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Dating in WD

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Hi everyone,


I was wondering if anyone had any experience dating while being in WD?  I am still not feeling great and have long way to go but I am better than where I was a year ago and was thinking about trying to go on a date and meeting someone special.  It gets lonely and I am in my early 30s and get worried that the clock is ticking and I will end up as a lonely woman with 30 cats and dogs.  I struggle with fatigue, anxiety, dizziness and some dp/dr.  I got an advice that I should try to live as of a normal life as I can and get myself out there.  Of course easier said than done.  Maybe it can help to take my mind off things, but then I worry about how do I explain to that person that I cannot hang out bc I am not feeling well and going through WD or that I cannot drink?  Maybe it is better to wait until I am much better, but at the same time I do not know when this will be.  


Any experience and advice will be greatly appreciated. 



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