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Posted 25 November 2016 - 07:48 PM

Don't know if this belongs here or not but here is a really interesting article about a recent study, on the efficacy of Cannabinoids on removing damaged brain cells.


Heres the link :



Started Citalopram in 2004 (aged 14) for apparent "OCD" - 60mg - Didn't notice any real change in myself . Went through rough patch in 2009 PDoc attempted 2 week cold turkey taper and put on Mirtazapine - Massive withdrawal shock. INTENSE anxiety. Within 2 days after withdrawal kicks in cold turkey Mirtazapine - Back to 60mg Citalopam, Stabilize slowly over a few weeks. Then in 2011 dropped to 55mg - No withdrawal noticed. Few months later dropped to 50mg - No withdrawal noticed.June 2015 - decide its time to get off the tablets. Having weird random anxiety/feeling low and pretty sure its the drug. June 2015 drop to 45mg . Tiny hiccup about a week later - recover within a day. July 2015 drop to 40mg. 1 week later MASSIVE Anxiety/Panic/Confusion/Irritation. Try to ride it out for nearly 3 months. Does improve very slightly , windows longer but still not pleasant. Waves seem to hit roughly every 3 weeks. Then clear about a week. Intense Anxiety though. Back to 45mg October 2015- immediately tired, drowsy, fuzzy and cloudy. Anxiety improves but still there 1 week on. Waiting to stabilise then planning on 5% cuts with 2 month holds.June 2016 - almost fully stabilized on current dose of 45mg. Plan on tapering slowly soon.<p>November 2016 - Resumed taper. 1% decrease weekly. Currently 44.5mg November 2016. Jan 2017 42.5 mg.

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Posted 11 January 2017 - 12:26 PM

Cannabinoids are truly miraculous which is probably why big pharma is so threatened by the Marihuana industry.
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