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Avoidance from friends?

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Has anyone here noticed friends or family distancing themselves? I'm not saying they are unsupportive by any means. One of best friends is off work over the school holidays and I am off work due to what I've been through/going through. She will happily meet up with me once a week in an evening but whenever I mention meeting up in day time with her and her daughter she says she's busy. When I've been off work I the past I use to see her and her daughter a few times a week to hang out. I can't help but feel she's trying to be supportive but at the same time think I've freaked her out by what I've told her. It's really bothering me, but I want to remain friends with her.

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Daisy, my daughter, who in WD from Lexipro going on 6 mos., is constantly suspecting that people, even her closest friends, don't want to spend time with her. My brain is working normally , and I can tell you that she is absolutely wrong about this. Because she feels so negative toward herself, she thinks other people are thinking the same thing about her. This is all part and parcel of withdrawal. I suggest you not take it personally and assume the best!

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Yes, I definitely feel this and I don't think it's my imagination.  I used to get together with friends' families, but now, it's only the friend and very infrequent.  Previously, I was only in town for a visit, so they made time for m. Now I'm living back in my hometown, so that may be a factor.  

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I lost almost all my friends. As I am no longer the cheerful person.

I asked a friend to read SA website to understand how much pain and suffering we go through. He wrote back "I don't have the time the interest to read them as I am going through problems of my own"

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I've realized that throughout all this, my withdrawal has been my main focus, and so maybe when I was with family it's all I talked about for a while.  At least for me, struggling makes me a little narcissistic and it took me a while to recognize that, and maybe the people I share this with get tired of it, which I think is pretty natural.  


We can't expect others to know what we're going through, and just because we're hurting it doesn't mean the rest of the world is going to stop because of it...so I've made a big effort, on those rare occasions when I'm with others, to keep my withdrawal chatter to a minimum, unless specifically asked.  


It sucks because at times I wish someone could recognize what it's like and be there for me in a way that I need, but I'm also aware that no one wants to be around a person who's a total downer all the time.  And also that many people don't even believe what we're going through is real, thanks to the lack of info out there.  


I try to keep it all in perspective.  Not that it makes it any easier...it just is what it is.  




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