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  2. thecowisback: wondering why I'm giving up prozac

    i know i shouldn't read too much into others withdrawal stories. it's just that when i'm feeling right at rock bottom i'm looking for any glimmer of hope on the horizon. it's very hard not to think that i've done irreparable damage and i'll never recover.
  3. I have been lying on my bed making wounded wild animal noises and sobbing while my mother holds me. However this does not give relief. There is no calm after the storm with akathisia. Akathisia on no sleep is a special kind of hell.
  4. Tomash

    hi Tomash, So glad to hear you checking back in with an update. I too believe that psychosis has been due both to family dynamics and trauma in my own situation. I hope that the part time job application works out - but whatever happens, please do be kind to you. I can understand the difficulties of being short of money and yes, agree that therapy/natural medicine can be expensive. So working part time if you are able does seem like it could be the best way forward. My sleep varies - definitely if I overeat on carbs/sugar I am in trouble and wake every couple of hours because of the diabetes diagnosis. Sometimes I just sleep when I can - lavender oil is an inexpensive help as well as camomile tea - also going to bed early is better because then if you do wake later at least hopefully you've had some rest. If i wake sometimes I pray.
  5. Kristine: Not alone

    I have a large collection! My favourites are 1. Any of Eckhart Tolle 2. Joe Dispenza ‘ The Placebo’ 3. https://mobile.audible.com.au/pd/Health-Personal-Development/Body-and-Mind-Are-One-Audiobook/B00FO7A9AU/?ref=msw_search_c1_0_2_AN 4. Any on meditation I think it is The soothing voice of Eckhart and Thict that I love the most!
  6. thecowisback: wondering why I'm giving up prozac

    One thing that I have realised is that no two withdrawals are the same. I tend to read the stories of others who are taking my medication ( lexapro) and honestly every story is different. Some have more physical symptoms and others more mental. Some recover quicker than others. I can not base my recovery on the testimony of someone else. Try not to worry unnecessarily.
  7. Kristine: Not alone

    Hi LRH, I had forgotten that you listed audio books in your toolbox! I've got a memory like a sieve. You must have planted the original seed in this mushy brain of mine. I never thought I'd be listening to an audio children's story...but I was in such a horrible place today, I was grasping at straws! And it worked! A simple calming story about an enchanted wood and the magic faraway tree!! Do you have any favourites...any soothing narrators? K xo
  8. Frogie: Lexapro - how to get below 10 mg

    I was meant to find the thread about the person I read with withdrawal nausea but I couldn’t find it. I didn’t forget you, just wanted to find the link. I guess when I stop looking I will find it!
  9. ☼ Happy2Heal: Hope I'm doing this right

    Thank you for sharing your story. I can’t tell you how much hope it has given me.
  10. Hello, eventually this week went fine. My last acute episode was short lived (2-3 days) even if it was strong. Sadly my malaise in the morning has reappeared, I thought it had gone away forever. My symptoms are stable but most of them have not improved significantly in the last few months, I still wait to get rid of them. I think next week I will try to stop Prozac.
  11. Kristine: Not alone

    Audible has literally saved my life so many times during withdwal. Lexapro destroyed my ability to read but Audible gave it back! I find it so soothing and am glad it is helping you right now.
  12. Today
  13. Hi, NattyLee. Welcome to SA from me, too. Your mother is very lucky to have you researching and being her advocate. Is she able to post herself and ask questions? If so, she is more than welcome to join, too. The best way to help your mom is to work with her to get a drug and symptoms journal. This will help you know which drug to taper first, if she is experiencing any adverse reactions, and to see which drug is helping with sleep and which drug may be stimulating and making her anxiety worse. This is a great format for keeping a journal: Keep notes on paper about your drug dosages and daily symptom pattern As you do this over the coming days, we will be able to help you set up a taper. Please get as much input as possible from your mom and encourage her to report how she's feeling before and after taking each of her meds throughout the day. Please add the information about her Alzam use to your signature, as best as you can remember.
  14. Ikam: tapering escitalopram

    There is nothing that could be done, apart of restraining order. But he will be now giving us "silent treatment"...this is what he does... I am not dealing well with this, took overdose of doxepin; just to sleep, slept two days...feeling drugged and very low...
  15. TB1973: Prozac and sleep

    Hi, TB. It sounds like the Prozac Bridge is working and the idea of reducing to 5 mg sounds very good. It's likely your nervous system is hypersensitive at this point and the lower dosage will be better for you. A note regarding adding Seroquel back in (or any other type of "helper" sleep drug) - please note, there is no "fix" to withdrawal. Adding in other drugs to solve the withdrawal problems of another drug can easily create another dependency. It also can destabilize your nervous system. The best remedy for withdrawal is to hold and let yourself stabilize and then do a very slow taper. A quick note regarding Melatonin. Sometimes less is more. 2 mg is a large dose, especially with a sensitized nervous system. You're better off starting with only .25 mg - .50 mg. Please see: Melatonin for sleep As I mentioned in my earlier post, dependency on benzos can happen in as little as 2 - 4 weeks, even with as-needed use. When you were taking it as needed, how many times a week were you taking it? This is important to determine if you're dependent. If you are already dependent, you may want to pick a regular dose to take every day and stay on it until you're off Prozac. And then you can slowly taper off the benzo. I'd also like to leave you with some resources to understand the slow taper, what withdrawal is, and some non-drug coping resources to help make this journey off drugs a bit easier. How psychiatric drugs remodel your brain Why taper by 10% of my dosage? The rule of 3KIS: Keep it simple. Keep it slow. Keep it stable. Healing from antidepressants. Patterns of recovery video (4 minutes) Non-drug techniques to cope with emotional symptoms
  16. Hi LB Any update? Hows the job.
  17. The following two paragraphs are from the medpro website below and sum up the trap of akathisia. "Symptoms of akathisia almost always resolve very quickly after the cause is removed (in this case that means stopping medication)." "Akathisia can be a side effect of withdrawal from some prescription antipsychotics or antidepressants." So what do you do when stopping the drug could cure or cause akathisia? https://www.medprodisposal.com/akathisia-15-things-to-know-about-this-horrible-condition/
  18. Brassmonkey: Talking about myself

    I am glad you are doing so well! I didn't mean to beat you to the punch. April 15th stands out in my mind and where our timelines were similar. I have watched your story closely. I even told myself on the 16th that I needed to log in and see how you're doing because it had been nine month. I still have a ways to go yet but get much encouragement from you and others here. Well done!
  19. Permanent Ssri Damage

    I also have vision problems and I went for a eye test recently, I wrote the below a few months ago in my update: over the last couple months my eye sight has improved a lot, its a lot sharper than it was but still not as it should be, I am sure yours will improve the more your brain heals, take care
  20. Rage. Undifferentiated rage plus exhaustion. How comfortable.
  21. thanks a lot for the encouragement Sertramean it means a lot! I see you was also medicated for a very long so this gives great hope to us all, its still early days for me so I am excited for what the future brings, I felt so alive after that gym session and cant wait until I can do it every day, take care
  22. sounds interesting PB, its food that there are people trying to get the word out, the more the better, eventually the truth will come out, yes defo need to avoid hearing anything that triggers at the moment, hope you are well today, got 8 hours sleep last night so feeling good today take care
  23. ☼ nz11 climbs onboard

    DRUG SIGNATURE for Katinka Newman (author of 'The Pill that Steals Lives, 2016). Note: This has been pieced together as best as I can from the book. Where there are no dosages its because none where given. 1st Sept. 2012: Saw a psychotherapist who recommended see a psychiatrist. Thu, 20th Sept. 2012 Saw the psychiatrist; given Lexapro, Remeron, and zopiclone Experiences adverse effects. Sun, 23 Sept. 12, Believes she has a suicide pact with God, lacerates her arm with a knife, taken to hospital and sedated refuses to take the Lexapro and Remeron telling the doctors it’s all due to the drugs. The doctors are having none of it. Told she has to take the pills. However the doctor prescribes some other pills and some sleeping tablets being Mirtazapine risperidone and zopiclone. Sun, 30 Sept 12, While still in the hospital diagnosed with psychotic depression Tues 2 Oct 12, switched from risperidone to Aripiprazole(abilify) 7 Oct 12, Ill again, given valium 12 Oct 12, Refuses to take pills, told she must, discharged from hospital at this time was taking 2 drugs. Over the next year more added until she was on five drugs including antipsychotics and mood stabilisers. Nov 12: Prescribed, sertraline 50mg, Valium, aripiprazole increased to 20mg, complained of restlessness so aripiprazole switched to olanzapine 20mg Dec12 : She talks of suicide, binge eating (caused by olanzapine) dribbling, pacing, health deteriorating. March 13: Due to declining state of health doctors at the private hospital increase the Zoloft to 200mg, Starts smoking for the first time in 20 years. Smoking 70 cigarettes a day. May 13: Books herself back into hospital Prescribed 1000 mg of lithium, 25 mg lamotrigine morning and 50mg at night, 20 mg Prozac, Seroquel, 7.5mg zopiclone. 10mg olanzapine 24-40 mg promethazine at night and 50mg thiamine Doctors suggest she might be bipolar June 13: After six weeks leaves hospital in a worse state. Adds vodka and herbal sleeping tablets to the mix Sept 13: Daily akathisia continues, shaking and wandering around like a demented animal. Checks herself back into hospital. Doctor notices side of mouth drooping like a stroke victim [she remembers the same thing happened to her dad]. Doctor says depression is now so bad it’s drug resistant. Doctors covertly suggest ECT is next in her file notes. After one night on suicide watch (thinking about jumping under a train) she has to leave the hospital (insurance has run out). 22 Sept 13 While home treatment team visiting daily to make sure she takes her pills, she asks them to take her to the hospital. Interviewed by psychiatrist says ‘I want to kill myself’ (then regrets saying that) They section her. They cold turkey her of all drugs. Psychological and emotional hell see page 92 where she describes this... "They take me off all drugs. Not just one the whole lot-all five. I start shaking. I'm now lying on the floor, writhing in agony; I cant sleep , eat .think, anything. I start scratching myself uncontrollably. I've no idea what's happening to me. I start hallucinating and I'm finding it hard to stand up. I cant sleep; I'm in pools of sweat. In the middle of the night I ring my older brother David. I'm screaming in agony. He tries to calm me down but neither he nor I understand that now my mind and body are going through indescribable agony from going cold turkey. Later I learnt that coming off one of these drugs is supposed to be as bad as withdrawing from heroin - and I was coming off five. Please ring the nurse. Tell her to give me something, a valium an antianxiety drug, anything!…...They can’t give me any more medication until the morning. There’s nothing they can do." Next morning (I'm assuming here ...no start date mentioned) given venlafaxine and clonazepam. 3 weeks later: Let out of hospital for family wedding suffering akathisia and crying spells "all day". 4 weeks later…on 19 Oct 13 She is better. "The mystery illness that had lasted an entire year, that had me homicidal, suicidal, that had flummoxed doctors, therapists, carers, health workers; that had me unwashed, unaddressed, smoking, drinking, shaking, dribbling, unable to leave the house; that had separated me from my friends; family, and most importantly, my children, it had gone. Disappeared. Vanished completely." p93 "For the first time I begin to understand what has happened to me: it wasn’t me going nuts, the drugs had caused it. And I soon learn it’s happened to people all around the world." 2 Nov 13 Released from the hospital Told she had to take venlafaxine for one year. She threw the drugs out vowing to never take another psychiatric drug again. Quit smoking totally. 4 Sept 2015 Decides to make a film about ‘the year my life was stolen’. As Katinka reflects back on this journey she suddenly realises that she has had prior exposure to psychiatric drugs. It was back in April 1996 while making a documentary overseas about woman having facelifts and witnessing some of the operations she found that she couldn’t sleep at night. A girl she interviewed noticed she looked a bit fazzled and so put her onto her Polish doctor boyfriend who gave her some blue pills that could calm her down. And for sleep he had something for that too. On the return back to England from this overseas filming she goes to the doctor complaining of stress. The doctor gives some more of the same blue tablets the Polish doctor had given her and some sleeping pills. All this makes her worse. She was taken to hospital and in front of a doctor manifested hysterical sobs. They sedated me and gave me more blue pills. She was also prescribed seroxat. Four months later she chucked the pills away. ......................//............ Cant help but wonder if only she hadn't seen that psychotherapist or allowed that Polish girl to get her to talk to her boyfriend.
  24. Martina23: Lyrica

    I.have a new idea for a book (if I find some suitable editor): 100 recipes for food from which the people would loose weight. I think it could be a good idea. I will now check each day from which food I gain weight and from which I lose It. I guess some women in household do not want to count calories they would rather know the finished recipe for food which they should cook to lose weight. I find the idea good. I will first try it on myself.
  25. Tomash

    Hello Whitelily, thank you, I am ok. I am holding on 10mg of Zyprexa. I somehow started to be able to wake up and stand up in the early morning despite the sedation. I moved from my parents flat to my own flat, and I feel much better. I am discovering how psychosis is in my case (and most of others, probably) related to my family dynamics and childhood trauma. I am also applying for a part time social work job. I feel its maybe the right time to start a little bit and also gardening is not much available in the winter. I am short of money. I made a budget for the year and it seems that natural medicine and a good therapy is really expensive matter, and I am looking for ways how to survive and make them less expensive. I am trying a psychological method from a book instead of psychotherapy. Its not an ideal state, but it works a little bit and hope it ill work more. I am looking for the spring, which is the right time to lower the dose, at least from the nature point of view. I hope and pray everything will go the right way. I wish you to be fit soon and continue with recovery, especially wish you to succed in repairing your sleep. How do you sleep now?
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