting information from the compounding pharmacy. It’s certainly understandable to have some anxiety about this, especially with the conflicting information! I don’t think you’re “crazy” at all to feel anxious about this, or about the pharmacy and this entire situation. I worry more about the people out there who simply take drug after drug and trust 100% everything that the doctors say, no questions asked, no self-advocating. WD does complicate our trust in doctors, pharmacists, etc. and it’s something each of us has to navigate the best we know how. I know that might not make it any easier, but please know that a lot of us are in the same boat. If it helps — I don’t think the pharmacy would let you walk out the door with a compounded prescription if it hadn’t been compounded correctly, or shouldn’t have been compounded in the first place, you know? Trust your own experience, go as slow as feels right for you; you have rights and choices and this is about you and your well-being. Please let us know how you’re doing.
  21. tryingtosurvive: fluoxetine tapering

    tryingtosurvive, it's very difficult to say cold-turkey might have caused histamine intolerance. Cold turkey is a very high-risk way to come off drugs. It can cause severe withdrawal symptoms and autonomic dysregulation that lasts a long time. Digestion is controlled by the autonomic nervous system. However, if you had long-standing severe allergies, eczema, asthma, etc. before taking psychiatric drugs, mast cell activation might have been present long before cold turkey. Whatever caused what, you need to cope with your present health situation. If you have histamine intolerance and eat the wrong foods, you can get symptoms of activation -- nervousness, sleeplessness, etc. These will go away in a couple of days. What exactly do you mean by "akathisia"?
  22. tryingtosurvive: fluoxetine tapering

    What lead you to taking ssri maybe it came before but in a milder forme
  23. I don't have any advice for you, but I want to give support. If the drug isn't timed released, I would think that one of the pharmacists may have thought it was and told you it couldn't be compounded by mistake. Maybe he didn't want to have to crush the pills? There are many reasons a person will tell someone No. Sometimes, I feel that some people just like to say it the way a 2 year old does. The person feels a sense of power by saying no. Anxiety about changing anything, and I mean anything, is something I struggle to combat. For example, I need to sleep in the same room on the same side of the bed. Changing that upsets me. It shouldn't cause a problem, but I'm simply afraid. That is WD for me -- being afraid of everything. It's exhausting. Taking a new form of the drug would definitely be a cause of anxiety if I were tapering. However, it might be an improvement for you when you reduce the dose. The mix of side effects and WD symptoms might make it hard to see which is which, but a lot of people start to feel better, not worse when the drug load is reduced. Maybe it will help with your electrolyte problem? Hoping for the best, Rosetta
  24. Junglechicken

    Well JC My husband daughter and son have all fallen out big time over our farm and I am so against my son taking advantage of us all that I am facing a divorce perhaps - bit I am 59 now and will.not tolerate fools. I also fancy living on my own for a while - my husbands true colours are coming out. When I wake in the night and mull.things over I feel under an obligation to commit suicide for a brief while - this is not withdrawal this is me wanting to escape the trouble but I won't it is just a feeling. My husband ordered a bookcase for the new house - which is in my name only for complex reasons - and now I will have to give backward on that also we were meant to be going on holiday with my daughter and granddaughter and son in law in August but my husband is refusing to go now. My bunion seems to be healing now - when we had trouble here the other week I had to borrow my daughters trainers and that seemed to set it off. I have been spinning swimming and sauna today and that has really helped for the stress. I am too old for all this trouble - I just want peace. No withdrawal.symptoms whatsoever today despite stress. Joy
  25. If it's any consolation, the grand, nefarious plan by pharma affects everybody, not just the creative, sensitive people. More than 10% of US adults are on antidepressants, plus there are all the other drugs. You might want to write down these intrusive thoughts, try to puzzle them out on the page. Not sure what you mean by your memory being episodic. I think this might be normal.
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