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Found 27 results

  1. Hi all, I had been taking 2mg/night of pimozide, an antipychotic for a skin infection from last Sept-Nov 2017. By mid-November, my brain snapped into wakefullness and I did not sleep for 2 months straight. I stopped the drug completely because insomnia was a side effect then later turned into a withdrawal effect. Its been about 4 months of chronic insomnia now. In the first two months of insomnia, I tried herbs, alcohol, sleep hygiene, meditation, exercise, several sedating antidepressants: lorazpam, seroquel, etc. , none of which worked. I then tried Ambien/zolpidem which worked ocassionally at high doses then lost its effectiveness with a many side effects: nausea, dizziness and nightmares. I tapered off all of these since they did not work. The next month, I had some sleep 2-4 hrs/night cycling CBD oil, Ultra PM (Phenibut) and tryptophan. However now after a month of use, they are all losing their effectiveness and am needing to up the dosage to see if they will continue to work. I also tried neurofeedback therapy for 2 months but it did not resolve insomnia and was very expensive about $4K for 3x/week. I tried taking Mind Lab Pro a nootropic blend during the daytime to see if to could help repair brain, but instead has had me up 4 nights straight, when I was sleeping a little prior to taking this. Was too stimulating, trial and error I guess. I am considering reinstating pimozide to see if it will help bring my brain back into balance from withdrawal, but I am fearful that it could make insomnia worse since insomnia happened as a side effect during taking it regularly. Any thoughts or advice on antipychotic withdrawal, reinstating and how to beat chronic insomnia without meds?
  2. Hello. I pray you are all doing well. I have recently been lurking on this website, looking for other people with a similiar experience as to mine. I am asking for help and advice in regards to my brothers recent situation. My brother had been sectioned in the beginning of this year. He came home one day and was acting different. I later realised that these were delusions. He was unwell for a week and had gotten better for a week then the following week he became unwell again but this time he was quite aggressive. He would get angry easily. He was very emotional and would get really upset sometimes over a small thing or easily irritated. I guess you could describe him as being manic at this time. He also said his heart would start beating fast randomly and he felt like he was having a panic attack. My family decided he needed to go to the hospital as he was very much out of control. He went to the hospital and was alright there but he kept walking and wouldn't sit still, he would do this at home as well, always doing some sort of exercise. He got upset at the hospital and broke the fire alarm and the doctor had called the police on him. He got arrested, stayed in the cell overnight and the next day they decided to section him under the mental health act. He was put on 10mg of Olanzapine at first, then he was switched to risperidone 0.5 after 2 or 3 days. With 5mg Olanzapine and up to 2 mg of Lorazepam a day as PRN. Even though it was PRN the staff said that he needed PRN everyday. He was put into seclusion a couple of times, it was horrible for the whole family, we just wanted some help, not for him to be snatched from us. We finally were able to get him home after 28 days. We were given 6mg of risperidone, PRN and procycldine as his medication because his hands were shaking. At home he was good although I noticed that during the day he would get a bit hyper, say he doesn't feel good. I would then give him the lorazepam and he would calm down. The nurse would visit us at home and she told me to stop using the Lorazepam and give him Olanzapine instead, if he needed it. So thats what I started doing, big mistake. As soon as I stopped the Lorazepam he became unwell, kept walking around, felt agitated, a lot of anxiety. I then used Olanzapine to calm him down. he would get like this a lot and I realised that its akathisia. I think from the risperidone. He would come upstairs at night saying he cant sleep and he needed something to help him. I thought that this was withdrawals from the Lorazepam or Olanzapine that was given to him in hospital as PRN. I then called the doctor and he said lorazepam has been out of his body for two weeks so it must be his illness returning, he told me to put his risperidone up to 7mg. I tryed doing that for 3 days but it made him feel worse. I put him back on 6mg. I told the doctor that I wanted to switch from Risperidone to Olanzapine because it wasnt helping and he would feel restless half an hour after taking it. The doctor told me to put him on Olanzapine 5mg and to reduce his risperidone by 2mg every 4 days. I got him down to 3mg of risperidone at this time. It was then that I found this site and saw the 10% taper method and I realised that I cant just cut off his Risperidone as he had been on it for 6 weeks already. I have now got him on 2.25mg of Risperidone from yesterday but the problem is that he has also been on 3.75mg Olanzapine for a month since coming home. He is already been complaing about being stiff and he sleeps 14 hours a day and has gone quiet, he stopped making conversations and rarely laughs like he used to, since being on Olanzapine. I also suspect that he may have Seretonin Syndrome or toxication from the risperidone because he displays symptoms when i up the dose of the medication. Hypomania, restlessness and agitation. I dont know what to do, I want to get him off Risperidone as it makes him agitated, his muscles twitch, his hands used to tremor and gives him akathisia unless he has a benzo. But I also want to get him off the Olanzapine because he gets really tired during the day has stopped talking to my dad, they are so close, and I dont want him to lose his emotions forever. He cant stay on two antipsychotics. The side affects outweight the benefits. Should i ask the doctor for a benzo or something to help the akathisia. Should I also taper the Olanzapine at the same time? How much percent can I taper his medication by and how often, can I taper 10% Risperidone and 10% Olanzapine? Can i taper more often than every month? Thanks so much, if you managed to read all of this.
  3. Hi All, Some of this message is a bit vulgar, my apologies, but I have to share, it scared me so much. I messed up or it messed up, something went wrong that's for sure. I was withdrawing from my Olanzapine/Zyprexa. I jumped off at 2.5mg, I know for many people this would be considered too big but my options were very limited and I felt I had no other choice. Initially the effects weren't too bad and after about 2-3 weeks I was starting to feel better, more "normal" which was extremely encouraging. However, after 6 weeks I started to develop one extremely disturbing symptom: my libido was Sky high, all the time. No matter what I did; if you know what i mean. It was extremely debilitating as I felt completely out of control. Completely contrasted to the impotence I felt on Olanzapine. I took myself to the local SAA (sex addicts anonymous) as i didn't know where else to go! At the same time I was, loosely speaking, starting to lose a bit of my sense of reality. It's hard to explain, i was certainly feeling much better, I don't really know how to describe it. People around me panicked that i was starting to go hypomanic/manic etc. The reality of my situation is, I never had any mania until I took an AD many years ago. The problem is now, I can't shake off this "mania" that happens when I come off an Antipsychotic. After having a huge rage with my Dad, by which I was truly "manic" (although could easily be because of taking Olanzapine for many years previously), I ended up in front of a Psychiatrist. She put me back on Olanzapine, but has now switched me over to Sodium Valproate / Epilim (of which there isn't much information on..?) So yeah, a bad time for me; i really thought i''d escaped the system, only to be dragged back in I have even more lethargy on Sodium Valproate and i also have bad headaches now. I'm trying my best to avoid any AD's now and I'm hoping my Dad will support me WD from Sodium Valproate in a few weeks. Thanks for reading, any help or similar experiences would be amazing. Thanks again, Simo
  4. Hello, I am new to this site. I have come here to hear of success stories and\or advice regarding recovery from Antipsychotics and SSRI's. At the beginning of July I took Risperidone 0.5mg and Prozac 20mg for 10 days and ceased it's use due to side effects such as Tachycardia, Emotional Blunting, Anxiety, blankouts and lowered cognition. The withdrawal was not extreme, if I remember correctly, I had a period of severe depression which resolved itself over a few days. Followed by a slightly manic phase which stabilized itself. For the next 2 weeks after the initial withdrawal I had periods of anger and agitation. But now, at present times. There appears to be no withdrawal symptoms. But lasting damage and effects. I now have hyperprolactinemia with no sign of a prolactinoma gathered from my MRI results. This is causing gynecomastia and other effects such aa fatigue and a lowered sex drive. This was not present prior to the drug combination. Ever since taking those two drugs, I now have these effects. I have read that Risperidone can cause hyperprolactinemia for 54 weeks which is 1 year and a month 1\2. Do you I truly have to wait that long to recover? Can I actually recover at all? My GP sent a referral to an Endocrinologist and I am awaiting an appointment. Through the endo I can be treated with Cabergoline and Clomid to lower the Prolactin but I have my doubts that it will work.
  5. Abdominal pain

    Who can send me a list of abilify withdrawal symptoms? I have abdominal pain very bad. I could eat very little. I have gas in my bowels.
  6. A live interview last night about PSSD awareness on Juliemadblogger Radio. It has been recorded and widely available for free on demand at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/juliemadblogger/2017/10/22/guest-from-uk-pssd-sexual-dysfunction-from-psychiatric-drugs You can also download the mp3 version that can be listened to offline by clicking the download icon at the top too... (top right) Please share and distribute as widely as possible on social media and websites. And help spread PSSD Awareness.
  7. 2 of the best videos on AP/neuroleptics

    Lots of good info & facts in both of these. 1st one is like a run down if the history of these drugs 2nd one is about withdrawal Show these videos to people, doctors who don't understand or don't believe https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=T9VrXONsI6o
  8. Hello, my name is Neil (removed) and I'm from (removed) Oregon. I've been on antipsychotics for about 4-5 years and have never recovered from them. I read somewhere online that you don't hear a lot of recovery stories about antipsychotics, and it seems to be true. This is discouraging because a lot of time my meds were forced. (For a year I tortured myself on the drugs, and all the rest was basically forced by injection or forced meds. (The order in the hospital would equal an injection if I didn't take the pill which I did). I've just basically noticed what everyone has said: loss of enjoyment in life. I don't feel even close to the same way I did before the drugs. There are all sorts of data on brain damage and nerve death from neuroleptics. I just spent two months in a mental hospital on forced meds because the doctors don't know what the hell theyre prescribing. I have permanant emotional damage as well as the physical damage from the drugs. Please help. p.s. Currently I'm off these drugs but my parents have legal guardianship and the power to force the drugs on me if I'm in an institution, so I'm working on quitting that legal status so this never happens again.
  9. Sterilized when Young in UK by Psych Drugs

    I was interviewed on the everyday psychvictims project. Share if you care.
  10. Hello, I have been taking Seroquel 300mg for 5+ years and am desperately trying to get off of it due to persistent anhedonia. I've spent the past 4 weeks in a crisis house and managed to reduce my dose to 0 however, the drop from 25mg to 0 has been very difficult. I haven't slept for six nights (since I withdrew) I've managed to get the odd hour here and there in the day but I'm becoming increasingly desperate. I'm trying to get advice from a psychiatrist but because I leave the unit tomorrow I've been discharged from his care and can not access advice. Does anyone know how long this insomnia will last? I know it must vary from person to person but I'm terrified it will endure and have to try to get back to a stressful job very soon. Any advice welcome - thanks. Lily
  11. Hi all. I am new here, and I'm unsure if posting in this forum is the correct one. I am in need of assistance and answers. I was diagnosed with PPOCD, and recently started having Harm OCD. I went to a partial hospitalization program, where they started me on antipsychotics. Low dose. They first tried ambilify where I was on it for 3 days but had awful side effects, so they switched me to risperidol .5. I was on that for about a week and a half before issues started. Muscle tightness, aggregation ect. They dropped the dose back down. I still had issues. They switched me to Serequil and put me on Prozac the same time. I was only on 25 mg of Serequil, and 10 mg of Prozac. I ended up hospitalized because the thoughts of harming my son intensified. They then told me I had psychosis. The only issue with that is I do not hear voices or have hallucinations. I just had impulsivity. I stopped Prozac within 3 days, but continued on Serequil. It didn't help me at all and instead I have had complete lack of emotion, lack of empathy, no motivation, issues with memory. They put me on Zyprexa 5mg for about 4 days and then switched me back to Serequil. Can antipsychotics cause these issues with HI? Even if I have tried multiple different ones? Or is switching all of these meds so quickly causing me this issue? Am I able to taper more quickly because I have not been on them for that long? I just feel completely emotionally numb, and not much anxiety at all. I would rather feel anxiety and hell then feel completely emotionally detached. My husband HATES this and wants me off.
  12. Hi Everyone, I'm new here, this is my first post. I'm struggling with completely withdrawing from Olanzapine / Zyprexa. I had slowly slowly cut down my dose to 1.25mg's and then I decided to go completely off it. I managed to do about 3 weeks and my doctor (who also gives me psychotherapy) convinced me I was going hypomanic and I believed him and went back on it at 10mg's. This was about a month ago. I've cut my dose down since then. I'm not totally convinced I have bipolar disorder, although at the end of my last attempt to come off I was aware that I was having quite grandiose ideas (e.g., my thoughts were telling me I should try to play serious level sport and when I'm on this drug I don't play any sport!) I'm a bit cross with myself as I did so well to be completely off Olanzapine for 3 weeks and then I voluntarily put myself back on it. I was scared that I was actually going hypomanic and that If I didn't go back on Olanzapine I would end up in full blown mania; which sort of has happened but there has always been outside reasons for me entering extreme states (i.e. extreme fighting with my parents). TBH with you all; I don't know who to believe anymore. Myself, the doctors, I don't know who I can trust. I sure as hell feel so damn flat, lethargic, antipathetic on Olanzapine, but when I come off i'm told I'm going hypomanic. I just don't know what to do. I think my plan at the moment is to reduce, slowly, to 2.5mg's and see how I behave at that level. I may even try chopping that in half and taking 1.25mg's and see how I behave at that. I'm slightly scared that my Dad is paying a lot of money for me to see this private psychotherapist (whose also a psychiatrist) twice a week, and he may be wrong that I need to be on a small dose of Olanzapine. Of course, this is his job and he may also be right and I'm in (understandable) denial that i have bipolar. As I said, I don't know who or what to believe anymore. Lost, but somehow still going. Simo
  13. If you or a loved one were harmed by antipsychotics prescribed while in the custody of the foster care system in Maryland and you re interested in being interviewed about your experiences, email me and we'll talk. I am a free-lance writer specializing in medical harm. Here is a link to my writer's website: http://patrickhahn5.wix.com/meliponula My email address is patrickhahn (at) hotmail.com
  14. Kids on Antipsychotics

    Dateline NBC did a segment on this topic and pretty much concluded that kids on powerful psych meds was not good. Nice of them to say so, but it was worth watching and the link will show you some of it.
  15. Dale's Fight For Normalcy

    Hey guys, I'm Dale . I'm really glad to be apart of this community . Here's my brief drug history : -In the summer of 2013 I experienced the beginning of a near death experience that produced years of anxiety and insomnia . My GP Rx'ed me xanax 1mg, klonopin 2mg, and restoril 30mg to be taken as needed . -In January 2014, I saw a psychiatrist who Rx'ed me 40mgs of Latuda, 75mg of lyrica , 900 mg of trileptal , and 10mg of lexapro to take every day . By the end of summer of 2014 , due to side effects, I ended up on just 10mg of zyprexa everyday until the fall of 2014 where my dose varied from 1.25 to 5mgs . -Life went on (crappily) . I was placed back on 5mg of lexapro in the fall of 2015. Eventually dose of zyprexa was increased to back up 5mg to 10mgs by the early winter . The lexapro was dropped again in january of 2016 and the zyrepxa stayed until February of 2016 . -Benzos were reinstated for a month from feb. 2016 to march 1st to manage everyday insomnia and anxiety . After side effects and low quality of life, I decided along with my psychiatrists permission to stop all meds march 1st 2016 . Haven't touched anything since . I came on this website because despite nearly being 3 months free from Zyprexa, I am still experiencing withdrawal effects such as hypervigilance and not sleeping more than 4 hours a damn night despite good sleep hygiene . While I can "handle" the anxiety, the lack of sleep is driving me to a dire breaking point . I used to be a fitness enthusiast benching 315 for reps , deadlifting 500 for reps, and squatting 405 for reps . Now I look anemic and am weak compared to when I was healthier because my muscles don't recover from in between workouts due to the goddamn insomnia . Because I'm less muscular (I've lost 35+lbs of muscle) and weaker (by 100's of lbs for each lift) due to the withdrawal driven insomnia , my body image linked self esteem has taken a big hit . (I know it's not healthy but I'm just being honest here) In addition academically, I've really been slammed as well . The insomnia keeps me from attending school full time and thus has significantly delayed my graduation and my dreams of becoming a psychiatric nurse practitioner . The low energy keeps me from working more than 10 hours a week as well, and from dating and making much needed friends . My withdrawal related insomnia has really put my life on hold . I simply cannot keep living on 4 hours of sleep a night when I regularly need 8-10 to function plus a 1/2 hour to 2hr nap on those lazy cuddly days . I JUST WANT MY G*****N LIFE BACK .
  16. Hello! About three months ago, I had a manic episode because of the adderall I was taking which was prescribed for me because of ADHD. I was taken to a hospital and I was given lithium and 3 mg of risperdal for a total of 23 days. When I got out, I felt terrible. I couldnt experience any emotions. I felt dead inside. I couldn't enjoy anything. I felt disoriented and stupid. I was just like a zombie. And worst of all, I had severe akathisia and it was just hell! I couldn't sit still and I had to take a 17 hour flight so you can imagine my misery. I decided to stop taking the drugs (I didn't know which one was causing these problems so I just quit both). I tapered but very quickly because I just couldn't take it anymore. And then after the drugs were out of my system, I couldn't sleep. I couldn't add numbers fast like I did before when playing card games and my parents were worried so they went to a doctor and got haloperidol and quetiapine (seroquel) and gave it to me without me knowing. The dose was very very small, like one fourth of a tablet. I was on these for about 20 days. Again, I had severe anhedonia during that time and I couldn't enjoy anything and I felt like I was walking on thin ice. Like I could snap and break at any moment. And then I agreed to see the doctor and he gave me perphenazine and biperiden (which is for Parkinson's disease) and I was miserable again. I quit perphenazine after a couple of days but I still took biperiden because it made me feel good albeit a little weird. After a couple of days, I decided to just quit everything and hopefully return to my normal self again but no, I got severe depression. Like the worst depression you could ever imagine. I had never been this depressed in my entire life (I was really hopeless because I had lost everything I loved. They said I couldn't go back to school for a year. And I had to move and be separated from my boyfriend and my friends and literally everything that made my life enjoyable). So, I decided to start lithium again and within a few days, my mood was stabilized and I started taking bupropion (Wellbutrin) too and it was great. I couldn't focus, I felt stupid and slow. I couldn't read or write but thankfully I can do these things now. HOWEVER, I still don't feel like my normal self. And I have an uncomfortable feeling in my arms and hands when I get excited about something or when I want to do something that demands mental energy. I feel like there is something trapped inside my body that wants to get out and break free. I still feel like there's a barrier between me and the world. I was always an independent go-getter with a sense of humor but now I'm terrified of doing things and sometimes I wonder how I could study and work at an Ivy League school with all the demanding activities that was expected of me. I am now very afraid of the future. I'm afraid of never becoming my old self again. I'm afraid of never getting my creativity and analytical mind back. And I'm afraid of this goddamn feeling in my arms staying with me my whole life. I've searched a lot and it seems that risperidone does that to a lot of people and even after it's out of your system, the negative side effects remain for quite a long time. Has anyone recovered completely from antipsychotics? I've quit many antidepressants in the past easily but antipsychotics are so scary and I'm afraid I might never return to my normal self again.
  17. Congress Proposes Research on the Link Between Psychiatric Drugs and Suicide By Chuck Ruby, PhD Featured Blogs March 30, 2016 Congressman David Jolly (FL-13) has recently introduced the Veteran Suicide Prevention Act (H.R. 4640). The bill calls for the VA to study veteran suicides over the past five years and to determine what extent psychiatric drugs are implicated in those suicides. The International Society of Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) has long been concerned about this issue, and more broadly, how our veterans and military members suffering from the horrors of war and other traumatic experiences are being treated. I sent letters of support to Mr. Jolly’s office, offering ISEPP’s assistance in any way possible. In 2012, ISEPP launched “Operation Speak Up” (OSU) as a response to the alarmingly high suicide rate of veterans. The name signifies our desire to help veterans speak up, rather than being shut up with psychiatric drugs. Although it started as an effort to encourage Congress to consider a non-medical model approach to helping those suffering from trauma, it quickly turned into a grassroots and consumer focused endeavor from the ground up under the leadership of our OSU Director, Mary Vieten, Ph.D., ABPP, U.S. Naval Reserve Commander. Mary has since made great strides in partnering with Melwood, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with disabilities in the greater Washington DC area. Together with Melwood’s support and funding, Mary has created a program called TOHIDU (a Cherokee word meaning “peace of mind, body, and spirit”) as a wonderful alternative to conventional treatment. You can see more about TOHIDU here. Mr. Jolly’s bill will be the first to establish congressional oversight of this alarming problem of using psychiatric drugs shotgun style to quiet the screams of trauma. Despite the increasing concerns of the deleterious effects of psychiatric drugs, they continue to be the mainstay form of treatment within the VA and Defense Department, as they are on the outside. This has to change.The extant research makes it abundantly clear that psychiatric drugs do not correct chemical imbalances. It would be better said that they cause chemical imbalances. They artificially alter brain chemistry in ways that are not clearly understood, and that numb important emotions that signal meaningful issues in our lives. The brain tries to counteract their effect by making changes in how neurotransmitters are used. The person experiences these changes in very agonizing ways, the most worrisome is called “akathisia,” or a state of agitation, restlessness, and a terrible sense of not feeling welcome in one’s own skin. This can lead to unpredictable irritability and violent behavior, including violence toward oneself. To read more on this, see ISEPP’s White Paper. More here: http://www.madinamerica.com/2016/03/congress-proposes-research-on-the-link-between-psychiatric-drugs-and-suicide/ Also on that page is information about how to contact Congress to express your support for this bill. It would be a great idea to also encourage them to investigate the suicide-drug link in other populations too!
  18. Hi All, Diagnosed schizophrenic here currently on a 300mg depot injection of Abilify monthly until March 2016, on a community treatment order. Am doing everything I can to get off medication ASAP, as am experiencing akathisia, anhedonia, complete loss of libido, numbness, and a loss of spirituality. I'm sure most of you know how horrible this can be, especially when previously I was a healthy & happy, loving guy full of life and energy. In total I'll be on the abilify for a year, what are my chances of recovery? Has anyone in a similar position ever come off medication and found their voices to return (mine were extremely loving, and quite special to me)? Could anyone provide me with tips to detox/cleanse, or peace of mind that I will recover? I smoke ciggarettes, take st johns wort, to try to counter the effects of the abilify, which help, along with numerous other supplements. Exercise regularly, eat as healthy as possible. Thanks for reading, I really appreciate any help or guidance on the topic of antipsychotics.
  19. I'm 32 with no prior history of mental health problems. I had a manic and psychotic episode in late May of 2015 after to weeks of starting CPAP therapy for severe sleep apnea. I take a cab to my hometown and admit myself to the hospital because I'm freaked out by my behaviour and my feelings, and after being evaluated I'm given seroquel (25 mg 2x day) and risperidone (2 mg before bed) and end up staying at the psychiatric ward for 5 weeks. After leaving the hospital, I suddenly have no libido and significant fogginess and anhedonia. I get off seroquel and get prescribed lithium (450 mg initially, later 600 mg) because I can't stay awake on the seroquel. I quit the risperidone and then the lithium because I can't take being a fat, bored, pill-dependent zombie. I'm struggling with the risperidone withdrawl, but I'm able to work full time, I'm gradually getting less bored and anxious, and my libido is starting to come back. (I seldom have acute sexual desire, but I'm actually able to get an erection and to get myself off when I make the effort to fantasize about stuff that turns me on, whereas I went weeks without bring able to have an erection or, naturally, to orgasm while I was gullibly poisioning myself with risperidone) I'm just very frustrated that I was never advised that risperidone had such nasty side effects, but I did go from being manic and euphoric to pretty well losing touch with reality. I think I had a dopamine overload because the CPAP therapy improved my sleep and my energy level so incredibly that it felt like a bloody miracle. I started feeling like I was on ecstasy or on a good crystal meth trip or something (wouldn't know...I've only had booze and pot, but based on what I've read...). I felt this incredible euphoria and sense of empathy, and I was writing political rhetoric and coming up with grandiose idea to make the world a better place and to make my place of employment kick butt, but then I lost touch with reality, destroyed some possessions, and blew $200 on a cab ride. Anyways, I just want to be happy again. I want to take pleasure in the stuff that I used to like before all this happened, I want to lose weight and get myself in shape (making process on this front...But I suppose when your BMI is 40, you can lose weight even when lithium and risperidone are dragging you down), I want to fall in love with my job and with my ideals again, I want to be a better version of the person that I was before I got treatment for my sleep apnea. I know it's not the CPAP therapy that does that to me. All it does is ensure that I can breath when I sleep. Common sense dictates that when you stop breathing 100 times an hour and keep waking up and failing to reach REM sleep and spending your days micro-napping, you obviously need medical addition It's dealing with the fact that I experienced something very similar to drug-induced psychosis for what I assume was a dopamine overload, hallucinated the second coming of Jesus Christ while I was psychotic, was surrounded by people with delusional beliefs when I was at the psychiatric ward that fed into the craziness, and then, because of the hallucinations and the religious delusions prior to my coming to grips with the risperidone side-effects, thought I was in Hell. In reality, the anhedonia, the anxiety, and the libido problems were just consequences of my having to deal deal with one of Satan's poisons here on Earth: risperidone. I wish everyone peace, love, happiness, fulfilment, freedom from psychiatry, and awesome sex! And please let and every one of us get better!
  20. Peter Gotzscke Melbourne Talk

    Peter Gotzschke recently came to Australia, and toured around our cities, lecturing sometimes 3-5 times in each major city. He had an important message to bring, and his reputation preceded him - lots of pdocs came, and other care providers. Some of the pdocs argued with him (in Brisbane) about the value of "forced treatment" and neuroleptics, insisting that the benefit of these drugs "saved lives." Here is the Melbourne talk:
  21. 2014 the beginning of November I went to a psychiatrist and got misdiagnosed with psychosis and depression and was prescribed Rispolept (Risperidone) 3 mg and Cipralex (Escitalopram) 10 mg. I took these drugs at home, then in the psychiatric hospital until around the end of December, so for about 1.5 month, until I was discharged, then cold turkeyed. Antipsychotic - 3 mg/day, SSRI - 10 mg/day. I felt very bad, suicidal that whole time, at first not even realizing it was the drugs affecting me and in fact almost committed suicide. While on medication I experienced akathisia, severe fatigue, anhedonia, weak emotions, almost non existent libido that gradually got worse, slowed reaction time, thinking, talking, moving, poor memory, what I'd call derealization, zombie like state, frequent urination, dizziness , headaches, one side of brain, frontal lobes especially, abnormal gait, strange feeling in frontal lobes, increased appetite, too high body temperature, especially after running, nerve pain in left leg, arm, numbness in left arm, leg and left side of face I think. After quitting the drugs I thought everything would go back to normal, but it didn't. After about a month drug free I had: severe sexual dysfunction (post antipsychotic sexual dysfunction-PAPSD), my left hand was somewhat numb, and to a lesser extent, my left leg. I also started noticing dystonia in my left cheek and eyelid. Slight tremor in left arm fingers. Dizziness when turning head. I also noticed I had developed slight gynecomastia. After two months the painful tingling in my left arm was very severe some days lasting the whole day. Very bad pain. Dizziness disappears. Month 3: painful dystonia in middle of back, left side of spine appears, more pronounced in the evening. Weak morning erections appear. Month 4: (2015-04-09) tingling in left arm subsided, but it's still numb. I think the tingling is the nerves recovering. Hoping for recovery. Will update. I'm optimistic about the dystonias, paresthesia (but probably won't recover sensation fully), sexual dysfunction, as far as I know my new man boobs should also reduce in size with time. But I heard that the neuroleptic induced parkinsonian tremor does not always disappear, and I'm not seeing a reduction in the tremor, so I'm worried about that. Also, obviously worried about the sexual dysfunction. I used to be very sexually active, but now have very infrequent orgasm, because they're so very difficult to achieve and not so rewarding. My pre-neuroleptic emotionality has fully returned after stopping the drugs, I think. I also heard Risperidone can permanently reduce testosterone, but I haven't seen a reduction in facial hair growth. Been drug free for 4 month now. Never took any psych drugs before in my life. Now only taking fish oil, multivatamin and mineral tablets, sometimes magnesium 300 mg. I tried Vitamin B Complex but I think I'm allergic to it. Psychiatrists truly are ignorant.
  22. Hi everyone, I'm male. 22, here's my story. I was misdiagnozed with schizoaffective disorder and put on strong meds this January, namely Haldol injections. I've been treated for two weeks and then received a prolonged shot of Haldol consta. Ever since I haven't felt like myself and still experiencing lot's of side-effects (or main effects) of the medication. Physical: I've always been in a good athletic form, but now my muscle mass has decreased a big deal and what's left feels very weak. I can't work out effectively anymore since I always feel some sort of pain in my body, mostly the legs, and my arms start shaking a bit. I've gained lot's of fat in just one month and I can't drop it off. I constantly feel fatigued and tired, my legs feel weak and start aching whenever I walk or stand for any prolonged period of time. I've also become virtually impotent, I don't feel any desire and my morning erections are gone. My orgasms feel very weak, my testicles have shrunk a little bit and there is very small amount of semen whenever I manage to reach an orgasm. I also experience body zaps and twitches all the time, especially when something touches my body parts, I just twitch really hard, almost jump. Emotionally I feel very numb, it feels like there is a filter between me and the world, the light and sound feel harsh to me, I can't experience joy from anything, the most scary thing is I've lost all interest in my favourite music, it just doesn't sound pleasant anymore, I don't get the chills like I used to. I can't feel any motivation for anything, as I've said I'm extremely numb and low-key all the time. I'm very scared these things are permanent, the long-lasting shot was 2 months ago but I don't feel any improvement at all, I just want to smoke all the time although I've never been a smoker, and I don't even feel nicotine now, same goes for alcohol. I've been working out hard for the last two months, to next to no improvement, I just feel very tired and working out doesn't bring any positive emotions like it used to. I just feel frustrated because these side-effects persist and being almost impotent sucks badly. Every day I just push through the day waiting for sleep time to escape this terrible condition. I'm also afraid the drug might still be in my body since its long half-life (3 weeks, and I've heard it might take up to 5 half-lifes to clear out of the system). I would greatly appreciate any advice on my condition and information about recovery time, it feels almost unbearable for me, I feel like a 60-year-old man although I'm supposed to be in my prime condition at this age. Thanks!
  23. greetings, i am new and have not previously joined a community pertaining to psychotropic medication withdrawal. i posted a few times, years back, on crazymeds/crazyboards asking about severe non-withdrawal side effects i was experiencing, but to no productive end. in summary, i spent a span of 7 years taking various combinations of 17 different psychotropic medications from most of the common classes (SSRIs, SNRIs, an NDRI, tetracyclic antidepressants, atypical antipsychotics, anxiolytics, benzodiazepines, psychotropic sedatives, an anticonvulsant, etc), usually 3-5 at a time (or more!). i had a wide variety of overlapping psychiatric diagnoses that amounted to a free pass for clinicians to throw literally anything theyve got at me. eventually, i quit everything, tapering off under the watchful eye of a psychiatrist for many months. but...now its almost 3 years later, after my last pill, and withdrawal has been raging the entire time. --- in greater depth: i had initially quit the medications the side effects became unmanageable, instead of just horrific, and i decided to quit it all for good before i completely lost myself. i was virtually immobilized and brainfried from the regimen, and had lost most of my abilities in life, like reading comprehension, much aural comprehension of speech, energetic locomotion, almost all short and long term memory, etc, and had quit everything in life that previous made me happy, like artistic pursuits, romantic relationships, and sustainable employment and academic avenues. all the doctors said that meds were the only thing they advised, and warned me strongly about going clean. and, after i quit and was experiencing withdrawal, the only advice i ever got from any mental health expert, besides my latest counselor, was to go BACK on meds. it took me a year or two to even recognize the symptoms as potentially being withdrawal symptoms---no one had ever talked to me about the potential for a long term withdrawal, and evidence in the literature was essentially non-extant. i started building a case from the ground up, considering all options and marking down symptoms i experienced. i compiled a 20 or so page document exploring many angles of my stay in the healthcare system and my present situation, and presented it to the last few doctors and counselors in the line of 8-10 or so that ive seen since going off meds. i got a 'formal' diagnosis of protracted psychotropic withdrawal that the GP refused to put in writing, after examination and preliminary testing. it doesnt change anything, ultimately, but its the beginning of some degree of medical recognition. i have been on disability for several years now, basically quit all of life in 2009, but, ironically, i did not work enough to qualify for disability---they didnt like my jobs, as opposed to the periods of time i worked. so i have an SSI pittance and cant afford to even feed myself while paying rent and bills, but dont have any means of significant material or financial assistance besides living with relatives at a greatly reduced cost of rent, and sometimes rides to appointments. the symptoms of withdrawal, distinct from side effects i experienced while still on the meds, number between 60 and 100 separate issues...everything from seizures to kidney stones to psychosis to tardive dyskinesia type stuff. its been suggested that i see a rheumatologist about perhaps having fibromyalgia in addition to the slew of normal withdrawal symptoms, and i have been following through with that suggestion. im largely incapacitated and have no one to even understand the nature of my situation, or have faith in my own experiences, so ive finally joined a board after months of avoiding a broader social dialogue on the matter. so, hello fellow stricken digital people.
  24. Hello everyone. I'm happy that I found your website. I thought my life is ruined, but I read success recovery stories and I have a hope now. I was crying for about 20 minutes while I was reading. I don't know If I should tell you the whole story, cause it's a very very sad story. But for me the most important thing is to get answers to my questions. the brief story: I used some drugs for about one year: esctasy, some cocaine, LSD (twice only) and weed. After I stopped taking drugs health problems started: heavy hallucinations, voices, heavy paranoia, uncontrolled rage attacks and more. I got arrested for running naked in a street with a baseball bat and they put me into psiciatric hospital for 2 weeks and put on zyprexa. I hated zyprexa and I stopped taking it after 2 weeks. I was going to doctors and psycologists for some time and they gave me a little help. After 2 years I got fully recovered. But my best friend commited a suicide and I was very depressed, friends told me to smoke some weed , they said I will forget it for some time and will feel better. They gave me strong holland weed (white I think) I smoked it, just a little bit, and instantly went crazy. crazy For real, seriosly crazy. ( damn Im crying again ) I wont tell you all the horror I passed, dont think its so important. I was sick for two weeks, couldnt sleep and eat, when I couldnt handle all that hallucinations no more I did a horrible thing. the worst thing the person can do (omg Im crying again, cant see what Im typing) I got arrested and they put me in jail. At the begginnig I refused to take medicines, cause I thought they want to kill me. After 17 days without sleeping and heavy hallucinations I gave up and started to take medicines. They started with zyprexa, it wasnt helping at all, so they passed on Risperdal 3 times a day 3ml (9ml a day total) and zoloft 1 pill a day dont remember dosage. After 1 year after all investigations judge and medics transfered me into psychiatric hospital, the bad one. they added me Depakin also, but I was spitting it, cause the pill was too big and I just didnt like it, and doctor cancelled it. Oh I forgot I was also taking Tavor all this time to sleep. Doctor cancelled it also. Problems with memory started, and I got fat +20 kilograms, I wasnt producing sperm, I was very lazy, sometimes had no energy to take a shower. After one year in that bad hospital they transfered me to a good one, to elite hospital. And things changed. I started diet, start exercize ( Im an athlete by the way) started playing table tennis, basketball, reading a lot watching music clips on tv, dancing. After some time they took away Risperdal and put me on Abilify 15 mg in the morning and 15 in the evening. The same day they cancelled Risperdal my sperm production became ok, and erection also. I was very good, got build insane body in the gym in about 1,5 year, was very active. but noticed that I have some problems in thinking, They where making me IQ tests, IQ was pretty high 136 when I came into tht good hospital, and about 148-150 before I left it (it was different result on different tests) on 1 test there was 60 questions I gave all right answers, no mistakes. Im smart but I became like a computer. No emotions. I was laughing a lot, and understanding jokes, and having fun, but had problems with pleasures and visual thinking. As soon as I got out I stopped taking medicines (doctors where saying I have to take it all my life to avoid getting crazy one day) Its already 4 month Im without medicines. first month was bad, I vas very sad, had no emotions at all. I was the robot, zombie, without personality, just a computer who just think. I found a girlfriend and she helps me a lot, now 4 month later I feel lil bit better, but still have problems and questions. Please answer me guys. Thanks a lot. 1. how long ussualy takes full recovery after 4,5 years of antipsychotics? when I will start to feel pleasure, emotions? 2. doctors said that Its not recommended to have a baby for minimum 2years after I stop taking medicines, is that true? Will my child be healthy? 3. I was meditating when I was free, and I't was helping me lot, I was feeling myself very good. The same day I started with medicins I could do it no more. I thought I will be able to do it when Im done with medicines, but I totaly cant. I feel nothing, can't meditate no more. I thing the problem is ruined dophamin receptors or some brain damage. If you have same problem please tell me. 4. Alcohol makes no effect on me no more, even If I drink a lot. I feed my head and face heavy, but thats it. No happiness, euphoria, nothing. I dont drink , just tried on a New Year and birthday. But this seems very strange to me. 5 When I drink coffe or take caffein for training it makes me feel like on cocaine for about 12 hours, very strong, Im shaking, sweating and get extremly exited. 6. When I play videogame (Dota 2) I get very exited too, and have unvoulantary face and tounge movements. It looks very very bad from a side. I heard this side effect will not pass, that its forever, is that true? Also after I play some games, and get very exited I recover after it about half a day. I feel like on ocaine too. My brain is like frozen, no emotions at all. Thats it. I do a lot of sport, read a lot. eat very good, take vitamins, aminoacids. So will I fully recover someday? Will I get my emotions back? By the way I cried couple times, last time is now, and was feeling much better after it. I feel my brain working and I feel some emotions. But it happened only 2 times for now. Im also in contact with a lot of friends from hospital, so you will help them too anwering my question. Thank's a lot guys. And good luck to recover if you have same situation.
  25. Hi I am an Orthomolecular Practitioner with extensive experience in the field of mental health, having worked as a clinician for almost 14 years. I have been treated with ANTIDEPRESSANTS MYSELF BEFORE entering the field of mental healthg and I know first hand of the terrible side effects of the medications. Please take note. I am not here to promote my business and I have no self interest to promote. If anyone needs some help and advice, I can give it my best as I am trained professionally. I have no need for reminders either. If you want to learn, look at healyourmind.com.au Good luck

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