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Started an Everyday PsychVictims Podcast

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I made a new podcast show called The EveryDay PsychVictim podcast. It is and will be connected to The EveryDay PsychVictim Project which will be like everydaysexism, a site where people can share their stories anonymously in the same place, The facebook is already up and running for a while with thousands of members and the website is looking good in development.

I introduce sexual castration (PSSD) from the drugs straight up in the podcast intro.

Got to do something. We will host PsychVictim guests and their stories, as the title suggests.




Check out the show, leave some feedback.

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Episode 5 and 6 are with young people with Permanent Lifelong Sexual Dysfunction from Antidepressants. Post-SSRI Sexual Dysfunction (PSSD).


Episode 5: Naveen 20




Episode 6

Neuroscientist 21 with PSSD



Lab Rats Were Given PSSD, Rats Are Unbiased, Not Depression!



Thank You For listening! Please hit like if you support.

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