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oliver: Life after ECT

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After 25 years of SSRI's then SNRI's then attempted suicide then Californian rocket fuel, and finally ECT

( that worked amazingly well) I have been normal and stable for 3 months, and depression is a distant thought

that I am fast forgetting. The psychiatrist (only seen once to check if its ok to drive) says I should stay on the 

Californian rocket fuel (45mg mirtazapine + 225mg venlafaxine + 7.5mg olanzapine) for 6-12 months to make

sure I don't relapse. But the doctors at the ECT treatment hospital were very matter-of-fact, and said that if I start

to relapse I can go back for a top-up!   Quite a few people do, as I met some there while having treatment. I have

had virtually no side effects from the ECT, so is it right that I have to continue taking these drugs when I feel so great!

OR am I deluding myself, and after the Re-boot, the Californian rocket fuel is actually keeping me sane?

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Hi Oliver, welcome to SA. Your history looks similar to mine, many years of drugs and ECT!   Did you get off any off the drugs and have to go back on them?   Most of us here were told we needed drugs for a chemical imbalance in the brain when we had a 'relapse' . It has now been proven that this is not true but was made up by the drug companies to sell their drugs. 

When a drug is stopped or tapered too fast it results in withdrawal which is almost always blamed on mental illness.   

How long have you been taking the CRF combo?  Did you stop it for the ECT? 

It is never wise to stop drugs without very careful tapering, even when you are feeling great, doing so will inevitably lead to withdrawal which can be even worse than the condition that led to taking them. However, it  is good to start tapering when feeling stable, it is a long process and many people want to be off quite quickly but again that leads to withdrawal and going back on so it is well worth the time and patience to take it slowly and be off them for good.  


  We ask all our members to put their drug and tapering history on their signature. The link will take you directly to the signature box in settings. Just fill it in and click save. We need drugs and doses, with approximate start.stop dates. For the older ones just the drugs .  We need more accurate details for the last 2 years and particularly the last year. This will help us to advise whether to start tapering now or wait a while to be sure you are properly stabilised. 



Here are some topics that you will find interesting. 

Tapering California Rocket fuel



Withdrawal or relapse?



Chemical imbalance myth




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