MaizeNblue81: Tapering Zoloft during severe acute Xanax WD

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What's it gonna do to me to stay at 100mg on the Zoloft till the end of the month when I go back?

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What is happening to me? I feel like I'm losing my mind! I'm laying here on the couch and it's just this dull irritated DP/DR confused brain fog evil cloud over my head with numbness and intense pressure in my forehead and down into my ears and into the back of my neck!


I feel like I'm losing all since of reality and I'm I'm having a complete psychotic breakdown! The physical symptoms and pressure in my head and ears is unbearable and the confusion brain fog and evil in my head is getting crazy! I feel like I've lost me and the old me just isn't there anymore and it's been taking over by some other crazy person!


The pressure and physical are bad but this numb confused evil cloud emotionally is scaring me and I haven't had much sleep in the last few days and it's scary and I don't know what to do and if the Zoloft isn't making this worse?

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It's almost 1am in the morning and my sleep has gone from me over the last 4-5 days and I'm losing hope! This is pure torture and misery that I can not put into words!


The pressure burning and numbness in my head is so bad I feel like my head is gonna explode and it's pounding so bad I can't relax or sleep or anything else and nothing brings me comfort or any relief from this pain!


The emotional symptoms are getting worse too! The confusion, DP/DR it's almost as if the hole world has stopped and nothing is real anymore and I can't even get my brain to comprehend or wrap my head around what's actually happened to me over the last 9 months and not knowing how long this misery will last or if I will ever recover?


I want survive this level of torture and torment another 5-6 months plus! My mind and body just want be able to take it!


No matter how many people are here or in the room I feel all alone stuck in this constant state of misery while I watch everyone else who is healthy go on with their lives while my life has stopped and is over!


All I can do is think about all I've been through since May first with the lexapro and then the Xanax now I've got to deal with the Zoloft and I just don't know if I can handle it?


I used to get migraines all the time and would have to go to the ER to get shots to knock them out but the migraines as bad as they were had nothing on this! And their is no relief for this torture and misery and I'm going on 3 months off now and no relief in sight and it's worse now than when I got out of the hospital! I feel like I'm gonna throw up!


The dull evil cloud emotions are scary and I do feel like I'm having a psychotic breakdown and I'm losing my mind! This is crazy!


When will this torture or will this torture ever end?

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Sorry things are tough at the moment Maize.

Please don't give up hope. You only have to survive this one day at a time try not to worry about next month or look further down the road to 5-6 months.

You can do it. Many people have been through this and made it back so you can too.

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I'm trying to stay hopeful but the hope is fading fast! Ive been reading more of the post from others even just coming off a AD and hearing there nightmare stories and that's the thang that scares me!


I got off Prozac in the fall of 2015 after 2 years on it and thenim may after a divorce and several other things in my life my symptoms and what I think now the WD to that finally hit me full force in my and that led to the lexapro nightmare which led to the Xanax nightmare and now I have to deal with Zoloft on top of all that!


I just feel like my brain is damaged forever and hearing the stories of people on benzobuddies coming off just a benzo and then people here coming off just AD meds I feel like I've been hit with a double whammy and I feel like I'm dying!


Now my serotonin and gaba receptors are damaged and between the two my brain has been destroyed by these poisons! Of course nothing could have ever prepared me for benzo WD ever! I means AD WD is bad but they have nothing on benzos at all and now I have to deal with both!


I don't know what to do? I got on these meds because I started having major panic attacks in my early 30s and now I can say I'm 10 times worse than I was before I took these drugs and would rather deal with the panic attacks!


I've seen 2 people now say that it took them 3 years to fully recover from these drugs and I know I want survive 3 years or even 6 more months like this!

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I just responded to your PM, but I also want to list the success stories link here on your thread. It's important that you surround your nervous system with stories of healing and hope.


 Success Stories 


I would avoid reading scary posts right now. You mentioned in your PMs that you have an account with Benzo Buddies. They also have a success stories section. 


If you narrow your view to just the negative, that's all you see. 


What you're going through is what I and many people have gone through. Your recovery may be lengthy, but that doesn't mean it's going to be continuously this bad. The acute phase after a benzo cold turkey is nothing short of sheer hell. 


I came off Halcion and Sonata (a z-drug) cold turkey after long time use and then did a rapid 10-week taper off Klonopin, which I was on for 30 years. I went into a severe state of dp/dr, lost most feeling in my body, and suffered severe memory loss. I lost weight, my vision was off, and many other very difficult symptoms.


The recovery process has been slow, but I'm able to work as a bookkeeper now, I can go for long walks, and I'm slowly getting into my hobbies of music and writing. 


So even though I'm still healing and nowhere near ready to write a success story, I'm not in that dark place where I felt like I was dying 24/7. So don't think you're going to feel like this the entire time. 


Sending healing vibes your way. Please try to find some calm distractions. Perhaps a comedy on TV or some gentle music. And also remember to eat and drink plenty of fluids throughout the day. 

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I'm trying but the pressure burning in my head is unbearable and my DP/DR confusion and thoughts are all so very scary and bad and what if I taper off the Zoloft and with all the other I went through last summer? Is this gonna get worse? I can't handle worse I feel like I'm dying now!

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Hey Maize - 


I think the time has come for you to focus away from your symptoms.  Change the Channel  It is getting to the point where your focus on your symptoms is ramping up your symptoms.


Make a list of things you can do.

Mine looks like this:

Listen to music

Phone a friend

Play on Facebook

Watch a video or TV show (uplifting is important)

Deep breathing

pat the cat

Engage my senses - touch, taste, smell, sight, sound (mindfulness)

take a walk

Coloring books

bounce a basketball

take a bath

pray - learn a prayer, like Morgane said, and repeat it over and over until it replaces the obsessive thoughts.

roll around on the floor (yoga)

tai chi (from Youtube)


That's my list - make your own list.  There are many suggestions here:  Non Drug Techniques for Coping with Emotional Symptoms


Then, when you start to ramp up - do something on your list.


It might only last for 5 minutes, but you have changed the channel, and distracted yourself and survived another 5 minutes.


Learning that symptoms are temporary is important.  I know it doesn't feel like it now, but it will pass.


So - learning how to pass the time - how to wait - how to wait some more - how to distract yourself while waiting - is key.


I believe it is the key to your survival.  You're not alone - others have been through this.  Others have survived it, even as bad as you think it is.


Thank you for being patient enough to continue taking the Zoloft.  To move too fast with the Zoloft could invite even more difficulty, and I'm sure you don't want that.


Change the channel, distract, pass the time.  And survive.  You can do this, and it will get better.

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What's it gonna do to me to stay at 100mg on the Zoloft till the end of the month when I go back? 


Maize, since you are far worse off on the 100 mg Zoloft than on the 75 mg Zoloft, I would go down to 75 mg again. You have nothing to lose. If you don't have any 75 mg pills any more, call your psychiatrist, house doctor... and simply ask for a new prescription. If they are not willing, find someone who will.



You are going through some really scary experiences but it is important to get yourself stabilised first so that you are more able to cope. Is there a hospital/facility around where you can go to in daycare and do all sorts of activities like playing/listening to music, sports, walking, drawing, painting...?


I was up to a point where it felt as if my brain was shutting down and could barely function/speak anymore but don't be anxious it is not lasting. It is because you are completely being sucked up by evil in your mind right now and are not in touch with yourself and your body anymore.


Start praying to counterbalance the evil in your mind! 



Our Father-God who art in heaven; holy is thy name. Thy kingdom come; thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven.

Give us this day our needed bread;

Help us forget the debts that other people owe to us, that all our debts may be discharged.

And shield us from the tempter's snares that are too great for us to bear;

And when they come give us the strength to overcome. 


Pray consciously, hear what your are saying and feel the meaning of the words in every cell/bone of your body! 

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This is the worst most horrific scary thing I have ever been through and these meds have destroyed and taking over my life since last May and it hasn't been the same since and I'm losing hope!


Since may I have been in two out patient programs and a two week inpatient for the detox off Xanax and multiple trips to the ER and doctors office it's been my whole life! It's getting to the point I can't function at all and have no quality of life what so ever and over the last week I've lost the ability to sleep and can't hardly do anything other than lay in my bed or on the couch with extreme fatigue and in constant misery and torment with the symptoms I have getting worse and not better!


The pressure numbness and burning in my face head ears and neck is unbearable to the point of laying in my bed on the couch or even on the floor at my moms feet just crying and rocking back and forth in constant misery!


The confusion DP/DR and intrusive thoughts are so bad I can't recognize myself in the mirror anymore I don't know what day it is half the time as one rolls into the next constant fatigue and living in my own personal hell lost with no hope and very scary thoughts in my head all the time it's crazy! And it's taking a toll on my mind and body to the point I can't take care of myself or my kids and I'm losing hope!


I called my doctor yesterday to see if they could possibly switch me back to the 50mg tablets of the Zoloft so I can start to slowly ween down off it but haven't got a call back yet so I'm still waiting on that and I have two other appointments tomorrow and Friday to deal with other health concerns I have and I can't even muster enough energy to get up and brush my teeth or take a shower and do good to function around here at all!


This is constant misery and torture and it's taking its toll and I don't know what to do? My vision is even off fatigue has set in and I can't even hardly set up to make something to eat and had to reschedule my daughter appointment and missed my daughter school event last night it was so bad and I couldn't even leave the house!


I don't know what to do I've been through so much since last May and I don't know how much more I have left to fight this or if I'll ever recover?

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Hey Maize - if you're going to the doc, ask for 1x50 mg and 2x25 mg tablets.  Tell him you want to try less, but gradually.


Then, you will start with 1x50, 1x25 and you can crush the 3rd tablet and make it into liquid.  Hold there (still taking 100mg) for at least 2 weeks to get used to it (as a liquid it will absorb into your system differently).  Then we can work on the 10% taper.


I am also wondering if moving your dose to earlier in the day will help - that is something you can do while you are waiting to see the doc. 


Take it one hour earlier each day, until it is a morning dose.  It may also clarify your symptoms, as moving the time of dose will give you a slight shift in experience.


What do you think about these suggestions?  Does the thought that you can do something give you a glimmer of hope?


What are your favorite distractions, when you are suffering?  Write about those here - I'd like to see you writing more about what you can do, rather than what you cannot.  That is the path of healing.  Find what you can do, and follow that.


It can get better, it does get better.

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Hmmmm, could be that going off Risperdal caused that worsening, rather than the increase in Zoloft.


You might try a 10% reduction of Zoloft and see what happens. It will take at least 4 days for the change to fully register in your system. Please let us know how you're doing.


Good for you keeping your mind off distressing thoughts. We call that "changing the channel." Keep at it, this is a constructive way to deal with the problem.

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Hi, Maize.


Do you have anyone who can help you with your Zoloft taper? Anyone who can make up the liquid portion for you? 


We're trying to help you, but we really need you to respond, as difficult as that is. 


Please answer:


  • Do you want to try to reduce your Zoloft?
  • Do you have anyone who can help you? 

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Well right now I'm scared out of my mind as my symptoms have gotten worse and I haven't sleep more than 2 hours at a time in the last 4-5 days and it's taking a real toll on my mind and body!


I feel really weak and dizzy and when I stand up I feel like I'm gonna pass out and I can't breath! I try and lay down but my mind want shut off and the pressure burning and numbness in my head face and neck is unbearable but my body is worn out and I don't even hardly know what day it is and I was laying down earlier and I just started shaking and couldn't breath!


All the other symptoms are bad and severe too the thoughts the confusion the DP/DR it's all horrible and without any sleep I can't hardly function and I really do feel like I'm dying!


I haven't got a call back from my doctor yet so I haven't been able to get the 50mg tablets and no I don't know how to do the liquid thing and right now I can hardly stand up much less focus enough to do that!

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Okay Maize!


Relax.  I think we can figure this out so that you don't have to do liquid yet.


We've got to get you feeling better and fast.


Call your doctor.  You might even tell him you want to do this:


Ask for 100 mg prescription as follows:

1 x 50 mg

2 x 25 mg.


Then, when you get the prescription, cut one of the 25 mg in half, so that you will be taking 87.5 mg/day.  You will stay on 87.5 mg for at least a month, hopefully you will feel better to try liquid for the next step, but if not, we'll keep trying to work with you.


This should ease some of your drug load, and hopefully reduce your symptoms.


Does that sound easy enough? 

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Yes and it would be the only way I know how to do it. Right now I'm more miserable and scared than usual cause here I am again at 1am and can't sleep but I'm so tired and exhausted I can't hardly breath or walk or keep my eyes open but I can't sleep. I haven't sleep much in 4-5 days now and no more than a few hours at a time and it's really taking a toll on my mind and body!


All of my symptoms are 10x worse with all this lack of sleep and I feel like I'm dying and gonna have a nervous breakdown! I mean everything the pressure and numbness in my head face and neck, the confusion DP/DR, the agitation, anxiety, fear, and the aggression and horrible evil thoughts are even worse and it's scary!


When I walk it feels like gravity is pulling down hard on my head and my body and my vision is all blurred extreme Brian fog and nausea and my body aches and is shaking and begging for sleep and I know this can't be good to be this tired having to deal with these symptoms it's just getting worse with no sleep!


Is this normal and what can I do? I can't keep going like this ok extremely worried about what it's doing to my health not just in mind but body too!


I'm gonna call the doctor back tomorrow and see what's going on about getting the 50mg tablets but right now I just need sleep and I don't know what to do?

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Ok I'm losing my mind and it's getting worse by the day! I honestly feel like I'm dying and having a psycho breakdown! I haven't sleep much at all in the last 5-6 days and my symptoms are scaring me and I'm losing touch with myself and all reality!


I'm completely exhausted but I can't sleep and I'm sure that doesn't help but I can't at all! The pressure numbness and pounding in my head face and neck is so bad I guess that mixed with no sleep I can't hardly function at all and I feel like I'm losing my mind! The pressure and pain in my head is so bad I can't hardly stand up and my nervous system is shot and I'm shaking and twitching all over the place!


Severe confusion DP/DR to the point of being delirious and not even knowing what's going on so all I can do is grab my head in pain and confusion and say help me lord!


The horrible evil intrusive thoughts are getting so bad I'm scaring my self and I have to constantly stay browsing on my phone or try to find something else to occupy my mind to not think the things that are in my head!


This is not living at all it's just trying to exist from one minute to the next and I feel like I'm all alone in my own personal torment and there is no help or relief in sight! My mind and body can't take much more I want survive this way for months and months more!

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I feel like I'm about to have a nervous break down or my body is just gonna shut down! My vision is getting bad too the brain fog and blurry vision it's bad!!!!

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Maize. Does that sound like something you can do ?  87.5mg ( tablet form ) as JanCarol suggested ? Please let us know your thoughts.


Now, you are not dying. It might feel like it. It does at times however it's just feelings and feelings can't really hurt you. Keep saying that to yourself.


I went through the most excruciating nights, night after night endlessly without sleeping and often in pain as well for a very long time. It's hard and I wouldn't wish it on anyone. It can make you crazy and it does tend to at times.


You're exhausted and if you could just sleep .....    everything could be so much better. Agreed. Sleep does eventually return.


That's so true and I feel your pain. Without sleep, symptoms seem to amplify and the tenuous grip on reality can become even harder to sustain. 


It's probably time to address some coping skills : what are you doing in that respect ? Have you read the links provided ? Are you reading around the site to find information and tips ?


Have you read :   Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms


Have you tried daily meditation, guided sleep meditations, magnesium baths, walking in the sun , deep breathing , games, comedy, coloring, praying, journaling, yoga etc. The list goes on .....


You get the idea.There are a myriad of activities to try . I hope you start to at least begin to explore some of them. See what " floats your boat " .


Have a little read around and start to get an idea of what could possibly bring you some joy whilst going through this experience. It will help, not only now but in the long term as well for the rest of your life. 

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I just feel like my life is over and there is no escape now and nothing but pain and misery ahead! I have lost 9 months of my life to these drugs and the thing that was saposed to help me has destroyed my life! I took a shower today and looked in the mirror and didn't even recognize the person I saw anymore! I watch everyone else go on living their lives and it's like watching life happen looking from the outside in and being stuck in this unreal horrible situation not being able to do anything or go anywhere and watching my family go about life without me while I'm stuck in my own personal hell that I can't escape from!


I've lost me my personality my health my mind and body have been through so much since last May I don't even remember the last time I smiled or had any kind of life or laughed or had hope! J haven't slept much at all over the last week and the insomnia really just got this way recently and I'm losing hope!


I don't even know where the time has went since May and can't remember anything but this misery and torment! The pressure numbness burning in my head is so severe I can't hardly function and the confusion DP/DR is so bad along with the intrusive thoughts all I can do is rock back and forth and cry!

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Maize, you haven't lost anything, it only looks like that. 


Yes, it is all confusing, painful, scary, stressful... but as long as you only keep repeating yourself, nothing will change. Pull yourself together and bring about some change. We can't do it for you, we can only try to help you based on our own experiences. 

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I just don't know what to do? I just cleaned my room and even looking at the clothes I used to wear made me realize how much this has affected my life! My life has been completely destroyed and taking all my hope for any kind of a future! I've lost my kids my health and my life!


I don't know what I'm doing or what I can do to help? I feel all alone and no one in my family or around me understands what I'm going through. They just look at me like I'm crazy and keep on going like I'm not even here and I'm stuck in this torture and torment all by myself and feel completely separated from my what was my life and my family!


I don't sleep anymore and about all I can do is pace around the house or lay in my bed or on the couch and rock back and forth and cry and say lord help me!


I can't get the doctor to get me the scrip I need to start tapering off the Zoloft which now I realize I should have refused regardless of what anyone thought but I didn't know all there was to know about these drugs or what I was in for and now on top of the lexapro nightmare in the summer and then the evil that is Xanax I have to deal with Zoloft again and that can't be good for my brain!


The pressure and numbness in my head is unbearable and the DP/DR confusion is horrible nothing seems real anymore and I've missed out on my life and any kind of enjoyment since may because of these drugs and I honestly feel like I'm going to die and there is no hope for me the best is all behind me and nothing to look forward to except more pain and suffering!

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Maize, we know that you are not crazy because we’ve been through our own personal hell and so understand. Your family, however, doesn’t understand because they don’t know what these so-called medicines can do and what you are going through in your mind. You are probably even scaring them off with your behavior right now, so you cannot blame them because they are not able to help you in the state that you are now in. If they don’t keep their distance, you will pull them down as well. And that is something that you don’t want to happen, do you?


You can start reading some of the stories here on the website so that you realize that you are not the only one going through hell and that you are certainly not alone. Start writing your story in a diary so that the strain on your mind becomes less.  


If you can’t get the doctor, then find another one who is more understanding and willing to help you. Ask a neighbor/friend/family member to help you call around. Can the pills be dissolved in water?

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Well I talked to my doctor today or at least his nurse and he said that he got in touch with him and all he could say is if I'm ready to come off it break the pill I'm half and go straight down to 50mg and go from there but I've been on this over 3 months now and I don't know if it's such a good idea dropping that much off the bat since I've been on the 100mg now over 6 weeks!


And that's the problem cause none of the doctors I've talked not even in the hospital understand hence me being put on Zoloft and pretty much forced to take it cause they thought I was crazy!


So now this is just something else to worry about and more damage to my brain but they are not the ones suffering! The nurse even basically laughed at me when I told him I was still suffering horrific symptoms from coming off the Xanax and the Zoloft wasn't helping so I wanted to get off and he said that if I've been off it that long I shouldn't have anymore WD but I just laughed then and let that one go!


I have a appointment on the 31st so when I go back I'm I'm gonna ask for 50mg tablets which will make it easier to taper off as close to the 10% as I can.


Right now the most pressing issues is the insomnia that has caused me to not be able to sleep and this horrible intense pressure and burning and numbness in my head that is relentless and everytime I squint my eyes or tense up the numbness and pressure in my head is so bad and I get this buzzing noise in my head and ears too'!


I've been walking around the house like I'm a state of complete confusion and heavy DP/DR and I just feel like I'm losing my mind and getting better isn't going to happen and I can't talk to my parents about this cause they don't understand! When I tried to tell my dad a about it he just said he didn't believe me and basically I was just crazy!


I'm here I know I'm breathing but I don't feel alive at all!


What cause this head pressure and when or will it every go away?

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It's good to see you thinking about how to move forward with a taper. The 50 mg tablets will make things easier for you, good idea!


The head pressure can be a withdrawal symptom. When it is caused by withdrawal it does go away.

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Will it has to be cause it want there before the head pressure and numbness but it is now and it is relentless and one of the worst symptoms I have!

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A few months ago, I talked to a mother whose daughter had also been put on a heavy dose of psychotic drugs in a psychiatric ward. Feeling more dead than alive and being treated very disrespectfully, the parents decided to move their daughter to another hospital. There the psychiatrist decided to reduce the medication by half and the daughter was gradually recovering and feeling much better.


So apparently there is no real harm if that is what the body/mind needs to find balance. It is up to you and see if you want to try this and observe how the body/mind reacts. You have to do what is best for you but you are the only one who can tell.


It took me months to finally decide to switch from Invega tablets to Risperdal liquid because I was so fearful of the reaction of my body/mind but there wasn't any.


Do you drink a lot of water?

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Well I'm not really sure what I want to do other than I go back to the doctor on the 31 and I may just try and get the 50mg tablets and try and do a little slower taper like every couple of weeks till I can get completely off of it and it's so hard to tell what's the side effects of the acute benzo WD and what the Zoloft is doing to me cause the Xanax symptoms are still so severe!


Yes I drink water constantly and right now the issue is sleep, confusion and constant pressure and numbness in my head!

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What is happening to me? I can't handle this anymore! The physical pain and pressure in my head is unbearable and getting worse to the point I can't sleep or even function at all.


This is all taking its toll and I don't know how much more I can handle or take mentally or physically?


The pressure in my head extreme confusion DP/DR it's all too much! I feel like on on the edge of a complete breakdown and my mom is wanting to take me to a hospital it's so bad!


I don't hardly know where I am or what day it is. I can't sleep all I do toss and turn or set and rock back and forth crying in pain and the suffering is just taking its toll on my mind and body!


I tried to do the dishes earlier and with so much pressure in my head and confusion I couldn't even focus enough to do anything! All I can do is set in the floor rock back and forth cry and beg for help! This is crazy!


Is any of this normal? Is it normal to have this much head pressure or these kind of acut symptoms after 13 almost 14 weeks off?

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Could the Zoloft be making any off this worse?

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Ok losing it and all hope is fading! The intense pressure, numbness, and burning in my brain is so bad I can't hardly get out of the bed! I just lay still rock back and forth stare at the walls and cry!


Right now this is one of my worst if not the worst symptoms that has rendered me completely useless and miserable! Hope is fading fast and it's gotten to the point that not setting here reading post or trying to post anything myself is extremely difficult!


When I stand up the pressure in my head is so bad I get really dizzy and nauseous and it feels like something is dragging me to the ground and when I lay dow it's just numb and so much pressure and pain I can't breath or hardly move!


Extreme fatigue confusion, DP/DR intrusive thoughts is all pretty bad too and I just don't understand what's happening to me or why my symptoms are so bad and still in a severe acute after 14 weeks off?


I've read on BB that some don't even have head pressure and most of those that do it usually goes away within the first few months and mine has actually gotten worse to the long point I can't breath move or do anything!

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Maize - is venting like you've been doing in your posts actually helping you?


You may want to consider journalling. There are ideas and discussion in this topic:

Journaling and/or therapeutic writing

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We've discussed the possibility you might be having an adverse reaction to Zoloft. We can't really pin it down because you went off Risperdal at the same time you went on Zoloft, and it's hard to see from your symptom pattern what effect the Zoloft might have.


The only way to determine if a reduction in Zoloft might help is to reduce the Zoloft slightly and see what happens.



Oh and I do remember it got worse about a week or seemed like my symptoms increased about a week after going up to 100mg on the Zoloft and coming off the resperdal it did get noticeably worse after that.


Hmmmm, could be that going off Risperdal caused that worsening, rather than the increase in Zoloft.


You might try a 10% reduction of Zoloft and see what happens. It will take at least 4 days for the change to fully register in your system. Please let us know how you're doing.


Good for you keeping your mind off distressing thoughts. We call that "changing the channel." Keep at it, this is a constructive way to deal with the problem.


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I'm going back into the doctor on the 31st to get the 50mg tablets to start doing that! I was just told you can have a kindling effect from AD as well as benzos? Is this what I'm experiencing and why the Zoloft could be making me worse?


I don't know what to do I didn't now that Xanax could do this to me and I isn't want to go back on any other meds at the hospital but they were basically forced on me! So know that I have to taper off that after 3 months is this gonna make this nightmare worse!


I can't handle worse! I feel like I'm dying now with this constant and intense pressure and numbness in my head it's unbearable! The DP/DR confusion and intrusive thoughts are all bad too I can't hardly get out of bed or function at all and all I do is set or lay or rock back and forth and cry all day 24/7!


Please help me

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I'm laying here in bed now at almost 3am feeling like I'm losing my mind! The pressure numbness and burning dull pain in my head is unbearable and relentless! I feel like I'm having a psychotic breakdown mentally the severe DP/DR, confusion horrible evil intrusive thoughts it's all too much and I'm beginning to wander if I'm not still in acute benzo WD and if I haven't screwed up my brain even more with these AD and now Zoloft!


I don't know what to do I can't handle anymore torture and torment this is crazy! I feel like my brain is messed up forever lost no hope and I'm scared of what's happening to me!

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Why is the head pressure and numbness so bad this far out? My brain still feels like my head is in a vice and constant burning, numbness, and pressure in my forehead up to the middle part of my head down into my ears into the back of my neck and a buzzing sound in my ears wit extreme pressure and pain any time I tend my head up or yawn or put any pressure on my head at all!


Over the last week the insomnia has been bad too with constant confusion severe DP/DR horrible intrusive thoughts extreme fatigue it's all gotten worse and I feel like I'm losing my mind!


I did take a walk today but it was almost like not even being in reality when I was walking extreme confusion and pressure in my head it was almost like being there but not being really there I can't even focus on tv or movies anymore I'm just stuck in my own little world of torment and torture with no end in sight is any of this normal at 14 weeks out and is the Zoloft really making all this worse and because of kindling and poly drugging I'm in for more suffering and pain for a long time?

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