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  2. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    So sorry Scorpio. You are really going through some awful things. Just remember the bad thoughts are not you - just your brain playing tricks on you. I had them too a few months ago but they have gone. They will go for you too. Just try to relax and rest as much as you can. Hope things ease so you can enjoy some of the evening. Love from Flowers xxx
  3. Hi Eleven10 Good luck for tomorrow then. As I remember it the rash, if it were to appear, appears around the mouth. When I took it I got a rash on my fingers (don't know why) but they kept me on the lamotrigene as they said the rash is usually around the mouth. Let's hope it has a calming effect for you and that you get some sleep. You have a lot of patience, if it was me I would be starting it straight away! Let us know how it goes, I really want this to work for you, and that it is money well spent. If you can show it works for you perhaps you will be able to get it on the NHS? Joy
  4. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    Hi flowers yes like you my symptoms change. The pgad and bowel cramping were what hit me first and seemed to go on for ages. Then would ease then as I went downhill they would be back. For the past couple of weeks I haven’t had it, thank god, yes burning and tingling and an awareness all the time of feeling very uncomfortable. It’s a horrible symptom. The symptoms change all time at the moment. I woke to burning face, then hot flushes, nausea, anxiety, then later on today lots of head pains and those awful thoughts. Like you I haven’t been able to eat, yesterday I managed some dinner but today finding it impossible to get anything down. It’s those miserable thoughts that keep coming into my head which just makes it worse. I watched Monday nights episode and nearly didn’t bother last night but glad I did. I shall watch tonights as well but it seems there is research needed for epilepsy and ms etc. Praying tomorrow will be better for both of us. Love scorpio
  5. Hi Joy if you can convince a private dr that a drug may help they will write you a private script, its hand written and doesn't go through the NHS but is costly. im going to start the lamotrigine tomorrow I'm really nervous about SJS but it is a very low dose. Im so tired I really feel if I can sleep better I will improve
  6. Flowers: Tapering Citalopram

    Hi Flowers, sorry you're having all these problems...I hope it's nothing serious. I hope you're feeling better soon and get a nice long window! thinking of you and sending healing thoughts. big hugs,ds xxx
  7. Hi Frogie Gosh you have a busy day ahead of you - I expect that is why you are a bit anxious. I get that way if I have to do something I am not that keen to do!! I hope your visit with your neighbour goes OK - maybe you can get back on an even footing. And a party tonight too. Sometimes these things turn out better than we think they will. At least you are going along - I hope you enjoy some if not all of it. Give Brownie a hug from me - pleased she is doing so well. Love from Flowers xxx
  8. Flowers: Tapering Citalopram

    Hi flowers i know exactly what you mean about trying to determine what’s illness and what’s w/d. It sounds as though you have picked up an infection which affects your kidneys that’s rotten. I got a lot of burning/tingling with my symptoms but thank goodness that particular nasty w/d symptom has died down for the moment. My bowels have been cramping a lot today - deep joy. It is such a miserable time when in a wave when added to the mix are those horrible thoughts that slide into my head. Nausea and anxiety are the worst for me but the last two days I keep sleeping so I do get a little relief. I hope your doctor sorts out what is going on quickly and can give you the right treatment just make sure it’s an antibiotic that you can take otherwise more problems. Yes let’s hope tomorrow gets easier for both of us. Hope you are having sunny days to at least lift you. Love and big hugs scorpio
  9. Scorpio: Will this ever end?

    Hi Scorpio I just wanted to let you know I had replied over on my thread but have just read your post here. I am sorry you are getting the PGAD too. Did you have any bladder symptoms with it? I am glad that it has eased off for you, it is so awful, the worst! Do you get one symptom being replaced by another or are yours pretty much constant? The nausea has disappeared for me but I don't have any appetite. Would you be able to try any of those high protein meals that come in a drink form? I can't remember what they are called in UK - is it Complan? I thought last nights programme was better than the first one. They really got down to giving info on how people were being helped. All food for thought in moving away from conventional treatment. I am thinking of you and hoping you get a bit more energy tomorrow. Are you doing anything this weekend? I don't make plans in a wave so will just see how it goes. Love and hugs Flowers xxx
  10. Flowers: Tapering Citalopram

    Hello Scorpio Oh Dear so sorry you have been wiped out for a couple of days. I am getting PGAD in this wave quite badly and have had some bladder problems too. I don't know if it is related but I have had lots of burning pain. I got a home test and it showed I had a lot of protein in my urine, no white cells or nitrates. So went to GP who is doing his own tests as he says it shows my kidneys are not working properly and until he gets the test results he doesn't know what is going on! Oh joy! So is it PGAD (which I don't think would cause the protein) or an infection or worse or some of both ?!!! It drives me to the end of my tether sometimes not knowing what is WD or what is 'normal' illnesses! How are your teeth today? So, I have been flat out on the sofa with a hot wheatie on my tummy. It is hard to cope but we never know how tomorrow will be. Like you say maybe a bit better for us both. Love and hugs from Flowers xxx
  11. I’m nearly a year into withdrawal after a cold turkey and my food sensitivities are getting worse. Sugar brings on immediate severe jittering, tremors, heart palpitations, and adrenaline rushes. I literally become a different person because I get a feeling of intense anger and feel like I’m losing my mind. This same strange reaction happens when I try supplements. I’m also suddenly sensitive to gluten and have bad bloating and diahreaa. This all makes me terrified to even eat because I’m unable to afford healthy food. I really hope this gets better soon! I’ve lost so much weight during withdrawal and I don’t wish to lose anymore.
  12. Flowers: Tapering Citalopram

    Hi Hopefull I don't like talking about the PGAD symptoms as am a bit embarrassed but as someone said to me there are no secrets here!! I think I had it very mildly when I changed my meds earlier this year from Cit to Venlafaxine. I usually only have it when in a wave and it comes and goes amongst other symptoms. This wave has been bad and PGAD too. I had some urinary symptoms which felt like an infection but after a home test shows increased protein. Saw my GP today who is doing further tests but am wondering if some of this can be put down to PGAD. Did you have bladder problems like burning and frequency? I know you have gone through so much with PGAD any information you have would be welcome. I am reassured that the pharmogenetic test gave you accurate results - I will get this done asap. Hope you are doing well yourself. Love from Flowers xxx
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  14. Cheeky, I also have varying intensity throughout the day. Sometimes it cycles minute to minute which can be very confusing. Sometimes I can't figure out if I feel "normal" (a.k.a some kind of window).
  15. Flowers: Tapering Citalopram

    Hi flowers how are you doing, any improvement, I hope so. I’ve joined you and flat out for the past two days. Finding it very difficult to cope with all the horrible symptoms so I really sympathise hopefully tomorrow will be a better day for us both. Love scorpio
  16. Hi frogie’ hope you had a good time with your nutty neighbor and that you enjoy tonight’s Christmas party. Good to see brownie is feeling better and eating more. She’s a little fighter like her mum. Im still flat out waiting for relief from these horrible symptoms. Enjoy tonight scorpio
  17. Junglechicken

    Oh dear, thanks for making me laugh, Andy too!!!! TC, JC xxx
  18. Junglechicken

    I thought rabbits multiplied, but nothing like cats. Our renter says they are running through their yard, they are keeping the mice and bugs away there too! Hope the party goes well. Take care, Frogie xx
  19. Junglechicken

    Off to the nutty neighbors house. Just what I need today. Already nuts enough not seeing my therapist, but that's the way it goes. Take care, Frogie xx
  20. Junglechicken

    Too funny Frogie!! Sounds like you and your fiancé have a bit of a cat breeding operation going on, lol We fed the squirrels in our garden back in Calgary as it was SO cold outside - I mean who can resist a cute little fluffy creature with a bottle brush of a tail?! The trouble is they all got too fat to climb the trees...........also, we pissed off the neighbours! Hope you get through the party ok, know exactly how you feel about that. TC, JC xxx
  21. It's not uncommon for things to change minute by minute, hour by hour at times. The hard part is to recognize that it's happening and not let it trigger you into a spiral.
  22. Junglechicken

    Boy Andy you ate your Wheaties today didn't you? Or you are feeling better, I hope. I'm glad you still have your sence of humor, even through all of this. Read my post on my thread, you'll get a kick out of it. Take care, Frogie xx
  23. Junglechicken

    They are good luck. Everyone thinks the opposite. I'm glad your IBS has settled. Mine has until around 4 this afternoon, then it will start back up because of thinking about the party (I wrote a note on my thread). Wish me luck. My fiancé feeds the feral cats. We have I think I counted 12 kittens (6 months or so old) plus mom and dads. But we have no mice or bugs outside. They run when you go outside, so it's ok. It's 9:45am, Friday here, so I have about 8 hours until I act up again. Hopefully I won't during the party tonight, so embarrassing. Take care, Frogie xx
  24. Reflections: I can see how I ended up being polydrugged. Back in 2009 was put on citalopram as was going into a depression with pure O. I believe this was as a result of long term illness and too much meditation to try to cure myself. My symptoms got worse including weeks of insomnia and ended up on a high dose of Mirtazipine with clonazepam as needed at night. I’ve no idea how long I used it but don’t think it was long as my sleep returned on the mirtazipine. Over the next year, My ME improved a lot. We moved overseas. 2011 Spring, I tapered off the Mirtazipine in a way I thought was slow enough. November 2011 I was hit with a terrifying anxiety one night where I couldn’t swallow. Next day I was put on 15mg escitalopram. I reckon I was hit by withdrawal rather than anxiety at that time, though my drinking was out of control. This was upped gradually to 22.5 over the next 3 years. May/June 2016 I had insomnia and anxiety as was doing emdr therapy. I took Zopiclone for about three nights. July 2016 I’d developed twitching, shaking and anxiety. Due to Zopiclone? GP lowered escitalopram to 20mg and added 50mg Trazodone. Or Was I getting a reaction to the escitalopram at this point?! Anxiety got worse, vertigo, leg weakness, ME got severe, Pregabalin 50mg was added in, start of October. Told to drop escitalopram to 15mg and stop Trazodone (doc thought I had serotonin syndrome as I had over reactive reflexes). I think I was in wd from dropping the escitalopram and side effects from trazodone. Functioned ok til Jan 2017, had upped pregabalin, got depressed and anxiety up again in Feb. Tried to increase pregabalin April 2017 and think this is when I first experienced Akathisia type symptom but thought it was anxiety from upping the dose. GP added on 15mg Mirtazipine - relief! But I was physically ill and housebound with weak legs and seriously foggy headed. GP said as my anxiety seemed better then maybe I only needed the Mirtazipine so I could come off pregabalin and escitalopram... Three weeks after stopping pregabalin and one week exactly after stopping the escitalopram, all hell broke loose and I think that’s when the akathisia started. So, 18 months of withdrawals and side effects! No wonder I’m ill. My GP said today he’s never seen anyone react like me to stopping/ changing meds. Though he believes and supports me, I told him there are many people online going through it. I’m really hoping the akathisia goes, despite being on meds still. I guess I’m always trying to work out if it was caused by a drug, in particular if it was akathisia last July 2016 and not anxiety, and it was in fact caused by the escitalopram ‘turning’ on me. Though I didn’t seem to have it once I started on Trazodone or when I was on the lower dose of Pregabalin. Or if it is a withdrawal issue and will go as I stabilise (rather than being stuck with it).
  25. Junglechicken

  26. Junglechicken

    The cat or your IBS, JC?
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