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Exposed: National disgrace as a quarter of a million patients are turned into DRUG ADDICTS by their doctors

Benzos Prescription medicine

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Posted 27 March 2017 - 10:56 PM

Exposed: National disgrace as a quarter of a million patients are turned into DRUG ADDICTS by their doctors


 Article in Daily Mail exposing the medical profession of over-prescribing of Benzos and anti-depressants


This is why today the Mail is backing a plea to the Government issued by the British Medical Association, the Royal College of Psychiatrists, the British Psychological Society and 16 other leading medical organisations and patient groups for a national 24-hour helpline for people innocently hooked on prescription drugs.


Even when it's done properly, withdrawal from benzodiazepines can take 'months or years', says the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 

Withdrawal should be done gradually, and only with proper support, adds Stephen Buckley, Mind's spokesperson on mental health problems and their treatments.

'We hear from lots of people who have been on antidepressants for a long time and want to come off them but with limited time and money and a huge number of patients to see, not every GP is set up to help,' he says.

Indeed, while some GPs are aware of side-effects and withdrawal effects, and understand, for example, the importance of slowly reducing the dose, 'others deny that the drugs can cause these problems, or insist on rapid tapers which can cause great harm to patients', according to a report on the helpline proposal presented to the Government last year.

GPs point to a lack of specialist services to which they can refer patients.

cannabis: Spring 2002 - Dec. 2007; regularly smoked, stopped cold turkey; symptoms: paranoid and depressed

Paroxetine: 20 mg July 2008, 40 mg October, 20 mg spring 2009, 0 mg summer 2009

Depakote (sodium valproate): October 2008 - Spring 2009

Haloperdidol 1 week Oct. 2008, H caused seizures, went to A&E;  stopped taking it.

Citalopram few weeks in the fall of 2009 to deal with withdrawal symptoms from stopping paroxetine

Paroxetine round 2: 20 mg Feb - summer 2010 -20mg don't remeber if I went up to 40mg

Venlafaxine & sodium valproate (again): Sep 2010 - Summer 2012  

SERTRALINE: November 2012 - May 2016 , 50-100mg (few days @ 150mg in Summer '15). a complete freak out at the end of April. 

May 2016 Prescribed Lithium and Abilify HAVE NOT TAKEN

No medications May 2016 - October 2016

Hospitalised - November 13th 2016 - Prescribed 15 mg Mirtazapine/Remeron which was taken until  6th December 2016, decreased to 7.5 mg

Reducing since 24 December 2016.  Now taking approx. 1.25 mg & CBT weekly

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Posted 28 March 2017 - 12:05 AM

Just read it .......


'I cannot thank the Daily Mail enough for publicly backing the call for a helpline and an inquiry,' he says.

'This scandal has been swept under the carpet for decades by governments terrified of taking the lid off a Pandora's box. 

'In the process they have ignored the suffering of innocent patients who've only taken these drugs as directed by their doctors.'

'And yet — unlike illicit drugs — there are hardly any dedicated services to support them.'


'But because there is no specific help available, we believe a lot more people are just not coming forward.'

Well the truth continues to come out but in all honesty will anything change...lets hope so.

2000 amitryptaline, nortriptaline venlafaxine clonazepam for  arm pain from keyboard use, told I had a chemical imbalance it would fix my arm was just a matter of finding the right med for me not informed of the nature of these drugs assured safe and not addictive, CT off Effexor after being told to double the dose on reporting adverse effects...later ..uncharacteristic psych panic tearful presented to doctor to get answers. Given paroxetine no questions asked 'safe and not addictive' next please.2001-2010 paroxetine (paxil) 2 failed attempts to quit, a learned helplessness set in. Feb 10 - Sept 10,  8 month clueless taper, hell. Doc said I had underlying depression .. I said that's not right' then found online support group and the truth!...overcome with inconceivable humiliation and outrage. 28 Sept 10 drug free ...  daily psych and emotional torture beginning in the waking hours of the morning receding somewhat in the evening only to start up again the next day. 28 Sept 12 (24 months) Stabilizing  (What an indescribable unimaginable non-functional nightmare). sleep issues start up at 3 yrs  waking daily at 2am -4.30am), April 2016 return to sport for the first time since drug free, Sept 16 return to work on casual basis.  28 Sept 16 (6yrs drug free), still cant sleep with any regularity, pssd continues no sign of improvement, still feel Rip van Winkle-ish, brain fog still improving, psoriasis concerns.


"It is unsafe for people who suffer from something that could be treated with an ssri to consult a psychiatrist." Gotzshe 2015. [ I think Gotzsche could have easily meant to say 'to consult anyone with prescribing privileges']. "Going to a psychiatrist is one of the most dangerous actions a person can take." Breggin


“Paroxetine is not safe, it is not effective and it meets every known definition of addictive.” McLaren, N, (2016) 'Psychiatry as bullsh*t’ p55..."Psychiatry is stuffed full of 'deep nonsense' better known as bullsh*t." McLaren 2016


"Within the first week of when you go on an antidepressant you may have a sexual dysfunction, it can go on forever, often only appearing when you go off the drug ...its extraordinarily common" Healy 2015


See  my intro post #451 for the xanax back story and for a CV -GSKs.  Come on guys get taperwise see a TaperMe Schedule

 For a staggeringly shocking 'prozac back story' see the truth post #523


"If I were an enemy combatant and the NZ army did this to me someone would be dragged to the Hague and jailed!"  nz11

#3 peng


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Posted 28 March 2017 - 01:41 AM

The Daily Mail is regarded by many in the UK as not the paper of choice - to say the least.


However, the message in the article will seem loud, clear and reasonably informed to many of us on SA.

So, here's hoping some good and an end of suffering for those experiencing or having experienced the misery of years - even decades - of a life dominated by prescribed drugs. (Including self.)


Thanks for posting, D.  (thumbs).

1977 - Collapse of health at 32 after 12 years of irregular and stressful shift work. 1977-84Ativan, then 1984-2002 Anafranil.  2002-13 – Effexor XL 150-187.5mg.

2014 Jan -2016 Jun. Had to raise Effexor to 225mg due external crisis.  Chronic fatigue, tiredness and low mood.  Felt I had reached a brick wall as far as medication went. 2016/6 - Blood tests, Folic acid.

2016 17Jun - Feeling better within a couple of days. 2016 13Jul  -  212.5mg Effexor. (-5.5%). 2016  6Aug  - 200.0mg Effexor. (-5.9%) 24Aug - 187.5mg Effexor. (-6.3%). 13Sep – 175.0mg Effexor (-6.7% .   Folic acid finished after 80 days.  Feeling best for a couple of years. 22Sep – GP Prescribed 5mg Folic Acid/day tfn.   3Oct   - 162.5mg Effexor (-7.1%)  7mg Omeprazole.   2016 15Oct -disappointing to hit extreme fatigue again after 3.5 months, by 23Oct not bad again, despite having cold and old familiar sinusitis. 26Oct - 150mg Effexor (-7.7%). 3mg Omeprazole. 31Oct - 2mg Omeprazole, off 5mg Folic Acid. 7Nov - ZERO Omeprazole.

2017 9Jan - 150mg Effexor. Stalled at this dose for >2 mo.  Will only resume later in year when mood lifts.  23Mar - 137.5mg Effexor.


Current other meds/Supps/Vits

540mg EPA /day - 280mg Magnesium Malate - Vit D, Probiotic. Honey instead of table sugar in tea and coffee, wef Oct16 and after taking sugar nearly all my life.


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Posted 28 March 2017 - 03:01 AM

Great post heard it on radio this morning ,it's up to us to prove doctors wrong no pressure ha

21​/06/2012 citrol10mg for stress, constant urination ,diazepam 2mg 26/07/2012 .12/07/2012 citroll 20mg,

​24/09/2013 Lexapro 20mg.didnt take them for a week during this year felt extremely strange ,had no idea down to drugs at the time .

​20/10/2014 venlafaxine xl 75mg.09/01/2015 venlafaxine xl 37.5. questioned doctor about drop in dose ,I was told no problem.

​13/04/2015 venlafaxine xl 150mg NEVER TOOK THEM getting wise?.20/04/2015 venlafaxine xl 75mg.19/08/2015 Xanax 250mcg [agitated]

​10/06/2015 venlafaxine 37.5mg.02/03/2016 five beads out for taper only lasted till 06/06/2016 extreme irritability and anxiety. 

​11/11/2016 Xanax 250mcg took them for few days ,fairly distressing time [working nearly impossible].11/11/2016 I was given a prescription for  Zyprexa 2.5mg AND DECIDED  NOT TO GET IT FROM CHEMIST.[my doctor gave them a great sales pitch ,talking about other patients that have benefited ,in witch it just annoyed me ]