An update from Dr. Shipko, very encouraging

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I think this is posted elsewhere on this site nevertheless it was good to read it again.


Maybe a mod can enlarge the font size as reading it wasnt easy.


'Patients who are having toxic withdrawal related symptoms almost always want to know how long it will last.  There is no good answer for this question, but the time frame is going to be in the realm of months and years and not days or weeks.  This is an important issue for the person who is highly debilitated by symptoms.  If a person is disabled and unable to function at work or to socialize, then it is probably not a great idea to wait indefinitely for it to go away.  Reinstatement of the drug, or use of a benzodiazepine – while not ideal, may be worth the risks.'


I dont like the idea of adding a benzo but that is just me.


'In the meantime, I want to emphasize that rehabilitative related treatment is useful in improving symptoms.  Recently I saw a person who had to drop out of college for the semester because they could not concentrate enough to do the computer programming needed for classes.  As a rehabilitation strategy, the person was encouraged to do some similar type of programming every day.  It was a slow start, but it looks like this person will resume school next month.  Staying in bed and resting in hope that the problem will go away may not be as good as forcing oneself to engage in exercise, socialization, proper diet, meditation, spiritual activities and work like activities.'


Easier said than done sometimes staying in bed and resting was all i could do.

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You can always click on the link and read on the original site. I copy and pasted the article but the formatting didn't keep.

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