Just when you thought psychiatry couldn't get any more absurd

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I stumbled on this by accident and thought it was pretty funny...Not sure if I wish I'd rather had this treatment than SSRIs.  I am ashamed to say I probably wish I had, as likely this is more evidenced-based than SSRIs, lol.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you...

Botox for Depression?


By Traci Pedersen Associate News Editor
According to new research, the cosmetic application of Botox seems to lower symptoms of depression in some patients, possibly because it inhibits frowning. 


Previous research has demonstrated that physically expressing an emotion first can trigger subsequent feelings and that people who laugh or smile regularly can improve their mood.


Studies have also shown that people find jokes funnier when a pencil is placed between their teeth lengthwise, which forces a smile, than when they hold it pointing outwards, which doesn’t.


This is the second study to compare Botox to placebo.  Although the results have not yet been thoroughly reviewed enough for publication in a scientific journal, the findings suggest that it may hold promise.


The study included 84 participants with severe depression that had persisted an average of two years and had failed to completely respond to antidepressant medication.  The patients were randomly selected to receive either Botox treatment for smoothing out frown lines or a placebo injection into the same facial region, and were assessed three and six weeks later.


By the end of the study, around 27 percent of those receiving Botox reported nearly complete remission of their depression, compared to just 7 percent of those who received placebo.


More at above link...




You have to wonder also why they never have something like this on offer via forced psychiatry...








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I just read about this now in a recent article.


Facepalm 🤦‍♂️

..or perhaps: Palmface?


It probably works - at least within the trial period, and I'm glad they ask "Does it work by making people look better?", but..

..well let's just say those researchers haven't exactly instilled confidence.

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I've been off site for a while so sorry I missed this...nice one though.  Palmface, lol, thanks I needed a laugh...


(Though it's all I can do to generate laugh lines with the barrage of um, "treatment" I've had...)

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My psychopharmacology book starts off talking about the origins of neurotransmitter blocking psychiatric drugs/toxins with animal bite/poisons and botox...



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