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Found 158 results

  1. I am new to this site. I was put on paroxetine six weeks ago in the UK but felt strange and discovered this is the strongest SSRI. I stopped cold turkey a week ago and feel awful mostly when I wake up. Can I start Fluoxetine yet or should I wait longer? ( I am abroad so can't get to my gp). Thanks
  2. Hi, I've been on SSRI's now for about 20 years except for a few years in the middle. First it was Prozac with BuSpar, and over the last 10 years Paxil with Klonopin. I'm in search of who I am off of these meds, and I'm sick of the side-effects (mainly sexual side effects of Paxil for me). I successfully tapered off of Klonopin over 1 year from 0.5 mg (finished that in May of '16), and I've been tapering off of Paxil for the last year and a half from 30 mg. to my current dose of 10 mg. This is my second deliberate attempt to get off of SSRI's. The first attempt was done very quickly in 2012 (over about a month) and it was a disastrous fall into extreme anxiety resulting in voluntary hospitalization for five nights in a locked unit. In 2014 I was switched from Paxil to a different drug altogether (Lamictal), and that was also a terrible event because the doctor had me go off of the Paxil too quickly, resulting in a quick descent into anxiety, then the worst soul-crushing depression I've ever experienced. I was out of work for 5 weeks. I'm happy to share more details later, but for now I'll focus on the here and now. So back to the current withdrawal attempt. I was down to 10 mg of Paxil in November, 2017, and I told my psychiatrist that I wanted to continue the slow taper. He prescribed liquid Paxil at the equivalent of 9 mg for 2 weeks, then 8 mg, but when I went to pick it up I was told it would be over $150. Yikes! The pharmacist recommended I look into having it compounded elsewhere to save money. After searching for a compounding facility, calling my doc and writing him a letter, I finally got the prescription for a compounded version of Paroxetine for $70 / month, plus $5 shipping. A couple weeks later it arrived, and I was very happy to continue my slow, controlled taper. That was around Dec. 22, 2017. That's when things went wrong. After a couple days I started feeling a bit cantankerous, fidgety, and my appetite increased. I had just re-started working out, and this adrenaline rush fueled my anger and appetite. You know that feeling when you've run out of fuel and you've got that hungry, angry feeling inside? I was feeling like this almost all the time. About five days after starting the compounded Paxil I had an incident at work where I lost my temper. I apologized and things smoothed over, but I'm pretty convinced that something wasn't right with the compounded medication. Maybe it was measured wrong; maybe the bitter cold affected it in shipping. I don't know, but I strongly doubt it was 9 mg. Paxil. So I went back to the 10 mg., and that's when I've been on for the last 5 nights. But my mind and body are both very much off-kilter. My anxiety's increased and the insatiable hunger continues. I have a high-metabolism which is even higher under this stress, so I can't seem to satiate my appetite. I'm hoping that after a few more days things will even out, and I plan on staying at 10 mg. for at least a couple weeks before I start a taper again. I've since picked up the prescription for the liquid Paxil; I decided that when I continue the taper, I want to make sure I'm very confident of the accuracy of the medication. I don't trust the compounded version now. Thanks for reading. Any encouragement would be much appreciated as I re-stabilize.
  3. Hi, my name is Mindy and I'm new to this forum. I've been on 40 mg of Paroxetine (generic paxil) for approximately two years and Alprazolam (generic zanax) for over 20 years. I would like to wean myself off of the Alprazolam and paxil. I've ran out of my paroxetine before and omg the withdrawal symptoms after just one day are a nightmare. I hope to gain advice and support here. Thank you. Mindy (By the way I am a 45 year old female)
  4. I joined this site a couple of weeks ago. After finding that paxilprogress was no more. I was devastated. That site may have truly saved my life in some of my darkest moments. What is one to do? When essentially you've self-destructed in front of everyone you love; because of a nasty little "non-habit-forming" pill that's been shoved down your throat for decades. So here I am. Time (weeks really) has eluded me. I meant to reach out sooner. I'm just hoping I'm not reaching out too late. I feel like such a horrible failure. I know better than that at some level, know that maybe I failed but that I just have to pick up the broken pieces and keep moving forward. But I'm so I'll. I'm so weak. I'm so alone. And I feel so helpless. My life may not have been a picnic before the introduction of SSRIs. But this is one situation in which the grass was truly greener on the side of which I was already standing. Before popping that first "innocent" little pink pill, prescribed by a doctor who had seen me only once and only spent 10 minutes "getting to know me". I couldn't tell you who that doctor was, I never saw him again. Nevertheless he was the first in probably nearly a hundred who have insisted upon continuing the saga. And what better did I know? I was unhappy before the meds. I was often unstable on them. And I was clueless as to why I was saying and doing psychotic things (that I often didn't remember, or just have "snippets" of memory after the fact) and so violently ill when I decided I simply no longer wanted to take the pills. Or was even 12 hours late on a dose. (More about that and my travels down genetic testing road and CYP450 mutations later.) All that being said; Hello to all in these forums. I'm the antisocial one. The antisocial one that sometimes doesn't know when it's appropriate to shut up. Or how to appropriately ask for help. But if you've been through it (psych med-wise), I probably have too. And vice versa.
  5. Dear all, This is my first post on this forum. I just wanted to share my experience with w/d of buspirone. I stopped 30mg/day about 23 days ago. I suffered 10 days, said enough, then went back to 10 mg/day. It didn't make much difference for another week. I gave up and upped to 20mg/day 7 days ago. While some bad stuff decreased, I am having very painfaul headaches since 2 days (tonight it woke me up). W/d symptoms: some that I know from SSRI/SNRI w/d, but some special for buspirone: "hangover" headache, "hangover" dry mouth, "normal" strong headaches, very angry (I have to punch some pillows or do pushups), flu-like chills and fever (for 3 days), strange pain in the neck. I want to emphasize that it seems as bad as paroxetine. For now I can even say it's worse cause when I came back to paroxetine, all symptoms went away. Now I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere (have many terrible symptoms, while still being on high dose). So, 1st I wanted to share, 2nd I'd welcome any ideas what to do (I already bought and am trying Omega-3)... I really don't want to go back to 30/day (for many reasons); besides I don't have guarantee that even that will bring me back to state before w/d. Did anyone was relieved after coming back to original dose after such long time (>3 weeks)? Did any particular supplement help?
  6. Hello I am a 1st time poster and am very frightened by my symptoms after withdrawing from 10 mg Paroxetine from September 2015 to December 2016. After 2 months at 0 mg I developed PGAD and intense anxiety. I reinstated 1mg at the end of January 2017 but it didn't help and gave me bad diarrhea; then I increased to 2.5 mg in June 2017, but I now have had akathisia, numbness and pain in feet, and worsening depression. I am spending more and more time in bed and I am frightened to go out. Please could you give me any advice as to whether I should taper again or hold to stabilise? I am also suffering badly from insomnia and take benadryl quite often.
  7. I took paxil 12.5 mg for 10 months due to problem of panic attack in closed spaces. then i slowly withdrawn from it in 1 month. I am not taking any medication for 7 months except due to some depressive events i took paxil 12.5 mg for 10-15 days 2 months back. Now i have heart palpitations and stomach cramps. I had headache but now that has gone away in one week since i started eating walnuts. I hope slowly my other physical symptoms will also go away. The only thing which makes me sad is anxiety sometimes due to emotions and also the fear of relapse. Please tell when will i become emotionally stable. I have heard that after 3 months situation starts improving. Is it true?
  8. Hello all, I believe I am withdrawing from Paxil, Clonazepam or both. I thought I was over with the Paxil withdrawal, and started decreasing my Clonazepam. Lately I can't go for quiet walk without anger and bad memories driving me to quit. I have nightmares, am irritable, angry..I feel like I can't be around anyone. The Paxil quickly lost its effectiveness in treating my depression. I tried to get off of Clonazepam and Paxil years ago, but was having waves of repeating panic attacks. 24/7. At the time I was on 60 mg of Paxil and 3 mg of Clonazepam. Before I was on these drugs, I had anxiety issues, but only 1 full on panic attack. The drugs have made me so much worse. I resumed the medication as quickly as I could. Currently, I thought I was able to get rid of the Paxil, I seemed to be fine. I had to come off of 30 mg, rather than the previous 60. The weaning off period lasted a few months. I don't think reducing the clonazepam is the problem, because taking the full dose doesn't help. I am wondering if I am still having a residual withdrawal issue from the Paxil. I really don't like what it happening to me, and I'm really afraid I won't be able to recover.
  9. WackoSirJacko: Paroxetine can be messy

    Hi any moderator, I'm really struggling today. My first post was yesterday and Brass monkey kindly got back to me but think he misread my post. I basically came down from 45mg of paroxetine to 40 three and a half weeks ago. Then a week and a half ago I came down to 35. I had minor jerks and muzzy head but since Sunday I've gone into hyper anxiety. Should I go back to 40 and stabilise? Brass thought I'd come from 40 to 35 only. Bit frantic at work at the moment.
  10. Started 20mg Paroxetine in 1995 for anxiety, I was 18. Been fine for 20yrs with me altering mg summer and winter. Then weaned down to 12.5mg over a couple of months Sept/Oct 16. Crashed in November realising my business wasn't working out. Major insomnia and panic ensued. Then I think I made the worst mistake of my life. I went up to 20mg again, then 25 and 30 a few days later. Went to the doctor and said what I had done. He put me up to 40 without even letting the 30 take effect. 2 weeks later the 40 started to work but I think it left me with worse anxiety and insomnia as a shock to the system. I could not feel a thing. I eventually stabilised and started sleeping after a few months. My anxiety subsided until I suddenly woke with depression. So since then I've had counselling and had bouts of anxiety and depression (Which I never really had prior to going up to 40). In the Summer I had a bout of depression which wouldn't shift. I went to 42.5 and then 45. This had little impact. I discovered if I had a beer it would likely send me into depression but sometimes not. Then if I took L-Tyrosine (precursor amino acid to dopa and norepiphrine) I would come out of depression and go into high anxiety which would subside after a few days. Recently I thought that the high dose of paroxetine was damaging my brain and that may be the root cause of the bouts of depression, (could be the beer though, although I only ever had a few). I also thought it was maybe worth a change after consulting with my PDoc. He gave me Seroquel but I didn't like it. Anyway, I still tried to titrate as I thought I may want to go to another anti-depressant so went down from 45 to 40 and I started to feel something, my positiveness got some nice thoughts to bring feelings. 2 weeks later after a bit of anxiety and a few zaps I went down to 35. That was a week and a half ago. Over the weekend I had 2 pints on Friday and had depression Saturday which shifted Sunday with the LTyrosine. However, the anxiety which hit was way more than usual and came with a muzzy, foggy heavy brain and feeling panic. This felt like major withdrawals from coming down 10mg of paroxetine rather than the L-tyrosine stimulating me. My PDoc has given me pregabalin today and told me to hold at 35 till I feel better but don't want it. I tried one today and it hardly did anything anyway. I think I need the stability on the Parox and to slowly titrate down which will hopefully allow me to feel more and reduce my depressional bouts. I'm really anxious today still should go back up or hold? So it's 3 1/2 weeks since I was on 45mg and 1 1/2 weeks since I came down from 40 to 35. I'm fairly hardy to the anxiety so if you think the worst of dropping has already happened I will hold. Or is it best to get stable on 40 again?
  11. 40jack: Hello

    Hi I'm new to this site. I joined basically because I want to get off my seroxat so I came here for some support. I've been on seroxat since 1994 and although I have been off meds in the past this last stint which is seven years is proving the most difficult to date.
  12. Hello Everyone, I have been on Paxil or Paroxetine for about 16 years now. I suffered from Panic attacks and not wanting to go anywhere do to being scared. It all started around puberty for me, I wasn't sure what was going on. I thought I was going crazy, about at 20 years old in 2001 or so my Dr. Diagnosed me with Anxiety and Panic attacks and prescribed me SSRI I tried a couple different ones. Im not sure which ones I tried. But I had success with Paxil and was able to cope with life again. I gained about 50LBS my first year on that! I have been okay for the most part but I feel like a lot of other people on Paxil, lack of emotion (zombie mode) Brain zaps, I cant drive for long distances still, I start freaking out. I can still cope but cant live life like I would like to, I still get panic attacks occasionally but have kinda learned to calm my self down. My Doctor recently told me that Paxil is outdated and is what people used when there was nothing else available and he recommended Escitalopram (Lexapro) and he said just start taking this one instead, and quit the paxil cold turkey. I am a little nervous because I'm afraid of the nightmare withdraws everyone talks about, which I think I maybe already experiencing from a Poopout from taking these pills so long. My doctor said not to worry about the withdraws because the paxil and Lexapro are very similar. Which I am not to sure about. Has anyone had any success with switching off Paxil or Paroxetine?
  13. Hello my name is Krasiyan, and I am a 27 year old male from a small town in the country of Bulgaria. My story begins when I was 16 or 17 with my very first chest pains. I do not know what caused them to appear, but before chest pain became a part of my life I was like evry other kid of that age. I was first sent to do different types of tests: heart checks; thyroid; which showed no signs of a problem, and so that put me on my first visit to a real psychiatrist. By the time I met the psychiatrist my chest pains were being accompanied by anxiety and nervousness. I received a diagnosis of Panic Disorder and was put on a pill called Stimuloton. I had no problems stopping it after some time, becuase it didn't really help with the panic attacks, which were starting to appear for the first time. In the begining it was only chest pain, but then it worked it's way to full blown panic attacks, and even agoraphobia. So the Stimulaton wasn't working and I was put on a drug called Paroxetine (Paxil). Slowly I began from half a pill working my way up to 2 pills. Two pills are 40 mg. The Paxil started doing it's job and time passed, my panic attacks stopped, and the agoraphobia vanished. When I say time passed I mean alot of time. I took the 2 pills of Paxil (40mg) for 7 or 8 years up unil last September. Well with no panic attacks for years, and no agoraphobia I went and asked to be put off the medication. I was told to take my 2 pills and reduce them from 2 pills to 1 pill (one), and take that one pill for ten days. After these ten days I should take the one pill, and cut it in half, then take that small half pill for another 10 days. In summary 10 days 1 pill and 10 days half a pill. At the begining i started to experience: diarrhea, dizziness, and a few other strange sensations like brain zaps. When around two weeks had passed the diarrhea went away. My emotions had returned. I had no way to understand that while I was on my medication I was being suppressed. I started to laugh more and generally perceive life more emotionally. Because I am male my ejaculation improved also. Does are the good parts of not taking my daily does of Paxil. Now to the bad parts. Sure I got my emotions back, but so did my anxiety return. It is the first time in many years where I feel anxious, and having Panic attacks seems like something that will happen. My symtopms are: high levels of anxiety and unrest; panic attacks; different types of head and chest tightnes and pain. A general feeling of suffering. The calmness I had while on the pill is gone basically, and I am always tense and nervous now. I was very well conditioned on it. Nothing of my daily tasks could get to me, I even had a working job and everything going. Now my daily life feels anxious and challenging. In summary: was fine before taking the drug out of the body; Now that I am clean of any Paxil in my system and experiencing all these negative sensations and my behaviour is that of an anxious person once again I am unsure what decision is best for me. Daily anxiety has made me indecisive and weak willed. The points I am going to stress on are: two pills (40mg) of Paxil for 7 or 8 years; Panic attacks and agoraphiba is cured. Initiating plans to stop the drug. time of discontinuing the drug : 20 days give or take - As said in the above text : 10 days of 1 pill; 10 days of half a pill; and then stop. result : returning anxiety with panic attacks and generally feeling unwell; When I returned to the psychiatrist and explained how I was not feeling so great now that I am free of Paxil I got hit with a free sample of a item called Levosulpiride which is a benzamide antipsychotic. This did not agree with me so I haven't taken any of it. I suspect that the time I took to stop Paxil was too short and too fast which made me feel this horrible way. The dilema I am faced right now is should I ask to restart Paxil to a dose which might make me feel more comfortable. It might not be the original 40 mg, it might be less, and then I can try to wean myself off it in a more gradual pace. It's a dilema because on one side : I'm risking side effects from the begining of Paxil; but on the other hand my quality of life has deteriorated and who knows if it will only get worse. I think Im leaning towards the take Paxil again, because Im too scared to think what might happen in a month or more. Are there people who have been weaned off too fast from their antidepressant and recovered, or do they just get new conditions and get even worse? Does returning even work or make things work? Thanks for reading this is my first post here
  14. Trisha2: Paxil

    Hello,I have been on paxil for years. I don't see it is helping me. My dr. Is always saying you don't need to change. I have winged myself off but need something new. Anyone changed from paxil and had luck. Thanks!!
  15. Hi I am Hopefulstill and new. I started at 20 mg. Paxil...... Now years later on 50 mg. but seems to have pooped out. I am going to try tapering off. Started with 46 mg. yesterday Here goes! Glad I found this site
  16. I started taking Paroxetine 20mg in 2012. Prescribed by my GP for what was then mild anxiety and low mood. I decided to come off of the paroxetine in Januay 2016. Had enough of being an asexual zombie. The drugs did little for me anyways. Started a slow taper and got down to 10mg once weekly by September 2017. If I didn't dose for longer than a week I would get agitated and angry. 10mg was enough to make me calm for a week or so.... On 24th September 2017 I decided complete withdrawal would be impossible and that maybe I would be better off going back on the paroxetine full-time. I started taking 10mg daily without a doctor's supervision. Five days later I became suicidal for the first time in my life...bearing in mind before this I had always been pretty much emotionally stable. I went to A & E suffering severe agitation/depersonalisation and several other worrying symptoms such as intrusive thoughts about attacking loved ones (something which I would never do or ever think about before). I was given diazepam to get me through the next few days. I vowed never to touch SSRIs again. I have not taken any paroxetine since the crisis on 29th September. The last 2 weeks have been the worst 2 weeks of my life. I went to see a psychiatrist privately - he diagnosed me with bi-polar and prescribed me Seroquel (quetiapine). I am NOT bi-polar, my brain has been destroyed by paroxetine. My daily symptoms are: psychomotor agitation, intrusive thoughts about violence, feeling empty, no emotion at all, electric shock sensations all through my body, panic, crying etc I know the sensible thing would probably be to go on prozac for a while, but after almost throwing myself in front of a bus after just a few days on paroxetine, to me, it's not worth the risk. I just want to ride this out and hopefully get better. I want to be in control of my thoughts and emotions again. At the moment my thoughts and emotions are controlling me. This is not a problem I had before paroxetine. I'm just worried that I'll remain this nervous wreck forever. Can anyone relate to this? Especially the intrusive thoughts, which is what worries me most. Does it get better? Regards, Clearmind
  17. Hello, I'm new here. Here is my history: C/T citalopram November of 2015 and put on Paraxotine. Soon after started to experience Akathisia. Started tapering the Paraxotine and started to feel better by 6 months with no more akathisia. I was down to 15mg when I got a blood infection in November 2016. I had a bad reaction to Cipro antibiotic where I experienced confusion. I went to the hospital where they diagnosed me with anxiety but found out later it was the Cipro. They c/t my Paraxotine and put me back on Citalopram. I was in a confused state so wasn't really able to make a rational decision, I just listened to the doctors. A month later, I started experiencing severe Akathisia. I've been tapering the Citalopram since January 2017 and only have a crumb left. My akathisia has improved in the last couple weeks in that I don't really have the urge to pace anymore. I still experience debilitating anxiety and depression though, electricity running through my body, mental akathisia, adrenalin surges. I only sleep 2-4 hours a night. I don't windows because my anxiety is so bad. The only time I really had windows was when I was up for 48 hours straight.
  18. Hello everyone, Glad to find this forum as I have been lost without advice and the GP is clueless. I am also a health care professional myself. So I was started on Seroxat/Paxil in 2001( 20mg ) and have been on it for over 16 years. Altering doses but hovered around 10mg on the liquid form for majority. I then decided this year to taper and went too fast. I went from 10mg to 2mg in around 4 months. I then kind of crashed only a few weeks ago. I then upped my dose to 8mg and have been on that dose for 5 weeks. I still feel crap and all the initial ssri side effects of when I originally started. Horrific. My question is how long do I wait at 8mg to feel better or at least balance? My plan is to wait until week 8 and if no improvement up my dose to 12mg but its taking me in the wrong direction. I want to come off this drug. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated??
  19. This site has been a sanctuary for several months and I would like to thank AltoStrata, her fellow Admins and all posting members for the invaluable information shared in the various forums. In this most confusing and isolating phase of my life so far, you have all helped me to feel less alone, less confused, and important teachers. I believe I may have created a meds signature line in my sign-up form, but if not I will correct that shortly. Briefly, I realized I was in a polypharmacy rut in February of this year. Prozac 10 or 20 mg (?) from early 1997 to early 1998. Newly sober, the Paxil caused "speediness" and I was switched to Paxil - Paxil 20mg/day (depression/anxiety) from 1998 to approximately Spring 2007. I simply stopped taking it after running out, was in long-term therapy and did not think twice about leaving such a "small thing" behind. Even though there were large stressors at work. The state of lability, extreme depression, dysphoria, DP, DR (terms I did not know then) were horrendous. I returned to the original psychiatrist who tried me on various other meds for a hellish 2 months, never once mentioning I might be in withdrawal from stopping the Paxil. The last straw was an Effexor trial, which put me in a state of agitation, physical heat, and inability to leave bed beyond imagination. It took months to find a new Psychiatrist, which happened about February 2008. He felt I had simply been on too small a Paxil dose - I had heard about "poop out" by that time but he dismissed it - I had not heard about withdrawal on Paxil cessation and he did not mention it. He put me back on Paxil and built up slowly from 10 to eventually 60mg. Unfortunately I don't remember the timeline for that buildup. However, 60mg became the maintenance dose at which I remained until Feb. 2017 of this year - nearly 10 years. He also became my psychotherapist and had a wonderfully humane aspect to him to which I attribute most of the great healing that happened over the first 3-4 years. My life became strong and rich and fulfilling again - in all areas. In 2010 there was a collision of traumatic stressors in work and family. As well, somatic experience of panic, high anxiety and heart palpitations such as I'd never experienced since childhood episodes of severe abuse became frequent. I made certain decisions in my life. We continued the meds and the therapy. In June (?) 2012 - after months of persistent inner agitation, weepiness, anxiety (following death of family member), he added Ativan 0.5 at night. A year later he added another 0.5 in the am. A year after that he added another 0.5 at noon. I can not know with any certainty but based on everything that I have read about tolerance and withdrawal with Paxil and Ativan, I believe that I experienced pre-taper withdrawal-like symptoms for several years. I wish I had known then - when he began adding the benzo to the Paxil - what I know now. I had trusted him so completely as a person and a professional. Fast forward to February 2017. He announced abruptly that he was closing his practice - in 3 months. We had been working together for about 9 years. The anxiety caused by the announcement led him to increase my RXs for Paxil to 80 and to double Ativan to 1mg 3 times a day. He acknowledged that the 2 drugs did not appear to be "working" or "ideal" anymore. Sadly I think his priority at that point was to get to the end of the three months without liability - so it was easier to simply up the meds and "explore referral options." Two months on the upped prescriptions saw me living like an outpatient in a chemical straightjacket - as a full on zombie. I found my way to Mad in America and the literature on iatrogenic psychotropic drug injuries, the psychiatric profession's blind faith in the hypothesis of the "chemical imbalance", and the frightening stories about withdrawing from SSRIs and benzodiazepines - especially the 2 I was prescribed. This was all quite frightening and overwhelming. I was able to find a wonderful and sympathetic therapist. The zombie straightjacket was too much. I decided to taper myself back to my "baseline" though no-longer-working (even according to the Psychiatrist) polypharmacy of Paxil 60mg and Ativan .05 3 times a day. I did that from April to August. Symptoms ranging from extreme loss of appetite, acute DP/DR, extreme and sudden heart palpitations and anxiety, and a slow-motion hyper depressive grey movie in the background looping "this is the end of the road for me" movies - but always behind a screen. The gestalt in terms of doing anything is a 1000 mile distance between a flourishing idea or thought and any action to carry it out. Including washing dishes! The search for a meds doctor who is sympathetic to a patient wishing to taper off psychotropic drugs that no longer work and are causing is still on. I will be meeting one next week, and I believe his name does appear on a list of potentially knowledgeable providers somewhere on this site. I will report back. He appears to be familiar with tapering patients off psychotropic drugs and he is also a holistic treater with experience in acupuncture, something called "functional psychology" (?), and other holistic practices. Thanks to SA I shall have with me a lot of information to discuss - very calmly - with him, including the formula of tapering 10% (vs. last dose), listening to the body even within a tapering protocol, and the question as to whether the Paxil or the Ativan should be tapered first. (I saw a psychiatrist one month ago who wrote out a taper schedule for Ativan that was very aggressive - I modified it and have "held" at an early stage after feeling my body rebelling and reading here about the 10% recommendation. Same psychiatrist was ready to have me start tapering Paxil simultaneously until I mentioned perhaps it was not a great idea and he very quickly agreed. Those fancy degrees, Research Hospital affiliations, decades of experience .... That's another story.) I wish to thank you all from the bottom of my heart - for being here.
  20. Hello all, I am experiencing withdrawals after trying to slowly taper of 20 mg of Paxil. This is my second attempt at getting off of it, the first time I went cold turkey (on 10 mg) not knowing about the horrible withdrawal symptoms that would happen. I was wondering if reinstating Paxil would ease my withdrawal symptoms? I feel like I'm going insane, I can't function, and I don't know how to live everyday life when I feel this way. I am experiencing nausea, dizziness, vertigo, upset stomach, diarrhea, no appetite, suicidal thoughts, heightened anxiety, and insomnia. I don't know if taking the 20mg will help me or not but I'm really scared I'm going to feel like this forever. I don't even want to leave my bed because every time I walk or move I want to throw up or fall over. If someone could offer me some help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you
  21. Hi, I'm totally new here. I started prozac 10 years ago for anxiety. I was always on 20mg a day. It helped me tremendously at the time but I never expected to be on it for so long.. My life is less stressful (not in grad school any more, job stability etc.) so I decided to go off it. At my doctor's advice I tapered slowly, decreasing roughly like: 2 weeks of: 10mg 3x/week, 20mg 4x/week 2 weeks of: 10mg 5x/week, 20mg 2x/week 2 weeks of: 10 mg all week 2 weeks of: 10mg 5x/week, 5mg 2x/week 2 weeks of: 10mg 3x/week, 5mg 4x/week 2 weeks of: 5mg all week 2 weeks of: 5mg 3x week, then 5mg 1x and then OFF. NO emotional side effects during this entire process. Just some IBD stuff (which I had with the stress/anxiety before starting the prozac). So I took my last pill 2 weeks ago. Just in the past few days I've had racing in my chest, palpitations, some joint pain, and mild irritability. And last night I had terrible insomnia. Is this finally the withdrawal kicking in? I'm a teacher and start classes after Labor Day. My goal was to be DONE with all this by the time school started. I figured with the slow tapering, I wouldn't have withdrawal once I stopped. Is there anything I can do to help the withdrawal? I DO NOT want to go back on it. I want to ride this out. Going off it like this has shown me how insidious it is. I know it helped me and helps people, but it's messed up that it's so hard to get off of!
  22. Hello beautiful people, I am new here. I apologise if this topic was already covered a million times, but.... I am rather hopeless right now. I've been reducing my paroxetine dosage. The last reduction was from 20mg to 10mg a day. About a week or so passed of me taking this new 10mg dose and I started having TERRIBLE headaches. Mainly it's my temples, my jaw, my teeth. Have any of you had this problem ? How did you cope? I mean, I could be taking ibuprofen everyday,but it's been more than a week and that in itself has side effects... So I'm looking for something, just about anything that could help.
  23. I used to be a member over at PaxilProgress years ago when I attempted a gradual withdrawal. I have a story for you all today that some may related to. I have been on Paxil for 18 years because of Panic attacks. At first, I was prescribed 20mg. After 6 months I dropped to 10mg. After a year of hating the sexual side effects I dropped to 5mg for the next 16 years. At 5mg, I have no panic attacks and I thought I was living a normal life.....until today. I am a health nut. I have a fixed routine for taking my Paxil, blood pressure meds (trying to get off) and natural supplements each morning. About a week ago. I started a bunch of oral surgery. My blood pressure also rose to unsafe levels. Because of all this my stress was off the charts. I have been feeling emotional and have even shed tear a few times (I am a married man who is not that emotional). To top things off, yesterday it was like I found the fountain of youth. My sexual energy and sensitivity was off the charts to the point my wife could not figure what was going on. I was shocked also because I felt like an 18 year old. This was all getting a bit too weird and we could not figure out what was going on. Today I went in for my normal workout at the Gym. I felt really energized besides the stress. But then, I started noticing dizziness and ringing in my ears. Out of the blue, I felt the familiar signs of a panic attack starting. After sitting down for a bit, it all became clear. Years ago I started to ween myself of Paxil gradually and I had the same dizzyness and ringing. I went to the doctor thinking it was an inner ear infection, which it was not. Fortunately, another doctor was passing by and heard my conversation. He asked if I had stopped taking any Paxil. I told him that yes, I was reducing my amount. That is when he said "you can't do that with Paxil. It has to be a very gradual process". That is the conversation that gave me my epiphany today. Sure enough, when I got home I realized that my paxil bottle was nowhere to be found. So, I missed it during my daily rotation with the others. Most likely, this has gone on for about a week. So here I sit. I know from the past that if I don't get back on Paxil really really soon, horrible things are going to start happening. But for the evening at least, I plan on snuggling up with my wife and remember what it feels like to have sensitivity and tingling sensations (the good kind) again. I remember reading that it takes at least 5 days for Paxil to complete leave your system. So, I know that I have been off it at least that long. Tomorrow I will have to make sure I start the Paxil back up again, or suffer the consequences. However, after feeling alive like I feel today, I sure would like to feel like this again some day. So, I think I will make another attempt at cutting back (even from 5mg), After 18 years, it may take me 1 year to taper off. It has been really nice not having panic attacks for the last 18 years (except when I quit Paxil). But, I had forgotten what it is like to have ALL your emotions and sensitivities back, both good and bad. Thanks for letting me share. I feel so strange right now that the Paxil is completely out of my system, even if it is temporary. I feel like a male Cinderella at the ball and the clock is ticking down to 12am, when it is time to take a Paxil pill and return to what has been the norm for the last 18 years.
  24. First of all, I would like to say that I am very thankful to have found this site- Just knowing that I am not alone in going through this horrible nightmare that is withdrawal, makes me feel a lot better, and gives me hope. I started tapering off 40 mg Seroxat (form of Paxil) in December 2016, after being on them for about 3 years. Before Seroxat, I was on different types of SSRI (tried them all), for about 12 years. I tapered from 40 directly down to 30 mg, and kept it on 30 mg from December to March. From the end of March, I tapered from 30 mg to 20 mg, and sat with that dose till the end of June (June 21st). After doing some research online, I found that quite a few people were having success switching from Paxil to Prozac during taper, as Prozac has a longer half-line. Since I found that tapering off Paxil came with a lot of physical symptoms (stomach upset, diarrhea, dizziness, headaches), I thought I would give it at try to switch to Prozac. Since my insurance only cover the generic version of Prozac (Fluoxetine), that is what I had to go with. So, on June 21st, I switched from 20 mg Seroxat (form of Paxil), directly to 20 mg of Fluoxetine. I had the usual upset stomach, and general feeling of being unwell, but that was as expected. Then, a few weeks back, I started waking up every morning with intense anxiety- A heavy and extremely tight feeling on the chest. This went on for about two weeks, and I then had about a week where I felt much better. I had made up my mind to not do any changes in my dosage of 20 mg Fluoxetine, until I felt like it was safe to do so. So here I am, on 20 mg of Fluoxetine, on my 46th day, and the reason why I am writing this is: A couple of days ago, I started to feel intense anxiety, not only when I woke up, but throughout the day. I started taking these medications for mild social anxiety, and general anxiety disorder- But the intensity of the anxiety that I am currently (and have been experiencing for the past couple of days) is excruciating. I am now left feeling desperate, terrified and just scared that I have done something horrible to my brain! I can't go on feeling like this, and want to start reinstating the drug. My question is, how would I go about this? My GP have little to no knowledge on the topic, and I feel like I am left on my own to figure this out. If anyone has any advice on what to do, please let me know. I am feeling very confused and worried as to how the reinstating should be done- Should I go back on 20 mg Seroxat? Any advice or input would be received with great appreciation. Thank you to anyone who took the time to read this. I truly appreciate it.
  25. I have been on Paxil for 20 years. I was originally put on it for reactive depression from getting fibromyalgia . I don't need it now. I am not depressed anymore. My problem is that there is no liquid Seroxat /Paxil available here. I first tried bridging to Prozac. I found that moving from Seroxat to Prozac was too hard. I then tried dissolving it in water but my Seroxat tablets do not suspend or dissolve in water. They sink to the bottom of the glass. Does anyone know a reputable online pharmacy that sells liquid paxil and ships to Israel? There was a suggestion of using "Ora Plus" suspension liquid on this forum to dissolve insoluble tablets. I can easily buy Ora Plus from ebay with international shipping. What puts me off is that all the reviews of that on Amazon involve people using it to suspend tablets they give to their dogs and cats! It also contains some nasty sounding chemicals. The shipping cost is crazy too. But that doesn't worry me as much as the other two reasons. I take the gsk - glaxo smith kline version of Seroxat. I take 3/4 of a tablet - 15mg. It's the same tablet distributed to the whole of the European Union. Has anyone here successfully tapered off that without the liquid Seroxat? If so how did you do it? Anyone know an online pharmacy that sells liquid Paxil that ships to Israel?

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