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Why ADs do not work on majority of people

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My two cents about the AD-s in general. Thought to share it with you friends my view on AD-s, build up from a lot of reading and personal experiences during the last year.

Normally from all that we know and the tests done AD-s are effective in max 40% of those who try them. Why does this happen on some and why not on the others?

The answer according to my experience is simple. An AD can be effective on a person who has been all of his/her life depressed. Growing up in that way a person does not know what happiness is and do not have the capability to live a happy life even if no apparent problems are in front of him/her. So at the moment an AD is introduced the bad thoughts stop and a person finds some level of calmness which is translated into well being. In this way he continues to live his life without the rumination that bad thoughts cause so in a way he/she feels more content.

For the normal people like most of us... who have not been depressed during their life, and who have lived the life into the fullness of it some how the AD-s fail if they are introduced. This seems to be the case due to the interruption of the positive emotional feelings that all of us have had during our lives. For example a person like me would suffer from normal problems during his or her life time but after the problem passed that person has the ability to continue and live life and experience the happiness that positive emotions bring. So for me a talk with my son, a funny joke with my friends and a calm walk in the park with my wife would do the difference and keep up the positive attitude toward life. At the moment an AD is introduced it affects both the negative thinking as well as the positive emotions. A person at this stage is not able to have negative thoughts but at the same time he is not able to feel anymore love and positive emotional feelings. He is transformed into a piece of wood which is totally different from the life he/she used to live before. For me it is clear that this was the case and Mirtazapine did more harm than any good into my life.

As a conclusion AD-s might be good for a small amount of people who really have some level of natural depression but for those who take them due to a disruption of life due to normal stress and inability to properly manage it... they are a recipe for disaster.

This is my opinion only and in case you think differently i would be very happy to hear objections. Only in this way I will understand whether my way of thinking in relation to this topic makes sense or not.


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Your theory does not sound impossible to me at the moment.

Others may add facts that influence us one way or the other.

Surprised to hear a view from Albania in English.  Maybe it's just me and it isn't such a big deal!

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HI Peng

Do not be surprised buddy... English is my second language as i studied abroad. Anyway it is widely spoken in Albania due to it being a compulsory subject in our educational system.

Regarding the topic in discussion it is simple... in my case even though i had problematic days at the end of the day going back to home and having positive emotions either in family with my wife and kids or my friends it was always a good point to bounce back. Every little bit of happiness cause the brain to release dopamine and serotonin which in itself is a good thing and will make you start the next day on positive tones. 

What happens with AD-s is that they block both negative and positive emotions. This made me literally a piece of wood with no desire to interact with people and no feelings for my kids even. That's why i decided to start going down on it, and now feeling a lot better in terms of thinking and emotions... just lack of motivation and mild depression accompanied with rumination at times.


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