Candida Albicans overgrowth / Yeast infections

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So the results are in, and I have the following news to share:

I DO NOT have Candida overgrowth or any fungal issues (aka "Mycology")

I DO NOT have any parasites

I DO NOT have a leaky gut

My Triglycerides are high (need to continue eating high fibre, low fat diet)

Good bacteria are on the low side - need to build these back up

Would benefit from having food allergies tested and also for possible SIBO

Am going to slowly re-introduce food groups on a weekly rotational basis....

Can hardly believe this news!!!

Forgot to mention:


NO faecal (sp?) blood either


Although this was good news for me, I am not complacent but am just very aware of what I'm eating now and how important gut health is.


It was worth having this health scare to get healthier.          


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Next step is to get tested for SIBO.....

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Since seeing my Naturopath last month and getting a positive response i.e. NO Candida overgrowth......as mentioned above, I am going to get tested for SIBO in July (when we'll have some money available).


I am also on a range of supplements to boost my immune system and increase the "good" bacteria in my gut.


Although my BMI has decreased, I have lost muscle mass and increased body fat :( this means I have to step up floor exercises, as I stopped doing them for a month due to recurrent UTIs/Cystitis.

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