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Lu-tsu says,
"Accept the situation you are in. It must be the right situation for you; that's why you are in it."

Existence cares for you. It is given to you not without any reason. It is not accidental; NOTHING IS accidental.

Whatsoever is your need is given to you. If it were your need to be in the Himalayas, you would have been in the Himalayas. And when the need arises, you will find that either you go to the Himalayas or the Himalayas come to you.

It happens... when the disciple is ready, the Master arrives. And when your inner silence is ready, God arrives. And whatsoever is needed on the path is always supplied. Existence cares, mothers.


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Inspirational links connected with spirituality & healing in relation to mental health

Please add anything you come across.

When Loving Someone With a Mental Illness, Never Underestimate the Power of Words -


Journey to a garden of peace, love & light -

How grief can instruct us and ennoble our character — with Stephen Jenkinson -


Hero Archetype -


What it Really Means to Hold Space for Someone -


The stigma of mental health issues may prevent people from seeking spiritual support
USC social worker’s test program uses spirituality as a tool to teach coping skills -


Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: the dialectic of distress and spirituality,...
by The Education Committee of ISPS-US -


Holy Irreverence: A Trilogy Series Exploring the Dark Side of the Sacred. ~ By Vanessa D. Fisher
Via elephant journal -


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Emotions and Your Nervous System

    Your emotions are invisible energies in motion that move through you with lightening-fast speed, flooding you with signals of either pleasure or pain. Like brush strokes on a blank canvas, your emotions color your world with contrast and meaning.

    For many of us, emotions seem to have an interior life and will of their own. Previously, it was thought emotions were purely mental activities generated by the brain, over which we had little or no control. We now know that emotions have as much to do with the body as with the brain. Today, the idea of the body and brain being completely separate is fast being replaced by the holistic model of mind, body and spirit being intimately connected.
    New research now shows that you can consciously choose to influence the development of your mind and emotions. It's been discovered that your heart functions as a complex information and networking center. In his book, The Biology of Belief, cellular biologist Bruce Lipton, PhD, shares current biomedical research about how your beliefs become your biology. With each heart beat, your heart communicates with your body, heart and brain through your nervous system, hormonal system, electromagnetic fields and other energetic pathways. These internal communication networks also affect the way you perceive your reality, which greatly influences the emotions you experience.

    Your emotions are perfectly reflected in your nervous system. Scientific research shows that your emotions stimulate very specific activities in your nervous system. This means that your nervous system has the intelligence to distinguish between positive and negative emotions, as well as between different negative emotions.

    One of the easiest ways scientists have found to observe the effects of emotions on the nervous system is through monitoring heart rhythms. It has been discovered that intense emotions are clearly shown in your heart's rhythms. For example, when you are experiencing intense emotions like fear, frustration, anxiety or anger, your heart rhythms are spiked and jagged and because there is a neural (nerve) connection between your heart and brain, your intense emotions greatly affect your ability to think clearly.

    However, the opposite also is true for whenever you feel loved and appreciated as you generate internal feelings of emotional well-being and your heart rhythms become synchronized and harmonious and your ability to think clearly is enhanced...........


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Except for the word 'love,' I doubt if any word is more loosely
used and less understood than 'freedom.'

Spiritually speaking, there is no such thing as financial, political
or geographical freedom. You can be a millionaire, live in a land of
liberty, have your home in a quiet countryside and still be imprisoned
by your own negativities. There is only one freedom — self-freedom.
All else is masquerade. I have seen much of this. I have given talks
in luxurious homes occupied by people living in mental dungeons."

               The Power of your Supermind, Chap. 14, p. 176

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End of All Religions Sam Harris (Audio)

Sam Harris- an outspoken leader for humanistic values, characterized by his assiduous commitment logic and reason, fighting the good fight against the dangers of organized religion and leading the charge in the march against radical Islam and the cultural myths and biases of self-imposed tolerance and religious pluralism that have ruined the peace and stability of millions and held us back for so long.

How very sad that such a beautiful, benevolent and erudite mind is continuously forced to stand alone in speaking out against heinous acts of violence and cruelty and oppose these systemic and virulent aspects of our culture—aspects that we ALL should be denouncing and rejecting en mass, which are clearly self-destructive and counter-intuitive to evolution, human progress and the overall health and well-being of our collective species as a whole.

We NEED more men like this...
and we need to support their efforts in every way possible. What say you?

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Zeitgeist’s Peter Joseph on Wealth Illusion, Structural Violence & Hope for Survival -

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Charles Eisenstein is a teacher, speaker, and writer focusing on themes of civilization, consciousness, money, and human cultural evolution. He is the author of Sacred Economics







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Thousands of pollution deaths worldwide linked to western consumers – study

Study shows extent to which US and western European demand for clothes, toys and mobile phones contributes to air pollution in developing countries -




Climate change: global reshuffle of wildlife will have huge impacts on humanity

Mass migration of species to cooler climes has profound implications for society, pushing disease-carrying insects, crop pests and crucial pollinators into new areas, says international team of scientists



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Exploring The Wisdom Of Falling Apart: Rethinking Madness from Stigma to Transformation

12th May International Launch EVENTS -


International #Emerging Proud Launch: Premiere screenings of CRAZYWISE and #Emerging Proud films, and Open Space event to ‘Re-think Madness’


Will you join us for the first ever International #EmergingProud day, supported by Crazywise, ISEN and SCN; a day of connection and innovation happening simultaneously in 8 countries around the world?

Be part of catalyzing discussions about ‘Rethinking madness’; exploring mental distress as a healthy transformation process. Together we are creating a new global social movement towards a dream we all share, in the following 8 global locations!

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Following perception up-stream: organizing ideas & the coming-into-being of phenomena -

"We are accustomed to thinking of mind as if it were inside us - in our heads. But it is the other way around. We live within a dimension of mind which is for the most part, as invisible to us as the air we breathe." - Henri Bortoft


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Spirituality, Mysticism and Esotericism


Published on 10 May 2014

Examines various internet sites to view, if you are interested in your spiritual development or Spirituality in general.
A short unbiased introduction to religions and organizations various spiritual and mystical paths and their history.

Mystical experience described in differing paths, religions and traditions available to you.
Explains how to achieve communion with ultimate reality, divinity, spiritual truth, or God through direct experience, intuition, instinct or insight.

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Shamanic Spiritual Emergencies: The Dialectic of Distress and Spirituality, with Dr. Ingo Lambrecht



Published on 10 Apr 2017


Throughout shamanic history, extreme states have been configured in relation to states of distress and spirituality. It is however not clear to what extent these states are separated, the same or if integration is at all possible.


This presentation explores the different positions possible when faced with psychotic distress and spirituality. It draws on the presenter’s experiences during his shamanic training. It considers some indigenous and current models and interventions of spiritual emergencies.



Dr. Ingo Lambrecht is a consultant clinical psychologist working at Manawanui, Māori Mental Health Service in Auckland, New Zealand. His special interests include children and adolescents, psychosis and personality issues, as well as trauma and mindfulness. He has also written on the cultural-clinical interface through clinical and psychoanalytic work in different cultural settings, and was privileged to undergo an intense shamanic training as a sangoma, a South African traditional healer. In addition to his recent book, Sangoma Trance States (AM Publishing, 2014), he has contributed articles and chapters on the relationships between culture, psychosis, and spirituality, presenting at national and international conferences on these themes.

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"Awakening into Enlightenment is to know yourself as all things....and yet profound as this is, it is only half the picture.
Waking up into your magnificence as a unique human being…that is what makes the whole picture come truly alive"

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