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Despite Increase in Treatments, Prevalence of Mental Health Issues Climbs

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An article i stumbled upon dated 7 march 2017 in MIA site



Results showed that although all four countries had seen increases in treatments for mood and anxiety disorders, there was no evidence for reduction of prevalence or reduction of related symptoms. Conversely, for Australia, England, and the U.S. the trends of prevalence of mental disorders and disability were on the rise.


Well they arent going to see a reduction either and its because the treatments ie chemicals are causing this.

Once again we have a study done by authors who just dont get it.


In addition to highlighting these trends, the authors discussed the possibility of a masking of this reduction, and of reasons for this occurrence. Although they considered any masking due to changes in risk factors or increased awareness of mental health issues, the authors found no support for either of these theories.

I must admit i didnt quite get what they mean here. 

Are they saying that there really isnt an increase its just a mirage an illusion and that in fact there has been a reduction of the ill in this area. Well thankfully they conclude there is no illusion. Phew!!


The authors also examined possibilities such as the quality of treatment and the use of preventive services. For these, the authors found evidence of both the poor quality of treatment in all the countries and the lack of preventative services. They further underline the fact that each of these countries has a lack of focus on preventive factors, such as lifestyle behaviors and school and work environments.


Well i suppose what the authors are proposing then is more treatment be made available to cope with the flood of the ill ...we all know what that looks like don't we more of the same old same old....marvellous isnt it!!! For havens sake!!

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