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MiguelFreeman: Question about Lexapro

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hi all my name is Miguel and i have a question about Lexapro 

here is the medication I took and the time lines  Sertraline 50 mg on 5/10/15
and took Trazodona, 150 mg then i stopped  continued on sertraline 
Mexazolam, 1 mg 1/12/15
on 6/6/16 
I went to 100 mg Sertraline 

then 03-10-2016 i changed to Escitalopram, 20 mg and Xanax 0.5
and took it until i stopped on 28/5/2017 by my own bad mistake I did a super fast tampering of 20 15 10 5 0 in 1 mouth ^^

and i whent back on it on 7/08/2017 owe my one whit out saying to the doctor but i am now at 10 mg 

and i  have an appointment whit a psychiatrist and gonna ask him to taper me off slowly 

But I am afraid that cuz i started whit 16 almost 17 y old that it's gone be hard or that  I am hooked for life 


I did cold turkey and i wasn't dat bad until it all hit me at once 

ty for your help 

i will be posting regulary about my situation 

Love you all



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Hi MiguelFreeman,


Welcome to Surviving Antidepressants (SA), am really glad that you found your way to the site.  Am also very happy to hear that you are interested in obtaining current information about the correct way to taper off of Lexapro before you visit your psychiatrist.  Few, if any, medical professionals have any real experience tapering patients off of anti-depressants safely.  It sounds like you have been on the prescription drug roller coaster and sorry to hear that you are dealing with the effects of reducing Lexapro.


I'd like to assure you that what you have been experiencing is completely normal under the circumstances.  When a drug is discontinued abruptly or tapered off too quickly, this causes the central nervous system to destabilize and the reason you are feeling the way you are.  I can assure you that if you follow the guidelines recommended by Surviving Antidepressants you should be able to taper off slowly and discontinue Lexapro safely.  Don't worry about being hooked for life.  No one has to take these drugs for the rest of their lives if they don't wish to.  


A couple of questions regarding your current situation:

 ~ What are your current symptoms since prior to/starting back on Lexapro on August 7, 2017

~ Are you still taking Xanax? 


Without having more information with respect to your particular drug/tapering history it will be difficult to make any specific recommendations at this time.  In order for us to be able to help you, we ask all of our members to fill out a signature so that all of your information can be read at a glance.  This helps moderators determine you current situation and we would ask that you follow the instructions at the link below:


Instructions:  Withdrawal History Signature


 •    Please leave out symptoms and diagnoses.
 •    A list is easier to understand than one or multiple paragraphs. 
 •    Any drugs prior to 24 months ago can just be listed with start and stop years.
 •    Please use actual dates or approximate dates (mid-June, Late October) rather than relative time frames (last week, 3 months ago)
 •    Spell out months, e.g. "October" or "Oct."; 9/1/2016 can be interpreted as Jan. 9, 2016 or Sept. 1, 2016.


At Surviving Antidepressants, it is recommended that a person taper by no more than 10% of their current dose with at least a four week hold in-between decreases.  The 10% taper recommendation is a harm reduction approach to going off psychiatric drugs.  Some people may have to taper at a more conservative rate as they are sensitive to even the smallest drops.
While we are waiting for you to complete your withdrawal history signature, and to get you familiarized with the protocols followed by SA, I am linking a few topics below so that you have a better understanding of what is recommended.  Please let us know if you have any questions or need any clarification.


What is Withdrawal Syndrome?

Before you begin tapering what you need to know
Why taper by 10% of my dosage?

Tips for Tapering off Lexapro / Escitalopram


I am also including a couple of links that discusses how you can talk to you doctor about your intention to stop taking Lexapro by tapering off very slowly so that you can be prepared for your appointment with your psychiatrist.  It will be to your benefit to have as much information as possible before visiting your psychiatrist so that you can get his/her support to help you withdrawal from Lexapro safely after learning about the recommendations made by Surviving Antidepressants.  


How do you talk to a doctor about tapering and withdrawal?
What should I expect from my doctor about withdrawal symptoms?


You will find a wealth of information here at Surviving Antidepressants as well as a supportive community that knows exactly what you are going through and everyone is here to help.  



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hi ty for your Reply 

I have been following this forum for some time 

I did a fast tapering on Lexapro(Generic) 20 mg to 0 in 1 mouth I stopped in 29/05/2017

did feel some effects at the beginning 

dizzy and strange feeling but it wasn't that bad 

I was having stomach issues

after some time 2 weeks or so I became a lot anxious and felt like impending doom 

and my stomach pains got worse and my intestines ***** weird 

whit some pains and my poop turned yellow 

I went to the doctor did an endoscopy and said I had bile reflux but it was very small

but I was a lot anxious and feeling impending doom that I now know was the withdrawal symptoms that I didn't know at the time

I took  sucralfate 1000 mg/5ml for 1 mouth 

and Esomeprazole 40 mg that I am now tapering down

after I resumed Lexapro(Generic) 10 mg (50% of my dose )

felt the normal effects of it dizzy irritability sleepy shaky hands 

that has now gone away but some times I still have some moments I just stop and stare at something for some time then I wake up again 

it's like I focus on one thing 


I started Lexapro(generic) again on 6/8/17

and I have now decreased to 7.5 on 13/09/2017

To see my reaction 

I think  am not sensitive to reductions 

I had normal withdraw symptoms even on a super fast tampering 

I feel impending doom and anxious and digestive problems that are now stopping 

I don't know if I actually need to go That slow 

I was thinking about 25% decreased and hold until I stabilize

I did That decrease to 7.5 because I wanna be the lowest dose I can until I go see my new psychiatrist  on November 

I will ask him to taper me off this drug 

cus I won a deal whit my health anxiety by my own

ty for the help 

I am a bit scared about damaging my brain but i feel I am not sensitive to decreasing it slowly 

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Miguel, if I were you, I would hold at 7.5 mg of Lexapro for a good long while (at least two to three months before resuming your taper) to allow your central nervous system to stabilize from all the changes you have made in a very short period of time.  Are you still taking Xanax?  I'm not sure if you are aware but you can become dependant on this drug in as little as two weeks of continued use.  


It is extremely important that you understand the reasons behind the recommendations made by Surviving Antidepressants, in particular the recommendation to taper only by 10% of your current dose with at least a four week hold between decreases.  I don't want to alarm you but because you have made so many changes by going off and on different drugs your central nervous system has been sensitized making you vulnerable to suffering from withdrawal syndrome if you are not more careful going forward.  


i urge you to take a look at the links above so that you understand the reasoning behind the recommendations that we make so that you are able to discontinue Lexapro with as few problems as possible.  Lexapro is a very potent antidepressant and even in small amounts can be difficult to taper off and want to stress that it is important that you use caution and reduce by no more than 10% at one time.  As I mentioned above the 10% taper is a harm reduction approach to tapering safely off of antidepressants.  It is in your best interest to become familiar with the approach so that you can avoid running into trouble down the road.  


Please review the the link below as well as the links I posted in my original reply which discusses the recommendations so that you can familiarize yourself with the process before you continue to taper.



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I stopped Xanax as soon I saw it can make you dependent was quite easy to stop after 3 months of use  seems like I am lucky on getting off these meds 

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Hi all my name is miguel

i  started antidepressants on late 2015 

and i am correcting back on escitalopram after cold turkey that made me stop eating ... 

had stomach problems

I took Esomeprazole 40 mg(Tapering now )  and some Sucralfate 5mg 

I am on 7.5 mg started to decrease from 10 mg  that I started again  after Cold turkey off 20 mg Escitalopram 

i have some burning sensation not dat bad but there sometimes some burps

I actually don't feel any withdraw effects from 10 to 7.5

is it possible that the drug is doing dat ?

and btw when i come off after a slow tapering  that I will have stomach problems 

it was kite painfull the burning because of the cold turkey 

i just hope when i come off it doesn't make me stop eating again ... 

they part where i started to stop eating was after 1 mouth and half 

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