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Finding a partner after SSRI Withdrawal

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I was on Paxil from ages 18-26. I quit last year and am now 27. I think it is somewhat well know that SSRIs cause low libido, but I was stunned to learn after withdrawing that they cause loss of feelings of love and stunt the desire to find a partner. Suddenly everything made sense...I never had any real interest in dating and though plenty of guys were interested, I simply couldn't feel a connection with anyone. When I was in college, people pairing off and falling in love just looked silly to me. I realize now that my emotions were so blunted that normal human behavior seemed alien to me. 


Anyway, after my physical withdrawal symptoms returned, one of the first things I noticed was a strong desire to find a life partner and start a family. I'm afraid I may have missed my chance. 


I'm not sure what exactly I'm asking, but maybe if anyone has been through the same thing or can offer hope? 



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Hey Hellothere4444 I can sort off relate although I'm a guy (im assuming your female). I was on Effexor from 19-35 and now a year out cold turkey I sometimes wonder the same thing. Is it too late to find someone? For me its a feeling of being undateable like there's no way I can be my "best me" and go on dates in the midst of this withdrawal even a year out. It would be too anxiety provoking. Like id be putting on an act or something. And at what point would I try and explain this condition/illness to them? :unsure:  To hard basket for me at the moment. Maybe I'm putting to much pressure on myself I dunno. Hopefully one day I will be up for putting myself out there again.


I remind myself that people find love at any age and theres no rush to find a partner. In your case at only 27 there's plenty of time! Not only to find a partner but to start your family. Not to mention people break up all the time realising they aren't with the right person. So theres single people popping up all the time out there! lol I would think you've got plenty of time to find the right dude and start a fam. Don't stress. :)  






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