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  2. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    It truly is~. Have you found any relief from the anxiety yet? Mine gets worse every time I take my immovane but I can't just quit it!
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  4. MiguelFreeman: Question about Lexapro

    Miguel, I think you should wait to talk to your doctor and talk to him about your desire to taper off of these drugs. That way, your mother will be able to feel comfortable about what you are doing. Obviously your mother had a bit of a scare when you ran into trouble back in May and I understand this. As Bubble mentioned, it is going to be difficult for us to help you if your mother isn't aware of the recommendations made here. My suggestion would be to see if you can get the support from your doctor who can explain to your mother what it is you would like to do. It's important to have both the support of your doctor and mother during this process as it can be a difficult one. Why don't you continue to take the 10mg until you see your doctor and then we can help you from there. It would not be recommended to switch drugs or add any other drugs as this will certainly make things a lot more difficult. I am going to attach the links about how to talk with your doctor again so that you can put together a plan with him to help you safely taper off of Lexapro. How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal?What should I expect from my doctor about withdrawal symptoms? By any chance do you have a compounding pharmacy in your area? You have other options besides preparing a liquid yourself if you doctor doesn't agree to provide you with a liquid version. At this time, I don't think you need to worry about how you are going to prepare your doses going forward, you just need to worry about taking the same dose every single day until you are stabilized. As ChessieCat mentioned, if you were already experiencing withdrawal after taking 7.5mg, 10mg is probably only going to make those symptoms worse, taking more of the drug when you are already experiencing withdrawal isn't the best approach as these drugs are very strong. When are you seeing your doctor?
  5. Flowers: Tapering Citalopram

    Update time: After a few wonderful weeks of feeling reasonably well I have been hit by a wave. It started a couple of days ago and I am getting to recognise the signs that one is coming my way. Cannot think of anything that has triggered this so just have to accept it as my brain going out of sync again. This has been the longest window I have had since adjusting my meds so hope it is a sign of better things to come and I will get longer windows and shorter waves. Symptoms are nausea, shaking, palpitations, anxiety, low mood, backache, muscle twitching in legs - not all at once but in varying degrees during the day. Am going to try and get out later for some distraction and exercise - the only thing that seems to help. I am able to read and watch TV though so maybe the waves are reducing in severity too. I really hope so. I have been reading my diary and reflecting on the good times I had in this last window. It keeps me going and gives me hope that another window will come along soon. Take care everyone. Love from Flowers xxx
  6. joy2730: withdrawing from citalopram

    Hope you feel better tomorrow Joy. Have a nice rest. Flowers xxx
  7. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    Hello bubble you are in demand today, lg and I are both in hell from the looks of it. My night was awful, couldn't get to sleep took melatonin and awake at 5 with every symptom I have had throughout this ordeal back and turning me to a complete wreck. Cancelled seeing daughter just in a blob on my bed cannot distract myself at all is it just a bad day or is this 1mg too much, too little or just never going to get better sorry bubble just so scared - again
  8. Littlegrandma

    Madelyn may need surgery. Stupid urgent care. I don't trust any doctors. First they said no break. Then fracture. Now may need to be reset. My daughter is a nurse and kept telling the doc it's broken and he kept saying it is not. After the X-rays were read the next day, sure enough. It's broken. Now it's the weekend and can't get to an orthopedic til Monday. I found the sumatriptan by google. Unfortunately it's seratonin selective. I'll keep alternating between Advil and Tylenol. Sorry you didn't sleep well. Melatonin doesn't agree with me, but I may have been taking too high a dose. I was doing 3 mg. My pharmacist said try 9 and that about killed me. After this w/d, I'll try again at maybe 1 mg. I hope you have a good visit with your daughter and baby today. If it's too much you can always say no. My daughter doesn't come around much just to visit anymore. She knows how tough it is on me. And I see the kids on my babysitting days. My husband will go there in the evening to see the kids when he needs his fix. Funny, they used to be the most relaxing thing in my life. Now, their happy, squealing voices brings so much anxiety. Breaks my heart. Hope you have a big window today.......lg
  9. Martina23: Lyrica

    Today I am still so sad. I wanted to go to my friends for weekend to their village house but they had already programme. So I decided that we will visit with children IKEA. There is a good food and I like the furniture and plants. I started again to make aerobics for one hour daily because I need to lose weight. I would like to go playing squash but I dont have here any partner who would go playing with me. They have also such a good baked cheese there for after the exercise. I like sport, more than before when I was young. I decided that maybe later I will write such little children story something like Dumbo, but I dont know yet in which language I will write it neither the content of the story. I like children stories. For my paintings I decided I will specialize on painting of nude people, especially women (at least for now on). I find it the most refined and very challenging to paint human body and I like to depict various shadows, forms and expressions of it. With huge variety of colours. When I paint I feel happy, even if withdrawal or not. I am happy I could find it out. Only I have to find some cafeteria where I can place my paintings because I am running out of space. Hopefully everybody is ok and could find what makes him happy.
  10. Littlegrandma

  11. Eleven10: 30 months off Prozac

    I'm almost 4 years off from 14-15 years of Paxil and I did a cold turkey too. I would be very scared to go on another antidepressant or reinstate- I hope you are doing okay. Very brave to try. 💕
  12. Littlegrandma

    Bubble we are enduring, but not living. I am grateful for the windows. But my windows are never clear headed. When I don't have a migraine, I have anxiety. When the anxiety isn't present, it makes me aware of every ache and pain in my body. And the w/d is never out of my mind. It's even in my dreams. I'm not very good at distracting myself from it anymore. I seem to be going backwards. 4 mo now of feeling like hell. Not to mention the 2 yrs on lex that were very unpleasant. I just don't know who I am anymore. I'm my husbands child. A scared little kid.
  13. Littlegrandma

  14. This morning I feel good. Not even just ok, actually good. : )
  15. Eleven10: 30 months off Prozac

    I'm still on 4mg any more and I feel agitated and more anxious plus I get the weird feeling in my arm back again that I had when I first went on Prozac years ago. I could try a little benzo, I'm just not sure. I just want the light to come on again, iv not seen it in years
  16. Lucy how are you?
  17. So I seem to have stabilised a bit after the whole propanolol debacle. Had some heart tests but they seem unconcerned by the rapid heart beat, apparently it can get much worse although the palpitations don't feel nice at all and I do still get them regularly. They're doing a longer test in Oct to be sure. Still experiencing all the withdrawal issues but some days are better than others. I don't really feel like I've turned a corner yet as I've been here before and relapsed and I feel now like any kind of drug can trigger severe symptoms so am very careful. I'm experiencing new symptoms of getting very dry eyes randomly, they really shrivel and crust and flake around the eyelids from dryness and my eyes water then a few days later it's all back to normal. Can't seem to figure out why or whether there's an underlying cause that's withdrawal related or something else. Am wondering if I will ever get to a point where I don't have debilitating things going on in my body any more. But at least I'm not shaking like I have parkinsons on a regular basis now and that I am infinitely grateful for.
  18. joy2730: withdrawing from citalopram

    Hi Flowers I don't think I have had any triggers, it has just happened. I didn't sleep too good last night and felt a bit low this morning. Did 2 hrs of spinning and total body workout and then came home and made myself a good breakfast. I am spending the rest of the day quietly. Some of my symptoms have eased but I am now quite shaky and feel as if I have the flu but haven't. If I can stabilise on 17 mg it will be a miracle, but I have no desire to push the dose back up, I want to see where this leads to. If it goes on for weeks though I will probably put the dose back up, but that would be a last resort. I am counting my blessings, I have so much that is good in my life, and have been very very ill in the past so I am in a much better place. My husband has cold turkeyed off his tramadol and done very well, I guess some people do well and others don't. I am going to try to sleep now for an hour. I will post how I feel tomorrow because it is in this way we get the full picture. Joy
  19. I had a relapse when I had to stop taking propranolol it for a test after only taking it for about a week and I was very ill with shakes and stuff for about 2-3 months and probably took six months to get back to where I had been before taking it. Might be better, if you really need a beta blocker, to talk to your doctor about one that doesn't cross the blood brain barrier, maybe start with a low dose and always taper off more slowly than they tell you to. Everyone's different.
  20. Littlegrandma

    Here is our little club of struggling sufferers. But we are enduring! Yes, the brain it heals in a matter if months and not days, not even weeks. I just started writing down how I feel every hour or two or three. When I'm desperate it is easier to get it all out, to feel it completely. And then when I read it through I see there were moments when I felt a relief or felt even normal. But when I write at the end of the day especially from a bad and desperate moment I wouldn't remember those little moments that clearly show I'm healing. That's just the nature of this process.
  21. Thank you Chessie ı stopped at 10.
  22. powerback: tapering no 2

    Hi everyone I want to do an update . As I write this I'm sick to my stomach with anxiety . I got back from a few days away and I'm in recovery mode ever since .I didn't sleep well while away and functioned on autopilot . my little niece kept me busy and i enjoyed he warpath and kind little soul .I owe her so much for the time I spend with her .she has been one of the few breaks I get from my pain this whole year . I don't think I will go to much into my pain and symptoms but just to say its bad and I'm worried ,but before anyone suggests about meds, up dosing wont help because I'm in protracted withdrawl a long time .if anything I'm a case to totally stop because its so bad on a micro taper [not the advice from mods I know ]. To end a bad week yesterday I got it in my head yesterday to try out a psychologist and it was a mistake because I'm way to sick but desperate at the same time . I'm well aware my ego would not like a lot of things that were put to it yesterday but at the same time this man had no evidence for some of he's claims that strongly irritated me and he didn't like when I challenged him on he's beliefs . The second I mentioned alcohol he ran with that and I said to him that a neurologist and a scan can only give evidence for what you say . I'm not doubting alcohol mite have a part to play but when I said about my behaviour as a child before alcohol he ignored me so in my mind and opinion this is wrong to lead with such a bold statement on one thing and ignore another . Please be careful when in withdrawl and doing therapy ,judge your own ability to do it and make sure your well first . I mentioned madinamerica and he was defensive so that says it all ,I mentioned about madinamerica trying to be unbiased and he didn't like that . Another thing is ,I believe he was way to young to have a private practice and what monitoring goes on ,god only knows .you see Ireland is still a very clicky and nepotistic country .I believe there is no huge morality anymore ,theres just who you know and "I have the credentials" and sod the rest .this is the fact of modern society . before anyone thinks I'm using this to hate on authority[maybe i am ] ,this is not the case ,I respect this man as a human being but that's were it ends I'm afraid . he went on like a life coach in this session and this was wrong .only at the end he said what do I want from him ,good question ,well nothing at 90 euro a session I cant afford it I said to myself . I had therapy a few years ago so I'm not new to it and I'm not having a rant because i don't like what i heard ,he was wrong to lead me down a path with no evidence .very venerable people are going to these places and they don't have the access to the sites i have .in my opinion the criticism of psychiatry is justified and if that "profession " is so guarded and defensive we got to wonder why in my opinion . Note to self ,no more self discovery for the rest of the year please [addiction i think ]. anyway thanks for the rant and i hope we all wake up tomorrow miraculously fixed and well . Peace PB
  23. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    This is just the nature of the beast. But every day is bringing us closer to relief.
  24. AmyK: Intro about myself

    Lex, I am dealing with it. It's ok. I guess I am impatient though. I want to heal quicker. Hugs, Amy
  25. AmyK: Intro about myself

    FSL, thankyou for stopping by and your kind input. We have to be very kind to oneself, that is right. And try just to move on. I hope you are welll. Bless you to. hugs, Amy
  26. scottly9999: Lexapro nightmare

    HI scottly I have the same feelings of desperation it must be down to the huge depression we are experiencing ,our minds want a break .I'm in an awful state at the moment .I believe if I moved from were I live I would get peace but how do I do it when I'm too sick to work .its a living nightmare ,I co habit with someone that just irritates the living hell out of me [irritation is another nasty symptom of depression ].how the hell do we treat the depression ,surely we cant just stare at the walls and expect it to change is my belief . what I am experiencing makes my drinking and hangover days seem like nothing . I fear my peace of mind is forever gone I just hope it comes back . take care we deserve so much peace . PB
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