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Alllen Frances why dont you take a look in the mirror

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While author and psychiatrist Frances doesn't think Trump is mentally ill, he agrees with those who think he's dangerous. Plus, as his book title suggests, he thinks the problem lies more with the voters. 

"Trump isn’t crazy — but we are for electing him and not taking seriously the existential threats his policies pose to the health of the people in America, the future and the safety of the world," Frances says.


Frances why don't you stop and take a look in the mirror. You are full of bovine excrement.


The person who is an enormous danger and a threat to the future safety and health of the world and your own nation  is YOU, you disingenuous  pharma puppet.

One of the most dangerous things that has happened in your nation is the release of Risperdal onto the market thanks to your lies and ties with pharma and a payment of $427,659 to you and your two partners in crime for ensuring that EKS was "ready to move forward in a strategic partnership with Janssen" and help Janssen "influence state governments and providers" to adopt your recommendations in the guidelines written by you ...that Risperdal be used as a first line treatment. refer the Rothman report in which you "subverted scientific integrity" and your expert consensus guidelines were "at its core a marketing venture for Risperdal" .



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