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In Psychology Today :/

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#1 catnapt


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Posted 30 November 2016 - 06:38 AM

has anyone seen this?




"But in the past several years, fascinating studies have begun to show that antidepressant medications actually cause neurogenesis--or the actual development of new brain cells.  SSRIs, lithium, valproic acid, and other classes of antidepressant medicines cause the growth of new brain cells in areas such as the hippocampus. Brain stimulation treatments such as electroconvulsive or magnetic stimulation treatment have the same effect.  Conversely, medicines that are not antidepressants do not cause neurogenesis.  Antidepressants appear to lead to increased size of neurons, and increased connectivity between brain cells. Indeed, neurologists are now starting to use SSRI antidepressants to help the brains of stroke victims recover more quickly."


Just because there's neurogenesis, doesn't mean that's a good thing. OF COURSE there is neurogenesis,  the brain has to try to remedy the effects of the drug.



what idiots do we have doing research these days???




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Jan 8, 2017 too quick switch to single dose in the morning, 0.3mgs (bad mistake, led to a crash)

Jan 12 added low dose zyprexa for SI, took infrequently as rescue med, last dose Feb.15

Jan 26 lexapro 0.27mg Feb 25 lexapro updose back to 0.3mg due to unrelenting severe insomnia

March 1 insomnia got worse, back down to 0.29 for one day, then 0.27, then 0.25- improving!! March 17 0.24

March 7 added low dose lamictal, titrated up to 25mgs March 25

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Posted 14 February 2017 - 01:44 PM

That was an interesting article. Thanks for sharing it. Some of it actually was good. The therapy and such. Scary to think they are now using antidepressants on stroke patients. Hopefully they don't end up in w/d afterwords!!

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