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MisterBoddy: Questions on the 10 percent Effexor / Venlafaxine taper method

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Hi Everyone!


Long time listener, first time caller etc. I found this site and the *amazingly* helpful advice here almost a year ago when I started making serious first steps into tapering off Effexor. 


Abridged personal history - Started Effexor for General Anxiety around 21 years ago after a short period of trying Zoloft, Remeron and Buspar. Tried to come off once around 10 years ago after tapering off over four months, but that didn't really work, and life circumstances were not ideal, so I've spent the last ten years working insanely hard to get to a place that I felt confident in along with my Psychologist and Psychiatrist where I could give it another go.


So six months ago I found a great compounding pharmacy and started the taper, going down 10 percent each month, which has been going great! It's been going so great though, that I feel I've reached a plateau, and that at the current rate, it could take another three years using this method!


So - I was just wondering if anyone here has any anecdotal or personal stories of what might work to potentially accelerate the process, so I can get it closer to a further 6-12 months. What would be a conservative figure to drop down by for this timeframe? Curious to hear how other people approach this :)

Thanks in advance!

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Hi MisterBoddy, welcome to SA. I have moved your post to the introductions forum because it is about your taper. The tapering topics are for information. 


Ok, so you want to go faster. DON'T DO IT! I tried it and believe me it is not worth it. I tapered for a whole year off 37.5. Felt great while tapering and even better when I was finally off but after a month was at rock bottom and suicidal. I had tapered faster than my brain could adjust. The 10/5 ruls we have is to give the brain chance to adjust to the lower dose before the next drop. After 21 years your brain functions and regenerates around the drug. It has caused a chemical balance that is not natural, an imbalance which is ironic when doctors say it is needed for an imbalance! That is a myth that was perpetuated by the drug companies to sell their drugs. There is no research to back this up and pharma is now having to stop making those claims but it hasn't reached the doctors yet.  


Your taper will take years rather than months but it is worth it. Getting off the drug safelt=y and without withdrawal is far more important than getting off it just because we are impatiient. You have been taking it for 21 years and will likely need to take it for life if you try to rush it because you will go into withdrawal and have to reinstate. I tried several times and in the end took 3 years. I am into my 5th year of tapering drugs and have learned that patience really is a virtue. I am so glad that you have a compounding pharmacy and hope they will get you to the very lowest possible dose before the final jump. Most of us count or weigh beads from the capsules, or make liquid from tablets which so having the right doses will be so much easier. If you get any symptoms at all you need to stop and hold until you have been stable a few weeks before restarting, then make smaller drops. This way you will sail through it. 


I will put up some links for you. It will help us if you canput your drug history into your signature, we ask all our members to do this.




Why taper 10/% 



Tapering effexor



About brain remodelling



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Thank you so much for the insightful and considered response MammaP! Those links were very helpful as well :)


If anyone has any other insight or stories, I would love to hear!



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