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Put my Pristiq tablets in to be compounded today and I asked the compounding pharmacist about the slow release and he told me it is in the capsule, not added to the ground up tablet.


My compounder charges me $75 for 500 capsules based on a bulk order.  I provide my own tablets.  And he uses different coloured capsules for different doses :D


If anyone in the Sydney area is interested, please PM me and I can provide the details of this pharmacy.

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Chessie, that sounds like a brilliant solution to tapering Pristiq. How long does the prolonged-release additive extend the effect of the drug?

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Roy Katz of can ship to any state in the U.S. with a doctor's prescription. Roy will speak with your doctor to explain how it works. He is an expert in custom compounding Cymbalta and has helped hundreds from the Facebook group " Cymbalta Hurts Worse ". We have used him about 3 years with no complaints. About $60.00 a month. He will provide the paperwork for the patient to file insurance reimbursement if needed.

Dec. 29, 2016 -- Update

Update on Roy Katz, customRX. He is no longer practicing.

I am now working with a new compounding pharmacy in called Pharmacy Solutions. - Important to ask for Michelle Wong.

They can fulfill prescriptions in 34 U.S. States. I'm working to get them up to speed on Cymbalta tapering, as well as co-coordinating with the prescribing doctor. There is a learning curve for sure as this drug is like no other for some people.

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add update on pharmacy

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BethSimmons, as I asked before, how does Roy Katz compound Cymbalta, other than put the beads into other capsules?

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I thought I would post this here to help anyone who is trying to calculate their doses for compounding.


I will be dropping by less than 10% so I hope to only have to hold for 3 weeks to start but I will have additional 2mg x 42 and 1mg x 21 if I need them.


Col 1 = No of days on the dose
Col 2 = dose
Other columns are how many tablets I need of each dose for the no of days

Col 1                2        3            4            5           6          7

No of Days     MG     20mg     10mg      5mg      2mg      1mg
21                   29       21                        21         39          6
21                   27       21                        21         21
21                   25       21                        21
21                   24       21                                     42
28                   23       28                                     28        28
28                   22       28                                     28
28                   21       28                                                 28
28                   20       28                                                    .

21                   19                    21           21         42
21                   18                    21           21                     21
21                   17                    21           TBA
21                   16                    21           TBA
21                   15                    21

Row 1                         196       Later       105       200        83

Row 2                           200                     100       200      100
Row 3                           20mg                   5mg     2mg      1mg

Row 4                           4000                    500      400       100     5000
Row 6                                                                                        50
Row 7                                                                                        50 tabs needed

Rows below the underlining are the start of my next batch of compounded tablets.

Row 1 = total number of capsules needed of that particular dose
Row 2 = rounded to nearest 100 (which is the minimum quantity of a dose)
Row 3 = is just for ease of seeing what quantity I need of each dose for ordering
Row 4 = this is the total of the dose to work out how many 100mg tablets are needed
Row 6 = Row 4 total divided by 100mg tablets

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