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Found 5 results

  1. Hi everyone. I was in recovery and feeling better for 3 months til I had some alcohol (4-5 glasses of wine) with friends and all my symtoms came back. I am feeling worse every day now and scared to death that I might have done some permanent damage? I didn't know the alcohol would affect me this much. Am I screwed or can I stay hopeful that I'll recover?
  2. MOD NOTE: Ihateeffexor created a membership and another person helped her to type the first couple of posts. Ihateeffexor is now able to post for herself. ________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello, I am actually writing on behalf of my friend who is in a very bad shape right now. She was on effexor for 1,5 years and tapered for 3 months 45 mg to 0. She had really bad withdrawal symtoms for 2 months after the last pill but then started to feel better. A couple of weeks ago she had some alcohol and partying with friends and ever since her symtoms has come back and they are much worse now. She was ok for 3 months but the alcohol seems to have made the symtoms come back, the day after she was drunk. Is this what you call kindling? And is there a chance she will recovrr from this? She is bedridden atm. Thank you all!
  3. Adverse reactions: Kindling

    Hi everyone, In November 2016 I took my last pill of effexor after a relatively fast taper. After one month of bad withdrawal symtoms I started to stabilize and feel remarkably better. On new years, however, I drank two glasses of champagne, not knowing what the consequences would be. One week after that, I started to feel worse again, slowly regressing back into severe withdrawal. 9 months has now passed and I am feeling worse than ever, with symtoms still getting worse by every day. So.. My question is, do people recover from "kindling" in withdrawal? - because that's what suppose those glasses of champagne did to me - or am I doomed? I would appreciate a straight and honest answer. I am in great agony and would like to know what I can expect from the future. Thank you all, Kindest regards / Imad
  4. Hello everyone, Today I had my eyes checked.. The doctor used "tropicamide" (an anticholinergic) on my eyes to dilate my pupils and I am scared to death that I might have kindled my nervous system. Apparently its a strong medicine that can have some side effects.. I am already suffering really bad wd symtoms since 10 months.. Anyone else ever got this in treatment? God I am so scared I might have made things worse..
  5. Successful tapering after kindling

    Hello, I am looking for some success stories from those who have tapered successfully especially after having kindled. I suspect that I am supersensitive to drops because of too fast tapers and cold turkeys. I am having some anxiety from even thinking about tapering and the years it would take me to get off the drugs I'm on. Anyone's experience is much appreciated.

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