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  1. 1 year update

    Hey guys, i cannot believe it but it has been exactly one year since I started losing my feelings. In these past 12 months I've felt more emotional pain than I'd ever thought I'd have to. It's definitely been the strangest year of my life. I'm still not right. I will go through phases where I'll start to feel something and think okay finally I'm getting better, and then the next week will be back to square one and not even really wanting to be around my boyfriend. We had an amazing 10 months together and then I lost my feelings. While it's gone by fairly fast, I still feel like the days are dragging. I need reassurance that this will get better. </3 I can barely eat or sleep, I just wanna feel happiness again. It's horrible. I was only on the pills for 9 months and then I quit cold turkey. Should I be disappointed that it's been a year and I still don't feel like I love him? Thanks so much in advance.

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