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  1. Just wondering on people's thoughts on this? The heaviness and dread and unable to move and despair I've certainly had in years on and off meds but I also suffered in childhood from a lot of crying spells and dread feelings but I never found the root cause and now I've thrown into the mix stupid medication. I've tried counselling, CBT, change of diet, eft and doesn't seem like much shifts it..it feels like there could be hundreds of causes but until the root is found anything else doesn't touch it. What has others experiences been? Did you find the root cause and how on earth did you find it? I feel like I need a list of all possible causes so I can test and go through them..I've had tests for thyroid done btw. Thank you.
  2. This seems to be a very common symptom of withdrawal syndrome. Many people report waking up with a surge of panic or anxiety, or a feeling of anxiety early in the morning. A lot of times, people are waking around 4:30 a.m. or closer to dawn. The first glimmers of morning light signal the nervous system to start the morning cycle with a jump in cortisol. At normal levels, cortisol gives you energy. At elevated levels, cortisol gives you a feeling of unease, anxiety, panic, or depression. When you have withdrawal syndrome, your system is on "high alert" all the time. The normal morning peak of cortisol gets exaggerated and what you would normally feel as "wake up" becomes a surge of panic, anxiety, or dread in the early morning.

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