Collecting GOOD things, put your good stuff here!!

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so many good things!!

sometimes it may seem impossible to find something to appreciate, something to be happy or grateful for, but there's always something.


even the so-called "little things"- because the little things aren't really so little.


pets. people who are kind. music to lighten your mood. things being "normal" after a hard time. finding that things are going better than you expected. getting things done. that feeling of accomplishment. being able to relax.


I was offered a ride to the grocery store, this is a very good thing, as it can take a lot longer by bus. I don't mind taking the bus but sometimes it's nice to be able to go in, get what you want and get right home without all those stops along the way to let other ppl off--- and of course, the bus doesn't stop right in front of m door, like my friend will. It's her last day with her car, she can't afford it any more and is giving to her granddaughter. So she kindly included me in her "last trip to run errands with the car"

happy to have friends who think of me!!



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