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Self-reported SSRI/SNRI/TCA/MAOI withdrawal survey?!

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I'm a software developer by trade and a data nerd in general. I was wondering if anyone has (successfully) developed and reported on an anonymous survey to gather self-reported data in a semi-rigorous fashion. I would be looking to gather the following data (and any ideas members have) and share some interesting charts and tables.


- specific SSRI/SNRI/TCA/MAOI(s) taken

- total length of treatment

- dosage at cessation

- tapering schedule (or lack thereof)

- tapering symptoms

- withdrawal symptoms onset

- specific withdrawal symptoms and severity

- reinstatement attempts and outcome of such

- severity and symptomology of withdrawal at various durations post-cessation

- specific SNP data for those who have submitted to genetic testing, focusing on receptor density, serotonin transporter genes, etc.

- attempted use of pharmaceuticals or supplements to relieve symptoms and success there of


I have to imagine this has been done but I haven't seen data anywhere, nor have I seen anything interesting coming from official academic sources other than a handful of highly generalized "SSRI X seemed to be associated with more discontinuation symptoms than SSRI Y"


Ideas? Suggestions?

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BTW, I was a software developer; and I am a data nerd, and I like OpenRefine and AntConc.


BTW, today I tried searching this site http://survivingantidepressants.org/index.php?app=core&module=search&search_in=forums , Find words: data , Only search in titles ... the search returned 8 results.

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