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Medical Whistleblower Advocacy Network
many of our beloved activist doctors presented 
links videos more... well put together easy to read site I give it thumbs up as a rating
Grace E Jackson:

Physicians should educate patients and families about the dangers of tardive dyskinesia. The majority of patients who are on the drugs long enough will develop the disorder of tardive dyskinesia, with some getting this problem after only 4 months of treatment with the medication. The published rate for tardive dyskinesia among people who stay on the older drugs is approximately 3-5% per year - if you stay on these medications, for ten years, the risk of developing TD is 50%.


(Dr. Grace E. Jackson MD, ‘What Doctors May Not Tell You About Psychiatric Drugs’ Public Lecture, UCE Birmingham June 2004)"

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The whistleblower website is great,it's a start ,but what can be done about these gigantic companies is a monumental undertaking. They can hide drug trials for decades and kick the can down the road .

They are no different than banks or even worse.

I watched a great documentary about Madelyn Murray O'Hair,and how she changed policy in America on praying in schools ,whatever anyone's beliefs ,this woman was a formidable character .

There just isn't characters like her around anymore ,so it will be the long slow fight against these companies and doctors.

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