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  2. AntiAntiPsychotic: Antipsychotic (and hospital) nightmare

    UPDATE: Its been about 7 months since I've been drug free. Some symptoms have sort of gone away, some haven't. Still can't sleep properly. Still having vivid, bad dreams. Although I've had a few good ones which is how it used to be most of the time. Headaches & cinder block head have decreased. Still get little brain zaps. Still have trouble focusing, concentrating. Depressive thoughts. Sensitivity to odd things. The bad news is that lately my ribs have been in pain. I can almost feel them poking out. I'm conflicted on what's causing it, a few years back I got beat up by some security guards. They gave me some strong knees to the ribs. So it could be that. But I haven't felt pain there in years. I notice every time I sneeze I get those good ol' "risperidal tremors" in the right side by my ribs. Anybody else have rib pain from withdrawal effects ??
  3. Eleven10: 30 months off Prozac

    It's unbearable at times- I feel your pain- literally. 💕
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  5. Hey Mars - I know it's been a few months since you've been in . This is a site for reducing or eliminating psych drugs. Have you decided to stick with your cocktail? Are you still having symptoms? Please feel free to return and engage with us here. I hope you see the sun today.
  6. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    I am glad you are feeling better. yeah, I posted on a facebook page that some members from SA take part in, that we should probably all live together in some kind of hospice setting or some sort of colony where at least we all understand what we are going through, instead of having to explain to everyone we know what wd is like or even being taken by others as a normally functioning person who is expected to pull their own weight. I got a note slipped under my door of my apt a couple years back when my sleep was absolutely wretched, from someone in my apt complex who must have seen me around the building, asking if I ever thought about getting a job, never mind the fact I was probably spending the day bumping into walls and doorjambs from fatigue from poor sleep and had little short term memory and couldn't do much more than post on facebook or SA. I actually withdrew from Zoloft for a year in 2005 and sort of went hypomanic and then crashed and had to reinstate in early 2006 and when I did, I became a permenant night owl, too. didn't go to sleep until 6 am every day and woke at 3 pm and then usually took a nap at 6 pm until 11 pm. I hardly saw the sun in 8 years. felt like a vampire. I get outside a lot now (walking/biking) but with all the poor sleep I feel, or felt like a zombie quite often. not sure if that's an improvement or not.
  7. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    hey poetjester thanks for commenting, i've seen a few of your posts around here before. Yeah I am a proud member of the I HATE ZOLOFT club. Unfortunately I am still on it I am feeling better since I last posted, my moods are seriously all over the place. Nighttime I feel almost like 100% better, its crazy. I wish I could just go live somewhere where people sleep all day and stay up all night. Maybe I will start my own town where we do that. Sorry to hear about your sleep problems , I am lucky in the fact that I am sleeping 8 hours a night every night. Before my stupid CT and reinstatement I was sleeping 12+ hours a day, so its quite the improvement I would say. Remeron will definitely help with sleep, I accidentally CTed it and went through some horrible DP/DR for about a week so be careful with it! If its helping you sleep and function better though, that's awesome. Yeah the crying spells are rough, but they help I think. Better than holding all of that inside anyway. I'm amazed that I am still able to have all these horrible emotions, I feel like my brain would have just given up by now and made me numb. I think I would prefer that to be honest! Anyway, thanks again for posting hope you have a good night
  8. Ive been thinking about it all evening and ive decided for now to try and stick it out without reinstating. Just to carry on taking the Proparanolol. Im in a wave at the moment hoping it will pass soon and i can at least have a few days without being in pain. From what i have been reading alot of people have said it got worse at the six month mark so im praying i can get through it. Thank you again for all your support i wouldnt no what to do if i didnt have people to talk to. Not many people understand.
  9. jprez562: Escitalopram tough journey

    Update: Hello everyone- I just wanted to update my thread. the last 2 days and a half have been good. Minimal to no anxiety or depression feeling. Slept good too. Just the occasional eye twitching. Today in the late afternoon intrusive thoughts come out of nowhere, then followed by mild depression. I am guessing it's part of the waves and windows of stabilizing. I'm trying to fight these thoughts off but it's hard. I'm trying mindfulness, I have recommitted to returning to church for spiritual healing and help me move forward. My family has always been close to God and I think it's time for me as well. I know I will have a rough road ahead and I need the guidance of the most high. I have ordered Lemon balm as the way back has suggested. The teas defintly helps. On Wednesday I went for a hike and absorbed the nature, and sounds of birds. I was so at peace it was great. I will be returning tomorrow with my wife and daughter. As I type this I am feeling better. I feel posting on SA makes me feel better. Must be the great people on here. regards jprez
  10. 3birdsandrobin: Adverse reaction

    You're telling me. 8.5 months.
  11. Quest

    I know you can't come off the zoplicone. I just tried reducing lunesta and it was not good! When I updosed on the lexapro, the trembling and worsened anxiety started immediately. I endured that for 2 months. I was wishing for death. That's what took me to Mayo Clinic. I felt better after dropping 1 mg. from 10 mg to 9 mg for 3 days, but I still had trembling and terror. Then they reduced it to 7.5 mg. Felt a bit better. And they finally reduced it to 5 mg. They wanted to take me all the way down but I wouldn't do it. The trembling pretty much stopped at 5 mg. When the W/D set in a few days later, I had the trembling again for a few days but not as bad. 3 wks later now and I still have anxiety but it's getting better. Sometimes some mild tremors in my chest but not the all over shaking tremors. I have anxiety, migraines,nausea, body aches, depression. Today was not bad. Best day I've had in a long time. I made myself go outside and stay outside. Did mild yard work and was finally able to distract myself from the w/d. I had all the symptoms when I first went out, but by the time I took a break they were so much less and have felt better the rest of the day. Hope this makes sense. I'm a little tired and foggy. And I was only inpatient for a week, so they brought the dose down pretty quick. Too quick. But now I'm glad it's done and over. The rest of my taper will be very very slow, once I stabilize at this dose. Lg
  12. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    Hey Kanga i just wanted to add some commiseration from the withdrawing from Zoloft club. I actually am dealing with remeron now at the moment, too. I withdrew from Zoloft (and zyprexa) cold turkey in feb of 2014. I felt a lot better originally, but my sleep has been pretty lousy in quality since wd, which has been quite trying. I had the crying spells, too, for the first year and a half. like you, I felt better after each cry. I think the poor/depressed sleep was wearing me down, both body and soul, and being able to cry was a release that made me feel more alive again. I was crying all over for a while. I used to have to get up from meals and blow my nose, because I had been weeping so hard, that I couldn't see my food and snot was running down my beard. i don't cry much anymore. it almost feels like all the emotions have been wrung out of me over these 3 years. this hasn't been a lot of fun. my sleep never really got better after 3 years, and so I have had to resort to taking remeron off and on the past few months. I sleep better and am able to function, but my personality feels slightly flattened or dampened. before the remeron, I was down to just 2-3 hours a night of shallow sleep with horrific vivid nightmares so I wasn't sure what else to do. anyways. poetjester
  13. Quest

    Chessie cat, what does that mean? You think I should be coming off? How would I even start? I'm not stable now. A couple of balls each week, each month? I am at a loss here. Wont my depression and anxiety skyrocket? I have not been so confused in all my life or so alone. Please help me with a plan. Do you think I should have had more improvement by this 23 days?
  14. Quest

    As my signature currently says: Slow and steady is best
  15. Quest

    I hopefully will find out the dose on Monday. Yes the Zoplicone I know is contributing to the depression but I can't just quit that either. How do I even know if the effexor is helping? After 23 days how the heck do you come off 15 balls?! Thank you for caring LG, I hope your day went well.... Is the lexapro keeping you evened out? Did you know if it was working right away ?
  16. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    I'm trying but I have been fighting this depression battle for most of my life and it's exhausting. I don't know what thoughts are mine and which are from the meds and which are from withdrawal. Its maddening. I am trying my best to hold on though, I promise. Thank you. I try to go outside but it seems to horrible to me and it makes me feel worse. I feel like I should be able to enjoy the outdoors and I don't and its driving me mad. I don't enjoy anything really. I'm glad you were able to distract yourself and feel better for a bit though I will try tomorrow though, I promise. Thank you for thinking of me
  17. 3birdsandrobin: Adverse reaction

    That's really good news! Sounds like you are going in the right direction. How long have you been off now? It's crazy what one pill has done.
  18. Quest

    Sorry you're still feeling so bad. Did you get the compounded drug yet? Curious how many mg's it is. I was feeling a lot worse when I updosed too much. Exactly like you're feeling. We both have too many drugs involved which makes it more difficult. But it's funny the symptoms are worse right after you take the Effexor. My tremors didn't stop until I reduced the dose. Lexapro tho. Not Effexor. Im just so sorry, quest.......lg
  19. 3birdsandrobin: Adverse reaction

    Hey thanks for asking. I feel like I have improved a bit more. I have days when my sxs are still intense, but many days also when they are much less. Today I felt almost 90% myself almost all day long. I feel like I am having more of these better days/hours recently. It gives me hope that I will recover fully eventually. When I look back to a couple of months ago, I feel like I have really made great strides in the right direction.
  20. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    I'm sorry Kang. Please try to make yourself go outside. I did just that today...... crying, nausea, headache, and anxiety. I was in my pjs, going to do some minor thing. I started pulling some dead leaves from the flowers I ignored all summer. Then I got the hose out. Then the sprinkler. Pretty soon a couple hours had gone by and I felt so much better. I was still in my pjs with teeth unbrushed but I had a bit of me back. Somehow I wouldn't let myself think about how horrible I felt. That's the first time I've ever been able to distract myself from this w/d. And maybe I was just going to have a window anyway, but I think it was just getting outside and doing something that did it. And it sure felt good. Just try it. Don't give up. You know how I've also been hiding in my house. It was so much nicer doing something and thinking about anything but how horrible I feel. I'm always thinking of you.....lg
  21. I am so sorry it’s so hard for you right now. I know I can be hard to try to find hope, I try to remember that things always change. Nothing stays the same and sometimes I hang onto that when I’m feeling really bad.
  22. Propranolol

    Yes, I get a lot of help from it recently at about 10 days after my last dose of Paxil. It really helped me sleep because it felt like my adrenaline was on all the time.
  23. No worries, I didn't think it was rude at all
  24. I can't list the taper doses, it would literally take 90 lines of the signature. I had an excel file and calculated exact linear taper. Each day I poured crushed Paxil powder onto a milligram scale. The dose was different everyday. I believe I had sensitivity even to daily changes in doses. So, I never wanted to do a 10% step in one day. It was best for me to dose tiny changes each day.
  25. This Tuesday will mark 7 weeks of being totally off of Wellbutrin, and I've started noticing some rather disturbing signs of agitation and irritability bordering on rage replacing some of the anhedonia and disassociation symptoms that I've had since I started my taper. I don't feel even relatively similar to how I was before I started taking these drugs, but I'm concerned that even after being totally off of the drugs for the last two months I've started seeing completely new symptoms instead of the gradual easing of the symptoms that I was already struggling with. I'd like to think that these new symptoms are just a side effect of my PMS this month, but I'm wondering why the symptoms would exhibit themselves now and not in the last two months that I've been totally off of the Wellbutrin. One theory that I have for this is that my CNS was trying to protect itself with the disassociation and anhedonia, and now that they are starting to ease ever so slightly I am becoming slightly overwhelmed by my typical everyday emotions. My PMS wasn't that bad before I started taking this medication, and it wasn't that bad while I was on it. But I think that because I've been so used to not feeling anything for so long, that I'm becoming overwhelmed by my own feelings. This is a bizarre feeling, especially since I still feel so out of touch with my own emotions. This is another cruel catch 22 of these drugs, I can't feel joy or happiness like I used to but I sure can have a super hellish PMS. Have other people experienced similar instances, and if so did you find that the irritability and agitation coincided with a gradual easing of anhedonia and disassociation?
  26. kangamangus: Coming off Zoloft after 9 years

    Another day with a lot of pain. My soul is truly hurting, and I don't know how to handle it. I keep practicing mindfulness and acceptance but it's so difficult. My friends have stopped calling me I guess because I never want to go out anyway because I feel so depressed. So that's nice. I am lonely, scared, and full of pain. Being outside makes me feel worse, I guess because I used to enjoy it and now I feel nothing. I only feel okay when I am hiding in my house and even then I am never truly okay. God I wish I knew what I did to deserve this. I try so hard to be a good person. I don't know what else I can do.
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