Shortcake: Effexor withdrawal. When will it end?

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I'm glad my math explanation helped.  You could try 1 extra bead to start with.


Some people have mentioned that they can get windows and waves moment by moment throughout a day, so I don't think what you are experiencing is anything unusual.


I'm not sure if it's been posted before but this really helps me (I think because I have solved a Rubiks cube by following along with a YouTube video and realise how messed up it can seem at times and because it is visual) to remember what is going on Video:  Healing From Antidepressants - Patterns of Recovery

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I can go from window to wave on alternate days.  We just have to try and ride it out.


What about the Ativan "as required"?  I have experience of that medication, years ago.  It could be a big fly in the ointment, so to speak.  It is notorious, and was, even in the 1980s just after it came out.  "Non-addictive !", they shouted.

I found it relieved anxiety for a few hours but eventually gave chronic depression.

I believe nowadays, our GPs are instructed to prescribe it for only a max of four weeks.

However, it is perfectly understandable that you will have needed extra anxiety relief after your traumas.

Best wishes,


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Thank you Chessie, I had seen that before but it was a good reminder.  Sometimes I forget I have withdrawal and I think "wow... My mind is really messed up.  I need drugs or something"  but the drugs did this.  I just want to get back to myself.  Something needs to change soon because i feel like at times things are getting WORSE.  


Peng, yeah... I have a love hate relationship with ativan. Sometimes i really need it to get me through hard times... But i dont like the after effects.  I dont take it "willy nilly", only when its a last resort.  


All i know is that i cant do this for much longer.  I need to get back to work to pay the bills and rent.  I need to be a good mom again.  Ill do whatever it takes.

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Ativan is probably the worst thing you could subject your already delicate nervous system careful. :)

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