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Leading Psychiatrists follow top-dog bankers

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Moderator note: An excerpt from the link so you can decide whether it is something you wish to click:



Banker scoundrels aren’t the only big shots whose careers continue to ascend following reprehensible conduct. The following is a career update for some of the members of the “Psychiatry Hall of Shame,” including the group excoriated in the 2008 Congressional investigations, and another psychiatrist who conducted studies aimed at inducing psychosis—experiments that appeared to run counter to the Nuremberg Code of research ethics.

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Thank you for the link.  Some of the names in the article have been front in center for years now as bad actors.  I am not sure how long you have been looking into such things but if you search the names here at SA a lot of dirt should show up if the pages have not been deleted. 

Justice has died a slow and agonizing death... as we watch on.  It seems to me these people have a better understanding of the systems they work in and how the real world works as they know they have 20 30 50 maybe a hundred years before anything is ever done to stop them.... or maybe the real timeline is never. 

I have been reading such things a long long time and there was a time when I would pull my reserves to focus on some issue or another...some article that appeared it had uncovered more than any reasonable could tolerate ...focusing my low reserves to bring awareness to such corruption now seems to be a waste of time.  I wonder if reporters and others who work tirelessly to put forth the truth get as jaded as me.  If things are going to change it will take more than we have done so far... and I can't imagine what that would be. 


For every person like you and I powerback who share the same views on these issues there are a 100 more who will show up at a doctors office today completely unaware. 


Those who lost their homes or their minds or both to these elitist leaders I am sure are too weak and busy trying to survive... to put up much of a fight. 


Still it is a bit interesting to see a note on the fragment of what use to be lives reported on in a distant sort of way... like a death certificate... the article is far removed from the actual suffering of the victims who lived it.  


one noted new bit on Lieberman in the response section is quite telling

"Else where in my blogpost is the letter he co-authored, meant to convince the UN’s special rapporteur on Torture, Argentinian attorney Juan Mendez, to adjust his definition of torture so it didn’t include practices typical of psychiatrists in US psychiatric wards"


I had to look if you do too here is the link



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HI btdt your welcome.

Ye the coruption and misinformation is a huge gigantic mess and i for one do my best to try not loose sleep over it ,its way to big for us to think we can change it ,but there is a shift with the amount of work Robert withaker puts in ,with he's research and madinamerica.com ,and peter gotzsche and the Cochrane centre ,the legacy these men will leave behind is amazing. 

psychiatry, politics, sport ,business ,to name a few, corruption is a cancer and it will  take generations to change.


No one is perfect but what psychiatry and big pharma have sold us and the lies is absolutely disgusting.

All we can do is talk to the people around us and follow the amazing men I've said aswel as the great peter breggin ,do u listen to he's  radio show ,amazing .I get such anxiety at the thoughts of this man never being  around .


The fear I have is everybody is been told to open up more and talk but that can lead to much more people going to doctors and thus been put on the drugs and even worse I'm reading there been given as pain killers .


How many have died not even knowing these drugs contributed to there behaviour and deaths .

Peoples lives and wellbeing put on the line for business ,shame on them all  

Take care

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