Spectator Article: Features How the stress industry is gaslighting Britain

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Distraut, please include a summary of the article so that people know why it is relevant. I know that the title you've created for this topic is that of the article -- and providing more information would help other members and readers decide if it's worthwhile to click the link.


Some excerpts from the linked article:



Arguably the cruellest thing you can do to human beings is to rob them of faith in their own sanity. People can endure physical torment, even torture, so long as their minds are clear. If they feel sane, they can still make sense of what is happening to them and work out how to survive. But if you undermine somebody’s mental stability, they soon unravel. In the words of John Milton’s Satan in Paradise Lost, ‘Which way I fly is hell; myself am hell;/And in the lowest deep a lower deep,/Still threatening to devour me, opens wide.’




Emotions such as fear, nervousness, anger, frustration and worry used to be accepted as normal, however unpleasant. Now they are being pathologised by pseudoscience that uses the control term ‘stress’ for stimulus, response, interaction and transaction. In the clinical literature it can embrace the entire emotional spectrum, which is not only bogus but also deeply unsettling.

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You are right.  Those phrases are VERY significant. Many thanks Scallywag

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