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Cause of depression

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I have no idea where to post this or even if anyone posts much about why they are depressed. I'm also hesitant to say it because I wonder if I'm the only one who feels this way. Plus it seems like... it shouldn't make me so upset. It sounds silly to write but here it is.

I've been struggling to figure out why I'm so depressed and I notice it's always situations involving customer service- esp. when the internet, tv, or cellphones are involved. Or perhaps that's usually when I dare to contact them.

Top things that make me lose it:

1. A CSR, waitress, etc saying "Well I've never heard anyone ELSE complain"

2. Saying "I'm sorry Peter (or whoever that works for the same company as the person I'm talking to) told you that but no."

3. Getting routed to India and having to repeat myself over and over.

4. Having to wait an hour- when it was supposed to be done in 15 min.

Why am I this way?

Is this unusual?

I am aware this post is not flattering but I need advice.

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Yes, I am a grouchy person interesting the problem is much worse in the mornings for other people too.

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