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Karaeilysh: daughter on Lexapro

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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to this site and I'm really hoping for some advice..

My daughter was put on lexapro for severe anxiety, started off good she became her old happy self.. no crying. No angry just calm.. a year later had a massive meltdown at work... we took her back and they upped her meds... This time it did nothing but made her angry.. to point she was yelling and swearing couldn't walk into a supermarket without having a breakdown.. Dr again... He said to start weaning slowly which we have.. she is down to only 5 mg now.. She is very angry.. cries.. hides away in her room.. Can't sleep.. was addicted to pain strong meds so she could get a buzz to feel "alive".. if she goes below the 5 mg she gets brain tremors.. like lightning zaps in her head.. bad headaches.. dizziness. Insomnia... Its destroying her relationships and work.. she is meant to go to uni next year... Im so scared im going to walk in her room one day and find her dead.. I can't get her into a Psychiatrist until Feb next year... the dr isn't sure what to do with her.. If you have any advice any at all please.. Im just so scared.

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How old is your daughter?


When you say you have slowly reduced dosage, what are the specific doses and timeframes at each dose? Many doctors, even psychiatrists, advise tapers that are too fast for many people.


It's best if the person on the medications is posting questions and updates. Is she feeling up to posting on this site? Is she willing and interested?


Please start an introduction topic for yourself/your daughter. That will be the best place to answer your questions.


Link to start a new topic for yourself in the Introductions and updates forum

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Karaeilysh, your daughter sounds something like mine a couple of months ago. See Lexi1992 for her grueling path thru withdrawal. But she is much better and continues to improve. I had the same fears as you. But we've gotten through it, and you and she willl too.

My advice is to keep her away from psychiatrists. If they see how symptomatic she is, they will almost certainly push more ADs on her, or other drugs. She needs time, patience, and a LOT of TLC.

BTW, so post for my daughter here cuz once she got into really acute WD, she would no longer aknowledge that her problem was due to WD. It will get better for your daughter as it has gotten better for Lexi. It's slow and non-linear, tho.

edit: Link to Lex1992's introduction thread.

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