Appeasing Psychiatry Syndrome (APS)

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Hi fema

Great article ,we can dream that the wider public could learn of this abuse ,it will take a very long time to change a mind set like they have.

Its disgusting what has gone on .

Countless lives gone and ruined over these drugs and its so easy to blame the persons so called  disease.It boils my blood .Even psychiatry without drugs is dangerous if we totally put our faith in what they say about our history in an hours  session.


Big mafia rather than big pharma they should b called.


Its up too us to stand up to the doctors and psychiatrist and say no way your wrong.


Just look at the huge fines big pharma pay out to governments and the out of court settlement's to thousands of  people,   collateral damage that's all we are.


Robert Whitakers mad in America is brilliant, my go to site along side this one  .

All we can do is never give up and show the people that give out these diagnoses and drugs there is a less harmful and better way .

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Yes I will not give up, there are many ways I can expand my efforts. The world is changing fast.

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