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  2. Okay. I'm following your Benzo thread. Keep it slow. Keep it simple. Keep it stable. And hold with the escitalopram for now. Your last decrease was January 2.......is that correct? What's it like now: any morning, afternoon, evening, and bedtime/nighttime symptoms? Love, peace, healing/inrecovery, and growth, mmt
  3. Treating akithisia

    Hey all, I just discovered that the restlessness, jitteriness, and anxiety that I started to experience when I started taking Lexapro has a name: akithisia. I was only on Lexapro for 2.5 months and I felt akithisia the whole time. I totally stopped the Lexapro about 2 months ago and I get occasional bouts of akithisia. I've read online about different things that can treat it like taking Benadryl, vitamin B supplements, propanol, etc. Anyone have any advice for what works best for them?
  4. Helping Family Understand

    My family doesn't want to know period. My son asked me a few years back not to take my meds in front of his friends because he was ashamed. My parents don't want to hear about my medication nor my illness. As for my partner, he says this is all in my head and that I could stop taking Effexor right away if I really wanted to. So instead of arguing, I deal with it in silence. None of them needs to know and even though sometimes it's hard not to be supported by my loved ones, I won't let them bring me down either. For me, each bead of Effexor I don't swallow is a small victory and that's what matters for now.
  5. Relentless27: 4.5 Months off Prozac

    I'm not a mod but I know there is still a small chance a RI could help...maybe 1 or 2 mgs. it's worth trying if it lets you avoid years of suffering like I have. hope Alto or a mod will advise you. take care and good luck. ds
  6. Yes indeed Kesh! Next time I will refer back to this! It's wonderful to be reminded that the bad days don't last forever...
  7. pinkfairy: Rapid taper of paxil

    Thanks PB for the kind words... accomplished group therapy for 2 & half hours...I thought the lights in the room were going to burn my eye balls...but I managed it! just cooking chicken & veg... we got to keep swimming,one day the tide will turn. i cannot wait for that day,all I want is to be present & alive for my son & do the things we used to do.His therapy is going amazing,am seeing vast improvements in him.So it takes some of the pressure off me.. even when am shaking etc I still get dressed now no matter what,for along time his seen me laid around...But not no more am fighting for our freedom back... one day this will be over & it will be a distant memory. xxx
  8. powerback: tapering no 2

    Sounds lovely where you are...oh I hear you about the fear f-false e-evidence a-appering r-real horrible it is.But it’s just a chemical **** storm going on!One day PB we will be free.. yea my aim is to get in those woods again! lol am not sure am going to be able to resist the temptation PB when it comes to chocolate... but we shall see. take it easy xxx
  9. pinkfairy: Rapid taper of paxil

    Keep strong Pink ,as I said to terry yesterday ,we will get out of the trenches some day .
  10. Celexa 20 mg

    Experts will be along to answer properly about tapering. I just wanted to say don't take klonopin or any other benzo if you aren't already using regularly. You will just make your future that much more hellish. I was given valium to deal with antidepressants and now I'm in twice as much trouble.
  11. powerback: tapering no 2

    You'll get back to that Forrest some day keep at it and since you enjoyed it before itl be something to aim for .theres nice trails near me and a few hills ,cold today but the sun was out ,I had a strong fear while out today but it didn't last long . The fountain sounds like fun for yous ,I'm supposed to be eating healthy so if that was in front of me it would be devoured . Smelling it will be tough thatl set off the mouth watering ,have fun . Keep strong and brave .
  12. Thank you so much alto. I actually had been taking magnesium but I guess I should have read the directions. I was only taking 1 per day and it called for 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening. I believe it’s helped me a lot since I started taking it correctly. I also do try to keep regular hours for sleep but the early wake ups have continued aside from a few decent nights. Also the further out I’ve gotten from that relationship the better I’ve felt. It’s nice to focus on yourself and start to change your attitude toward yourself. Just talking positively and gently to myself has made a huge difference. Thank you guys for all your support, I do feel like I’m slowly trending in a positive direction 😊.
  13. This is a powerful thing to remember if you ever hit a bad wave again. They get better and you are the living proof.
  14. Frogie: Lexapro - how to get below 10 mg

    Can you recap on the liver problem that you have Frogie? And the Vitamin E? How does that help with it? It's all got me wondering now if your liver function is affected? And then of course how that is effecting everything else you ingest, meds/drugs, and food intake? Metabolism, you know? Have you seen your country bumpkin Doctor lately that you like? And been able to do small, frequent feeds rather than large eats. And looked for specific foods that you tolerate well. Be creative! It can be fun and kind of empowering as well. Oh......and the nausea!! I mostly do the essential oils with a diffuser myself. Like a small little humidifier. Aromatherapy.......which still can have some healing effects. We had the best ginger tea at a Thai food place yesterday. Just the aroma was yummy. Do you really have to check with your fiance for every expenditure? That must be tough. This isn't quite the end of the month yet, as far as your tapering plan goes. And I do wonder if you might do okay with less than a 10% drop. I'm sure that you have considered all this? I think it's snowing somewhere for sure. The skies have gotten darker and just the small birdies out there are quietly chatting now. Do you venture outside much these days? I would encourage you to take full advantage of 70 degree Fahrenheit weather, and even go exploring. Take a drive. And how nice that is. 70 degrees! Instead of always looking for and dwelling on the negative........try to be positive or even neutral about some of the here and now stuff. You can make that choice. I mean if you keep waiting, waiting, on your moving back to where you were before as the answer for your discontent.........you may find it is not an answer at all when you get there. I don't know........I am just feeling philosophical today. I hope you don't mind. I was talking with my dear friend yesterday and we got on the subject of how strangers would often just take over for us and help so much.........like when things were hard, or are hard. Many of us think that our regular people should be there, more than they are, and feel so slighted. Yet then.........it turns out to be, if not a complete stranger, someone we least expected, in our circle of acquaintances who turned out to be the most comforting and helpful, in getting us moving forward again, or even being more comfortable in the way/place that we were at. Something to think about I think for you. Okay.......hugs. Love, peace, healing/inrecovery, and growth, mmt
  15. rupa: Risperidone victim

    It's been two weeks down to 2.5 m.g of olanzapine. From two days dreams became more trouble some. Super heat at left side of scalp ,as if little lava streamed in side. Scalp became tender at the lava streamed places. I am unable to wake up at the starting of this whole thing. Heavy headedness after waking up from dream (hypnopompic hallucinations) . Whole day ruined. Whole day fear. Whole day searching for solution online. What to do? Olanzapine is not the right medicine for my problem. I want my past life, peaceful mind, peaceful sleep back. I am suspecting more intense hallucinations,voices,skull burns in coming days. How can I stand all these. What to do? What a mistake,I went to that psychiatrist.
  16. Did I make a mistake by adding the supplements? Just from reading some other threads, some people have bad reactions to these supplements and now is not the time to be experimenting. I added the probiotic to help with the digestive issues. I added the magnesium since some people be mentioned that it helped them to relax.
  17. powerback: tapering no 2

    Oh how fun I used to love walking,had walk for hours with my dogs in the woods....but I can’t get out to far now,I always want to run home...so have a stomp for me PB next time your out where do you go walking?your doing really well PB...keep up the good work Have got some art & craft stuff for me & my son this weekend!also going to be doing one of his Christmas presents,a chocolate fountain (yummy)! ps no chocolate for me wahhh,I will just watch & smell the aroma of the chocolate....bring on the days I can have a chocolate feast... xxx
  18. Relentless27: 4.5 Months off Prozac

    I know how you feel about obsessing about things getting worse. Lots of people here hit bad times 4, 6, 8 or 12 months after, but check out the recovery stories section of the site to help you out with that obsessing. More experienced people will be able to talk about reinstatement, but my newbie understanding is that as your last med was over 6 months ago it is better not to. It's more likely that you are just going to have to sit tight and get through it. But wait until someone who knows for sure replies. Check out the symptoms and self care section too.
  19. powerback: tapering no 2

    Hi pink thanks ,nice of you to say ,just back from a good ramble ,feel refreshed . I hope you and your son have fun this weekend . Be safe .
  20. Today
  21. Timetobedone: 20 Weeks Out

    Hi TTBD, many people experience problems for a long while after coming off meds. A mod will probably be along to answer you better. I wanted to talk about skipped heartbeats, usually called PVCs, premature ventricular contractions. The won't hurt you. I get them, have since puberty, and saw a cardiologist about them. He told me he gets about a hundred a day and isn't concerned. Lots of things trigger them like hormonal changes, relaxing after exercise, anxiety, heavy meals, exhaustion. Best thing is to convince yourself they are harmless, so they no longer cause you anxiety. All the best.
  22. ☼ Happy2Heal: Hope I'm doing this right

    Hi! I figured I'd say hello, I saw your post on andys thread . I hope you are doing well and not experiencing too many bumps . Also, I started reading hardwiring happiness a few days ago and I am really enjoying the book. It is very informative and is easy to comprehend . I am going to implement some of the suggestions and really look for good experiences and hold on to them just a bit longer . Very interesting and hopefully I will see some positive shifts . I was wondering if you had any other recommendations for the books that you found helpful and don't mind sharing I read a good book called 10 percent happier by dan Harris it was mostly a memoir but it captures the authors quest to more happier life by discovering and practicing meditation . I am making it a daily habit to do 10 mins a day at least . It is so hard to quite down that monkey mind of mine 🙄 B
  23. Aka appeared briefly and manageably for half an hour or so.
  24. apace41: Tapering Sertraline

    Hi Blondie and Andy, Andy I'm sorry you are in this difficult wave. As you know, it will end, but it's a bear going thru it nonetheless. Blondie, I did try several different things to help with sleep (low dose lamictal, melatonin, turmeric powder in soy milk, glycine, and um, probably other things too) It was a crap shoot, really, which, if any, of those things were going to help. I took some risks because I felt desperate. The benefits from any of them were really minor. I did feel more relaxed and thought I slept more deeply taking the glycine, but I can feel relaxed and sleep deeply without it, so maybe it was the placebo effect. I still have sleep issues but #1 I'm older and that's not uncommon for my age -so I accept it. Acceptance is a very big thing!! #2 I read a book about sleep that describes it as a primary drive, and that, regardless of whether we feel like we've slept, or feel rested after sleeping, we all do sleep. Otherwise, we'd literally die. Reading this was a huge relief to me. You are always hearing about how bad lack of sleep is for the body and mind. When most people say they don't sleep, what they really mean is that they don't have any restful or restorative feeling sleep. Sleep studies have also shown that people do not have a good idea of how long they've actually slept. It's often longer than we perceive it to be, even if we've been watching the clock (something I am determined not to do!) In WD/recovery, it can also be hard to tell being awake from being asleep- we are on such high alert, that going from one state to the other doesn't "register" to us on a conscious level. The one thing that has helped me the MOST and that is the hardest thing to do- is to not focus on sleep. The less you think about it or worry about it, the better it gets. That's why that book helped me, it let me know that regardless of my perception, I am actually sleeping and so far, it's been enough to keep me going just fine. Not always or often at peak performance, of course, but enough. I am learning to accept that "enough" is good. I really enjoy sleeping, and so my problem is that I never feel like I've slept as much as I WANT to, but that is different from getting enough sleep. I have had to change my mindset and find things that I enjoy, maybe not as much as a good nap, but enough so that my awake time is pleasant. So what helped me, but what may not be helpful for anyone else is: #1 not focusing on sleep (hard to do!) and believing that you will get adequate sleep. #2 Doing some gentle exercise every day- this makes a MUCH bigger difference than ANY of the supplements/substances that I've tried! #3 yoga. yoga helps me to breathe better and relax more, and has had NO bad effects at all. So why not? ;-) I only do the easy chair yoga that they have for "old folks" with a tiny bit of standing yoga for balance, nothing on the mat. The effects are not dramatic, but they are very real and I always feel better on the weeks I've taken a class. I am sure I'd feel even better if i did it every day- I'm working up to that, because I know enough of the routine I should be able to remember it to do it on my own. I'm just lazy/unmotivated to do things by myself. :/ I also avoid caffeine. I've been able to drink a bit of regular tea but I do better not drinking it all. I forget that chocolate has caffeine. I don't think any of this is news to you Andy but since I saw my name pop up in conversation I thought I'd pop by and let you know I'm thinking of you. it DOES get better. but you know that too ;-)
  25. Relentless27: 4.5 Months off Prozac

    Hi Guys, Just checking in. 6.5 months off now. Is it normal for things to get worse this far out? I think it's safe to say that this is the worst i've felt so far. Tons of anxiety, depression & terror are the highest they have been. I think the thing that gets me is that i seem to obsess over the possibility of this getting worse. Reinstatment has crossed my mind. I'm just super scared and my body feels jittery and terrified. I'm not sure there is much i can do. Maybe just looking for some support or reassurance. Thanks for anyone who reads.
  26. Pearlsky: Introduction

    Update: 13 months post cold turkey My mind stays blank all the time now. My thoughts are all scattered around and I can’t grab ahold of them. Whatever thoughts I do have, I feel as though I’m cursed to have to speak them aloud because they won’t stay in my head. Although my physical symptoms are always improving, I still worry I have permanent damage. I have no planning, problem-solving, or reasoning ability. I never feel right inside my body. I still don’t feel a “self”, I don’t feel a reality, I don’t feel other people, and I don’t feel a connection to God. I no longer have disturbed feelings, and I’ve stopped having adrenaline rushes. I still can’t eat sugar though because it makes me jittery. I don’t remember my past clearly and my mind still feels dark. I still have no pleasure, emotions, feelings, or imagination. I have trouble processing what I see and hear and still have trouble reading. I’m not as sensitive to light now, and my sleep is improving. I go back and forth between sleeping for 6-7 hours and 8-9 hours before I find myself wide awake. I’ve been feeling lightheaded a lot lately. I feel weird all the time and can’t keep up with how I’m doing very well. The only supplements I’m taking now is iron for my anemia. I’ve been having this feeling lately of everything coming together. I’ve even had dreams about it. I’ve also been feeling “new” both in the sense of my body and my “self”. I’m feeling calmer and less depressed and anxious. It doesn’t sound real to me how bad I started out. I don’t want to complain, but despite improvements, I’m really tired of being this way. Because of my poor short-term memory, the only way I encourage myself I’m getting better is by looking back at how far I’ve come. Although I would never, ever wish to relive the past times, I can’t help but only wish to be whole and fully healed.
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