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Lost my feelings for my boyfriend and want them back

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Hi everyone. I know everyone is different but I was wondering since I of course did a too fast taper before finding this wonderful site..do you think my emotions not coming back as fast have something to do with my too fast taper and as time goes on it will get better? In the beginning of my taper I wanted to break up with my bf every day and now I do not at all...so I know I'm healing. Can anyone tell me if they have had a similar experience and how long it took you to recover from lack of emotions for your partner? Thanks so much 

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Hi CG--  I'm so glad that those loving feelings are starting to return.    It's a real sign of healing.  Yes the too fast taper has probably slowed down the healing recovery process.  By tapering too fast the brain gets overloaded with the amount of readjustment that is required and it's easy for it to lose its place.  All that additional sorting things out slows recovery down.  But as you can see it is working.  As your feelings keep coming back it's a good time to explore them and reexperience them.  Sort of a second, first time falling in love.





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