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Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland

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Posted 12 January 2017 - 03:39 AM

Hi there,


The Czech republic, Poland, Slovakia and Hungary have common medical history of Soviet union. Ive found problems/topics I haven’t read about on American recovery websites. Lets share it!

For example:

-huge mental hospitals from 19th century, which reform only to more biological models and less human rights

-public insurance, which tends to control doctors and patients more strictly

-doctor has the power to cancel your driving license if you don’t cooperate

-doctors are prone to use power, is in the past during Soviet union

-recovery is only advertisement for Non-governmental organisations, real alternative is missing

-recovery information in Czech language is rather missing

2001 - diagnosis final: schizophrenic. Antipsychotics and antidepressant, various doses and types. A/Ds for zyprexa compensation

2007 - changing citalec to wellbutrin. New diagnosis: border-line personality

2012 - 5mg of zyprexa and 150 Wellbutrin, adopting ayurveda helped
2015 - gradual tapering off, by skipping days to complete withdrawal; Result: deep depression, psychospiritual emergence/rebound - most hard was paranoia, black perception and insomnia
2016, jan - hospitalized and remedicated, first to 15mg Zyprexa; lowered to 5mg of Zyprexa when discharged. 
2016, july -  quite succesful without antidepressants. 4,5mg Zyprexa.

2016, sept – stress + tantric yoga/magic hazard, hospitalized again, forced treatment: 10 mg Zyprexa and 400mg amisulprid (Amilia).

Current medications and dosages:
5mg Zyprexa (1st of March 2017), 0mg amisulprid (27th of March 2017). Planning to reduce to 2,5mg Zyprexa till summer 2017. Then, when appropriate, full withdrawel, diligently following recovery method


Current supplements: fish oil, Vitamin B+ and magnesium, Ayurvedic herbs (morning: Chawanprash, evening: hot milk with "sleeping formula" made by Pukka herbs with anitpsychotic herbs)