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Get Ready to Hate Pharma Even More

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Posted 12 January 2017 - 12:16 AM



"The FDA has just approved a drug to treat pseudobulbar affect. There is a push to declare pseudobulbar affect a common and often unrecognized condition. Pseudobulbar affect is a state where the patient’s mood is very labile, and they are easily moved to tears or laughter. It is an uncommon clinical finding...[but] is a very common symptom in patients who are withdrawing from SSRIs. Education courses are showing up, to teach the doctor to recognize what is described as a common and under diagnosed problem. So, when the patient who doesn’t realize that they are in withdrawal shows up with pseudobulbar affect, the psychiatrist is going to be able to make a diagnosis and prescribe another drug – anything as long as the withdrawal syndrome remains disguised as new illnesses."


At least we won't have to suffer from neuro-emotions anymore..




Side note, I'm assuming this is accurate, but I haven't researched it myself yet.

Jan 11 2016: began weight restoring/anorexia recovery (threw hormones out of whack)

Apr 24 2016: began 20 mg citalopram

Aug 1 2016: 20 to 15 mg

Aug 22 2016: 15 to 10 mg

Sep 16 2016: reinstated to 12mg

Dec 1 2016: 12 to 11 mg


Side effects/WD effects:

Constant: high prolactin/gynecomastiaedema, malaise, extreme fatigue, messed hunger cuesextreme hunger, sibo/leaky gut, food intolerances, concentration problemsneuro-emotions, weight gain/hypercortisolism, increased hair growth, stretch marks, suicidal

On/off: acne, insomnia, vomiting, dry heaving, cracking lips, headaches, anhedonia, muscle pain, increased sweating, depression, wired feeling, muscle pain, pssd

Dormant: nausea, galactorrhea, heartburn, extreme thirst, dpdr, blood sugar problems