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  1. I tapered of Prozac in early 2014. I tapered over 4 weeks by taking every other day so basically ct. I had taken Prozac for 17 years for anxiety and depression. It took almost 4 months to get very bad by which time Drs had prescribed me sertraline and citralopram both of which exacerbated things tremendously. I only took a single dose of each. It never occurred to me or Drs to put me back of Prozac and by this time I was too terrified to take anything. The last 3 years have been horrific, losing my husband, my health and my income. I was unable to work for 2 years and now work part time from home which I still struggle with. I'm diagnosed with cfs fibro and severe depression all caused by protracted withdrawal. Iv seen dr Healy a few times and a neuropsychiatrist who both back my cause. I haven't taken a drug in 28 months but am about to start imipramine on their advise. I hope to get some relief from the crippling depression and pain and then hopefully taper off. I know this is a risk but desperate times call for desperate measures. I have terrible tinnutus caused from the destabilising effect of ct Prozac. I also have vertigo and chronic insomnia, especially early morning waking and sleep maintence. I use magnesium glycinate and lactium but Iv not noticed a noticeable difference. I have learned to not panic too much during extreme anxiety, instead of it breaking me completely like in the old days, I open the door and invite the beast in. This also helps with odd flare up of akathesia that was relentless in the beginning. I'm completely amazed at the lack of knowledge from Drs about the dangers of drugs but I have also found at leat 3 who are well very knowledgable. It gives me hope at least that we are not completely alone.
  2. Cigarettes at age 11. Alcohol periodically from age 13 to age 30. Valium episodically from age 18 to age 27. I have been on myriad anti-depressants since 1982 for major depression and generalized anxiety. Imipramine, desyrel, ativan. Off drugs from 1984 till 1995. Started Prozac 1995 till 2014 (did well from 1995 to 2011). Tried Wellbutrin, Cymbalta. Abilify and Trintellix from March 2014 till August 8, 2017 (depression free). Had to withdraw due to cervical dystonia and tremors which still persist. Terrible experience withdrawing from Abilify and Trintellix. Started Wellbutrin 150 mg. and Prozac 10 mg. for one week to help with withdrawal. Then increased Wellbutrin to 300 mg. and experienced ringing in ears; stopped the Wellbutrin and increased Prozac to 20 mg. (10 in A.M.; 10 in P.M.) Now on Prozac 20 mg. per day, occasional Propranolol for tremors (doesn't help). I've read that coming off Abilify can take up to 3 months or more, and it has been 2 months so far. I feel like I've spent (wasted) my entire adult life trying to feel better, first by self-medicating, then by psychiatric medicating. I'm 72 years old. I wonder if there is any hope for me.
  3. I was on Prozac for around 6 and a half years, 50 percent of the time i was on two 20mg tablets and the other 50 percent i was on one 20mg tablet. I self tapered for around a month and a half by taking one every other day, then every 2nd day, then every 3rd day...etc and eventually i was off them. I took my last pill nearly a month ago. I am feeling withdrawals. Bloating, bad skin, rosacea-like symptoms, irritable, anger, aches and pains, negative thoughts. Its very uncomfortable and debilitating BUT i would be able to stick it through if i knew i was on the right path. I'm just worried that i messed up because of how fast i tapered. I don't know wether to keep going or if i should start taking prozac again and taper more slowly?
  4. Hello all, I have find this site while I was triyng to cope with my withdrawal sysmptoms of my long use of Prozac. I have been using Prozac for nearly 15 years.. I used to take 20 mg tablets. 4 months ago I decided to withdraw it as I thought I don't need it anymore. For the withdrawal process I switched to liquid to be able to reduce to half dose (10 mg) for a month, and then fo another month I took every another day a half dose. And after these 2 months I have quitted completely. The withdrawal symtomps occured 1 week after I have completely withdrawed . Started Prozac 20 mg in 2002 Used Prozac 20 mg since July 2017 Tapering off schedule ; May2017 : Started Liqiud Prozac 10 mg (2.5 ml Liquid) June 2017: Started Liquid Prozac 10 mg every other day July 2017 : Quitted Prozac I am suffering from enormous insomnia , having at most 2-3 hours of sleep since July. And in addition to that , most of the nights I have severe nerve pain especially in my legs that keeps me awake. It has been 2 months since I have completely quitted , no matter how I tried I can not survive with this insomnia anymore. I have tried many herbal supplements like Valerian root or 5-HTP (not herbal) but it idi not work. It seems after 15 years of being with Prozac , the method I used for withdrawal was not correct. I was in control of a phsyciatrist while withdrawing , but as most doctors do , he was quick to leading me tapering off. Yestersay we decided we need to reinstate with half dose (10 mg) and see how it goes. While still surfing internet about ths subject , then I have come accross this site and has read a lot of usefull information. My aim is to withdraw it with suggestions from you , and need your valuable help to use 10% reduction method. Thanks :-)
  5. Hi, I was on .5 Mg 1x day of Klonopin for 28 years, my GP updoses it to 3 x day....terrible pyridoxal reaction, Dr. added 10 Mg Prozac which helped the terrible reaction. Did a 2 year taper off Klonopin. 6 Months after being off I started a 5 - 6 month taper off the Prozac. Been off Klonopin 15 months; Off Prozac little over 4 months. Having terrible monophobia (which I kinda had over these last 28 years), huge terror, obsessive thoughts, ruminating thoughts, extreme anger / rage, insomnia. I called both my dr. and therapist crying today. Dr. wants me to re-instate the Prozac. Is this still benzo withdrawal or Prozac wd ??? I am SO scared of meds.....I wonder if this is me or meds ???
  6. Peculiar

    Thank you for accepting me to your forum.I am about to start a taper off mirtazapine . I have been taking it for 7 weeks. I had previously been tapering Prozac every other day 40mgs for one week then reducing to 20mgs every other day for two weeks. Then I started Mirtazapine 15mgs for two weeks then upped it to 30mgs a day. I dropped the Prozac completely 2 weeks into the Mirtazipine (on my drs instruction) so needless to say I am in a bit of a state! I need to get off the Mirt and then am thinking about taking Prozac again and commencing a slow steady taper. I am not sure what to say to my Doctor?
  7. I used to take two kind of antidepressants for 2 weeks. Prozac (Fluoxetine 10) and Clomopramine 10. I stopped taking them as soon as I found out they have negative sexual side-effects. It's been 60 days I haven't taken them but my libido is not like it was in the first place before taking them. I am too worried about it. I have been suicidal over it. I have read that it can be a permanent effect which drives me crazy when I think about it. I talked to my doctor but he rudely refused to give me a straight answer since I stopped taking the pills he prescribed me. I talked to other doctors too. They said my libido should have returned in 3 weeks but I can't see any improvements since then. So, my question is, if you have any experience of taking such pills, tell me how long you took them and if your libido returned after stopping taking them or not, if so, how long did you wait till your libido improved completely. Am I suffering from PSSD (Post-SRRI Sexeual Dysfunction)? if so, won't I ever get my libido back? Is there any treatment for this?
  8. Unsure if I'm posting in the right place but this is somewhat of an introduction. 1.5 years ago I started on 20mg of Prozac for OCD. There was restlessness with starting but it went away. Gradually I tapered down to 10mg of Prozac which I was on for a full year. 2 months ago, I felt the sudden onset of a a very severely agitated feeling. It was very vague but I can pinpoint the exact moment I noticed it -- I was sitting, doing nothing remarkable, and unstressed. I had felt something like this before throughout my treatment but it was very very temporary and felt more like an agitated depression brought on by external circumstances. When this feeling started I could not pinpoint anything else as the cause. Things were good in all parts of my life. I had not messed with the dosage of Prozac at all for a year. Is it still possible that the Prozac is causing this long term agitation/akathisia that I still experience today? A month into the feeling I decided to taper off Prozac completely. I experienced very little withdrawal...just mild headaches and dizziness. The akathisia didn't get worse or better. But it is still quite bad. And the longer it continues the more hopeless I become and probably the more depressed as well because I can't see a life without this agitation anymore. Started on some Klonopin to treat the restlessness and help me sleep. Has anyone else experienced akathisia without a dose change? And also only being on a low dose?
  9. Hello everyone! I am a new user here. I've lurked around this site before but have yet to introduce myself. I was a Prozac user for a year from August 2015 - September 2016. I had taken it for social and general anxiety. I was on 20mg/day. Initially, I was actually doing fine and great emotionally but had side effects like massive fatigue everyday (not even 3 cups of coffee could wake me up!) and constipation every time I went to poop (sorry for TMI). I also felt like a zombie for a brief period in which I was neither happy nor sad. In May 2016, I decided to abruptly stop taking the Prozac by choice without consulting my doctor (bad move!) and had brain zaps and mood swings which I assumed as worsening depression. I then just asked my doctor to simply increase my dose because I thought I was getting worse (bad move again!). I was put on 40mg/day from June - August 2016 in which I was ok at first but then I was hit with a panic attack so severe I had to rush to the ER. For that week, I was having very severe symptoms. So I was instructed to go back down to 20mg/day. From then on, I decided to stop taking it a few months ago in September because I felt better and didn't want to rely on medication anymore to make me happy. I consulted with my psychiatrist who said for me to just take 10mg for one month and then I can stop. I did just that. Over the month of October I was fine and felt completely normal. However, I realized symptoms would come later once the month of November started. I have since felt every type of symptom under the sun including brain zaps, hot flushes, insomnia, irritability, tingling sensation of the skin, anxiety, shortness of breath, sweating, tremors, and slight vertigo. I have never felt these symptoms in my life til now! I've talked to my doctor and he doesn't believe in withdrawals. At this point I feel helpless. I am experiencing waves and windows in which I have waves of really bad flare ups and then windows of good normal days where I feel fine. But they keep cycling back and forth. I now have questions to ask: 1. Do windows of no symptoms mean that my body is getting better? 2. Should I reinstate the Prozac and taper off more gradually? Someone suggested I shouldn't because I've already been clean for 3 months now. But what do you guys think? 3. Will symptoms go away if I keep pushing cold turkey? 4. Should I try medical weed to help ease tthe symptoms? I want to try natural ways of healing
  10. Hi everyone, I started taking Fluoxetine 20mg in January 2016 after a difficult time and they helped enormously with my depression. However in August of this year having felt great for some time I made the decision to come off the meds as it was affecting my sex life and also I didnt want to stay on drugs forever. I felt the time was right. My doctor told me all would be fine and to take one tablet every other day for a couple of weeks and then two tablets a week for two weeks and that should ensure a safe withdrawal. I am so upset and angry that this irresponsible advise was given and so wish I had come across this website beforehand. Initially I felt fine and then I started to feel dizzy and had vertigo symptoms. Then came insomnia, sweating, horrible anxiety including social anxiety, irritability, crying bursts for no reason. I have also recently developed aching muscles and joints. The anxiety is worse in the morning and gets better at night and then back to square one next morning. I am probably approaching 3 months of zero meds now with little sign of improvement. I am at a loss as to what to do? I went back to my GP and told her about the symptoms and she said she didnt know what to advise except go back on the tablets. When I said I didnt want to she asked me if I had googled it!!! I feel so desperate as to who to go to for help as I have now lost all trust in my GP. I am doing everything I have read to try to help, ie dry body brushing, epsom baths, hot yoga, drinking camomile tea, eating nutritiously, getting out in nature walking my dog. I dont know whether to try going back on the tablets and then taper the 10% way as your forum advises or to stick it out now I am almost 3 months in? If anyone has any advise I would be most grateful. Good luck everyone on your journey getting off these drugs. xxx
  11. Hello, I was hoping someone could give me some advice about some severe symptoms I've been experiencing since switching from Lexapro to Prozac and back again. Here is my story: Diagnosed with OCD and depression at 18. Prescribed 60 mg Prozac which I eventually manage to reduce to 30 mg. Continue taking this dose of Prozac for about 20 years. At the end of last year Prozac seems to have lost its effectiveness so I speak to my doctor about switching to Lexapro which I've heard has less side effects. As instructed by my doctor I reduce my Prozac dose to 20 mg for two weeks, wait 5 days without medication, and then start on 10 mg Lexapro. Soon after starting Lexapro I develop some very unpleasant side-effects, most notably heart palpitations and tinnitus. I speak with the doctor who tells me not to be concerned because the side effects are caused by "anxiety". Against my better judgment I continue taking the Lexapro for a total of 25 days. At this point the palpitations are so bad I have to stop taking the Lexapro immediately. I wait two days and then reinstate the Prozac at 40 mg. Things seem to be reasonably okay for about 3 weeks before all hell breaks loose. I wake up in the middle of the night with such extreme palpitations and dizziness that I end up in ER. However, the doctors find nothing wrong with my heart, conclude its anxiety and send me home. Two hellish weeks of palpitation induced insomnia and intermittent akathesia follow. During this time I have a number of medical tests but nothing abnormal shows up in the results. The palpitations are worse when I lie down and though they cause some anxiety I am convinced they are not caused by anxiety. It feels like the part of my nervous system responsible for controlling my heart has been physically damaged in some way. When I try to explain this to my psychiatrist and cardiologist they don't understand. The psychiatrist gives me Valium and the cardiologist gives me a beta blocker. None of these seem to make much difference so I'm given some Ambien to help me sleep. I take the Ambien for about 5 nights before I decide I'd rather deal with the insomnia. Eventually I get some kind of sleep, but it is still very fragmented and the palpitations persist. My chest feels really tight as if my heart is being pushed up against my chest bone and the palpitations are worsened by lying down, eating or feeling cold. I lose my appetite and drop from 78 to 69 kgs in weight. I start filming my sleep so that I can show my doctor what happens. The footage shows me suffering from hypnic jerks and muscle twitching. These jerks are accompanied by electric shock like sensations that wake me up. During the day I am still tortured by this uncomfortable feeling in my chest and the ongoing palpitations. It feels like my heart has a mind of its own and has been knocked out of sync with the rest of my body. The tinnitus (a loud, high-pitched ringing) also continues. After 18 years at the same company I have to take sick leave for the first time. I have been off work for a month now and have no idea when I'll be able to go back. I continue to take 30 mg Prozac because I feel things would be even worse without it. During the day I walk because this seems to help with the palpitations. I've started taking Magnesium L Threonate and krill oil supplements. I desperately want my life back.
  12. Hi. I have been reading different posts on here for about a month. I want to taper off Lexapro, but I've been on it for over 10 years. In 2005, I was put on a very short, and ended up with brains apps and went back on it because I was super agitated. When I told my doctor I wanted to Lexapro, her idea was to switch me to Prozac. Initially, she was going to help me switch to 20 mg, but I knew that the equivalent was 40 mg, so I asked if we can do that and she said yes. I am on day two of switching from 20 mg of Lexapro to 40 mg of Prozac. I feel dizzy and have a UTI. I don't know if that can be caused by this medication switch. It kind of creeps me out. The test only showed barely any evidence of the UTI, but the doctor said I was experiencing symptoms so gave me an antibiotic. I am thinking about a post I read on here that suggested people try wean off their current drug rather than bridging to Prozac. So now I am kind of freaking out thinking that I should just go back on Lexapro and when I see my doctor in a week and a half ask if she will prescribe the liquid. I think I asked that in A message, but she suggested Prozac. I have wanted to wean off the drugs for a long time, but actually had resigned myself to staying on it for life. I felt like I was stuck. But then it was getting migraines, and my family doctor wanted to add another antidepressant Pamelor, for the migraines. At that point, I did not want to add any more, and so now I decided it was time to try to taper down. I have seen that on some sites it says Lexapro can cause migraines.
  13. 9 months ago today I took my last Prozac and I am still dealing with withdrawal. I took 15 mg of Fluoxetine for 12 years from PAR pharmaceuticals. In July 2015 the fluoxetine I received from the pharmacy was from TEVA pharmaceuticals, apparently PAR pharmaceuticals discontinued the tablets I was taking. Well, my body did not react well to the TEVA brand. I started having nausea and tremors. After a couple of days on the TEVA brand I switched to the MYLAN brand but nothing changed. Realizing my body was not going to handle the change I decided to taper but it seemed pointless because my body was in withdrawal from the PAR pharmaceutical fluoxetine my body was use to taking. On August 27th 2015 I took my last pill. From July to November I dealt with nausea and tremors and then all hell broke loose. On top of the nausea and tremors I developed a bad smell in my nose that only I can smell, internal shaking that is constant, the nausea got much worse, I started having hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia and chills. I also have cried almost every day since November. In December I had a gastric emptying study done due to the nausea and lack of appetite. I discovered I now have delayed gastric emptying. To date I have lost 44 pounds from the nausea and not being able to eat. I have also had a CT scan and an MRI for the tremors and internal shaking. Those results were normal. I have seen an ENT for the bad smell in my nose, but they can find nothing wrong. I have noticed that I am feeling a tiny and I stress tiny bit better but I still have the internal shaking, nausea, bad smell in my nose and crying. I have read about internal shaking in withdrawal but how long does it go on. I was put on Prozac for panic attacks and the constant internal shaking is making me feel panicky and anxious. Does anything help with it? Has anyone else experienced a bad smell in their nose or heard of anyone having a bad smell in their nose during withdrawal? Thank you for any advice or help anyone can offer me.
  14. 6 months off Paxil/Prozac

    Hi, I started this topic a while ago and it has been 6 months now since my last dose of Prozac, so I'd like to share the way I used to taper so may be someone out there benefit from it, However I'd like to point out that I'm not a doctor and that this worked for me merely through trial and error, so here we go. As I mentioned in my first topic my first tapering attempt was too fast that I had awful withdrawal symptoms and had to reinstate, and the 10% approach was too slow for me as I was able to make larger drops without much symptoms, I then found the following research paper here on the forums: It's a paper on the percentage of serotonin transporter occupancy of Prozac (and other SSRIs) in the brain, in other words it basically measures the amount of serotonin receptors in the brain blocked by the medication, at 20mg most SSRIs will block 75%-85% of these receptors. After going through the paper I found that the percentage for Prozac occupancy follows the following equation: Occupancy% = 86*dose/(1.94+dose) So for example, if you take 20mg Prozac, the approximate occupancy% = 86*20/(1.944+20) = 78%, and so on. What I did next was finding the maximum percentage I can go down without suffering too much withdrawal symptoms, and with some trial and error I found this percentage to be 8%, meaning if I'm currently at 78% I can go down to 70% without much withdrawal symptoms, any higher and the symptoms are unbearable. So I prepared a table with 8% drop downs, calculated the dosage for every percentage and stayed on every dosage from 2-4 weeks depending on the symptoms, this worked perfectly for me as I was able to calculate the next dosage that wouldn't cause much symptoms, for example I was able to drop directly from 20mg to 10 mg and from 10mg to 5mg, however as the dosage decreased the drops where slower to maintain the 8% drop, this also allowed me to know when to stop taking the medication completely, for example at 0.5mg I was still at 18% so I had to drop to as low as 0.1mg before stopping completely. My last dose was on 17/4/2017, I had to make 14 drops over the course of a year, and although I had a couple of hiccups toward the end I was able to get through them by staying a little longer on the dosage and doing lots of exercise.
  15. Hi all, I have a wife tapering from Prozac, a 15yo daughter tapering from Lexapro, and a 12yo daughter tapering from Prozac. I'm exhausted. WIFE In 1999 she became very depressed shortly after we were married. After months of heartache, she was prescribed Prozac in 2000, which pulled her up from the abyss. (In hindsight, her depression was probably from the birth control pills messing with her hormones, which she began taking shortly before we were married.) She has been on Prozac most of the past 17 years, with a short stint on Zoloft. She has tried stopping cold turkey a couple times, with obvious results leading her to believe she was broken and needed the medicine. She has never been truly "happy" while on Prozac, and would describe most of her life as being under a cloud, varying in shades from light gray to black. In Fall of 2016, after seeing her daughters on antidepressants with no positive results, she did some research and found Mad in America. Disgusted, she did a 1-month "taper" and felt the jarring consequences a few weeks later. Brain fog, zero motivation, headaches, stiff muscles, Low cognitive function, crying fits, etc. She quickly jumped back to 10mg Prozac, which helped reduce symptoms. In Feb 2017, she began multivitamins, NeuroBalance (5htp and L-tyrosene) and L-Methionine upon the suggestion of a naturopathic Physician's Assistant. We're still not sure whether or not these things are helping or hindering, but she is doing OK right now. By March of 2017, she had finally stabilized on 5mg Prozac. April 2017, she reduced to 4.5mg Prozac and has felt no negative symptoms for two months. I believe her nervous system was not harmed enough to become too sensitized, so I hope she does well as she tapers VERY slowly. 15-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER This story is much sadder. She was prescribed Zoloft for anxiety in 7th grade (3 years ago). Over the years, and despite dosage increases, we never saw any reduction in anxiety symptoms, ever. We only saw the anxiety get worse. Eventually by spring of 2016, on 150mg Zoloft, the anxiety was so bad, we could barely get her to school more than two days in a row, she could not socialize with friends, go to church with the family, etc. She was a non-functioning, anxious mess. This spurred my wife to do some research, and in October of 2016, they both "tapered" off of their medications over one month. Yes, basically Cold Turkey. My daughter's symptoms were far worse than my wife's. Brain zaps, fevers, panic attacks, uncontrollable sobbing, severe agitation, brain fog, sinus infection, tinnitus, fatigue, the list goes on. At this point I was still in the Trust-Your-Doctor camp. So I convinced my wife we should get her back on AD's. The Pediatrician suggested Lexapro, and we complied. (My wife would have fought against this decision, except she was in the middle of her own withdrawal symptoms.) In Feb 2017 we found a naturopathic clinic that had helped many people taper from antidepressants. It appears their main method is to build up 5htp and L-Methionine before beginning a 3-4 month taper. While this method may work for many, it doesn't appear to be helping my daughter. And based on my research on this site, it may be causing even more anxiety and agitation. By April 11, we had tapered down to 15mg Lexapro, where she is holding. June 15, We are trying to simplify her regimen, based on the 3 KIS. She was on Fish oil, Magnesium, Vitamin D, a multivitamin, NeuroBalance (5htp), L-methionine, and Lexapro. We stopped the multivitamin and Vitamin D, and we are now trying to figure out how to taper off of the Neurobalance (5htp) and L-methionine. Once her regimen is just Fish Oil, Magnesium and Lexapro, we will reinstate the slow taper. Any suggestions on tapering the 5htp and the l-methionine? From my research, l-methionine may not be as "strong" as SAM-e, so it may not need as slow of a taper. Thoughts? Every day is a struggle for her. She has no control over anxious thoughts which lead to debilitating anxiety. She also has a constant stuffy/runny nose, which I read can be a symptom. Before all of this, she was a talented, beautiful, athletic, artistic, kind, fun, social person. Now she can barely function on a day-to-day basis. It wrenches my soul to know that we parents played a role in harming her, even with the best intentions. 12-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER She was prescribed Prozac for anxiety in Kindergarten (6+ years ago). Yes, this fact will trigger rant-mode in many of you, which is very understandable. But please know that we are still heartbroken over our mistakes, our misguided efforts to help our children, and our trust in a healthcare system that has harmed our family in ways that may be irreparable. And another thing, my wife was severely depressed years ago, and the antidepressants were a life-saving miracle for her. So when we saw our daughters struggling with things that ostensibly came from their mother's genes, the decision to prescribe antidepressants came even easier. Like our older daughter, we never saw much benefit from the Prozac with the younger, but we trusted the system and kept her on it. By 2011, she was struggling in school, so she was prescribed Vyvanse for ADHD. It helped a little. (I am currently on ADHD medication, which made that decision easier as well. I will not taper from my ADHD meds until my family reaches a point of relative stability. We just can't handle any more upheavals right now.) Last year, she developed Trichotillomania, or hair-pulling. While we have suspected it came from the prozac and adhd meds in some way, we have recently made headway in this area. We have found a Naturopathic Doctor who is very thorough and careful, as opposed to all of the other doctors we have met with who already knew the answers and would not listen to anything different. This doctor did a bunch of blood tests and found she was severely low on iron and vitamin D. I guess both of these, especially iron, can affect dopamine levels, which are directly tied to Trichotillomania and ADHD symptoms. Currently, after 6 weeks on iron and Vitamin D, her hair-pulling is occurring less, as well as other symptoms that we assumed were tied to withdrawal symptoms. Anyway, we began lowering her Prozac in January 2017. Because of issues we believe to be associated with low iron and vitamin D, it has been difficult to know which symptoms have been from tapering. Feb 9, we stopped her Vyvanse for ADHD. She was always on a low dose, and did not take it on weekends and during the summer, so we hoped cold turkey would be OK. June 15, she is currently doing OK on 10mg Prozac. Once her iron and Vitamin D are raised to a healthy level in a few months, we will reinstate a slow taper. CONCLUSION I have left out a lot, and maybe missed some key points, but at least I have a general history down. We have made a few mistakes since trying to taper last Fall, and may still be making mistakes. This forum has been very helpful and educational. When we begin tapering again, it will be extremely slowly. I welcome any suggestions, especially regarding my older daughter, who is hurting the most.
  16. Hey, everyone. Here's my introduction (I hope it's not too long): In 1994, at 19, I suffered panic attacks from being bullied in school and having cognitive errors in my thinking (perfectionism, negative self talk, etc.) My parents took me to a psychiatrist who told me I had a "chemical imbalance in my brain," prescribed me 80 mg of Prozac a day, and kicked me out the door. I received no therapy and from that day forward saw myself as a mental health patient. This diagnosis changed the course of my entire life. My Prozac took six weeks to kick in, and it brought with it a slew of side effects: generalized anxiety, hypervigilance (constant surveying the world and my body for signs of panic), stomach cramps, and irritable bowel syndrome. Like the proverbial boiling frog who doesn't notice the raising temperature, the side effects eased in to my life so slowly I thought they were a part of me and my "chemical imbalance." In essence I had a paradoxical reaction to the drug: it amplified my existing struggles but I had no idea my medication was the source. I was never told this was possible, nor was I told about the danger of trying to come off. The side effects made work outside the home, socializing, and dating extremely difficult because I was always afraid of the next wave of anxiety that would send me racing to the washroom. I watched my friends grow up and have careers, partners, and families, while I tried to buoy what was left of my self-esteem with self-help books and different therapists, none of who ever questioned the drug or the dosage. After two years of cognitive behavioral therapy to untwist the errors in my thinking, I tried coming off the drug under the supervision of my doctor in 2006 but the initial reduction of 20 mg every two weeks proved to be far too steep. When I reached zero I had a few days of bliss, then an absolute mental collapse. I developed akathisia and was unable to sit still and paced relentlessly and lost control of my emotions. I felt completely hollow and cried for no reason, all the while suffering from unspeakable anxiety. My parents debated admitting me to a hospital but was told that the doctors would check my medication levels then ask me to leave as there would be nothing they could do. I went to my psychiatrist who misdiagnosed my condition not as withdrawal but as depression and anxiety that the Prozac had been treating. Desperate not to lose my mind, I restarted the drug and lost another ten years to side effects. Two years ago I lowered my dose from 40 mg to 30 mg. Three days later I was to meet friends for dinner for as long as my anxiety would allow. I braced myself during the meal for the inevitable tsunami of mental anguish but what I felt instead was a mere ripple. I was stunned, then perplexed. When I realized what was happening and that the drug had been the cause, I burst into tears. Instead of racing home after the meal as I so often had in the past, my friends and I went to a movie. Over the past few months I've been easing off Prozac at 5 mg every six weeks. My quality of life improves with each reduction. My hypervigilance and anxiety all but vanished at 20 mg. At 15 mg I have become more social than I have ever been, and at 10 mg I feel like myself again - sort of. I've been on 10 mg of Prozac since May 9th, and I'm also on 50 mg of Seroquel. I want to get off the Prozac completely but I'm going to stay at 10 mg for at least three months until I know I'm stable. Though most of my anxiety is gone, I had a panic attack last week. I had an appointment with my psychiatrist yesterday over how much I've missed out on from the medication and cried through the whole thing. Naturally she was concerned that this might be a relapse of depression/anxiety, but I honestly feel better now than I ever did on the higher dose. So...that's me!
  17. Greetings All! I am blessed to have found you all and look forward to enlightening engagements. What a conundrum life can be, what a perplexity! But, as one inspiring author has once written "It is a great day in the life of a man (though at the time he knows it not) when bewildering perplexities concerning the mystery of life take possession of his mind, for it signifies that his era of dead indifference, of animal sloth, of mere vegetative happiness, has come to an end, and that henceforth he is to live as an aspiring, self-evolving being." I am here because I'm not sure if I made the right decision. After reading posts on this sight, and garnering much inspiration from the heartfelt writings of other recoverers, I am beginning to wonder if I am on the right track. Any insight would be appreciated. I have posted my background for anyone's information but you can skip this (as its quite long) and go straight to my question at the end under the heading "A Miraculous Intervention?". Background The beginning In 2010 I began suffering from severe OCD caused by a drug-induced psychotic episode which left me in a terrible spin. On that night I hallucinated hearing very ugly voices all around me and coming from my friends - I was extremely high on a mix of cocaine and alcohol - and I think my psyche could not take it anymore. My mind was flooded with nothing but horrendous intrusive thoughts of every abominable kind, they are truly unspeakable. This was not the fist time the psychosis set in. It had done so before when I was high on acid/LSD and to lesser extent when I'd smoke marijuana before that. I have a history of substance abuse and it was the substances that ultimately led to the outburst of severe OCD. In 2011, with these horrific intrusive thoughts banging away in my head from morning to night I managed to muster up the courage to get clean off every toxic substance that I was still consuming (alcohol, ecstasy, cocaine/cat, cigarettes). This helped me to get a job, study further and work towards having some sort of a career. [On a side-note: Externally I wasn't doing too bad. I had the respect of my family and people around me and was building a high profile social network through my work at the time - no one would've even suspected my inward suffering]. My first dose of medication By 2012 I was totally clean and working slowly to build a life. Inwardly I continued to live with this horrendous OCD which was coupled with constant anxiety and depression - it was the hell of hells. I had never known that some can suffer such a deep suffering and be forced to live with it everyday. It was my unspeakable reality. One day, after I couldn't take it anymore, I mustered up the courage to go see a psychologist. I started telling her my story and then burst out int tears in her office. She looked at me and said "Oh, child, you're suffering from OCD". It was the first time I had ever heard of the term. She was absolutely great - very instrumental to my healing. I worked with her deeply for some time as an inpatient in a psychiatric hospital. While I was there, I started seeing a psychiatrist who put me on a cocktail - Seroquel, Lexamil and one or two other drugs. They paralyzed me and after a few months I quit and resolved rather to live with my excruciating OCD-Depression-Anxiety rather than be zombified by these drugs. Second Try at Meds Then in 2014, while doing my first post-graduate degree, I couldn't take my suffering anymore. I was consuming tons of caffeine to help me concentrate and work past the OCD during exams and I just couldn't take the inward suffering. The caffeine seemed to help me concentrate but it also made my condition worse. I sought the help of an amazing CBT specialist who has been a psychological guardian angel for me. I worked with her for sometime and when I eventually opened up to her about the nature of my OCD thoughts and we jointly decided that I should consult a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist I saw was also great - she really cares about her patients and doesn't force anything onto patients but rather works with them and remains sensitive to their reactions and needs. We tried another cocktail - seroquel, fluoxetine, and something else (I cant remember). And my body immediately rejected all of them except fluoxetine. I felt so terrible form the meds that after three months of taking the fluoxetine and rotating the antipsycotic meds (we kept the fluoxetine stable while experimenting with other meds) eventually we tried an antipsycotic that made me feel so suicidal and terrible physically (tingling sensation everywhere etc.) that I decided to quit everything cold turkey. I had had enough, anything that made me want to kill myself had to go! Fluoxetine (Prozac/Nuzak) Saves the Day! Soon after however, I started experiencing painful withdrawal so I went back to my psychiatrist because I felt I needed the medication again. We then agreed to dump all the other antipsychotic meds altogether and stick to the fluoxetine because it was the only one I reacted well to. Remarkably, after a few weeks on fluoxetine my OCD symptoms began to subside. My mind felt clearer, and I had a much greater degree of peace and calm psychologically. I was very grateful because it actually made a difference for me and saved me from horrendous suffering. The fluoxetine was a life-saver. I also felt happier, less anxious and less depressed. It really changed my life for better. I wasn't 100% better of course, I still had an underlying OCD-depression-anxiety which was there but I was much much better off! I continued to take the fluoxetine (60 mg) until I got an opportunity to move to Germany for a short-term 3 year work project. Quitting Cold Turkey Again and Trying to Move On In the last yer or so of taking the fluoxetine I started to plateau. I felt okay, not great just simply okay and was able to continue with life chasing my goals and ambitions. My OCD-anxiety-depression was still there to a degree, it never left me and every now and again I'd feel quite depressed and I started to wonder if it was worth relying on the meds. Then my intuition began to nudge me to consider quitting the meds. I was feeling okay and I had started to make lifestyle changes that made me feel great and I felt that if I could sustain my new lifestyle changes then I would be able to live free of the fluoxetine. I am aware of how debilitating it can be to stay on a psych drug for so long that you depend on it, and who knows, it can turn on you anytime on the journey. I knew deep in my heart that I was not the type of person to resign myself to remain on these meds for life especially with all their long-term side-effects. So my lifestyle changes had me feeling great and I quit cold turkey in April 2017 cause I thought I was onto something. I felt great for about two months thereafter and then slowly depression and anxiety started to kick in. It grew gradually until it became debilitating. I couldn't work, I couldn't concentrate and at some point I feared if I may ruin the very three year contract that I am on. I lost all hope for the future, my life went absolutely grey and ugly. I hated everything and everyone around me! I hated life, and it felt hopeless. All my ambition, hunger for more and everything else just vanished! There I was, absolutely hopeless. When it got really bad I decided to check if it was withdrawal and I realized that it was. I know its withdrawal because my OCD has remained at the level it was after the meds helped. So the severity of the OCD has not returned and I'm so glad that I've retained that progress, its just the anxiety and hopeless gloomy depression that has been bothering me. I then found this site about two weeks ago and many other sources of info online and I realized that I was going through withdrawal and that there are brave men and women all over the world enduring and recovering from even worse. This gave me much hope. A Miraculous Intervention? After sometime however, the hope I got from this forum waned as the depressive and low states kept hammering me! I felt I couldn't take it anymore. So I decided that I'm going to go back to a local medical doctor and get them to prescribe me some fluoxetine (prozac/nuzak) again. I had lost all hope of making it without some relief from the withdrawal. How would I complete projects, work with other people and meet my targets if I all could do was lay in my room curled up in a ball of corrosive self-pity, debilitating fear, hopeless gloom, deep depression and panicky anxiety. How would any of this amount to anything? Then miraculously, some supplements I had ordered to help me based on the book The Mood Cure by Julia Ross arrived last week the day before I was to see the Dr.. I was not sure about the supplements anymore "but since they're here anyway, I might as well try them" I though to myself. So I took the supplements and went to the Dr. anyway cause I had already given up and made up my mind. When I arrived at the Dr. she was not available due to an emergency and I was told to come back the next day. Perhaps this was a miracle intervention because the supplements actually helped me feel better. I definitely do not feel the way I felt while on the fluoxetine but I think they're just enough to help me cope and get through this. Sometimes I feel great and full of energy and can concentrate on my work, other times I feel slightly depressed and low, but I can still work and get through the day with them. So my question is as follows: My OCD is under control, I've retained the gains I made on the meds despite quitting and I'm almost 5 months free of the fluoxetine (prozac/nuzak). I am experiencing terrible withdrawal characterised by deep depression and ruthless anxiety but the supplements suggested in The Mood Cure are helping me to keep going and some days they make me feel great actually. So much so that I haven't felt the desperate need to go back to the Dr. for reinstatement. However, on the other hand, I was doing okay on the fluoxetine. It had no bad immediate side-effects for me and in fact only made me better until it plateaued but even at the plateau I was much better off than I was before I started taking it. But deep within I have a drive for true healing and to be free of all toxic substances and I feel its time to move on from the drug before I become dependent on it and subject to its long-term side effects. I am now stuck between a rock and hard place: A] Go back on the fluoxetine and feel much better (or not) and possibly become its slave for life (a thought I detest) but avoid the current withdrawal and regain my ability to feel good and work at my peak performance and risk whatever long-term consequences may come (if they come at all)? ----------- OR ---------- B] Stick to my new lifestyle (gym, supplements, high quality nutritious diet, spirituality - prayer, meditation, faith) despite the pain and suffering I have to endure on this path with the hope that deep work and true healing will give birth to a new me (though this is no guarantee), a stronger me that is going to the root of my pain and suffering and facing and processing it the hard authentic way rather than masking it? My Personal Philosophy My personal philosophy is that I should rely on my own intuition and to follow our own Star. My Star seems to be calling me towards true healing and to inviting me to delve deep into my own inner abyss, my inner muck and hell and to conquer it. To conquer my laziness, selfishness, hatred and anger, jealousy, envy, pride, low self-esteem, gluttony, addictive behaviors, lack of self-control, childhood traumas and to do it authentically. My personal philosophy is that I should be free off all toxic and addictive substances and live a healthy life with the aim of changing myself into a better being not just on the outside (wealth, career, body, social status etc.) but also on the inside (spiritually, emotionally and psychologically). At the same time, its important to temper this philosophy with reality and not to be fanatical or extreme. I therefore want to consider the fork in the road where I'm at deeply and honestly before making a rash decision. Thank you very much for your time and consideration!
  18. PeppermintWind Introduction

    I am tapering off Prozac 20 mg and only on day 3. I am using the 10% reduction method monthly, meaning I am only reducing by 10% of 2O mg right now. So I have been taking 18 mg (using tablets plus liquid) for the past couple days and though I can feel my emotions again, I am having waves of anxiety that I am attempting to manage with herbal supplements. I am just wondering do the waves of anxiety get better? Prozac has made me "bipolar" and it is my goal to get off it as I am having to take Zyprexa to counteract the side effects of Prozac. Any suggestions on managing waves of anxiety?
  19. Downbutnotout: Started a bridge to get off effexor

    I made the mistake of listening to the buzz about prozac in 1992. I know that was the year because I was 42. I’m 67 now. I’ve been consistently taking drugs since that time. I went off myself 2 years ago. I took less than 2 weeks. Maybe I shouldn’t have done that. The honeymoon lasted for 3 months, then I fell apart. Then I went to a natural doctor who threw vitamins and pills at me as irresponsibly as the psychiatrists. I found out ashawanda didn’t sit well with me. I had a relapse and went back on Effexor and it seemed to work. Maybe the placebo effect. It was only 75 mg, but somebody fired me and I had a gigantic relapse on June 20 of this year. It’s been 5 months of scaring myself with drugs. Anyway an evil psychiatrist upped my Effexor at my suggestion and I really had huge problems since then. She us a sweet woman but buts the drug thing fully. And maybe it has had some merit. It must have some value. Who knows? I may have to give in and go back to them . It wouldn’t be bad if I could tolerate them. They mostly make me hyper and feel such. I had had a genetic test that confirmed they’re not great for me. Thats how I got Tms approved by my insurance company. Transcranial magnetic therapy. To to help me get over my raging, caused if course by the high dose of Effexor, she had all kinds of great suggestions. Lithium because now she hung the title bipolar on me, borderline personality disorder. My favorite was lactimil which distorted my vision, and the latest prozac which made me hyper as hell. I slept 3 hours last night on 20 mg. This was to get Effexor, which I’ve been taking for at least 20 years, out if my system! She told me me I can just stop the prozac which I’ve been taking for 10 days, mostly at 10 mg easily. Yes right. I know it’s going to be hell.!!! Oh I’ve only been off effexor for 5 days. I’d gone from 150 to 75 for a couple of months. That wasn’t hard because the 150 made me really hyper. (And I’d taken it at that level for years! ) After only stepping me down to 37 mg for 7 days. “The prozac bridge.” However, I can’t tolerate 20 so I’m bridging with 10. This prozac is nasty. I don’t like getting energized at my age. Maybe she should’ve looked st my gene test that showed conflicts with my metabolism! I was always laid back. I got 3 hours if sleep last night. No problem for her! Who needs sleep? During this changeover I am taking an anxiety drug, propranol, a beta blocker, that is not supposed to be addictive. But I’m sure it is! I’m starting tms nov 6. I want to be off the prozac by then. “ it has such a long Half life that it will just disappear.” I figure if they’re going to stimulate my brain, I don’t need prozac making me hyper. Is she not full of nonsense? She honestly believes it! I am concerned I will never recover fully. Im hoping against hope that the Tms will help me.
  20. PeppermintWind Introduction

    I am tapering off Prozac 20 mg and only on day 3. I am using the 10% reduction method monthly, meaning I am only reducing by 10% of 2O mg right now. So I have been taking 18 mg (using tablets plus liquid) for the past couple days and though I can feel my emotions again, I am having waves of anxiety that I am attempting to manage with herbal supplements. I am just wondering do the waves of anxiety get better? Prozac has made me "bipolar" and it is my goal to get off it as I am having to take Zyprexa to counteract the side effects of Prozac. Any suggestions on managing waves of anxiety?
  21. Tinnitus started about 2 1/2 weeks ago. I don't know if it's a side effect or a withdrawal symptom. Is there any help for this condition? My doctor offered valium. I don't need additional problems and so I refused. He seems to have given up on me because I'm non-compliant. He tried me on several different drugs after I stopped Abilify and Trintellix due to dystonia and tremors. I stopped all but Prozac 10 mg. Plan to stay on this for a few months then try to taper. Any advice will be appreciated. I'm glad I read that recovery is not linear. I seemed to be able to function ok yesterday, but today I was extremely depressed, dark thoughts, anxiety, hopelessness. Hoping this is a wave and will be followed by a window.
  22. 8thwonder

    12 years ago, my GP said I was depressed and put me on 20 mg Prozac as i was having strange back pain and had gotten to the point I was freaking out about it. It worked, and after 6 months I stopped cold turkey without any issues. Fast forward 10 years, and i convince myself I have tonsil cancer due to changes I notice in my tonsil. ENT continually reassured me that it wasn't, but it didn't help. I started having anxiety all the time. fast heart rate, losing weight, IBS type symptoms. I thought it was my thyroid as I never had anxiety before. most tests on thyroid came out fine. anxiety got so bad I stopped being able to sleep. I felt so sick and even considered suicide once. My GP didn't know what to do. he prescribed me buspirone and beta blocker to slow my heart rate which stayed over 100 at rest when it was normally 60. I'm 5'10 and was 180 when it started, and dropped to 168 lbs through all of this. I was not functioning due to not sleeping. GP prescribed Trazadone to sleep on my suggestion from my mom's friend who uses it on occasion. Mom suggested I try a psychiatrist as she had an episode in her past and it helped her out of it with Klonopin. I found one with her help(she works at a children's hospital). I was put on 20 mg Prozac and I forget the dosage of Klonopin (clonazepam)...maybe 1 mg twice a day. still had issues, so upped to 40 mg of Prozac. I returned to normal over time. I tapered myself off of clonazepam cutting .5 mg all the way down to 1/4 tablets. I had to due this or I had a weird tongue burning symptom that would return. I eventually was successful and was only on 40 mg of Fluoxetine. After maybe a year I was doing well, and asked to drop to 20 mg. She let me, and short time after started getting anxiety again for maybe a week, but then it went away. I stayed on 20 mg for maybe 6-8 months, and was doing well. I asked to drop again and she said the next smaller dose is 10 mg so I dropped to it about a month ago. within a week, my mother in law died, and then I woke up in the middle of the night with stabbing burning pain in center chest all the way through to my back. I thought it was crazy heartburn as I used to take prilosec for years, but had been off of them for a year after tapering. That night I found my xyphoid process due to the pain, but thought it was a tumor. It sent me into a panic attack. GP did chest x-rays and put me back on Prilosec for 6 weeks (2 more weeks left) to heal. Now I have really loose / and frequently floating stools and ever since that night my anxiety is back... even though I know what the lump is. I went to GP and told him my stool is floating or diarrhea and he now thinks a problem with my Gall bladder. Ultrasound was good and now scheduled for a HIDA test next week. I'm currently on 10 mg of Fluoxetine, but the anxiety is almost constant and now I'm unable to sleep for the last week. I'm here because I don't know what to do and hoping to find out what I should do to get in control again.
  23. Hi All, I've been on Prozac off and on for the last 10 years: Nov 2007 - 20 mg after severe anxiety/PTSD/depression after abusive relationship and bad alcohol binge. Summer 2008 - went off bc i 'felt good' Fall 2008 - WD and all original symptoms back: extreme anxiety, etc Fall 2008 - back on 20 mg until Summer 2009 - went off bc i 'felt good' ... note, prozac was always prescribed by an internal med doctor, not a specialist. took me about 10 mins each time to get a prozac diagnosis, from different docs ... ... note, always used Xanax for the symptoms until the prozac kicked in, 0.25mg - 0.5 mg several times a day ... ... repeat this process, same seasons, each year until ... Nov 2015 - severe anxiety and WD symptoms brought about by bad romantic experience (i see the pattern now..) Nov 2015 ri 20 mg of prozac by integrative psychiatrist who tested me for & determined i had: MTHFR mutation, pyroluria, copper toxicity, zinc deficiency, and put me on the Walsh protocol to treat: Zinc, Selenium, 5-HTP, B6, B12, EPO, Vit C, Vit D, Biotin. I stayed on Prozac at 20 mg for a year. I expressed my desire to not be on it, he agreed to help me wean. He never ever said a thing about WD. Honestly, i don't think he must know much about it or else he would have said. He is an open-minded doctor. July 2016 reduced to 10mg under supervision by doctor. Did not taper from 20mg to 10mg, just jumped. Was perfectly fine for one year May/June 2017 began to taper according to doctor: 10 mg every other day for a month - i did about 6 weeks Sept 23 2017 - panic attack and full-blown WD from hell symptoms. Still at this point had never heard of WD from SSRI. Had no idea it was a thing. Assumed my symptoms were my 'depression and anxiety just coming back'. Struggle for one week thinking i'll make it out. Did not go back on Prozac, wanted to try and fight it. Sept 29 spoke with dr, expressed i did not want to begin prozac, he suggested Inositol 4g x 3 each day and up 5-htp from 150mg to 200 mg per day Oct 2 after severely worsening symptoms finally crack and call my dr asking for a prescription for Prozac and Xanax. Pick up prescription but still try to tough it out a few days. Oct 5 finally cave and RI at 10mg. He is telling me RI at 10 mg for the first 7 days and then up to 20mg after that. Today - Oct 10 - discover that Prozac WD is a thing. Discover this forum, discover Rxisk.org. Feel like it makes sense that i am experience WD and not just 'anxiety and depression'. Why on Earth would my brain need fluorine molecules in it to function properly (fluoxetine). That is complete garbage. I can only infer that my nervous system has in fact become dependent on it in some way. I meet with my doctor in one week and will bring this up with him. I am unsure what to do, but feel from reading here a bit that i should RI at a lower dose, stabilize, than try to taper more slowly. I hope to god that 10mg will help me stabilize bc i feel absolutely awful. The only relief i have is a window of time from about 6pm - 10pm when i can relax and feel calm if i do some guided meditations. I sleep OK until about 530AM then wake up with extreme nervousness and can't sleep. Tossing and turning, having bad dreams for another hour or so. It's awful. It's totally unbearable. Even taking 0.75mg of Xanax does not fully relieve the anxiety. Was tapering at 10 mg every other day too slow? I would appreciate any feedback you all have on this. I need some hope - can this really be down to get off this stuff? Will I feel better again? Thanks for your feedback. I wish you all the best.
  24. Hello! I would like to begin a very slow taper of Fluoxetine (10mg) about 7 years. Attempted two years ago but didn't do properly and doctors convinced me that it wasn't the reduction of medicine doing this to me (oodles of withdrawals). Reinstated to full dose. I am currently on tablet form. My question...I want to do a 10% conservative reduction. Should I continue on tablet and cut and weigh or should I transition to capsule and count beads ( not time release ).. Requested liquid from doctor but was told since I am on such a small dose liquid would be too difficult. I am nervous to begin this journey for fear of what happened before but am going to forge ahead. So....cutting and weighing pill or counting beads and weighing for capsule? Which will allow for a more accurate, easier very slow reduction and someday jump off??? Would appreciate feedback please!!!
  25. I can't remember ever being happy. I never felt like I fit in and relationships were hard to foster. I felt like an outcast, drawing on my musical and visual influences to drive home that point. Listening to Blind Melon I had my first suicide attempt. After that in 2008 I was put on 20mg of Prozac (medicine is right but dose could have been a little higher, it was a long time ago). From there I stayed on Prozac until 2010 and stayed medication free until my anxiety became so crippling that I couldn't walk in a gym around acquaintances in 2012. Then, I was put on Bupropion which was a huge failure and then Paxil, which I stuck with Until 2014 before it's effects dwindled. During that time my depression became unbearable and I couldn't be by myself without crying. I had to leave school my senior year for 3 months and reset everything, return to therapy and look for a new medication. Eventually mid-way through my freshman year of college at the I was given cymbalta at the end of 2014. i thought I finally found it. While there was ups and downs the cymbalta helped tremendously, I almost went off pills completely near the end of 2016, and then extra stresses forced me to try extra Wellbutrin with a cymbalta dose increase. This was a disaster and caused a breakdown and second suicide attempt which landed me in the hospital. The doctor switched me to 75 mg Effexor and it did ok for awhile but my anxiety was through the roof. After two months it was too much and my doc added 300mg gabapentin 3x a day. This is kind of worked for a month and a half before I started to lose my energy, have the racing beating down thoughts and the loss of interest again. Last month the doc tried upping my Effexor to 100 with disasterous results. Now I feel stuck. Its not normal to wake up with no energy and a loss of interest in anything. Have i I been on pills too long? Do I need to take SSRIs or Tricyclate? Tricyclate deal with atypical depression, which fits well due to my inconsistent mood and spiraling ups and downs. Im not bi polar, but one doc said I have characteristics of personality disorder, which would explain the "high" highs and "low" lows. I just need help. Im a semester away from graduating and I don't want to take a pause right before the finish line. I'm a leader in most of my major studies clubs and a well-liked person on campus living in one of the most popular houses at school. Why am I so sad? I just need advice. Get on new pills, get off pills, what pills worked well temporarily. At this point, I just want to get by. Please help me.

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