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Genetic testing/serotonin transporter gene and tapering?

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I am just curious.  I recently was tested by my ARNP which showed that I have a genetic anomaly which can cause my brain to not know where to take serotonin.  Hence, I can have all the serotonin my brain needs, but it can't get to the places it needs to get at times.  It's been shown to connect with depression, anxiety, and alcoholism.  I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of the link between this particular genetic variant and SSRI withdrawal and reinstatement success? 


-on Paxil for 13 years, with one unsuccessful withdrawal attempt and reinstatement which cleared me completely in an few months

-cross-tapered to zolodt successfully-VERY SLOWLY

-currently crosstapering from zoloft to Viibryd and not doing well at all, considering reinstatement or Zoloft but afraid 

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