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Aria's recovery

success tapering drug free

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#37 Alua



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Posted 29 July 2016 - 02:02 PM

Aria love your work, you're a legend!!!
<p>Various benzos 4 months for insomnia prior to Effexor 37.5mg may 2014 for two weeks, Mirtazapine 30mg june 2014 - feb 2015.Pristiq 50 mg Feb 2015. six weeks later attempted coming off with a six week taper. ten days off and it got ugly. Tapering now using compounded pristiq with slow release agent. 37.5 mg 3 weeks, 30 mg 6 weeks, 25mg 4.5 weeks, 20mg for 6 weeks, 17.5 mgs 7 weeks, 20 mg 8 weeks, 19 mg 3 weeks, 18 mg 3 weeks, 17 mg 3 weeks, 16 mg 3 weeks, 15mg 2 weeks, 14mg 2 weeks, 13 mgs 2 weeks, 12 mgs 6 weeks, 11mg 3 weeks, 10.5mg 2 weeks, 10 mg 3.5 weeks. 9mg is my current dose

#38 Santino


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Posted 01 August 2016 - 04:14 AM

What a fantastic inspiration you are! thank you for your frank and moving account which I know many people will draw strength from.


My story is as follows, I was in a very distressing and tortured business partnership that was a nightmare for 11 years. Instead of doing the tough and courageous move and removing him from the company I capitulated and became a battered partner (Mentally). For 11 years my confidence, pride and dignity was destroyed and systematically removed.

I decided that I would go and see the doctor which was a huge mistake as I got hooked on Anti-depressants and Xanax  that he prescribed me for five years. I found it hard to have a life on these drugs and 1 year ago I flipped and lost my cool with my partner. I immediately left and within a week set up a new business which is really flying. One month after I left I decided to stop the Anti -depressants and from that day to this I have never taken any. The really tough one was Xanax and it took a further 12 months before my inner spirit said enough is enough Stop right now!. It was really tough for the first week but I am now 4 weeks into zero Xanax and I have definitely managed to break the cycle.

What has changed

1 year no anti depressants means I have a much better love life and my clarity of thought is back to its best.

No more side effects such as suicidal and harmful thoughts. I also feel so much more confident and strong mentally.


Coming off of Xanax was much harder but I stuck to it and now I can live a normal life without sleeping all weekend from morning till night.

I hope that someone reads this and realises that you can move on and live a normal and happy life without the dirty little secret that we all carried around with us.


Does somebody knows this guy???


I think this message in itself is a success story.... 


Aria Good luck in your new life...

2015 -  2016 Xanax only rescue doses of 0.125 mg 1-2 times per month
 March 2016 0.125Mg * 2 Xanax for 10 days.

20 March 2016 0.25 Mg * 2 Xanax for one week. 1 April 2016 Tranxene 5 mg and Fevarin but bad reaction for 5 days.4 April 2016 25 Mg Amitryptiline + 6 MG bromazepam at night

Started tapering Bromazepam 6 days later reached up to 3 MG in 10 days and withdrawal. Pdoc asked to go 6 MG again.

10 of May started Remeron 15 MG and started tapering Bromazepam again.

SINCE 09/06/2016 BENZO FREE - Started Tapering Remeron 04/07/2016


04/Jul/16 12.8 Mg, 11/Aug/16 12 Mg, 20/Aug/16 11Mg, 3/Sept/16 10Mg, 11/Sept/16 9 Mg, 30/Sept/16 8.1 Mg, 14/Oct/16 7.25 Mg, 17/Nov/16 6.7, 23/Nov/16 6.5, 2/Dec/16 6.25, 9/Dec/16 6Mg,

25/Dec/16 5.7Mg, 4/Jan/17 5.4Mg, 20/Jan/17 5.2Mg, 07/Feb/17 5 Mg, 15/Feb/17 4.8Mg, 27/Feb/17 4.5Mg, 15/Mar/17 4.2Mg, 23/Mar/17 4Mg, 1/Apr/17 3.7Mg, 14/Apr/17 3.4Mg




#39 RachelE



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Posted 31 January 2017 - 05:55 AM

Wow, Aria, you've really been through it.  And I have to say how inspiring it is to me.  My simple little problems and I ask myself daily:  can I do it?  SHOULD I do it? and here you are, on the other side, telling us about the reality of it.  Not only can it be done, there is "the other side," we can come out on (after the hell part, of course).  Thank you for showing me "the other side."


I agree with compsports, you were lucky to find that neurologist.  Most doctors don't believe "mental patients."  Doc, I have strep throat. "No, it's just a virus," no really - and this goes for any number of ailments. 


It is worse than being an obese smoker (who doctors also frequently dismiss, because it's "my own fault").  Worse than being old.  There's almost a little terror in their eyes when you say "bipolar" or something is in your chart that says "mad as a march hare" so that everything out of your mouth becomes suspect.  So that neurologist was a gift, a boon, I'd even say, a miracle!


I have a question about your graduated cylinders as you posted on my thread:  do you use them for making up liquid?  I've seen them  with eye droppers and I wondered.


Thank you so much for sharing your story.

Yes. I had a GP who never listened to ANYTHING I told him. He treated all people with "mental illness" that way. I went to him with a severe cystula--reaching more than 6 inches up my anus. He said it was a mild yeast infection. I almost died from that. Sad thing was I had had the same issue a decade before. I told the doctor. It's common knowledge that cysts like that frequently reappear. Another time I had caught bronchitus because my sick nephew coughed in my face. "Severely mentally ill monster" though I am, there was no way I was going to push the little guy off my lap or tell him to get out of my face. Like a good aunt I chose exposure to the virus instead. Dr. Bigot saw me twice. Each time he said there was no infection and sent me home with allergy medicines. Fired him and got help from a GNP before my bronchitus went into pneumonia.


When I told my parents I thought he was a bigot, they accused me of paranoia. Then they asked if I had been taking my antipsychotics. I hadn't in over 6 months, actually. I have been "compliant" for over 20 years though, so they don't suspect--they just ask me from time to time, as they have since my "diagnosis"-- in order to insult me and perhaps make me question my own judgment and sanity.

I have been on so many medications since I was 20 and diagnosed as "mentally ill" that I have lost count.

Right now, however I have been taking:

Lamictal 25 mg: I went on it in March for only 13 days, then cold turkeyed off when I thought I was developing a rash because of it. Pretended to go back on it, but didn't. Not the best idea, but I had no way to reduce the dose. Anyhow I had no adverse withdrawal reactions, probably because I was on it for less than 2 weeks.

Abilify 20 mg:  I have been on this for several years. Actually at least half the time I have spent as a meds "consumer" I have been on this nasty pill. I finished tapering off it at the beginning of 2016. Was reinstated during the 4 days I spent in a psych ward in March. Tapered off it again in 10 weeks, from say March 15-June 30. Needless to say this is not exact, but I remember I was off it before July 4 (patriotic holiday in America!) I am doing fine, although I know I may have to wait till Christmas or later to know I am out of the danger zone for withdrawal psychosis. The main thing I notice about being off is that I no longer crave sweets all the time and am losing weight without trying. Good thing since I used to weigh 350 lbs.!

Effexor 150 mg: This is the real trouble-maker. Since I have no other way of tapering I do the best I can by bead counting. I unscrew the gel capsule and count out the tiny micro-capsules or beads inside. This works fairly well with the generic time release version. Only 120 beads to count of almost identical size. Lately I have been "holding" at 20 bead removal due to some major stress in my life. Moving hundreds of miles from my old home and a bout of strep throat that wouldn't respond to antibiotics.  I guess that means I'm on 120 mg of Effexor right now. On October 16 I am going to recommence my taper since I am safely moved and no longer have strep! 

I admit now that I did something stupid. I had trouble opening the extra strength gel capsules containing the beads so I reinstated at the original dose for a week. I know it's not good to play ping pong with my brain, but I could never open the capsules without spilling those microscopic balls all over so I was never sure what dosage I was taking! Thank the LORD that I finally have the old kind again and can safely count out the amount. I am now back on 135 mg and feel somewhat better.

October 30, 2016. I am down to 120 mg effexor. November 27, 2016. Down to 105 mg effexor. December 25, 2016. 90 mg effexor. January 15, 2017. 75 mg effexor. January 21. 82.5 mg effexor. January 23, 90 mg again. Feb. 14, 81.25 mg. Mar. 15, 72.5 mg. Mar. 27, 65 mg.  Apr. 9, 58.75 mg.

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