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I believe that to live a meaningful and fulfilling you need to have purpose in life.


In addition to that, to be satisfied you need to have health, wealth and fulfilling relationships (and spirituality).


Law of Attraction has taught us that all this is possible if you use it.


You can use the energy of God, or the Universe for example to attain your materialistic aspirations and spiritual connection with 'it'.


Let me know your thoughts on this and lets get the discussion going and help each other manifest our dreams.


You can check me out on YouTube, I just started a channel and I made a brief video on this topic.. looking forward to meeting you there, heres the link:-


All The Best

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Although all the money, and material wealth in the world cannot make us happy if our health is compromised, having something to do and dreams to achieve while we are able to with what health we do have will make our journey on earth more pleasant to most of us.


Material wealth can take any form from owning multiple cars, houses, etc. to wanting to travel the world. Most of these requires money and what I am trying to say here is that one can fill the 'void' one feels with money. Some choose to do it with art some choose to do it with sports but in the end money is a deeply important aspect of our lives.


If you are feeling depressed, money can be a source of inspiration. Visualizing things that you can and want to do with money may be a source of excitement for you and a means to start taking action towards what you visualize and dream.


Being conscious of the process of manifestation and not getting attached to that which you manifest will keep you grounded in the reality that all things are perishable, and when you die, you die without all your material goods. Like everything, they are temporary, but a great way to add meaning to your life.


One need not neglect his/her spiritual essence as well, as a fulfilled spiritual life is mandatory for a truly happy and whole life.


So I invite you to meditate, meditate upon God, meditate upon your True Self but also meditate upon your physical needs, your dreams and aspirations and begin taking your life on unobstructed adventures.


Good Luck and Have Fun


Heres a video I made for you, hope you enjoy it :)


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I've moved your post from a topic you started with the title "A Materialistic Life" to this one because your posts are similar and the video link is the same.


When you have more to discuss about the Law of Attraction, please post it in this topic.


You may way want to follow this topic so that you get notifications when someone posts in your thread.  Click the gray "Follow this topic" button. A dialog box appears:  select one of the notify options, then click follow this topic in the dialog box.


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yeah scallywag, I started a new one because for some reason I saw the original one disappear. Thanks for joining them together, much better this way.

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