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celery: coming off risperidone, does anyone have tips for tapering of risperidone 2mg

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hello,everybody. im verygrateful i found this site.it is so informative and helpful. can anyone give as many tips for coming of/tapering  from risperidone?


I currently take 2mg of risperidone and i have seen my doctor and she has agreed to allow me to taper from the drug.


Any reccomendations in terms of diet,sleep and rest would be grateful especially in response to the withdrawal period. Im eating well and including good nutrition in my diet such as beans,meat fish, eggs and plenty of vegetables as well as plenty of complex carbohydrates.My diet is not restrictive. I also drink milk. I also now eat alot of good fats like coconut oil,omega 3. I eat a very nutritious diet and im aware that diet is very important.


I also know that sleep deprivation is something to be aware of  and that i need to sleep well and sleep long enough. I also make sure i rest. i do yoga, aqua aerobics and pilates so i do activities that are helping my mind and well being.


My living situation is very good and i feel safe though i live on my own. i dont smoke,i dont drink any form of alcohol, and i dont drink fizzy drinks. i also dont drink tea or coffeee. I drink herbal teas.


Any useful information that offers more clarity and insight would be very beneficial as well as supportive. Thank you Celery

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Celery -- Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants (SA)


It's great that you're investigating how to manage all the different aspects of your well-being before beginning to taper risperidone.


A request: Would you summarize your history in a signature -- drugs, doses, dates, and discontinuations & reinstatements, in the last 12-18 months particularly?

  • Please use actual dates or approximate dates (mid-June, Late October) rather than relative time frames (last week, 3 months ago)
  • Any drugs prior to 18 months ago can just be listed with start and stop years.
  • You don't need to include symptoms or diagnoses other than the initial condition that led to prescribing the first drug.
  • We ask for this information in your signature so that we can see it at a glance. A list is easier to understand than one or multiple paragraphs.
  • You can find instructions in this topic: Please put your withdrawal history in signature
  • If you are using a phone or mobile device, you need to switch to the "full" or desktop version of the site. Instructions are in Post 8 and Post 9
It will probably be helpful for you to read these topics:

Before you begin tapering -- what you need to know

What is withdrawal syndrome


We suggest that people taper slowly, decreasing by no more than 10% per month, to minimize the risk withdrawal symptoms arising. Here are tapering topics relevant to your situation:

Why taper by 10% of my dosage?

Tips for tapering off Risperdal (risperidone)


If you want to find topics on this site, one great way to do that is using a web search engine like google or bing. Search for the topic of interest and include site:survivingantidepressants.org as a search term.


This is YOUR introduction topic -- the place for you to ask questions, record symptoms, share your progress, and connect with other members of the SA community.

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